The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapter 8

Chapter 8-Dealing With The Next Conflict At Hand

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They took a long flight through space. Ratchet: "Clank, contact Wade."

Clank pressed a few buttons on the dashboard, bringing up an image of Wade on the screen. Wade: "Hey, guys, heading back to Meridian City?" Kim: "Yeah, we're going to find out about where we'll need to go next. How's the infobot doing?" Wade: "She's holding up very well, although, she'll need to be fixed up a bit before I have her sent back to you. In the meantime, I'm currently looking into the encrypted data that I received from her." Ratchet: "Let us know if you were able to find out anything important from it." Wade: "No problem, I'll keep you guys posted."

They kept flying through space and eventually made it back to Igliak. They returned to Meridian City and landed the ship within mission control. They met back with the others. Talwyn: "Oh, good, you made it back. Did you manage to find anything?" Kim: "Uh, yeah, we did. There was a really old laboratory on Ringus Minor. Despite it being there for a very, very long time, it was used just recently." Talwyn: "Huh, well, that's odd." Clank: "Yes, but what was even more unorthodox was that a lot of the old equipment was still functional, including one very old computer. It contained a lot of cryptic data." Ratchet: "There was undoubtedly something going on there but we don't know what it was and whoever was using it didn't want anyone to find out. There was a bomb that was buried directly beneath the facility that went off shortly after we arrived; it blew up the entire lab." Kim: "We narrowly escaped with our lives." Ratchet: "Thankfully, Wade was able to get us out of there before it exploded." Talwyn: "Oh…well, thank goodness that he did." Ratchet: "Yeah, that's another one that we owe him." Talwyn: "Well, I'll have you guys know that while you were still on Ringus Minor, Wade was able to find another of your old enemies. Check this out."

She looked up towards the holo-screen within the center of the room along with everyone else. Displayed on it was an image of a violet-blue planet. Talwyn: "This is planet Calcimum. A while ago, he picked up on a few readings on this planet that were confirmed to be humans." Kim: "Hm, what kind of planet is that?" Talwyn: "It's an ocean-filled planet that consists of many ocean cities; the most famous out of them is Aecor City, which is also the largest city on the planet." Zephyr: "That planet is a very popular vacation spot, perhaps one of the most famous one in the entire galaxy." Cronk: "Oh, without a doubt. Many people from all over the galaxy flock there. I can remember when I've spent many of my younger years there. They were good times." Talwyn: "From what we were informed about, the planet was bought out by 2 very wealthy humans; an elderly father and his adult son. They attained the planet in a very unethical way and completely took it over. I'm sure you know who these 2 are, Kim."

A subtle tense look grew on Kim's face. Kim: "Yes, I do. Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior." Ratchet: "Uh, what?" Talwyn: "Exactly. After they took over the planet, they set up their base in Aecor City, which, I'm sure also doubles as a vacation villa." Kim: "Hm, that sounds like them, alright." Talwyn: "They've been profiting off of the many resources of the planet, including the tourists and vacationers. They have been going about it in a very unethical manner. If this keeps up, then only wealthy people will be able to afford taking a vacation on the planet as well as many of its ocean cities." Ratchet: "Come on, we have to free that planet from those humans before they suck that and its tourism completely dry." Clank: "Absolutely, we must not allow their horrid crimes to go unpunished." Kim: "Let's go."

They ran back to the ship, got in, took off and left for Calcimum.

As they flew through space, they had an image of Talwyn on the screen, they chatted with her. Kim: "I take it Wade had already informed you about the Seniors." Talwyn: "Uh…yeah…so, Senior is their last name, huh?" Kim: "Yeah. They go by Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior." Ratchet: "Wow, their names sure are a mouthful." Talwyn: "Hm, yeah, their names are…quite unusual, but I do know more about them than just their names. Señor Senior Senior is a very friendly old man, indeed very well financed and Señor Senior Junior is a humongous brat. Also from what Wade has told me, they weren't always villains." Kim: "That's right, they were just a regular wealthy father and son living a secluded island." Clank: "Then how was it that they became felons?"

Kim let out a dejected sigh as she slumped over. Kim: "Ron accidentally persuaded them into taking on villainy." Ratchet: "What!? Ron convinced them to become villains!?" Kim: "Unfortunately, yes, he did. Several years back, the Seniors had a giant tanning lamp at their secluded home that caused a blackout all across Western Europe, but it was an accident. Ron and I went over to their remote island home to resolve the issue, but then Ron began to impulsively comment on how their house looked a lot like a villain's lair then blurted out all sorts of different ideas to make it one. They took his ideas into consideration and the next day, they caused a blackout throughout all of Europe, which they did on purpose."

Ratchet placed his hand over his eyes and shook his head in an annoyed manner. Ratchet: "Of all the ridiculous and stupid things that he's done, this is by far one of the most idiotic disasters that he has ever caused." Clank: "Hm, indeed, he has always been known to have his mind wander aimlessly; he has no sense of direction sometimes." Ratchet: "Heh, no kidding; he hasn't exactly been the brightest person we've ever known." Clank: "Without a doubt." Ratchet: "I would think that people in Europe didn't take this very well." Kim: "No, they didn't. I had to resolve the whole thing and…it was a lot to handle. If not for the people that I have helped before then, none of it would have been resolved. Although, there are a lot of people who still hold a grudge against Ron, some of them are glad that we're no longer dating; they couldn't even care less about me being in an intimate relationship with an alien."

Ratchet scowled a little. Ratchet: "You know, I would be flattered by that, but Ron is my friend, too. He may be absent-minded at times, but he is a good person. What happened with the Seniors was just an accident, no use holding a grudge, regardless of how much trouble it has caused. He's done some good things, too, such as demonstrate how much of a true friend he really us."

Kim smiled at Ratchet as he smiled at her. Ratchet: "It shouldn't be long now. We'll be arriving at Calcimum. Once we're there, we'll figure out how to put a stop to the Seniors and free the planet from their sinister influences."

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