The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 4

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Meanwhile, Ratchet and Kim were able to arrive within the next sector. Aphelion: "Now entering Vela Sector."

Immediately upon entering, they contacted Wade. Ratchet: "Wade, come in. We just arrived in the next sector. Do you have any new intel for us regarding Alister Azimuth?" Wade: "I do. From what I was able to find out, Azimuth lives in a remote location on Torren IV known as Molonoth Fields. It is said to be some kind of junk yard for the entire galaxy, but there seems to be a lot more to it." Kim: "Check. We're on our way now." Wade: "Uh, a word of caution, you guys, I'm picking up on at least 1 time anomaly there, so be careful." Kim: "Got it. Uh, by the way, how is Ron doing?" Wade: "He's still very sick and there have been no signs of improvement." Ron: "(moan) My stomach…it's all kinds of not good, hurting…yurk! (moan)" Ratchet: "Yeesh! He really doesn't sound good." Wade: "And something tells me it'll only get worse from there. Gotta go, Mrs. Possible needs a hand with the IV equipment. It shouldn't take too long for us to set up."

Wade terminated communications with them. Kim and Ratchet seemed greatly concerned with what had been happening to Ron. Ratchet: "Hang in there, Ron, we'll do everything we can to help you out." Kim: "Let's hurry over to Torren IV."

And with that, they made their way for the planet at great speed.

They arrived on the planet, landed the ship and got out. From there, Kim tapped on the device on the chest area of her Centurion Armor. Kim: "Wade, we just landed on Torren IV. Do you know where we should start looking for Azimuth?" Wade: "The signature readings I've picked up on seem to be coming from the ruins of Volgram Pass, inside one of the decommissioned robots." Ratchet: "Got it, we'll head over there now."

They rushed out as fast as they could. As they got near another time anomaly, Kim fell to her knees, holding her head in great agony. Ratchet: "Kim!"

Greatly concerned, he bent down and tended to her immediately. He then tapped on the device on her chest. Ratchet: "Wade, come in! Kim's suffering from another headache!" Wade: "I know, Ratchet! I've been picking up on an intense reading from the anomaly. It seems to affecting her a lot and it's much worse than many of the previous ones." Ratchet: "But why is this happening? Why are they causing her to have these intense headaches?" Wade: "I don't know! That's why Kim has been taking on this mission. She's trying to find out the connections between them." Ratchet: "Wait a minute! Wade, I just remembered something! When Kim passed out back in the temple, she said something very strange; she blurted out "tempus simia". Do you have any idea on what that could be?" Wade: "Hm…I don't know, never heard of it before, but I'll look into it." Ratchet: "Thanks, Wade. I know she didn't just randomly blurt it out; it has to mean something, something important."

At that moment, Kim overcame her headache and stood right back up as Ratchet held on to her. Ratchet: "You OK, Kim?" Kim: "I'm fine…I…I just…"

She hesitated for a brief moment. Ratchet glanced at her with a serious and reassuring look on his face. Ratchet: "Don't worry, Kim, I'll always look after you, I know that this mission is important to you, so I will keep you safe, I will stay with you…count on it."

She looked back at him as she gave out a reassured smile. Kim: "Ratchet…thank you…"

They stared back at each other for a few moments before they broke off their gaze and then continued on. Ratchet had a despondent look on his face as he held his head down with his gaze shifted to the left. He spoke under his breath. Ratchet: "I…I…Kimberly…"

Kim also had a despondent look on her face as she held her left arm with her right hand; she held her head down and looked to her right.

As they progressed on, they ascended the grueling cliff side. Kim was indeed able to make use of the Centurion Armor's special features to scale the cliff, much to Ratchet's elation. They soon met with another alien known as a Vullard, which was a cybernetic alien with a metal shell and a lizard-like tail. They were informed by the Vullard to search for a guardian of sorts in order to enter Vullard Pass.

Within a short amount of time, they were able to find the guardian that they were told about: it was a massive, disembodied robot head. It was able to speak. Robot: "Halt, outsiders. What business have you in the hollow?" Ratchet: "We're looking for Volgram Pass." Kim: "Can you tell us how to find it?" Robot: "Hm…Volgram Pass. Where the exile dwells. It is beyond this Hollow, but we do not grant entrance to outsiders. They must find it for themselves." Kim: "Hm, sounds like a challenge in itself." Ratchet: "Eh, you're known for handling challenges, so this shouldn't be too hard for you, right?" Kim: "Are you kidding me? I can handle anything." Ratchet: "That's what I like to hear."

