Thread: I Made a R&C Music Analysis Video!

Hi there! Haven't been active on this Forum for quite a while but Ratchet & Clank has of course remained a big part of my life, and i recently finished a bit of a passion project:

I made a youtube video essay about the amazing soundtrack of Ratchet and Clank 1, as composed by David Bergeaud!

The music in these games has always fascinated me, and as an aspiring music producer myself i kept finding myself coming back to it and discovering new details, so at one point i just thought to myself "alright someone has to do this deep dive", so i did, in the name of the community!! filename9.gif

I tried making the video as entertaining as informative.

If you get around checking it out i'd love to hear what you guys think!

Very nice, Aster! Fun and informative. I've shared it with the audio department here too. emoji

Cool, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it filename64.png