The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapter 13

Chapter 13-A Long Road To A Massive Headache

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After another long flight, they were able to make it to the planet Maxus. Soon enough, they flew towards what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, landed the ship inside of it and jumped out. Kim went on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, how far is Motor Ed from here?" Wade: "He seems to be a very, very long way from where you guys are now." Kim: "Great, we'll be on our way." Wade: "But hold on a second, why couldn't you have landed much closer to him? The climate on that desert planet is harsh and incredibly intolerable. Shouldn't you guys save yourselves the risk of dying in that heat?" Ratchet: "Well, Aphelion prefers to be as faraway from Motor Ed as possible." Aphelion: "I don't want that unruly and incredibly frightful human anywhere near me." Wade: "Oh, right, judging by the kind of person he is, that's understandable. Hang on, let me get something ready that will help you guys out."

He got to work on something for a brief moment. Wade: "OK, done. I just uploaded a program into the infobot. I'll transfer her to you now."

Wade's vendor reappeared. Transporting from it was the infobot. She latched herself on to Kim's back. Wade: "She's been remodified with a special sun block program that can protect anyone from harmful UV rays as well as extreme heat of any planet. I've spent a few years trying to perfect this. I'll have her upload the program into Clank's hardware so that he'll be able to shield Ratchet from the heat and harsh UV rays just as well as her."

Clank attached himself to Ratchet's harness just like he always does. Soon enough, the infobot's antennas began flashing and then, so did Clank's antenna. Clank: "Program upload complete." Ratchet: "Cool. Nice going, Wade." Wade: "Always happy to help." Kim: "Come on, let's find Motor Ed."

They ran out of the warehouse and began the long trek through the desert. It was a long and perilous trek. The heat was blistering, but Clank and infobot kept Ratchet and Kim from being overwhelmed by the intense heat. However, there were a lot of hostile native creatures all around them. They came at the duo and attacked them constantly. Wade: "Careful, you guys, if Clank and the infobot take damage, it could disable the sun blocker program." Ratchet: "Well, isn't that just lovely? Get our robots wrecked and we'll end up overheating." Wade: "Sorry, guys, I was still trying to complete the program before I knew that you had to head out to Maxus. I thought you would land Aphelion much closer to Motor Ed's location, I didn't think that you would land her so far away, so this was so sudden. I wasn't able to perfect the program, so this was brought out on a rush." Kim: "No worries, Wade. We'll just have to be careful as we make our way towards our target." Clank: "Oh, dear, this is quite a difficult situation that we are in." Ratchet: "Don't worry, buddy. I'll keep you safe." Clank: "I…hope that you will."

They kept fighting; Kim and Ratchet did everything they could to prevent their bots from getting damaged. It wasn't easy and there have been a few close calls here and there, but they were able to fight through all of it. Along the way, Wade contacted them again. Wade: "Guys, I'm picking up on a lot of different readings other than just Motor Ed. I was able to identify readings consisting of several other humans." Kim: "That must be Motor Ed's pit crew. No surprise to me that he would bring them all the way out here." Wade: "I'm also picking up on a lot of high-tech material being brought into the nearby area. This is incredible! I'm picking readings of technology from many different alien species from all over Polaris; Terachnoid, Vullard, ancient Fongoid, even Lombax!" Kim: "Whoa! That sounds like a smorgasbord of alien tech!" Ratchet: "No doubt stolen alien tech from what you've said about this guy." Kim: "I wouldn't doubt that in the least." Ratchet: "Let's hurry, we have to get over there!" Kim: "Nough said."

After a very, very long trek, they came across a huge valley. There, they looked down and saw exactly what they were looking for: Motor Ed and his pit crew. They seemed to setting up something within the valley. They stared down directly towards Motor Ed. Ratchet: "So, that must be Motor Ed." Kim: "Yep, that's him. I recognize that mullet anywhere." Clank: "I am picking up on a few traces of DNA that are indeed somewhat similar to that of Drakken. He is undoubtedly related to him just like you have mentioned to us." Ratchet: "I can also see a little of the family resemblance; he does look a little like Drakken." Motor Ed: "Dude! This place would make like a totally killer motocross park! Seriously!" Kim: "Aaaaand there he goes." Ratchet: "What was the one word that he repeats constantly?" Kim: "That last word he just mentioned." Ratchet: "Seriously?" Kim: "Seriously." Motor Ed: "I mean think about it, an entire desert planet? Made into this totally awesome motocross park? That would be so rad! Seriously!" Ratchet: "Wow, you're right, he does repeat that word." Kim: "What did I tell you?" Motor Ed: "Plus, with all of these alien spaceship parts that we've stolen from all those alien nerds, we could build like a lot of totally awesome rides! It would be totally rad! Seriously!" Ratchet: "Geez, this guy gets annoying like real fast." Kim: "Yes, this is why I wasn't looking forward to coming here." Ratchet: "No kidding." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, I am picking up on readings of stolen alien parts. The readings consist of many different forms of technology." Ratchet: "It's just like Wade informed us." Clank: "A lot of these different technological parts consist of some highly unstable materials." Ratchet: "And he plans on using these parts to build vehicles!?" Kim: "Yeah, that's what he likes to do." Clank: "To do something like that would prove fatal!" Kim: "And that's something I know he would find very thrilling." Ratchet: "We need to put a stop to this! We can't let this happen!" Kim: "Yeah, I agree. Let's go."