As they made strides to search for an entry to the hollow, they received an unexpected transmission from Qwark. Qwark: "Uh, Ratchet? Come in." Ratchet: "Hey, Qwark. What's up?" Qwark: "The Fongoids told me about a race of brutal warriors who apparently hate Nefarious. They're called Agorians." Kim: "I don't like where this is going." Qwark: "I will be heading off to where they are to talk to them." Kim: "I really don't like where this going." Ratchet: "Uh, Qwark, I don't think that's such a good idea." Qwark: "Normally, I would agree with you, but the Fongoids insist that I leave as soon as possible. They even arranged to have the Agorians come pick me up. Isn't that nice? I'll keep you guys posted. Qwark out." Kim: "Well, this has "bad idea" written all over it, although, I would guess that the Fongoids just wanted to get rid of Qwark." Ratchet: "Yeah, I would agree with you, on both aspects."

With the use of their special skills, equipment, quick thinking and resourcefulness, they made their way around the area and directly into the massive robot's head. There, they were able to find another Vullard standing directly near a control console of sorts. Vullard: "Ah, welcome, outsiders." Kim: "Huh? Was that giant robot head being controlled by you?" Vullard: "Yes, it was. I apologize for the ruse. We like to keep our operation away from the prying eyes of the galactic authorities." Kim: "Well, that's…understandable." Vullard: "Come, you both have proven yourselves worthy." Kim: "Gee, lucky us."

They walked along with the Vullard towards a large metal door nearby. Vullard: "Volgram Pass is on the other side of the hollow, but you must be aware that there is a dangerous exile there. Most of our kind do our best to stay away from him." Ratchet: "Why? What did he do?" Vullard: "Oh, you know, attack one of Nefarious' transports, blow up Vorselon's outpost in Korthos, the usual rebel stuff." Kim: "Hm, never a dull moment for this exile." Ratchet: "Actually, now that you mention it, we're looking for this exile." Vullard: "Hm, you don't say? Well, I'll lead you to the entrance to Volgram Pass but after that, you 2 are on your own." Kim: "No problem, we can handle ourselves just fine. Right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Uh, yeah, heh! No big."

Just as soon as they arrived at the place the Vullards called "the Hollow", their entire facility was already having a major issue. Small robots known as Battery Bots were running about the place. They were the main power source of all of the machinery within the hollow. Without them, nothing was operational. Vullard: "Oh, no! The battery bots are revolting! All systems are offline!" Kim: "Well…this looks like a major epidemic." Vullard: "Call the office. Tell them we have a code 11-13." Kim: "Uh…11-13? I wonder what that means." Ratchet: "I think it has something to do with the Battery Bots revolting." Kim: "Yeah…that would make sense…" Ratchet: "You know what? Maybe we should help them out; we might not make it to Volgram Pass with the way things are right now." Kim: "Hm, actually, I agree with you. These guys could use the help. Besides, these short, scampering robots are so annoying." Ratchet: "Let's get to it."

They went around the entire facility. Everywhere, the Battery Bots were scurrying about, wandering aimlessly. The Vullards within the facility were indeed greatly annoyed by this. Kim and Ratchet made many strides to chase after and collect each and every one of the annoying bots with the use of their special skills and equipment.

Within much time, the Battery Bots were placed into all of the vacant sockets, thereby reactivating each and every single machinery within the entire facility. Kim: "There, done." Ratchet: "Yeah, we did it, although, I have to say, those little guys were a real handful." Kim: "I'll say they were." Ratchet: "Come on, let's keep moving." Kim: "Sure, let's go."

They made their way towards a Vullard directly near a long conveyor belt. Vullard: "Hey! All of the systems are working again! Thank you, outsiders. I'm going to talk to the crew about making you both honorary Vullards." Kim: "Uh, actually, a simple "thank you" will do." Ratchet: "Hold on for a sec, Kim. We still need to finish up our objective here; you know, the reason why we came to this planet?" Kim: "Uh, right, that." Vullard: "Ah, yes, of course, you both still wish to reach Volgram Pass." Kim: "Please and thank you." Vullard: "It's just down this way, keep going and you'll be there in no time." Ratchet: "Great. Let's get going."

