ratchet and clank the clone wars

Fiction written by the_gamer

A five part series.

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Two years after the creature collector,Ephemeris, was defeated. On the planet Nexus, The Agorian tribes have been at war at each other for centuries causing mass starvation and catastrophic damage on the planet. Until a lone agorian warrior clam the title mandal at the battleplex, A title which not have been use since the first Agorian empire. The crowd cheer. He proclaim that he will unify all the tribes and bring a new age for the Agorians, he also say that he will exact vengeance on the polaris government for defeated them in the Polaris-agorian war 40 centuries ago. The polaris government responded by this new threat by sending the firth fleet commanded by general Shepherd to the veil system. 2 weeks later the agorians launch a surprise attack destroying 4 capital ships,10 light frigates,3 dreadnoughts and 15 destroyers.the Polaris fifth fleet had no choice, but to retreat to rykan V to recover their losses.

It's been 18 months since the attack and it not going so well for the Polaris government but there one hope that would turn the tide of this war. On a cargo ship heading for the zeta 12 space station near the front lines. ratchet,clank,talwyn,cronk and zephyr were guarding a prototype warbot which will bring a turning point in the war. While on their way they spotted a huge structure. Then a large bight light teleport them to a unknown planet. They suddenly crash and are either dead or missing. Ratchet, who survived the clash. wakes up hours later and quickly finds himself on a new world. he gathers a weapon and some supplies.he digs his way out of the doom ship. he made it outside right before the ship collapse into a sinkhole. Ratchet, than saw smoke in the distance. quickly, he repairs a broken Gyro-cycle and head out.


I'm so sorry about this, but I have lost all interest in this story. I will set this story up for adoption. If anyone wants to claim it. please message me.


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Comments (4)

Avatar - RATCHET165
RATCHET165 Dec 9, 2011, 1:40:45 AM

dude the story is great when will the next chapter come out

Avatar - the_gamer
the_gamer Feb 24, 2012, 10:51:05 PM

I don't know i am pretty busy all week, but i get it done soon.

Avatar - Taz-dragon
Taz-dragon Jun 17, 2012, 3:04:44 AM

Good story! The only complaint that I have is the spelling errors. But, other than that, the story is very good! 9/10!

Avatar - Nyanta
Nyanta Apr 24, 2017, 10:43:10 AM

Hey ! That's the first time i saw a star wars fiction with a Ratchet Fiction ! I try to do the same but in French, that's good to see another fiction about Star WArs and Ratchet in the same fiction emoji The story is very good but dont finish this fanfiction is too bad :/ But, sorry but you were talking about the clone wars isn't it ? So, why you talk about Rebels ?