Ratchet And Clank Sol Trilogy book 1: The Mysterious Distress Beacon

Fiction written by rjsmaster099

Our heroes intercept an eerie distress beacon thats years old. But may be a clue to a secret long lost.

Category: Sequel / Prequel

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Praxus Sector
Polaris Galaxy
11:30 PM (Kerchu time)
A silent lightshow filled the space approaching orbit of the Kerchu Homeworld, Jasindu as a small starship cut through the blackness, racing towards the planet, an Imperial cruiser in hot pursuit. The two ships were firing laser blasts back and forth at each other, blasts that were silent in the void vacuum of space. As the two ships sped towards the planet, a small armada of others appeared to come from the swirling blue sphere. The smaller fighters opened fire on the Imperial Cruiser. As it fired it's cannons and Kerchu Ships exploded, more arrived to take their places. The two occupants of the smaller starship communicated from within the cockpit. One of them, and older heavy set Markazian man was on the com link.
"Tell your ships to back off, we don't want your planet to get involved." He was talking to the planetary chairman.
"Like it or not we are. Your survival is our only hope for ridding ourselves of his wrath. Remember your cargo."
"You know that Tacheyon will have Imperial troops rain hell on your planet right? He's capable of wiping out an entire race."
"Not an entire one…" The man, Max Apogee looked to his female Lombax companion who was fumbling with a strange device in a frenzy. The Kerchu chairman continued "We can offer you sanctuary for as long as you need." Max jumped as he heard a loud thump on the ship's hull, and the sound of cutter blades penetrating the metal.
"Shit we're being boarded!" That was his companion. Max could smell the stink of Drophyd. He turned back to his ships com station.
"It's too late now. If he sends his spies, don't tell them anything." He then set the ship to autopilot and flipped a switch on the radio and began transmitting an SOS. "To anybody listening who might get this message, this is Max Apogee. My ship was lost and my cargo is vital to our universes survival. Find me at all costs." Running into the cargo bay where Angela was tampering with the device, he called out "Angela, there's nothing else we can do, hurry up and get that thing turned on!"
"I'm trying!" She said, a little bit of panic in her voice. After a few more button pushes, the triangular device lit up and began to resonate energy. Angela and Max took hands then disappeared with a flash of light as the hull breached and Drophyd troopers stormed the ship. A furious Emperor Percival Tacheyon cried out in rage and anger "DAMN THAT TRAITOR!"


  1. Date: City Cleanup

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