Good VS Evil - Chapter 1

Chapter 2: A Jolf's Snack

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Author: YellowDizzyLombax

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Ratchet and Alister:
Good Vs Evil

Chapter 2: A Jolf's Snack

Both Lombaxes stood there frozen for a while, before Alister broke into a run in the opposite direction from where the noise was. However, Ratchet just stayed ever so still, like he was stuck in an ice block. Not moving a muscle. His breathing was heavy and roar came again, but more powerful than the last.

All of a sudden, Jolves came out of the darkness, and hissed at their pray. The elder Lombax gasped as the other didn't flinch or anything. The smaller creatures laid their ears back and got lower to the floor, ready to jump at the younger.

"Hey you ugly creatures! Over here!" Alister yelled at the Jolves, trying to get their attention on him for Ratchet to run for it. However they still had their glowing red eyes on the hero. Thinking of plan B, Azimuth lit up one of his flare-sticks, its green light reflected on the damp walls of the cave.

Now this caught all the creature's attention. He threw the stick in a different direction, which they happily chased after thinking it could be their new midnight snack.

Snapping out of his trance, Ratchet made a run for it along with Alister by his side who was a few steps ahead of him. They ran as fast as they could, and as will run as long as they could too. Both of the male Lombaxes needed to get to safety before resting again.

Not far behind them, an alpha Jolf was running top speed after the two. Obviously this one wasn't as stupid as the other's. The Lombaxes could tell he was the leader of the creatures; he had a thicker fur coat. His ears, teeth, claws and muzzle were a lot longer. And this one was much bigger. Making a wrong move, Ratchet looked behind him to see if their extra 'friend' was still on their tail, and of course he was. Not seeing what was in front of him as well, Kaden's son tripped over a big bit of rock and crashed to the floor. Making himself an easy dinner to the electric creature.

Taking this chance, the Alpha Jolf bit down deeply in Ratchet's left leg. He screamed out in agony. Blood dripped out of his limb and stained the crimson eyed creature's grey teeth. Some drizzled on the ground too. This fucking creature would not let go until he ripped out every single one of his organs or until they used this bones for toothpicks.

Skidding to a halt when he heard a screech. Alister turned around hoping for it to be that Jolf on the fall in pain from the impact by Ratchet's wrench. But his sight only saw Ratchet on the floor, struggling to get away from the beast. However he was not successful in that, the bite was too deep to just pull your leg out of that mouth.

Ratchet tried to think of something before any of the other things come back to finish him off and then go for the General. But nothing could be done. He was like a helpless sheep caught by a powerful wolf. Looking down at his captured leg, he saw how the Jolf was staring at him. Evil. Evil was all that filled them bright red eyes. Moving his sight down to where the creature was biting him, he saw some kind of green goo slid down onto his wound.

"AHHHHHH!" Ratchet ripped out a pain scream from deep in his throat. It stung like bloody hell! What ever the stuff was, it couldn't be good. Strange as it was, the younger started to hear a humming noise from behind. And man did he recognise that sound anywhere. It was one of those electric blasts from Azimuth's double-ended wrench.

The shot slammed against the Jolf leader's head, damaging its sight and head. From the quite close range, it sent the creature flying back into some stones. Rushing over to the young Lombax, Alister picked him up, and let him rest in his arms; seeing as he wouldn't be able to walk, run or anything yet.

Enlightening his hoverboots, he left all the Jovles howling after them in the dust. Just hoping that they'll get out of here soon and loose the god dam beasts.

Anyway, here's chapter 2 of 'Ratchet and Alister: Good Vs Evil' emoji Hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing this piece in like 5 minutes 'cause someone was bugging me about uploading it XD

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