They rushed through the conveyor belt and were on their way. 

Within a short amount of time, they were able to arrive at their intended destination: Volgram Pass. There, they rushed over to and stopped at a ledge. They stared out at the huge expanse before them. Kim: "So…this is Volgram Pass."

Just then, Ratchet spotted something. Ratchet: "Kim! Look!"

She looked up towards another massive robot and noticed what appeared to be a Lombax standing on a rim at the front of the massive robot's head. Kim: "I don't believe it. It IS another Lombax! Could that be…him?"

Ratchet shouted towards the other Lombax at the distance. Ratchet: "Excuse me! Could you by chance be the exile Alister Azimuth?"

He spotted them instantly. Alarmed, he tossed a bomb towards them. Ratchet: "Uh, oh!"

Ratchet swung his wrench at it and struck it to the side, it exploded as it came in contact to the wall near them. The blast caused them both to jump off the ledge and on to a grind rail below.

They were grinding along the rail towards where Azimuth was. As they went along the rail, Azimuth hovered near them on specially made jet boots. He made every attempt to attack and derail them. Azimuth: "You just lost the element of surprise!" Kim: "What was that all about!?" Azimuth: "Killing me won't be so easy!" Ratchet: "Wait! Come back! We just want to talk to you!" Azimuth: "Lies! You're here to assassinate me!" Kim: "What? No we're not!" Azimuth: "Who sent you? Vorselon? Nefarious?" Kim: "We sent ourselves here, mind you!" Ratchet: "Look at me! I'm a Lombax!" Azimuth: "The Lombaxes are gone! And I know a holo-guise when I see one!" Kim: "Can you stop trying to kill us for 2 seconds so we can talk?" Azimuth: "No! I'm not going to let either of you get the upper hand against me!" Kim: "What's it going to take for you to listen to reason?" Azimuth: "Leave me alone! You're both starting to annoy me!"

He tossed more and more bombs, blowing up more things around them. His efforts were doable but not enough to stop either of them. Kim: "Geez! This guy is a maniac!"

After the long grind, they were able to arrive on the robot's head. Things seemed quiet at first and there was no sight of Azimuth. Kim: "Hm…now where did he go?"

Just then, Azimuth took both of them by surprise. He tackled Kim and caused her to fall on to her side, he then pinned Ratchet to the wall with his wrench. Azimuth: "Now I've got you!"

For a brief moment, he stared at Ratchet and noticed something about him that he was familiar with. Azimuth: "It can't be…you're…you're Kaden's son."

He released Ratchet, dropping him back on his feet. Kim: "Ratchet!"

Kim rushed over to Ratchet and tended to him. Azimuth: "Forgive me. General Alister Azimuth. 4-Bolt Magistrate of the Lombax Praetorian Guard, Elder Councilmen for the Centre of Advanced Lombax Research." Kim: "So, you really are a Lombax. I always thought Ratchet was the only one." Azimuth: "Yes, young lady, I am, in fact, a Lombax and you…my dear boy…you look so much like your father."

Ratchet was spellbound from his astonishment towards hearing what Azimuth just said. Kim: "You know Ratchet's father?" Azimuth: "Yes…I did…" Ratchet: "I…I don't believe it…I have so many questions that I want to ask." Azimuth: "I'm sure that you do. But first off, who are you, young lady? I've never seen your kind before." Kim: "My name is Kim Possible. I'm a human; a species indigenous to a far off planet known as Earth. I'm a real close friend to Ratchet." Azimuth: "I see…come, we have much to talk about."

He walked off, Kim and Ratchet hesitated for a bit as they exchanged astonished glances with each other, then followed after him.

As they walked along, they talked about everything they knew as well as what they have been doing. They walked all the way into the head of the large robot. Once inside, they had a chance to look around. Kim: "Whoa…so, this is where you live."

Ratchet then spotted something and walked up to it. He picked up what appeared to be a pocket watch. As he opened it up, he saw inside it a picture of Azimuth along with another Lombax. It was Kaden, Ratchet's father. Kim walked up from behind him and observed the pocket watch from over his shoulder as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Ratchet: "So, tell me, how did you know my father?"

