The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapter 15

Chapter 15-Camille's Opal City Scandal

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After another long flight, they arrived at the planet Tourmalia. Soon enough, they were flying through the skies above the surface. Talwyn: "Guys, I'm picking up traces of human within one of the major metropolises named Opal City. Strange, the readings consist of a very faint trace of human; much less than the other readings we received from the other humans. Sorry, guys, I couldn't be much help with this one." Ratchet: "That's, OK, Tal, we already have something that can help us out with this one." Kim: "Yeah, it's no big, really. We can handle this." Talwyn: "Well…OK…good luck, you guys." Ratchet: "Thanks."

They kept flying until they arrived at Opal City. There, they landed and got out of the ship. Kim went on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, is the infobot ready to be transferred?" Wade: "Yep, she's good to go. Just hang on for a second."

The vendor reappeared, transporting from it was the infobot. She immediately attached herself to Kim's back. Clank then did the same with Ratchet's harness. Wade: "I'll upload the program into Clank now."

After a few moments of standing by, the infobot's antennas flashed as did Clank's. Clank: "Program upload complete." Ratchet: "OK, let's go track down Camille."

They soon went off.

As they made their way through the city, they spent some time trying to locate Camille. Ratchet: "So…what are we going to do once we find her?" Wade: "Glad you asked that, Ratchet. Along with the tracking device, I manage to create a special sound wave program that will disrupt her ability, thereby forcing her to morph back into her true form." Kim: "Oh, I like the sound of that." Ratchet: "So do I. Just wait till we see the look on her face once we expose her." Wade: "I have spent a lot of time studying Dr. Beaufox's work and finding some way to disrupt Camille's morphing abilities. However…there's still one problem: the program still isn't complete." Ratchet: "Huh? What do you mean?" Wade: "It's an excruciatingly complex program; I'm still working on getting it completed, but it's going to take some time. Once I have, I'll upload it to the infobot." Clank: "We will gladly give you all the time you need, especially considering that I am detecting Miss Camille Leon at a good distance from us." Ratchet: "Oh, for sure, we will have more than enough time since going through this whole city will take us a really long time."

Just then, they received a surprise transmission from Talwyn. Talwyn: "Um? Guys? Are you there?" Ratchet: "Tal?" Talwyn: "We...have another issue." Kim: "Huh? What is it, Tal?" Talwyn: "We just received word that…Kim has been seen committing a number of thefts throughout Opal City." Kim: "What?" Ratchet: "No way!" Clank: "This cannot be!" Kim: "But…we just arrived in this city and I hardly did anything! Besides, I've never even been to this city before!" Talwyn: "The news came directly from the boards of Opal City. They had just placed a bounty on Kim as well as an arrest warrant. It doesn't look good." Ratchet: "Kimberly did not steal from anywhere! I can vouch for her innocence and I will!" Clank: "As will I." Talwyn: "There is some good news, however: I just spoke with the Polaris Defense Force about this and they believe that Kim is innocent. But…"

Talwyn paused before she could even continue speaking. Ratchet: "What is it?" Talwyn: "The accusations towards Kim by the city boards seem...fishy; it's almost like…they want to believe that she has been committing thefts all over the city. Cronk, Zephyr and I will be heading for the city to look into this. In the meantime, we had Qwark sent out to help you guys." Kim: "Qwark? You've got to be kidding me." Talwyn: "The entire city will be after you guys, so you'll need the extra set of hands to help you through this." Kim: "Do we really need any help from the likes of him?" Talwyn: "Well…it's better than receiving no help at all." Kim: "I beg to differ."

Just then, they were approached by dozens of hostile robots. They aimed their weapons towards the duo. Kim: "Oh, great, they're here." Clank: "My sensors have indicated that they are targeting Miss Possible."

Ratchet stood in front of Kim as he held out his Omniwrench, ready to take on the robots. Ratchet: "Don't worry, Kimberly, I'll protect you."

Kim was touched as she looked at Ratchet, but then an eager look appeared on her face as she looked towards the robots.

They began to fight against the robots, smashing them to bits one by one. After beating this first batch, they continued through. As they made their way through a bit more, they were faced against many robots left and right. Kim: "Great, this is how our entire trek through this city is going to turn out?" Ratchet: "Heh, I'm use to this. This shouldn't be anything that we can't handle; in other words, no big, right?" Kim: "Uh, yeah, of course; so not the drama."

