Thread: Help with my arts, please!!!!

Guys, I need your help: I got the Scanner and Photoshop, yesterdy and I have a problem: I don't know how to launch the traced pics from Gimp 2 to Photoshop to add some colours and effects o them!
Can you tell me what should I do first or just give me few advices about that?
Very please!!!! It's important to me to show my finished arts to you if you tell me what should I do right!

So lets get this straight,
You scanned some pictures into Gimp2
Presumably you saved them as an image file, such as a jpeg, tif or png?
If so then you should be able to,
Run Photoshop,
go to file -> open,
and then find your saved image file and double click to open it. emoji

Also, you should be able to scan straight into Photoshop, eliminating Gimp2 completely.

Hi guys, I hope I'm in the right thread. Anyway, I'm new here and got Problems with my Album. How can I put my fan-arts into an Album? If I uploaded a pic it says "representative of the Album" and my Status says "unconfirmed". Do I have to wait till it's confirmed? Hope it's not a silly question emoji emoji emoji thx in advance emoji