Thread: poki skip

Poki Skip consists of geting the 2° infobot  (the one you get as ratchet) as clank , this would not only skip the O2 mask on Pokitaru , it would skip the Grind Boots on Nebula G34 ,  the grinding section on Batalia and Gaspar . Poki Skip was theorized by speed runners in 2013 , the skip was intended for the NG+ run (challenge mode) . A runner called Ticeman had found a glitch where if you open the in-level movies Clank's state changes to a grounded idle state , this can be used to clip into solid objects and proxi to the 1° infobot , skiping all of Orxon 1 . Not to long after the discovery of the proxi , Cyprys found that if you jump to the far right on the rail you can jump and glide to the first platform on the 2° infobot , you can than jump and glide to the main platform get throght the sinking plat forms but when you get to the split path it is over . Maxus found a way to get over the big gap , he when is at the 1° infobot location , uses a coplicated setup to then proxi and clide to get over the big gap , the 1° position was solved . Runner Sina found a tactic where if you open a in-level movie at the first frame of a clank jump you get twice as much hight , this was named the Big Clank Jump , whit this discovery you could reach all the infobot location from 3 to 6 . For a lot of time the search went silent , untill a user named KoaN that didn't even run ratchet and clank found a proxi to get to the 7° position .

To this day Poki Skip is unsolved becouse of the 2° position , there are teories say that if you do a proxi to a structure and then Big Clank Jump to the second position , but no one as found that proxi . 

credit to : Tice man , Cyprys , Maxus , Onetabloid , Sina , Rane , KoaN 

if you guys are to lazy to read this watch this video by ThaRixer -------> 

if you read all of this  , i can only say thanks  emoji