The fights continued on. There were able to handle them, but as the robots came at the duo constantly; they were in trouble. Ratchet: "Oh, no, this doesn't look good." Kim: "Yeah, there's no telling how long we'll last. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I really hope Qwark gets here already."

The fight continued on some more. The duo was gradually getting worn-out. Soon enough, they couldn't continue fighting as they fell to their knees, panting. Suddenly, one of the robots were about to strike them both. But then, Qwark threw a punch; completely wrecking the robot. Ratchet and Kim were startled by his sudden appearance. Qwark: "Hey, guys, I hear that you're in the need for a strong and dashing hero." Kim: "Uh…I wouldn't exactly consider all of that to be confirmed, but…thanks." Qwark: "Don't mention it, Miss Passable. Seems like you really are in need of my help considering the kind of tight spot you guys are in at the moment." Kim: "Uh, it's Possible." Qwark: "My thoughts exactly! It is indeed possible for us to get through this!" Kim: "No, I meant my last name. My last name is…! Gr! You know what? Forget it! Let's just have you come up with a nickname for you to use on me and call it a day." Qwark: "Eh…why is it you want me to come up with a nickname for you?"

Kim looked at Qwark in an annoyed manner. Suddenly, they were surrounded by more robots. Ratchet: "Oh, good! Just was what we need; more robots!" Kim: "And we're in no condition to continue fighting."

Qwark then grabbed on to both Kim and Ratchet and held them both in his arms. Qwark: "Hang on, you guys. I'm gettin' us out of here!"

He rammed through the robots with his head and kept on going.

Soon enough, they found a safe place to catch their breaths. Qwark: "I have already heard about this Camille Leon and that she's been framing the young miss over here while committing a number of larceny crimes all over the city." Kim: "Yeah, so much of the law enforcers within the city are convinced that I'm guilty of all of those crimes!" Qwark: "I don't get it, why would they think that way? You've never been here before, not to mention that you would never commit any crimes. It's just not like you at all." Ratchet: "Well, from what Talwyn just informed us, there seems to be more to it. She suspects that for some reason, the higher ups of this city want to believe that Kimberly has been committing those crimes." Qwark: "Hm…now that you mention it, she did say something like that. I wonder what is going on around here and why they want to accuse this young lady of stealing." Kim: "Well, Talwyn is arriving here with Cronk and Zephyr to get to the bottom of it." Ratchet: "So, for the time being, we'll be on the run until we find Camille Leon and bring down that evil brat." Qwark: "Well, then, I'll just have to stay with you guys and help you fight through this." Kim: "Wow, I'd never thought that I would be happy to have you around, Qwark and as crazy as this may sound; I would like to thank you for being here to help us out." Qwark: "Don't mention it, young miss. Now then, let us dispatch justice within this metropolis and bring down an evil criminal." Ratchet: "Oh, yeah, let's go for it! No one frames my girlfriend and gets away with it!"

Kim smiled at Ratchet and then an eager face appeared on her face again. Kim: "Yeah, let's do this, guys."

And from there, they continued to fight through more and more robots. Qwark helped them out a lot through the incredibly tough fights. Surprisingly, he didn't back out even once, but he did let out a lot of battle cries which didn't take long to annoy the group. The fight went on for a long time as they fought through one area of the city after another.

Soon after enduring one fight after another, they were able to reach a breakthrough. Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, we are just about able to detect that Miss Camille Leon is not far off from our current location." Ratchet: "Good work, pal. Point us in the right direction so that we can go after her."

Clank and the infobot then utilized their tracking programs. From there, the group made their way towards a specific location where the signal they were picking up became stronger. However, they were stopped by a few robots, but Qwark was able to take on all of them by himself. Qwark: "You guys go on ahead, I'll handle this!"

Ratchet and Kim hesitated for a brief moment before they rushed out.

They rushed through a bit more until the signal was at its strongest. They soon stopped in front of a random civilian. However, the signal was going crazy. The civilian became startled upon noticing them and then ran. Ratchet: "That must be her!" Kim: "Yeah, come on, we can't let her get away!"

They jumped down and chased after the civilian. Kim went on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, is that disrupter ready, yet?" Wade: "Just finishing up the final touches. OK! Done! It's good to go." Kim: "Alright. Go for it, Wade!"

