The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Lombax Secret - Chapter 6

Chapter 6-The Cragmites' Return

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They did not waste any time during their long flight to the Planet Reepor. As soon as they arrived, they were flying through the skies along with another ship flown by Talwyn. Aphelion: "The pod's homing beacon terminated 3 kilo cubits north of this location, but there is no area suitable for landing." Ron: "I don't like the sound of that." Ratchet: "Oh, well, you know what this means. Cronk, Zephyr, prepare for a HALO jump." Zephyr: "10-4, rookie, lead the way." Ron: "No! Not this! Anything but this!"

They ejected from the ship and did a free-fall with Ron screaming all the way down. As soon as they landed on the ground, they got involved in a massive battle. There were numerous enemies everywhere. They did receive a lot of help from Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. We need to recover the Dimensionator before Tachyon does. Let's just hope your friend wasn't dimwitted enough to wonder Reepor with it." Kim: "Knowing Qwark, I wouldn't guarantee that, but we won't stop until we find him."

They fought through the area. Enemies were really on them like nothing they've experienced before, but they kept on going. A few times, they needed to rely on Kim's resourcefulness to get through. Sometimes, even Ron was able to help out the cause his own unique way. All and all, they were able to make it through. As they continued on, more and more enemies appeared. The battle seemed to go on for an extensive amount of time; it was almost as though it went on forever. Regardless, they had to keep going as they weren't without a good reason to do so. Ratchet: "(grunt) All the bone-headed things Qwark's done over the years! I just hope we're not too late!" Clank: "Ratchet, Captain Qwark may be a lot of things, but I do not believe he would surrender the Dimensionator just to spare his own life." Kim: "I…wouldn't be too sure of that, but even if Qwark doesn't hand it over, Tachyon would take it from him by force." Ron: "Oh, man, we're really in a bad situation, guys."

Their fight continued on. However, the group broke off from Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr as they advanced forward. They fought off many enemies that were in their way as they progressed through. They soon arrived on a large, metal scaffolding where Tachyon had Qwark underneath a foot of his walking throne. He laughed maniacally as he wore the Dimensionator on his head. Ron: "TACHYON'S WEARING THE DIMENSIONATOR!" Ratchet: "No…" Tachyon: "Oh, how fitting. The Prince of the Cragmites and the Son of the Lombaxes, on the very ground their ancestors once fought. How do you like my planet, Lombax? It's been dormant for years thanks to your kind." Qwark: "I LOVE the ruins! Feng shui meets drab and dismal. I dig it."

The foot that Qwark was pinned under gagged him. Tachyon: "Silence, you halfwit! I will deal with you deceitfulness later." Kim: "You won't get away with this, Tachyon! We'll put a stop to your ongoing reign of terror once and for all." Tachyon: "Oh, I wouldn't count on that, dear girl." Ratchet: "Give it up! It's 4 against 1! You can't win!" Tachyon: "Oh, really?"

With a snap of his fingers, a large screen appeared before them. On the screen was an image of a large, shuttle-like machine that sat close to the planet that they were on. Kim: "Is that…the Planet Reepor?" Ron: "Hey! That's the planet we're on right now. And what is that…strange looking shuttle?" Clank: "It appears to be very close to the planet." Ratchet: "What are you planning, Tachyon?" Tachyon: "What you see before you is a special machine. I have installed into it a device that was stolen from a planet within another galaxy. That device is said to unleash a black hole the size of one small area of a planet." Kim: "No…that's…that's the…" Ratchet: "The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer?" Tachyon: "That's right, Lombax! That machine you're seeing can increase the power of the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer a thousand fold, creating a black hole large enough to swallow this entire planet!" Ratchet: "You're completely insane! You'll get swallowed up, too!" Tachyon: "A small price to pay for not achieving my true objective." Kim: "Tachyon, you have no idea what kind of dangers that device holds. If it's to be used, it could grow uncontrollably and before long, the entire Universe will be destroyed!" Tachyon: "Hm…an interesting deduction, dear girl. Still, such power can not be turned down." Kim: "Tachyon…no!"

They were about to charge at him. Tachyon: "Stay right where you are! If any of you were to so much as approach me, I will activate the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer and swallow everything in sight."

They stood by, too hesitant to do anything. Ratchet looked down in despair. Ratchet: "How…how did it come to this…?" Tachyon: "I have waited years for this moment. Finally, the time has come for the Cragmites to rise again!"

He yanked on a pull cord on the side of the Dimensionator, nothing happened. Ron: "Uh…that's how you activate that device?" Kim: "Really? A pull cord?" Tachyon: "Ahem…to rise again!"

He yanked on it again, nothing happened. Everyone stood by awkwardly. Tachyon became even more frustrated. He gave one more tuck on the cord. Tachyon: "TO RISE AGAIN!"

After that third time, the Dimensionator activated. A large sphere emerged from the device, greatly surprising the group. Ron: "Whoa! I didn't know it could do that!" Tachyon: "The horrors of your race during the Great War shall be reversed! Dimensionator! Find the Cragmites!"

A portal opened up, unleashing a lot of terrible chaos. Ratchet: "NO!"