He closed the pocket watch as he looked up at Azimuth. Azimuth: "Kaden and I were good friends. He was a good Lombax; smart as they come. He was the first outsider to theorize that the Great Clock even existed."

Azimuth walked up to a chest. Kim: "And you think that Clank is in this clock?" Azimuth: "Clock is a rather crude translation of the runes of Quantos. Specifically, they say "Keeper of Time"." Kim: "Hm…Keeper of Time? I wonder what that means." Azimuth: "But yes, I suspect that he is there."

Azimuth opened up the chest and searched in it for something. Kim: "But what makes you so sure about that?" Azimuth: "Young miss, according to Fongoid lore, the Zoni are the guardians of time. If Clank is connected to them, he must play some part in its operation. Dang it, where are those blasted things?" Kim: "But wait a minute! I thought Ratchet and his father were the only ones who stayed behind when the Lombaxes left." Ratchet: "Yeah, that's right. Why didn't you go with them?" Azimuth: "Sometimes, the Universe has a cruel sense of humor." Kim: "Uh…OK? I don't think…I follow…" Azimuth: "Ah! Here they are!"

From the chest, he pulled out a pair of shoes. Ratchet: "Uh, what are those?" Azimuth: "These are your father's hover boots. I would like you to have them." Ratchet: "What? Really?" Azimuth: "Sure, I'll even teach you how to use them." Ratchet: "Gee…I…I don't know…what to…"

Just then, Kim placed her hand on her head and collapsed on to her knees. Ratchet looked towards her immediately. Ratchet: "Kim!"

He bent down and tended to her. She was moaning a lot in pain. Ratchet: "It's happening again, isn't it?" Kim: "(moan) I…(groan)"

Azimuth rushed over towards them. Azimuth: "Is she OK?" Ratchet: "She's been suffering from some unusual headaches that, for some reason, are being caused by the time anomalies." Azimuth: "If her headaches are this bad, then why is she out and about?" Ratchet: "Because she's trying to figure out why these anomalies have been causing her headaches."

She then stopped cringing and stood right back up. Ratchet held on to her and helped her back up. Kim: "I know I may seem like I'm in pretty bad shape, but…I have to keep going." Azimuth: "Hm, your determination is most certainly unwavering." Ratchet: "And that's not even her best quality. She is capable of handling anything." Kim: "Yes, I am, and…besides…I really can't stop now. As bad as my headaches are, my best friend, Ron, has been suffering from ongoing stomachaches that are also being caused by these anomalies. I have to find a way to help him."

Kim dropped her head as she sulked. Azimuth: "I see, so that's what's been keeping you going? Now then, Ratchet, shall we get started on your first lesson?"

Azimuth walked off, Ratchet and Kim observed him for a bit. Ratchet looked towards Kim with a nervous grin on his face; Kim just glanced back at him, annoyed. Kim: "Just go…I'm fine."

And with that, he walked out with Kim following after him.

Outside, Ratchet was equipped with the hover boots. Kim stood nearby as did Azimuth. Azimuth: "Now then, if you're going to stop Nefarious, you're going to have to outmaneuver him. Now, used properly, those hover boots will give you exactly the edge you need. Now, back straight, legs bent slightly at the knees and engage."

From there, he was able to activate the hover boots. He had a chance to move around in them. Ratchet: "Hey! I'm doing it! (laugh) This is awesome!"

Kim seemed very pleased as she observed him. Azimuth was also elated. Azimuth: "Excellent! If you want to turn, just shift your weight; the boosters will take care of the rest."

Ratchet continued on utilizing the hover boots. Kim watched a bit more. She then tapped on the device on her chest. Kim: "Are you getting all of this, Wade?" Wade: "Yep, every last second. This is amazing! Lombax technology keeps getting more and more incredible! These guys were phenomenal engineers!"

At that moment, Azimuth looked over towards Kim and stared at her in a perplexed manner. Kim: "Well, you did say that their technology has been difficult to duplicate." Wade: "Yeah, but you know how much I love a good challenge and my attempts have been doable aside from being time-consuming." Kim: "Oh, for sure." Azimuth: "Who are you talking to, young lady?" Kim: "Oh! Azimuth, I didn't notice you over there. Hang on for a sec."