And with that, Wade was able to activate the disrupter. From that, the civilian stopped running, being affected by the sound wave and then began to change in appearance. At first, the process was sluggish, almost as though that person was fighting back against morphing. Eventually, the civilian was morphed into Camille Leon, no doubt, the true form; her true form. Ratchet: "Well, look what we have here; the infamous shape-shifting bandit, herself. You know, from what I've heard about you, you'd make perfect "Oversized Brat of the Year" material."

Camille then stood upright as she placed her hands on her hips. Camille: "Oh, hardy, haw, haw. Some ugly cat thing has decided to grace me with its presence; how cute." Kim: "Uh, "ugly cat thing" is what I would call your cat, not this one." Camille: "Hmph! Make all the jokes you want. I have this entire city wrapped around my finger. These stupid aliens are so easy to manipulate." Ratchet: "Alright, you stuck up, spoiled monkey! What evil agenda do you have this time? We know that you've been going around this city, committing one crime after another while taking on Kimberly's appearance. Also, we suspect that something fishy is going on with the nature of the immediate accusation against her. What exactly is going on here?" Camille: "Hm, hm, let's just say that something big is going down and I have been receiving a lot of help. Oh, by the way, ew! Did that cat thing just call you by your real name, Kim Possible? That's almost as gross as it being in love with you." Kim: "So, what of it?" Camille: "Hmph! You'll know soon enough that we're not the only ones who greatly despise you being in a relationship with that alien, Kim Possible."

Just then, several robots show up, taking the duo by surprise. Camille: "Oh, looks like the security bots have arrived. I'll leave you guys to sort out this horrible mess that you've gotten yourselves into. Ta-ta!"

She ran off. Ratchet: "Hey! Wait!"

She morphed again as she fled the scene. Ratchet was greatly agitated as he and Kim were left to fight off the robots.

The fight went on for just a bit. However, the robots were much more durable than the ones they have fought before. Even though there weren't a lot of robots, they were still having a very tough time against them. Shortly into the fight, Qwark appeared. He lunged out and slammed both of his fists on to one of the robots. Kim: "Qwark! You made it!"

Qwark stood up and did a heroic stance. Qwark: "Of course I did, young miss! Now then, where is that criminal?" Kim: "We were able to find her, but she got away." Clank: "Not to worry. We are still able to track her. As much as she is able to elude us, we have the means to seek her out wherever she may conceal herself." Ratchet: "In other words, she can run, but she can't hide." Clank: "Exactly." Kim: "Come on, guys, let's go find her…again."

They rushed off and continued through the city, fighting off more robots that came at them constantly. Just then, Talwyn called them again. Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. Come in. Are you there?" Ratchet: "Yeah, we're here, Tal. What's the sitch?" Talwyn: "I was able to arrive and we've just established communications with the city boards. I did also manage to bring with me the Polaris Defense Force. They did vouch for Kim's innocence with me. They were even able to present enough evidence to prove it, including a strong alibi indicating that she couldn't possibly be here around the time of the thefts and confirmed that she had never been in the city. They were also able to collect a lot footage of Camille Leon morphing, but…the boards weren't convinced at all. They're still naming Kim as the perpetrator to the crimes." Kim: "What!? But…even the Polaris Defense Force has confirmed that I'm innocent! Why are they still saying that I'm guilty!?" Talwyn: "I don't know. There's clearly a lot of evidence to back your innocence, so much so that even Qwark isn't stupid enough to believe otherwise." Kim: "Oh, that is so true." Qwark: "Hey! I heard that!" Talwyn: "This has become even more suspicious. Now, I'm really starting to question the true nature of this accusation." Ratchet: "Yeah, I feel the same way. Why would they still pin this crime on Kimberly if the Polaris Defense Force were able to prove her innocence?"

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Kim: "Hey, Wade. What's the sitch?" Wade: "Guys, I've been doing an analysis on the robots that you've been fighting. I felt that something was off about them. When I looked into them, I was right. The robots themselves are defective models that were once used for Zordoom, but they were discontinued for a lot of legal reasons." Ratchet: "Are you saying that the city boards are using an illegal model of robots for their security?" Wade: "Fraid so. Records indicate that the robots were just installed a few weeks ago." Clank: "Hm…this is really suspicious." Kim: "Yeah, I think so, too, Clank. I'm not sure why the city boards would use a defective and illegal model of robots, but it obviously can't be for anything good. The list continues to pile up." Talwyn: "Well, at the moment, the Polaris Defense Force is looking into the city boards due to the shady nature of all of this. I don't like this one bit." Kim: "Neither do we, Tal."