They jumped down and descended towards the valley with the use of their robots. Shortly afterwards, Motor Ed noticed them descending near him. Kim: "End of the line, Motor Ed! You won't be doing anything here!" Motor Ed: "Whoa! Red! You actually came! And I see that you brought your little alien boyfriend! What's going on, little dude?" Ratchet: "What do you think? We're here to put a stop to your massive, illegal operation. We're not going to let you vandalize this planet or use stolen parts just so you can have you own personal, deadly motocross park!" Motor Ed: "Whoa, no need to cramp my style by ruining my fun, guys. Seriously!" Ratchet: "OK, this guy is really getting on my nerves. Seriously! Grr! Oh, great! Now I'm doing it!" Kim: "Yeah, he has that affect on a lot of us." Motor Ed: "But, if you both think that you have the guts to tell me to tell me to scram, then how about we do a rad race through the desert?" Kim: "A rad…race?" Motor Ed: "Yeah, it'll be totally awesome! We could do like a run through this entire valley. We can use a few of the rad rides that I was able to put together with a few of these stolen alien parts. It'll be like so totally awesome, it'll be all…"

He then lunged out and did his air guitar thing while shouting. Motor Ed: "That would be like totally rad! Seriously!" Ratchet: "OK, you need to stop repeating that word; it is getting old like really fast." Motor Ed: "No way, little alien dude! You and Red can't tell me what to do; only I say what I should and should not do. It'll totally cramp my image if I let others tell me what to do. Seriously!" Ratchet: "Great, he's uncompromising; add another one to the extensively long list of things that makes this guy really annoying." Kim: "Again, this is why I wasn't looking forward to facing this guy again." Ratchet: "If I didn't see that before, I most certainly can see that now, Kimberly." Clank: "I say you and Miss Possible race against this brute and give him what for." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree with you, Clank. Alright, Motor Ed, we'll accept your challenge, just promise that you and your band of criminals will leave this planet if we would beat you." Motor Ed: "Fine, but don't think that I'll let you win so easily." Ratchet: "Oh, I'm not worried about that; in fact, I'm more worried about what we'll do to you out there. I'm so looking forward to leaving you in the dust and then pounding your face in afterwards."

Later on, the 2 racers were on 2 ridiculously modified quads. Kim and Ratchet were both on one, with Kim latched on to Ratchet. She was also holding a device of sorts that looked like some kind of megaphone. They both glanced towards Motor Ed with tense looks on their faces while he sneered back towards them. Clank stood beside the infobot as they were spectators for the race. Motor Ed: "Get ready to bite my dust when I win this totally rad race. Seriously!" Ratchet: "We'll see about that, motor head! Kimberly, let's do everything we can to beat this jerk!"

Kim had the device that she was holding switched on. Kim: "Oh, you can count on me!"

Soon enough, one of Motor Ed's crew members stood in front of the 2 racers and signaled the start of the race, the 2 quads drove out at great speed.

It was a fierce race as they drove their quads through the harsh desert. Throughout the entire race, Motor Ed did a lot to annoy the duo. Sometimes, he would shout a lot in excitement. Motor Ed: "Wooo! Aw, yeah! This desert is like so totally rad! Seriously!" Ratchet: "OK, this guy is really getting on my nerves!" Kim: "Mine, too."

Other times, he would throw bombs at them. Motor Ed: "Eat this, losers!"

As he threw the bombs at them, they were almost thrown off of their vehicle. Ratchet: "Hey! He can't do that! That's cheating!"

Kim got the device that she was had ready. Kim: "Don't worry, Ratchet, I've got this."

From the device, she shot out a huge sonic-wave towards Motor Ed; it hit him directly. It shook him up, knocking him and his quad down. Ratchet stopped near him and looked down at him with Kim. Ratchet: "What's the matter, Motor Ed? Is this race a little too extreme for even someone like you?" Motor Ed: "Grr! No one pulls dirty tricks like that on me! That's like so vulgar, dudes! Seriously!" Ratchet: "Tch! Serves you right! You attempted to bring us down with bombs! It seemed right to get back at you for that!" Kim: "Sorry, it was either that or be brought down by the likes of you!"