She tapped on the device once more. Displayed from it was an image of Wade. Kim: "Azimuth, this is Wade, a super genius that I have worked with for a few years now. Wade, this is Alister Azimuth." Wade: "So, you must be the infamous rebel and exile that everyone's been talking about. Wow, I don't believe it. You really are a Lombax and here I thought they all left." Azimuth: "Yes, well, you could say that I was…left behind. Now then, both of you were mentioning something about duplicating Lombax technology?" Wade: "Uh, yeah, sir, it's been a lot more than difficult, even for someone like me. Your race has created some of the most advanced forms of technological anything in the entire Universe. I've spent more than a whole year studying this. I have to say, I'm quite impressed." Azimuth: "Uh, yes, well, our technology has surpassed many other species. But still, have you really been making strides to duplicate our work?" Wade: "Yes, I have. It's not exactly the same as the Lombax's ingenuity, but it's pretty close. Ratchet seems to appreciate my efforts so far."

Ratchet then stopped just near them. Ratchet: "Yeah, he's done a good job at it. It's been the closest I've ever gotten to connecting with the Lombaxes." Wade: "Speaking of which, I've been analyzing the hover boots, I've just finished with another modification to the Centurion Armor. Check this out."

With a few clicks on his keyboard, Wade enabled boosters to appear below the boots of Kim's Centurion Armor. Azimuth was greatly startled by this, Ratchet, however, seemed very much elated. Wade: "Go ahead, give them a try."

From there, she tested them out, but only for a few moments at first. Wade: "Well, what do you think?" Kim: "Wade! This is incredible!" Wade: "What can I say? I'm a genius." Ratchet: "Come on, let's keep at it, Kim." Kim: "OK."

And so, they rushed out together. They both seemed very ecstatic. Azimuth, however, seemed to be less than pleased. They kept on going with breaking in their hover boots. Ratchet was greatly excelling, becoming more proficient at it. He utilized the many skills that can be carried out while using the hover boots as did Kim. Azimuth indeed seemed very impressed as he continued to observe Ratchet.

Ratchet continued on the course. He then looked towards Kim. Within a split second, she collapsed on to the ground. Ratchet was startled by this. Ratchet: "Oh, no! Kim!"

He made his way towards her as fast as he could. He landed next to her, kneeled down and sat her up just a little. He tapped on the device on her chest. Ratchet: "Wade! Come in! Kim just passed out again!" Wade: "I know. I just did a scan of her brain. I'm picking up massive brain wave activity within several areas of her mind; a lot of it deals with processing and retrieving memories, including the hippocampus. It's almost as though an enormous amount of lost memories are flooding into her mind." Ratchet: "Could that be what's been causing these headaches?" Wade: "I would say yes. I remembered to scan her brain the next time she passes out since you mentioned that she blurted out something that last time, as for the "tempus simia" thing? I've been looking into that and…it seems to have some involvement with time." Ratchet: "Involvement…with…time?"

Just then, Kim instantaneously opened her eyes and sat straight up. Kim: "Time monkey!?" Ratchet: "Kim!"

She seemed somewhat confused as she sat by for a bit. Kim: "What…what happened?" Ratchet: "You passed out again. At least I know you really are alright. Tell me, do you remember anything when you were unconscious?"

She thought about that for a few moments. Kim: "No…I…I can't…remember anything…it…it's all…a blur…" Ratchet: "Hm…I see…well…Wade did manage to pick up on a crucial piece of data. I think we may be on to something."

Kim was at a loss for words.

Soon enough, Kim and Ratchet were walking along with Azimuth. Azimuth: "Well, Ratchet, I have to say that you have done very well with your first lesson. You seem to be a much faster learner than your father. I'm impressed." Ratchet: "Uh, gee, thanks, I…I appreciate that, general." Azimuth: "Don't mention it. And you, Miss Possible, I admit that you're pretty good on those replicas of the hover boots that your young genius friend built. You seemed to be very skilled for a human." Kim: "Well, it was no big, really. I can do anything." Azimuth: "Yes, I suppose you can, but you'll never be as good as a Lombax." Kim: "Uh, as if that really matters to anyone."