They kept on going, more and more robots came at them, but they were able to fight back, as they were willing to make it through the city in order to pursue Camille. They were even able to manage better with Qwark helping them out. A few times, they have tracked her down. As soon as they did, they would use the disrupter on her to morph her back to her true form from whatever disguise she was taking. However, due to the constant interference from the robots, they couldn't catch her since she would seize every opportunity to run away.

Along the way, Kim noticed something that stopped her dead on her tracks; something that greatly startled her. The others stopped almost immediately afterwards. Ratchet: "Kimberly, what is it?"

Kim stood by, speechless for a bit. Kim: "I…don't believe it…!"

They looked out at exactly what she was seeing and noticed it, too. They were also shocked by what they just saw. There was a large monitor displaying an image of 3 human beings that Kim was all too familiar with. Qwark: "Are those other humans?" Kim: "Not just any humans. Those are the Fashionistas." Clank: "The…what?" Kim: "Chino, Espadrille and Hoodie. They're an underground syndicate that steal fashion ideas and designs from fashion companies and sell them for their own profit." Ratchet: "Huh, a criminal syndicate in the fashion industry. Humans really are funny creatures. But what are they doing here?" Kim: "Hm…they have worked with Camille before, so it really isn't too much of surprise that they are here." Ratchet: "Let's have Wade look into this." Kim: "My thoughts exactly."

Kim went on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "I know, the Fashionistas are here in Polaris. I'll look into what they're doing here." Kim: "Thanks, Wade."

She turned off the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Let's keep going."

They kept going further through the city.

As they rushed through some more, the attacks continued. A lot of robots had shown up everywhere. Qwark chose to stay behind to fight against them. He punched the bots one by one as he spoke. Qwark: "Go-after-that-human! I'll-handle-these-bots!"

Ratchet and Kim had to keep going; fighting through more robots and continued on through without hesitating. Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, we are still able to pinpoint Miss Camille Leon's location. However…something does not seem right." Ratchet: "Huh? What do you mean, pal?" Clank: "It is atop a massive landing strip elevated high within the middle of the city." Kim: "What could Camille be doing over there?" Ratchet: "Don't know, but we need to find a way there."

Just then, the infobot's antennas flashed as did Clank's. Kim and Ratchet were somewhat startled by this. Ratchet: "Hey, you OK there, pal?" Clank: "Hm, it seems that the infobot and I have just received another program upload from Wade."

Shortly afterwards, the Kimmunicator went off, Kim answered it. Wade: "Kim, Ratchet, I've just uploaded a very advanced program that will enable both Clank and the infobot to function like jet-packs." Ratchet: "What!?" Kim: "You were able to make our robots work like jet-packs?" Wade: "Well…not exactly. The program itself is still incomplete, I'm still working on it since it's so advanced, so…they won't function…as well, but they will work. You just need to be creative." Kim: "No problem. Ratchet and I happen to be really good at that. Right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Of course, Kimberly can do anything and so can I. So not the drama."

Kim giggled a little.

Within very little time, they were able to arrive near a massive stream of traffic. There were a lot of cars rushing through. Kim: "Huh, never thought I'd be happy to chase a super villain during rush hour." Ratchet: "I'd say we take advantage of this while we still can." Kim: "Shall we?" Ratchet: "Ladies first."

Kim jumped out towards the traffic, Ratchet followed after her. With the use of the semi-operational jet-pack programs as well as the traffic, the duo navigated through the traffic. It was a complex and perilous trek through, but they could make it through with the use of their wits as well as their skills, aside from their equipment, that is. Ratchet relied on his equipment a lot more than his skills while for Kim, it was the other way around.

