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Basically I love…
-Ratchet and Clank (dur)
-Playing PS3 games
-Making RnC videos (you tube)

Heyy my name is Kiana and i live in Washington DC, right next to the harbor. I love to fiddle around with Photoshop 7 (Note: Fiddle not make anything related to good x3), make Ratchet and clank Music Videos on Windows movie maker, and just have fun. I do get emotional easily but i dont usually express those emotions. My Favorite Characters are….
*From ACIT*- Alister
*From QFB*- Pete!!!
*From TOD*- Captain Angus Darkwater
Those were my Fav. characters out of all of them.
Favorite Line Overall
*From RnC QFB cutscene, Captain Slags Demense* Captain Slags last words were this "Aye! Oh the end be near! Oh. Tis' beutiful Pete! A bright light at the end of a tunnel! Oh! Wenches! As far as the eye can see…
Each, with a pint of grog and a smile for ol' Slag.
Fair thee well, cruel galaxy! Fair thee well…."
*Slag Dies*

#2 *From Ratchet and Clank, cut scene prt. 2, oh look a plumbers crack*- *Ratchet* "Oh look a plumbers Crack" *Plumber* "What did you just say???" *Ratchet* "I said, Oh look the plumbers back!"

#1 (Drum Roll plz!!!)
*From Ratchet and Clank ACIT*
(This took me sooo long to remember x3)

The most meaningful words Orvus ever said was in this " But like any father, my only wish is that my son does that of which makes him whole. You are a intelligent and logical being clank, but intelligence and logic, would have been wasted gifts, with out honor and loyalty. I am proud to see that you came to those on your own. so should the clock be to small for you plans, i pray the cosmos light the way towards a future, you yourself design, and remember… the universe has a wonderful sense of humor!"

And that, my friends, is the story of me. Enjoy x3