Azimuth chuckled in a somewhat conceited manner. Azimuth: "There's clearly so much you don't understand, young miss."

Kim stared back at him, annoyed and confused. Ratchet: "So, what do we do now? Storm Nefarious' stronghold and force him to tell us where the clock is?" Kim: "Um, I don't think it will be that easy to do." Azimuth: "The human girl is right, Ratchet. Nefarious would be foolish to reveal that information to us, regardless of what we do to him." Kim: "So the question is how do we find out where the clock is?" Azimuth: "Well, fortunately, we have an advantage I did not have before: a contact on the inside." Kim: "Wait, are you referring to Clank?" Ratchet: "But how are we going to be able to talk to him? Even Wade can't track him down, let alone come in contact with him."

Azimuth tapped on a large emblem attached to his chest plate then turned away from Kim and Ratchet as he walked towards a nearby ledge. Ratchet: "Uh, general? My ship is this way." Azimuth: "No thanks, I brought my own."

At that moment, his ship rose up from behind the ledge. He lifted himself off of the ground with the use of his hover boots and entered his ship. Ratchet: "Whoa…" Azimuth: "Meet me in Axiom City, planet Terachnos." Kim: "What are we looking for there?" Azimuth: "A way to talk to Clank."

Soon enough, he took off and left the planet. Both Kim and Ratchet stood by as they watched him leave. Ratchet: "Well…uh…better get going." Kim: "Uh, yeah, we should."

They made their way back to their ship and departed from the planet.

As they flew into space, Azimuth contacted them immediately. Azimuth: "Ratchet, come in." Ratchet: "General?" Azimuth: "I've keyed into your nav-unit so that we can communicate. Is that girl still with you?" Kim: "Uh, yeah, I'm here. What's the sitch?" Azimuth: "Don't give me an attitude, young lady. Anyway, you're probably wondering what we will find in Axiom City." Kim: "Of course we are. You were kind of vague on the details but you did mention to us that there is a way to talk to Clank there." Azimuth: "Not quite. There's a company called Pollyx Industries. Nefarious hired them to locate Zoni technology. They keep a data base of every Obsidian Eye in the Universe." Kim: "Obsidian Eye? What is that?" Ratchet: "It's an extremely advanced telescope; perhaps the most advanced telescope in the entire Universe. I found one when I was on Merdegrew. Unfortunately, the Hoolefoids that live on that planet dismantled it." Kim: "Well, that's inconvenient, but we do have a way to find another one." Azimuth: "Don't think it'll be that easy, miss. Pollyx won't just let us waltz into the building. We may have to be…a little aggressive." Kim: "Of course, it always comes with a challenge. But no big, we can handle anything. So not the drama, right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Yeah, so not the drama indeed. It wouldn't be fun if it was too easy." Kim: "Oh, for sure."

They did a high-5 with one another. Azimuth: "You 2 sound a lot alike. Ratchet, you've been hanging around with that girl a little too much." Ratchet: "Uh, what?" Kim: "What exactly is that supposed to mean?" Azimuth: "Well, no matter, I will see you soon." Ratchet: "Copy that. See ya, General. Ratchet and Kim out."

They severed communications with Azimuth. Kim: "Geez, what was that all about? Does he not like me just because I'm not a Lombax?" Ratchet: "Don't know, he doesn't display any hostilities towards you, but I did detect a hint of superiority over you just for him being a Lombax and you…not." Kim: "So, he thinks Lombaxes are better than all other species? I so do not agree with him." Ratchet: "Same here. Lombaxes are not better than humans and the same goes for humans being better than Lombaxes. We're just…people; the only thing that matters to me is who's a better person." Kim: "I agree. Um…Ratchet? There's…something I want to tell you. I…um…"

She hesitated as she seemed quite despondent. Ratchet also seemed to be saddened. Ratchet: "You know, there's been something that I wanted to say to you, too. I…I…"

Just then, they got caught in an unseen force field. Kim: "What…what's going on!?" Ratchet: "I think we're caught in some kind of barrier! Hang on, Kim!"

Ratchet engaged the accelerators and attempted to push right through the barrier. After a long and persisting effort, he was able to force his ship right through. Kim: "Alright! You did it, Ratchet!" Ratchet: "Heh! Was there ever any doubt? Now let's go."

They made their way towards the planet.

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