Thread: Would you want any of Ratchet and Clank's gadgets in re

Would you like a Groovitron or Morph-o-ray to exist in real life? Or maybe just an Omniwrench or Hoverboots? Or even a Personal Hygienator? (Or a crotchetizer? emoji ) etc.
Let's discuss.

The Omni-Wrench. Gimme, gimme, gimme!emoji
I just love that thing.

clank with all his upgrades, altough that's not really a gadget…

groovitron, yes.
Tesla claw!
hoverboots, and of course omniwrench( Millennium 12)

If ratchet could build a space ship with just omniwrench, then yea invent that pleaseemoji

The Omni-Wrench, hoverboots, a set of Infernox armour and the rift ripper. I love the idea of my own personal, portable black hole storage :oui: