The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 12

Chapter 12-Storming Nefarious' Base

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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Out of the blue, they received a transmission from Qwark. Qwark: "Qwark calling Ratchet, Qwark calling Ratchet. Come in, Ratchet." Clank: "Is that…Captain Qwark?" Qwark: "Clank? Well, I'll be Scrunch's uncle!" Kim: "Uh…what?" Qwark: "Where did you come from, little buddy?" Ratchet: "There's no time to explain that. We need to stop Nefarious from reaching the clock." Kim: "Lilo told us that you have found a way into his space station. We're heading over there now, but you need to find a way to stall him." Qwark: "I'm way ahead of you guys. As a matter of fact, I'm further undercover than I've ever been before…ever! I'd…rather not talk about it." Kim: "No problem. I wouldn't want to hear the details, anyway." Ratchet: "Me neither." Clank: "Ditto."

Rufus groaned in a rather grossed out manner. Clank: "We will meet you outside the station as soon as possible."

They made their way towards the space station at breakneck speed.

They pushed through a not-so-difficult impasse and were able to approach the space station. They landed directly within the surrounding area of the space station and jumped out. From there, Qwark contacted him. Qwark: "Ratchet, come in. I'm on an asteroid inside the main perimeter. Come meet me as soon as you can." Kim: "Got it. We'll see you soon." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, I have triangulated Qwark's position. Sinking to your nav-unit now." Ratchet: "Let's go, guys."

They rushed off as fast as they could. As they continued through, they fought against several of Nefarious' robots, as well as a few unpleasant creatures. The fight through was somewhat ongoing and laborious as they were in Nefarious' territory. His robotic forces were really pummeling them, but they were more than ready for the onslaught as they have fought many of his forces before.

Eventually, they were able to find Qwark. However, when they met with him, he was wearing that…dreadful nurse disguise. They were indeed mortified and flabbergasted upon seeing him. Kim: "Uh…Qwark? What are you wearing?" Qwark: "Hey! Look who it is!"

He rushed over towards Clank and grabbed on to him. Qwark: "Welcome back, little guy! Am I glad to see you?"

He then embraced him with all his might. Qwark: "Those 2 over there just don't take this line of work seriously, if you know what I mean."

Rufus let out a raspberry towards Qwark. Ratchet: "My thoughts exactly, Rufus." Qwark: "Hey, what is the bald, pink rat doing here? Isn't he usually with that blonde kid…uh…what's his name again?" Kim, Ratchet: "Ron!" Qwark: "Oh, right! Uh…Stompable! I think…"

Both Kim and Ratchet slapped themselves on their foreheads. Who could blame them? Qwark: "Speaking of which, where is that blonde kid? I haven't seen him around at all." Kim: "He's out sick, right now, but let's forget about that for the moment. Are you wearing a disguise?" Qwark: "Ah, yes, I am. I'm glad you've noticed, miss." Kim: "It's…hard to…overlook." Ratchet: "Even if we wanted to." Kim: "So, what "brilliant" plan do you have for us this time, Qwark?" Qwark: "Oh, it is something that is truly brilliant, but before we get to that, feast your eyes on this."

He pulled out what appeared to be a tiny bomb. It looked very lackluster and unimpressive. Ratchet: "Uh…what is that?" Qwark: "It's one of those cool smoke bombs the spies use. You know, for making quick and fancy getaways."

The group unsurprisingly seemed very unimpressed by this. Kim: "Uh…yeah…that is…corny, even for you." Qwark: "Oh, yeah? Well, you'll be eating your words when this thing gets us out of a difficult situation and…oh, forget it."

He then pulled out what appeared to be a toy viewing-device and tossed it towards Ratchet. Qwark: "Here, it's my most ingenious fool-proof plan yet."

Kim and Ratchet exchanged confused and dissuaded looked, then they both looked into the device.

As they looked into it, Qwark explained to them that he managed to find a way to gain access to the interiors of the space station via a trash chute. He then planned on using his ghastly disguise to escort them to an exposed thermal exhaust point, which Clank volunteered to crawl through. Through the vent, he would be able to gain access to Dr. Nefarious' personal quarters then scan him for a holo-guise, one that Ratchet would be using to bypass the guards into mission control. There, they intend to cause a lot of damage to Nefarious' operation. The visuals that came along with the explanation of the plan itself consisted of a few snapshot of the interiors, several crude drawings done with crayons and 1 misplaced vacation photo.