The entire area was greatly affected by the chaos. Ratchet, Kim, Ron and Clank were knocked off the scaffolding in different directions, separating them as they fell to the ground below.

A little during the aftermath, Clank was by himself. He ran through the area. Zoni: "They have returned. You must destroy it."

Along the way, he ran into the Zoni again, he was aided by them once more. He spent a good amount of time looking around. There were many hazards and hindrances as he progressed on. He was able to handle a few of the hazards by himself while the Zoni helped out with most of hindrances with the use of their unique abilities.

When he reached a particular area, the Zoni showed him another vision. It was of Ratchet standing in front of a portal. Zoni: "We will need you on Fastoon."

After the vision, they vanished. Clank then spotted the Aphelion a good distance away.

Meanwhile, Talwyn was seen walking around through the ground level along with Cronk and Zephyr. The 2 war bots were griping a lot about all the chaos that have been occurring. Along the way, she spotted Kim, unconscious. Talwyn: "Oh, no!"

She rushed over towards her and kneeled down front of her. Talwyn: "Kim! Kim!"

Soon enough, Kim was able to regain consciousness and looked up at Talwyn. Kim: "(groan) Uh…Talwyn…?"

Talwyn, greatly relieved, grabbed on to Kim and embraced her. She then held Kim in front of her as she looked at her. Talwyn: "Thank goodness you're OK! Where are the guys?" Kim: "We got separated after Tachyon released the Cragmites. I'm afraid…things have gotten a whole lot worse…"

Kim got herself back up. Kim: "We have to find them!" Talwyn: "Yes, I agree. Let's go look for them."

Kim nodded once and walked off with Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. Cronk: "Oh, this is really bad." Zephyr: "Just when we thought things couldn't possibly get any worse."

Elsewhere, Ratchet regained consciousness; he then looked around to find that his friends are missing. Ratchet: "Kim? Ron? Clank!? No! This is all my fault! Why didn't I listen to him?"

He rushed out to search the entire area. Along the way, he fought off numerous monsters. It was a ways to go but it did not take him very long to fight through the place. He was after all very persistent and he could really hold his own.

He kept on going until he came across the Aphelion. There, he reunited with Kim, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. Ron was also with them. Kim took notice of him immediately. Kim: "Ratchet!"

She ran up to him and embraced him. Ratchet: "Kim? How did you get here?"

She broke off from him but kept her hands on his shoulders. Kim: "Talwyn found us passed out. She was able to help us get here. Where's Clank?"

Ratchet sulked. Ratchet: "He's…gone…Clank's gone, Kim." Kim: "No…" Ron: "Oh, no…Clank…" Ratchet: "This is all my fault. I should have listened to him. He was right. He's always right." Kim: "Ratchet…" Ratchet: "I should have destroyed that thing when I had the chance. And now…"

He continued sulking, Kim made on attempt to reassure him. Kim: "Ratchet, this isn't your fault; you just weren't yourself, that's all." Ron: "Uh, yeah, for sure; you actually believed at one point that Qwark was more useful than Wade." Ratchet: "Did I really say that? My head must have not been in the right place if I actually believed that."

They all started laughing, then Ratchet went back to sulking. Ratchet: "I feel…I feel as though I owe every single one of you an apology, especially Wade. He was a lot more helpful than I gave him credit for. All of you were…so was Clank…"

Just then, Clank appeared before them. Clank: "Hello, Ratchet." Ratchet: "Clank!"

He ran up to him. Kim: "Clank!" Ron: "Clank!" Rufus: "Yay! Clank!"

Kim and Ron also ran up to him. They had a group embrace with each other. Talwyn stood by, touched as she watched this as did Cronk and Zephyr. Kim and Ron both stood beside Ratchet as he stood in front of Clank. Clank: "I am glad that all of you are OK." Ratchet: "Clank, I'm sorry I was so mean to you. Can you forgive me?" Clank: "Of course; I was worried that you would not return to your senses." Kim: "Same here."

They had their moment. Aphelion: "I hate to interrupt, but my sensors indicate a Cragmite Armada rapidly approaching Meridian City." Talwyn: "No, that's the capital. Ratchet, Kim, you guys need to get there and suppress the invasion. We'll meet up with you soon after we take care of the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer that Wade told us about." Kim: "Got it. Let's go." Ratchet: "You guys still want to stay with me, even after how I've been?" Kim: "Of course, I told you that I would always stay with you no matter what." Ron: "We've always got your back, Ratchet; also, we're glad to have the old you back because the other one was a complete and total jerk."

Ratchet smiled a little. Ratchet: "I couldn't agree more."

They got back into the ship. Ratchet: "Guys, thanks for being here for me. I'll always appreciate this."

Kim placed her hand on his back. Kim: "No problem."

They took off and flew away.

After another long flight, they were able to arrive at Meridian City on Planet Igliak. There, they flew through the skies above the city. Ratchet: "Aphelion, what's the situation with Meridian City?" Aphelion: "Partly cloudy, 72°. A perfect day for Krull fishing." Kim: "He was referring to the invasion." Aphelion: "Oh! In that case, over a quarter of the city has been decimated by Cragmite drop ships. It will not last without support." Kim: "And that's where we come in." Ratchet: "Let's go."