Ratchet revved the engine and drove off. Motor Ed became furious, he then got himself back up and back on his quad, then drove off after them. As they continued on with the race, Motor Ed grabbed a bazooka from one of his crew members then chased after the duo. Continuing through, he shot at them constantly, Ratchet was caught off guard but he managed to dodge all of Motor Ed's attempts to shoot them down. Ratchet: "What the…!?"

He and Kim looked back toward Motor Ed, he had a crazed look on his face as he aimed his bazooka at them. Ratchet: "A bazooka!? Man! This guy is completely insane!" Kim: "Tell me about it!" Motor Ed: "So, you thought you guys could mess with me on my own race course!? I'm gonna bring you down so hard, there won't be nothing left of either of you! Seriously!" Ratchet: "This guy is really not messing around!" Kim: "You just keep driving, Ratchet, I'll deal with him!"

Kim shot out another sonic-wave towards Motor Ed, he swerved as he dodged each of her attacks. They continued attacking each other constantly throughout the entire race. After the long battle, Ratchet was able to drive through the harsh desert terrain and, from reaching the very end of the massive loop around the entire area, he was able to score a win. Both he and Kim were overjoyed as Kim latched on to him, embracing him happily. At that time, Clank and the infobot rushed over towards Ratchet and Kim as they rejoiced with them. Soon enough, Motor Ed drove up near them. Motor Ed: "Hmph! I can't believe it! I lost to some scrawny cat alien thing! Cuz had told me how much of a tenacious fighter you are." Ratchet: "Well, sorry, you can't win em all. Now then, how about you and your men hightail it off this planet for good?" Motor Ed: "Oh, no way, little alien dude! I ain't going nowhere!" Ratchet: "What!? But you promised you would leave if we would beat you in this race!" Motor Ed: "And I already told you that ain't no one going to tell me what to do and that only I can do that! That ain't gonna fly with me, little alien dude! Seriously!"

Ratchet then became very agitated. Clank placed his hands on hips and shook his head. Clank: "It is apparent that this brute has no sense of honor." Ratchet: "That does it! Ever since we came across you after we just arrived on this planet, you have been the most annoying pain in my…"

He held his fists up and shook them in frustration before he continued ranting. Ratchet: "Everything that Kimberly had said about you is true! No wonder why she didn't want to face off against you again! If you're not going to leave this planet, then I'll force you off of here, the hard way!"

Motor Ed revved up his engine and drove away. Motor Ed: “You won’t be taking me down so easily!!”

Kim and Ratchet drove off after him. As Ratchet drove after Motor Ed, Kim used the device that she had used on him during the race to try shooting him down. It was an ongoing chase as Ratchet pursued Motor Ed endlessly. He would dodge Kim’s blasts so many times that she and Ratchet were very easily irritated. They kept him persistently to bring him down and he continued to avoid them while irritating them other ways.

After a really, really long and very irritating chase while putting up with Motor Ed, trying to shoot him down, getting annoyed at his constant shouting and dodging their attacks and putting up with even more of his shouting, they were finally able to bring him down.

He was knocked off of his quad, a few of his crew members went over to help him back up. As he was being held up, he glared at Ratchet and Kim as they did the same with him. Motor Ed: “Don’t think you’ve won this. I will come back here and I will crash here, for good!!!"

His crew members helped him into a shuttle nearby. Motor Ed: “Don’t let this swell your head like incredibly major! Seriously!!”

He and his crew then took off in shuttles. Ratchet, Kim and their robots watched as they left the planet. Ratchet: “Good riddance. If I ever see that annoying jerk again, it’ll be too soon!”

Kim grabbed onto her arm as she sulked. Kim: “I’m sorry you had to go through all of that, Ratchet.”

He looked towards Kim, he seemed worried about her. Ratchet: “No, don’t worry about it. If anything, I’m sorry you ever had to put up with that guy.”

Kim looked at him and smiled, he smiled back towards her. Ratchet: “Come on, let’s get off this planet already.”

They made their long trek back to the ship. As soon as they arrived back, Kim had the infobot transported back to Wade, then the group got back into the ship. Shortly afterwards, Talwyn contacted them. Talwyn: “Hey, guys.”

They were completely caught off guard. Kim: “Oh! Talwyn! What’s up?” Talwyn: “Uh, there are a couple of, uh, young people who would like to see you guys.” Clank: “Hm, really? Who would they be?” Talwyn: “Uh, you may need to come back to find out.” Ratchet: “OK, we’re heading back now.”

They took off and left the planet. They took off and left the planet. At that time, another of the mysterious towers appeared not too far from where they landed.

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