Soon enough, they were finished with clarification of the plan. Kim seemed less than impressed by what she saw. Kim: "Really, Qwark? You're still using crayons? You know something? Those stupid drawings coupled with this toy really do bring out even more of your childish stupidity." Qwark: "Hey, my presentation may not be epic, but my brilliant plan is indeed ingenious. Now, let's get to it."

Qwark walked off while the group followed after him. Clank: "The nurse's outfit is indeed very…off-putting." Rufus: "(shiver) Off-putting." Ratchet: "I would give anything to trade places with Ron right now, even if it includes taking his stomach pains. That's much less painful than having to deal with Qwark's disguise, that's for sure." Kim: "Hm, surprisingly, I've seen worse. What Mr. Barken wore that one time was even more disturbing." Ratchet: "Oh! You mean that time when he was locked in that crate with Ron and completely lost his mind? Oh, yeah, that was horrifying. He was actually arrested by the fashion police. I couldn't even believe that was a real thing. The fashion police: the most useless kind of authorities to ever exist anywhere."

They continued to make their way towards the maintenance sector of the space station. From there, they entered via a trash compactor. It was a truly repulsive situation at the very least. Kim: "Oh, so gross." Qwark: "Here we are. The final showdown between good and evil." Kim: "Uh…yeah…a trash compactor. Epic. I only hope that your "ingenious" plan is nowhere near as anticlimactic as this place." Rufus: "Oh, yuck!" Qwark: "Can you smell that, kids? That's drama!" Ratchet: "I smell something and it's definitely not drama." Kim: "Uh, yeah, it's…far too rancid to be drama." Qwark: "Hey, look on the bright side, you 2. At least we're not being squashed to death by the piston." Computer voice: "Trash compactor initiated."

Suddenly, the walls started to close in on them. Computer voice: "Prepare to be compacted." Ratchet: "Well, so much for that." Kim: "The walls are closing in on us! What'll we do?" Qwark: "Cover me, I'm about to do something impressive."

As the walls shifted closer towards them, Qwark began to push on both sides, stopping them completely. Qwark: "Muscles…aching! Arms…burning! Calves, looking good."

A scanner dropped down and scanned the entire place. Computer voice: "Blockage detected in trash compactor 714. Shutting down compactors."

And with that, the walls pulled back. Qwark: "I did it, guys! Wasn't that incredible?" Kim: "Hm, I have to admit, that wasn't the first time you've impressed us. (Whispering to Ratchet) Surprisingly, it wasn't even the second."

Ratchet giggled. Clank: "The troopers will be here any moment. We have to keep moving." Kim: "Yes, of course, we have to get out of this…garbage shoot…ew…" Rufus: "Oh, yeah! Yuck!"

Qwark then proceeded to kick down the door that led straight into the facility. They arrived within a hallway. Qwark: "The maintenance sector is crawling with Nefarious' goons. This might call for a little finesse." Kim: "Oh, no, please don't tell me you're doing what I think you're doing."

Soon enough, 2 robots were approaching near to where they were standing. Qwark: "Watch and learn."

He walked up to the robots. Kim: "Oh, please, no, this can't be happening. Tell me this isn't happening." Ratchet: "This isn't going to end well."

Qwark then approached the robot. He spoke in a fake female voice. Qwark: "I'm Nurse Shannon and these fine young people over here are interns/engineers. Dr. Nefarious is expecting us." Kim: "This is so embarrassing…" Robot: "You are not authorized. Prepare to die, Nurse Shannon."

The robots began attacking. Kim: "Heh, so much for "escorting" us through this place." Ratchet: "What did I tell ya?"

Rufus groaned out loud in a greatly agitated manner. As the robots attacked, Qwark ran off to take cover…again. Qwark: "Dang it! How did they not fall for that?" Kim: "Uh, because it was stupid?" Qwark: "Could you be a little less blunt, young lady?" Kim: "Sorry, hard to resist."

