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(Warning! Ratchet Fangirl is here!! lol)

If you see a tiny little lombax with me, thats just my OC's son Bolt prince of fastoon! emoji emoji


Hi there everyone my name kirby aka queen kay of fastoon [giggles]. my older bro was in to ratchet and clank way before i was and for the last 13 years he tried very hard to get me into playing the games, he gave me his old ps2 along with ratchet and clank 2,3,and deadlock, at that time i had tried to play the games but i was still very young and i couldn't get my mind around the controls of the ps2 due to me being a nintendo fan at that time, but that didn't stop my big bro, when he got his 2ed ps3 he gave me his older ps3 along with his old copies of tools of destruction and crack in time but even still i just couldn't get into the games, my bro then let me have some time to get used to my new ps3 and it wasn't until the movie came out that my big bro and i went to see it together in the theaters,and thats what won me over! ratchets adorableness in the movie won my heart and ever since that day that i first really saw how ratchet acted when he was with clank i have never been happier! my bro and i now have something incommon together, which we haven't had a common bond in many years, and just recently our father passed away and thanks to the bond that i have now with the ratchet and clank characters i am able to find a productive outlet for my grief, i do this through my many fanfics that i have written about my OC queen kay and her husband ratchet and there adorable little children, i also draw fan art that surrounds my fanfics and i love making cosplay costumes of manny different game/anime characters. I have completed all the ratchet and clank games and my ratchet and clank game "arsenal" is fully compleat with every game that the duo has ever been in, id like to note that often when I'm in forums i will bring my OC's kid bolt into the conversation in sort of a RP kind of idea, i do that cause I'm a very shy person when i meet new people and little bolt is a great way for me to get to know others, cause come on! little baby lombaxes are just so fluffy and adorable!! ^0^ I'm also a real girly girl who is a HUGE ratchet fan girl, to me he is like the bravest male character that there is! ^-^ I'm also a HUGE MLP fan as well and i have 2 youtube channels, the one linked to this site is my gaming channel and my main channel is my review channel "inuskypie" where i review all things MLP and some gaming things aswell under the show named girly girly product reviews. so now that you know abit about me i look forward to making some awesome new friends here on this site! ^0^