Good VS Evil

Fiction written by YellowDizzyLombax

After a long mission on Grenpud, Ratchet and Alister finally get off of the planet. However Ratchet acts weird after getting bit by a Jolf, and his de

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Ratchet and Alister:
Good vs Evil

Chapter 1: Grenpud

Two Lombaxes were walking through a damp, dark cave on Planet Grenpud. One of the Lombaxes was tall, muscular and older. His fur was white with red stripes and the eyes were an amber colour. He wore the Praetorian Guard armour with a double-ended wrench on his back, also he wore a pair of hoverboots. However the other was much thinner (less muscular), shorter, and younger. The smaller Lombax's fur was golden with light brown stripes and his eyes were an emerald green. He wore the Holoflux armour which was black and had blue glowing pads on the wrists, shoulders, shins, a circular pad on the back and another circular pad over the left side of the chest.

"I'm tired." The younger one groaned; his arms were hanging loosely by his sides and his head was down. "And my legs hurt."

The other sighed heavily. He didn't know how they got onto the planet but they needed shelter. After about 5 long hours, all they could find was this cave. Well, really a pack of Jolves were chasing them and both he and the younger ended up inside the cave. Meanwhile, right now, all they could do was find a safe area before setting out a camp. "Look, Ratchet. We can't stop until I know it's safe. You almost got ripped to shreds by them Jolves!" The amber eyed Lombax replied, eyeing the exhausted younger who was shuffling his feet along the ground not bothering to pick them up.

Ratchet moaned; he didn't like travelling around while he was out of energy. It was uncomfortable. But he had to keep up with the General as the older Lombax sprinted ahead getting deeper into the cave trying to find a decent safe spot. However to their so called 'luck' the dark cave had Tetramite nests inside that certainly hadn't helped him take his mind off his fatigue. With the tiny little toothy creatures who could devour every single bit of him, and the pack of Jolves that could properly smell out the Lombaxes and come chasing them soon enough; nothing was safe. Annoyingly, the Tetramites had also managed to rip off a bit of his fur at the end of his tail, so that wasn't helping either. It stung like hell, yeah maybe the creatures are little, but the Tetramites can bloody hurt you even with just one scratch from them.

How they were going to get out of this one, Ratchet did not know. They don't have any food or water, no weapons apart from their wrenches and a few bombs which the other had; Ratchet left his weapons in his ship, but they didn't have either one of their ships. Both Lombaxes couldn't connect to the ships, the signal wasn't strong enough. "But General! I didn't have training like you did before the Lombaxes got attacked!" Ratchet started. "I'm sure the Jolves aren't anywhere near us, and we've not long passed a water stream so the Tetramites won't come and try to devour us. Please can we rest?"

The white Lombax sighed. He knew that the other was right, but something didn't feel right. Alister shrugged his shoulders at the thought. "Look." He stopped walking and turned around to Ratchet. "We'll rest just until he have got our energy." The golden one had a wave of relief flow through his body.


Damn it. Now what is he going to say.

"We have to start our journey early in the morning to make up the time." The elder finished. They needed to get off of this planet, it is to dangerous. He didn't want to see the younger get hurt even more; he had to protect him.

Ratchet leaned up against a wall in the cave and slid down it; sighing with relief. Man, did his feet ache. They had been walking for at least 5-6 hours non stop.

Alister smiled slightly at Ratchet's reaction and sat down next to the other. Looking up at the cave's ceiling where hundreds of stalactites were just casually hanging there. He felt something up against his right arm all of a sudden which made him jump a little. Moving his direction to his right side, he smiled warmly. It was just a sleepy Ratchet. He must of been so tired that he feel asleep and slid sideways. Azimuth chuckled. He put his left hand on Ratchet's head and stroked the other's lightly, not wanting to wake him up. The most astonishing thing happened, Ratchet purred. Purred.

A strange noise started to fill the atmosphere around the two Lombaxes. It wasn't the purring of Ratchet because he stopped, or the movement from the water stream. It didn't sound like the Tetramites. And in certainly wasn't the howling of Jolves. What must it be then?

It was a faint buzzing sound like a bee would make, but too loud to be a bee. However there was slight thumping vibrations running through the ground. Alister started to get really worried and went to wake Ratchet up. When a powerful ROAR came through from the cave entrance; waking up Kaden's son in shock.

"What the hell was that?" Ratchet yelled. What ever it was, it's breathe was like strong wind! Then more thumping came and more quicker. This 'thing' was getting closer to the Lombaxes, which made Ratchet's heart rate go higher as he breathed faster. He had a right to be scared, it was just like Morrow Caverns all over again.

There's chapter one! Hope you liked it!

Oh by the way just to let you know. Jolves are my own species, they are electric wolves. They shot lightning bolts from their mouths at their prey from a far distance away. But if their prey is close up, they could just their very shape teeth to rip it into shreds in seconds. Their fur is like a sandy yellowy colour. (check out a picture of a Jolf on my DeviantART page: YellowDizzyLombax)

The Planet Grenpud is my own too. The planet is filled with forests, swamps and caves. Only the Jovles, Tetramites and other creatures lived there. It's kinda like a backwater planet, no civilised people lived on Grenpud. In space the planet looks full of life and attraction. But when you land there, you'll be in a death trap.

Until the next chapter! emoji


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