Thread: that one time at gamestop

So i was going to gamestop to buy Ratchet and Clank tools of desctuction , afther i went to the cashier and buyed it used i went to a café before going home , just for curiostity i opened the game box which was looking perfect , inside of the box was the game manual and ... the disc of Ratchet and Clank quest for booty ,

which i already owned , when i seen that i was ... mad ... just a bit ... mad .

After seeing that i went to the gamestop's cashier and sayed that in this gamebox there was this oder game , the cashier sayed that there was a mistake and they took the game back .

btw : i sayed to the cashier that i wanted to buy "ratchet and clank armi di distruzione" <--- (the italian name for ratchet and clank tools of destruction) but the ladyat the cashier searched in the pc "ratchet and clank armi della distruzione" <---- (it still is right , it has the same meaning but it still isn't the right title of the game in italy at least officially) . [i'm not mad at the cashier lady , she trying to do her job and she dosen't , at least i think , deserve to get hate] .