Soon enough, they came across the very landing platform where they found Camille; she was clearly waiting for them. She had a sly smile on her face as they stopped in front of her. Camille: "I have no idea how you were able to find me so many times, but I have admit that I'm impressed." Ratchet: "It's over, Camille! There's no where left for you to hide." Clank: "Miss Camille Leon, your time of committing one theft after another while taking on Miss Possible's appearance must cease. The Polaris Defense Force has more than enough evidence to convict you of the crimes." Kim: "We also have reason to believe that the city boards are working with you to ensure that all of these crimes were to be pinned on me regardless of how obvious it is that I couldn't have possibly committed them." Camille: "Hmph! I never liked law enforcers that are so dedicated to their jobs; while the more…fun varieties are so easy to manipulate; like taking candy from a baby." Ratchet: "You know something? I knew from the get-go just how terrible of a person you really are. You waste away too much of your own time and money to satiate your ongoing addiction to buying clothes that you really don't need, but when your father decided to disinherit you, thereby cutting you off from any money to continue your shopping addiction, you resort to stealing as a means to compensate for that. And if that wasn't bad enough, you had yourself genetically modified to change your appearance at will so that you can continue your crime spree while taking on other people's appearances, that way, you can pin your crimes on whomever you want while getting away scot-free." Clank: "Words alone do not describe how unbelievably terrible you really are, Miss Camille." Ratchet: "Oh, for sure, but if I had to be sure about just one thing, it would have to be that you give freaks of nature a bad name; with that being an incredibly massive understatement. I never met anyone so vile and despicable!"

At that moment, Camille became greatly enraged. Camille: "Such big talk coming from such a short cat alien thing! But whatever, let me tell you something, when I began my life of crime, I have found stealing to be a lot of fun; almost as much fun as shopping." Clank: "But thievery is a crime. It is not an ethical means of acquiring more money and it should also be essential to acknowledge when you do not need any more attires, especially when you have too much or even before you reach that point." Camille: "Oh, blah, blah, blah. Do I need to put up any more of that chatty toaster's annoying chittering? It is soooo boring." Ratchet: "Actually, I agree with him. You wouldn't have put yourself in this position if you would have just gotten a job or maybe…oh, I don't know, stop buying too many clothes?" Camille: "Pft! Jobs are for lamos; I'm too cool for that kind of stuff." Ratchet: "Well, then, if that's how it's going to be, then we're just going to have to make you pay for your crimes, the hard way! Kimberly, let's bring down this obnoxious, self-entitled brat!" Kim: "Oh, I have so been looking forward to this."

They began their fight against Camille. They started out with fighting her in her regular form. She seemed to be quite skilled in combat as she had brought out a lot of fighting moves. She was putting up a good fight, but Kim and Ratchet were more than a match against her. Overtime, they were able to subdue her. Ratchet: "Give it up, Camille! You can't win!"

Despite having been easily beat, Camille didn't seem fazed at all. She stood back up with a nasty sneer on her face. Camille: "Not bad, you guys. And I can see that you have gotten stronger since the last time we met, Kim Possible." Kim: "And I can see that you have learned a few new tricks since then." Camille: "Oh, that would be an understatement." Kim: "What do you mean?" Camille: "Well, to put it lightly, I have been doing a lot of traveling and from all of them, I have found out that I am able to do so much more with my morphing abilities and in ways in which even I didn't know." Ratchet: "What are you getting at?" Camille: "Well, let's just say the changes that I am able to make are…massive. Tell me, are any of you familiar with a…Blargian Snagglebeast?"

Both Ratchet and Clank were startled from what they heard. Clank: "It…it cannot be…!" Ratchet: "You don't mean…!?" Camille: "That's right. I can do so much more than just change my appearance to look like anyone; I can also transform into some of the most vicious creatures to have ever existed! I have yet to even show you at my worst!"

And from there, she transformed herself into the massive behemoth that is the Blargian Snagglebeast. Ratchet and Kim stood by and watched in horror as this was taking place. Clank: "This does not look good." Kim: "Oh, crud." Ratchet: "Hm! I have to admit to something, you were always a monster, Camille. It's just that this time, the ugly is on the outside, so taking on a form as hideous as this does suit you perfectly."

Camille let out a loud roar and the duo began their battle against her massive Snagglebeast-like appearance. Her massive size made her very difficult to chip down. However, she was much easier to take down than a real Snagglebeast. Overtime, they were able to defeat her, but it wasn't a very long fight at all.

After she was subdued, she reverted to her normal form and lied on the floor. She was groaning in pain. Ratchet, Kim and their robots looked down on her. Clank: "Hm…I must confess to something, I believe that you have indeed taken on the appearance of a Blargian Snagglebeast perfectly." Kim: "Yeah, that may be true, Clank, but it's a real shame that it did very little to help her out." Clank: "Hm, true, she did lack much of its strength, so it indeed did not help out in the end." Ratchet: "Heh! What a fitting loss for someone like you, Camille. You are just all around pathetic. Through all of your greed, selfishness and vanity, not to mention that you make people take the fall for all of your crimes, you deserve nothing!"