The entire run through of the place consisted of one vicious battle after another. Nefarious' troops were on them constantly. It made the trek through the corridor seem even longer than it really was. For each conjoint section, they were met with these battles. A few times, they required Rufus' assistance with deactivating the securities. The fight through dragged on for a good chunk of time. Thankfully, they were very tenacious and they were able to fight against the robots without any major issues. The fighting kept on until they were able to reach the duct that they were looking for. From there, Clank crawled into it and made his way toward Dr. Nefarious' private quarters.

Upon arriving, he was able to spot the maniacal doctor, himself, exactly where they intended him to be. Dr. Nefarious: "Computer, take dictation." Computer voice: "Go ahead, doctor." Dr. Nefarious: "Things to do once the clock is under my control: #1-Double-cross remaining Valkyries and retire Lord Vorselon! #2-Re-establish vendetta against organic life forms! And #3-Iron socks!"

Clank managed to scan Nefarious without raising any suspicion. Clank: "Holo-imager complete. I'm returning to the rendezvous point."

Shortly afterwards, Clank reunited with the group. Qwark: "Good work, little buddy. Now to switch on the holo-guise."

He attempted to activate it, but for some reason, it wasn't working. He made many attempts to turn it on, but still, nothing. Qwark: "Darn it! Why do these things not work when you need them to?"

Just then, they heard the chime of the Kimmunicator. Qwark: "Eh…what's that noise?"

They looked towards the device on Kim's chest as it was blinking. Kim tapped on it once. A holographic image of Wade was projected from it. Wade: "Perhaps you should let me handle this one, guys."

With a few clicks of his keyboard, a very realistic holographic image of Dr. Nefarious appeared before them. Kim: "Whoa." Clank: "Oh, my." Ratchet: "Nice going, Wade." Qwark: "Ah! It's Dr. Nefarious!"

He pointed his blaster at the holographic image. Wade: "Relax, Qwark. It's just an authentic-looking image of him. Pretty cool, huh?" Ratchet: "I'll say, it looks so real."

Rufus giggled then gave out 2 thumbs up. Rufus: "Cool." Ratchet: "Aright, let's do this, you guys."

They made their way towards an elevator. There, they utilized the hologram to summon the elevator and went into it. It took them all the way to the control hub at the top floor of the station. From there, they sent out the hologram as a diversion while they snuck in. The hologram then approached a somewhat familiar Terachnoid. It was Pollyx. Kim: "What? Pollyx? I don't believe this!"

Pollyx soon turned around and noticed the image. He had easily mistaken it for his superior. Pollyx: "Dr. Nefarious! I didn't expect to see you here so soon. What can I do for you, sir?" Dr. Nefarious: "What is the status report of the master plan?" Pollyx: "Well, the Hypernova Defence Laser is operational, the fleet has been dispatched and the Orvus Chamber is being analyzed thoroughly. Everything is primed and ready for you to utilize the clock for your own personal use." Dr. Nefarious: "Excellent. There's just 1 problem: I'm not really Dr. Nefarious…"

The hologram then converted itself into a projected image of Wade. Wade: "I'm Wade, a young super genius from the planet Earth who works for the famed hero, Kim Possible." Pollyx: "Eh! Wha-!?"

Soon enough, Qwark, Ratchet, Kim and Clank emerged directly near Wade's projected image. Each of them had conceited smiles on their faces. Kim: "Hello again, Pollyx. Remember us?" Pollyx: "Ah! It's you guys!" Ratchet: "That's right! Prepare to get seriously messed up!"

And with that, they began wrecking havoc on the entire chamber. Robots were dispatched to put a stop to it and eradicate the group, but they were very formidable fighters as always, so it was to no avail. They destroyed a lot of the machinery within the entire place. Rufus did a lot of messing around with much of the machinery from the inside. Their pandemonium, however, had caused them to be locked in. From that, Kim tapped on the device on her chest. Kim: "Wade, can you deactivate the security of this place?" Wade: "Give me one second…there!"

The security was shut off. Kim: "Great job, Wade!" Ratchet: "Let's go!"

They ran back towards the elevator and descended back towards the lower levels. Qwark: "You know, often times when I say this, it ends in catastrophe, but what the hey? Mission accomplished."

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