They continued on their way and managed to land into the city. As soon as they got out, they looked around at all of the devastation that was done to the entire city. Kim: "Yikes! They really did a number on this place." Ratchet: "Come on! We have to stop them!" Ron: "Oh, yeah! Let's bring down that evil brat and his terrible empire once and for all. Viva la revolución! Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Clank: "Let us end this."

They rushed out into the city, fighting off the Cragmite threat. As they fought through, they listened in on Tachyon making announcements to the city about his resentment towards it and its citizens for them living free from his tyrannical rule. The loud speakers provoked the group and prompted them to fight much harder against the invasion. Kim, of course, had gone out of her way to break any screens that she and the rest of the group would come across. This was very gratifying to her as well as the rest of the group.

Shortly afterwards, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Wade: "Guys, I'm receiving a distress call from somewhere in the city. I think…it might be Captain Qwark." Kim: "Can you track his location?" Wade: "Already on it." Ratchet: "Come on, guys. Let's go find him."

They continued on through, fighting off more and more of the invasion force. Soon enough, they received a transmission from Talwyn. Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. Come in." Kim: "Talwyn? When did you get here?" Talwyn: "Just now. We've managed to retrieve the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer with some help from Wade. It's safe in our possession. We'll have you guys send it back to him ASAP." Kim: "Really? That's great!" Ratchet: "Thanks, Talwyn. You don't know how much you've helped us out." Talwyn: "It was no trouble. I was just briefed by Wade that you guys are trying to find Qwark. I'm homing in on his location now." Kim: "Great. Thanks, Talwyn."

They kept on advancing some more. It was indeed a tough battle. The invasion forces were really coming on the group like nothing they have ever experienced before. Regardless, they brought for a good fight and rushed the enemies with everything they've got. Even Ron was giving his all, rather than just running away screaming for a change. You could really tell that they were indeed serious. Along the way, Talwyn transmitted to them. Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. I've just homed in on Qwark's location. There's a lot of air traffic from the armada right around there. You guys need to get over there now, we'll handle the skies." Kim: "Right. We're on it."

They still kept going. Rushing through the city, the number of enemies they were facing greatly increased in numbers and ferocity. Other than making things harder for the group, this did not change much for them.

They were soon able to reach a chamber. From there, they could hear a strange, muffled noise. Ron: "Do you guys hear that?" Kim: "Yeah…it sounds like Qwark."

They followed the sound towards a nearby door. From there, they were able to get the door open. Qwark came out of it and fell flat on his face. Ratchet: "Uh…you OK, Qwark?" Qwark: "That guy is so off my Top 8." Ron: "Uh…top 8…what?" Kim: "I…don't think I even want to know…" Ratchet: "We need to stop Tachyon before he opens up any more portals." Kim: "Do you have any idea where he went next?" Qwark: "Who knows? Who cares?" Ron: "Uh…Qwark? Are you…?" Qwark: "Oh, who am I kidding? I don't deserve these rock hard abs, these chiseled features, these impeccable glutes and bulbous buttocks. I'm no superhero. I am Captain Qwark NO MORE." Ratchet: "Get a hold of yourself, Qwark!" Kim: "Geez, even when he's down in the dumps, he's still full of himself." Ron: "It really is amazing how he expresses self-pity through vanity." Clank: "Um…Ratchet, Miss Possible, Ron, I know where Tachyon is. He is at Fastoon." Kim: "Really? What makes you sure about that?" Ron: "Let me guess, the Zoni told you?" Clank: "Uh…yes…"

He seemed despondent. Kim, Ratchet and Ron exchanged looks with each other. Kim and Ron then looked towards Ratchet; he looked back at them with a look of remorse on his face. He then smiled as they did. Ratchet: "Then Fastoon it is."

Clank looked up at Ratchet, surprised by his friend's response. Clank: "Really?" Ratchet: "Yeah, really. I will never doubt you again, unless I have a good reason to."

Clank paused for a brief moment and then smiled. Clank: "I would not have it any other way, Ratchet."

They were both smiled at each other. Kim walked up to Clank's side and kneeled to his level. Kim: "I believe you, Clank. I've always believed in you."

Ron did the same on his opposite side to Kim. Ron: "Me, too, Clank. You've never steered us wrong."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket. Rufus: "Yay, Clank!"

Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Wade: "I also trust in you, Clank, so much so that I won't check to confirm it. I know you're right."

Clank was touched by all of his friends putting their faith and trust in him. He was at a loss for words by this. Qwark: "Yeah! Smashing idea, everyone. While you guys are heading out, I'll stay here and coordinate the relief effort."

He then went back in the closet that he was locked in. Ron: "Uh…he just went back into that closet…" Ratchet: "Wade, send a transmission to Cronk, tell him we'll need support on Fastoon." Wade: "You've got it, Ratchet." Ratchet: "And Wade? Thanks…for everything. You have been a tremendous help throughout all of this." Wade: "I know. It's good to see you back to your old self again."

They made their way back to the ship, took off and left the city.

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