Thread: Youtube, why do this? :(

So, I uploaded a video of most of my RaC fanart 2 days ago onto Youtube… and my view counter has been stuck at 304 views for 2 days. What the heck, Youtube? I uploaded it 2 days ago, I was getting a healthy amount of views pretty quickly, then all of a sudden, BAM! About half an hour later, it got stuck at 304!

Why, Youtube?! Fix. Now.

I wanna get paid for those views XD

And here's a link (or it didn't happen :P)

Any suggestions as to why this has happened? emoji

Deleted user

Usually fan work doesn't have too much affect on youtube, but I think posting many of these might have less views on if you have work that has copyright material on it. Plus people on the site won't be drawn into this stuff right away compared to other types of videos, whether they are worth watching or just completely ridiculous.

You probably might want to put more tags if you want your video to have some attention at least, either those can be a hit or a miss.

I've posted a fake trailer I made recently and I only got around 100 views just in 3 days. I work hard on my editing skills and I present the videos as best as I can, but whatever kind of video you're presenting would attract big or little views, depending on what the video is.

But hey, at least you got something rather than nothing for your video, right?

Oh no, I had been getting loads of views on it (for some bizarre reason I know, I think I had some watchers on there from ages ago), I had like 100 in half and hour. But then Iit randomly froze. But, people were still comenting after it had froze, but I think that I'm still getting views, but they're just not showing up emoji

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