Camille looked up, she then stood back up, bent over a little while holding her arm and glared at them. Camille: "Don't think this is over. I will have my way. At least I played my role perfectly." Kim: "What? What are you talking abou-wait! You don't mean…?"

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim held her wrist up to look at it then looked at Ratchet as he looked at her. They then glanced over towards Camille. Camille: "Well, go ahead. Answer it."

Kim and Ratchet looked at each other again. Kim then went on to answering the Kimmunicator. Wade: "Kim, Ratchet, I just picked up on another one of those mysterious towers within Opal City."

They were both startled, but they didn't seem too surprised. Ratchet: "Of course, this slipped our minds, but we had a feeling that this planet was also targeted as another location for one of those bizarre towers." Camille: "Exactly. I can see that you have encountered these towers before." Kim: "Yeah, we know about them and we know that you and the rest of my old foes are connected to them." Ratchet: "Alright, fess up! What is it that you and all of Kimberly's old foes are up to?"

Camille chuckled conceitedly for a bit. Camille: "That's something for us to know and for you to find out; eventually. But I will tell you this much; once we finish up what we've been planning, I will return to reclaim this city and this planet."

Soon enough, a shuttle arrived for Camille. Camille: "And this time, you can't stop us, but you're more than welcome to try. We would be happy to invite you to do so. But for now, I should be going."

She hopped into the shuttle. Camille: "Later, losers."

The shuttle closed and she took off. The group stood by and watched as she left the planet. Ratchet: "Yeah, I sincerely doubt this will be the last we'll see of her."

Kim placed on hand on her cheek and she placed the other under her elbow as she let out a dejected sigh. Kim: "Well…at least the crime sprees have finally stopped and the Polaris Defense Force are…dealing with cleaning up her mess." Ratchet: "Yeah, but…the worst of it hasn't even started, yet."

Kim looked to her side as her eye lids dropped even more. Kim: "I know…"

Meanwhile, Camille was leaving the planet. She pressed a button on the dashboard of the shuttle. Camille: "Hey, guys. It's me. I just finished playing my role; it's time for you to move on to your part of the master plan." Hoodie: "Certainly, Camille. We'll leave for that major city on that other planet." Camille: "Excellent, oh and guys? Thanks for looking after Debutante for me. I'll come by to pick her up." Espadrille: "Of course. We'll be waiting for you."

Later on, the group reunited with Qwark as they were making their way back towards Aphelion. Kim: "Thanks for helping us out during this mission, Qwark. I never thought that I would be thrilled to have you around." Qwark: "No problem, young miss; always happy to help whenever I can. It's as you would always say: so not the…uh…eh, drama?"

Kim and Ratchet exchanged looks before they glanced back towards Qwark. Ratchet: "Yeah, Qwark; so not the drama."

Clank let out another giggle as Ratchet looked back at Kim and smiled; she smiled back at him. Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. Are you there?" Kim: "Yeah, we're here. How did things go with the Polaris Defense Force?" Talwyn: "I say they couldn't have gone better. We were able to fix the mess involved with the accusations towards you. The city boards, as it turns out, were bribed by Camille to pin all of her own crimes on you. The Polaris Defense Force had them arrested for their conspiring against justice and we were able to clear your name with their help. Everyone in the city now knows that you're innocent." Kim: "Oh, thank goodness! I'm so glad that's over with." Ratchet: "Thank you, Tal. You have no idea have much this means to us." Talwyn: "It was no trouble at all. But…it's all so strange…the only thing that the boards received from her were those new sets of guard bots and they were clearly illegal, which makes it all the more strange. It's almost as though…they had their own agenda for wanting to pin all of these crimes on Kim. I wonder what it was."

Ratchet thought for a brief moment. He then remembered something that Camille had mentioned to them. Camille: "We're not the only ones who greatly despise you being in a relationship with that alien, Kim Possible."

A tense look grew on his face after Camille's words echoed in his head.

The group eventually broke off from Qwark as he returned to his ship. They then returned to Aphelion where Kim had the infobot transported back to Wade. They got back into their ship, took off and flew away.

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