Ratchet and Clank 5 ( Nefarious' revenge )

Fiction written by Eljoda

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Planet Veldin : 2pm

"Ratchet ! Where are you ??"
A little robot which is called Clank ,the best friend of our hero, is in the middle of an big hole.His best friend was gone and he hasnt any ideas where he is. Suddenly he hears an interesting voice. He knows it . But he don know whose voice it is. He goes towards a big statue. Then he already heard the voic : You cant say me where Quark is ? But I kmow that you know that I know that YOU kno where Quark is. You silly Lobax RAAAAAAAAAAAATCHEEEEEEEET, oh Lance , yes my girl. I never let you go with this bandit, stay with me. Ok
Clank heard enough, he kows whose voice it is. An old enemie of ratchet and Clank. Now, Clank must find out, how he can help. The little robot tries to run away, but something in his reaktor sais, that he can help. He's the famoust secret agent. He's CLANK. He protecs more worlds than anybody in this galaxy. But, ok, Ratchet helps him. And, ok, Ratchet does everything, but Ratchet's bag isnt something, it's Clan. Many years ago, he had to attack much planets, but a small faute makes, that he can think and do what he want.
So, back to our real hero: Ratchet. He's a Lombax, was in a prison and hates babys and dogs. The protecter of four galaxys can't stay where he is, he must escape, but how? Easy !! he pressed a button of his jacked and one second later, ten troopers teleport into his prison. "Stay where you are, Commander, we'll take you out of this dirty place!, one of the soldiers shouted. It was Alpha Clan, a big robot, which looks like Clank, but much bigger. The two others next to Alpha where Ro and Bot. They helped Ratchet to get out of the Dreadzone base, theese two robots are an armee with their weapons: M16-Flux, Destroier bombs, Emi blaster and much other very top secret weapons. They won't say where they had buy all theese things, but we know, they are bought by… Slim Cognito,Ratchets interesting friend.
Now,let's see:Nefarious and Lawrennce musn't escape of this planet,but whats that? Suddenly Rtachet wokes up and saw his room on Veldin.It was only a bad dream.Then,behind he,he heard a noise:Laaaaaaaaawreeeeeeeeeeence!!!!!

He turned arround and saw Clank who shoutet Laaaaaaaaaaawwreeeeeeeeence again and again! They both laughed!

* I think they ( ratchet and clank) are the ultimate team, they are funny and serious at the same time. But i forgot one part: when Lawrence said Oh, Janice…

The End


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Deleted user Nov 7, 2010, 1:30:27 AM

funny story emoji i like it alot! well done! emoji

Avatar - Eljoda
Eljoda Nov 7, 2010, 10:23:54 AM

thanks emoji

Avatar - NH_Gamer360
NH_Gamer360 Apr 4, 2014, 9:22:12 AM

Yh, Soz to say this but there were way too may spelling mistakes. good story though.emoji