Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapter 2

Chapter 2-The Adventure Begins

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Within approximately 2 weeks, they arrived within the Bogon Galaxy. Ratchet had donned a new outfit, Kim was back to wearing just her mission clothes. Ron and Clank stood beside each other while looking at both Ratchet and Kim. Ron was also in his mission clothes. Ratchet: "OK, I just received Intel from Mr. Fizzwidget about…"

Ron began snickering again, Ratchet looked at him tensely. Ron, noticing Ratchet's annoyed stare, stopped snickering. Ron: "Sorry, it's still a funny sounding name." Ratchet: "So…anyway, I have intel from him about the thief's whereabouts. Kimberly and I will head out there now."

Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, let me know if you have found any of the pieces of my dad's shuttle during the mission." Wade: "Got it! I'm locating all of them as we speak. I will let you know where they are as soon as I can." Ron: "And while you guys do that, Clank, Rufus and I will be chilling out at that sweet, new penthouse on that metropolis planet."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket Rufus: "Oh, yeah!" Clank: "I am also looking forward to this." Ratchet: "Alright, we're all set. Let's get going, Kimberly."

Ratchet walked off. Kim: "We'll see you later, you guys. Enjoy your time off." Ron: "See ya, KP. Have fun on your mission, er, missions." Clank: "Do not go off doing anything, uh, inappropriate, you 2. (giggle)"

Kim looked at Clank in an annoyed and somewhat confused manner then walked off after Ratchet. Kim and Ratchet left the cruiser on Ratchet's ship, Ron and Clank left on another shuttle. Nearby, Shego, in another ship, noticed both ships leaving the cruiser and tailed Ratchet's ship from a distance far enough away for her to not be noticed.

Ratchet and Kim took a long flight to a far off planet called Aranos. As soon as they arrived, Kim switched on the COM link. Kim: "This is Ratchet and Kim reporting. Are you there, Mr. Fizzwidget?"

Mr. Fizzwidget responded. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Yes, I copy you. What is the statistics on the pursable?" Ratchet: "We're on final approach to coordinates 3-7-Alpha. We're on pursuit now." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Good luck. I'm counting on both of you." Ratchet: "Affirmative. Beginning radio silence. You ready, Kimberly?" Kim: "As ready as I'll ever be." Ratchet: "OK, then, let's do this."

They arrived on a large frigate and boarded it immediately. They got out of their ship and began to fight their way through. There were several robots in their way, but they handled them with ease. Kim: "I bet you would go through this quite a lot." Ratchet: "Eh…give or take. To be honest, I have been starting out, but I felt like I've done this my whole life."

They kept fighting through until they managed to find the Experiment in a small cage. Kim: "There it is!" Ratchet: "Let's grab it and get out of here."

They rushed over towards the Experiment as fast as they could but were caught off guard when the wall behind it opened up, revealing 2 robots and the Thief. Both Kim and Ratchet held their hands up as the Thief pointed his blaster at them. Thief: "I see it's time to update my security forces." Ratchet: "Whoa…hey…no…no…look. I'm, uh, just here to fix the…transfluxor…coil…"

Kim nodded as she had a nervous grin on her face. One of the robots grabbed the caged Experiment and handed it to the Thief. Thief: "Nice try. Give my regards to Megacorp."

The Thief was about to walk out. Kim: "Who are you and why did you steal that Experiment from Megacorp?" Thief: "Because what they plan to do with this thing is a huge mistake." Kim: "What do you mean?" Thief: "No more questions. Finish them."

He banged his head on the door of the air shoot. Both of robots laughed, which caused him to point his blaster at them, then jumped out, leaving Kim and Ratchet to fight off the robots. Kim: "Guess we're getting out of here the hard way."

They fought through several more robots. Along the way, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Kim: "Hey, Wade, what's the sitch?" Wade: "Kim, I just want to let you know that I have been able to locate all of the pieces of your dad's space shuttle." Kim: "Really? That's great! Are they anywhere near our current location?" Wade: "Unfortunately…no, but there is something that I need you to do for me. I'm still planning on looking into more alien technology. Anything that you are about to grab or show to me would be greatly appreciated." Kim: "Um…OK…this ship is chalked full of alien technology, so…I'm sure I'll be able to find something of that caliber."

Kim and Ratchet continued fighting through the frigate. Kim held out her Kimmunicator all the way to the very end. They soon stopped in front of a ledge. There, they were caught off guard by a few more robots. They both then looked at each other. Ratchet then held out his hand towards Kim. Ratchet: "Uh, should we get out of here?" Kim: "I don't see why not. There's nothing else here for us."

She reached out for his hand and they both jumped off the edge together. Ratchet, with one push of a button on his glove, called for his ship remotely, which arrived for them immediately. They both fell into the ship and flew off. They both did a high-5 with each other as the cockpit window closed on them and they left the planet.

They were soon flying through space. Kim: "Something tells me that's just about as easy as it's going to get." Ratchet: "Yeah…I would think so, too." Kim: "Good, because that was no where near challenging enough." Ratchet: "Oh, I agree; the fun part hasn't even started, yet." Kim: "I should call up Mr. Fizzwidget and report to him on what just happened."

She did just that. Kim: "This is Kim and Ratchet checking in. Are you there, Mr. Fizzwidget?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Incredulous! I didn't expect to hear back from you…uh…so soon." Ratchet: "There was a slight problem. The Thief escaped with the Experiment and we have no idea where he was headed." Kim: "But don't worry, sir, we'll find him." Mr. Fizzwidget: "But of course. I just received an emission which may illubricate the matter."

They were shown a footage of the Thief with 2 lizard-like men at a far-off outlet. He was buying a map from a researcher that was working there. Ratchet: "We're on it."

The transmission was shut off. Kim: "Hm…didn't that seem kind of suspicious the way Mr. Fizzwidget said that he didn't expect to hear from us again, but then added that last part so hesitantly?" Ratchet: "Nah! The old guy's probably senile. Don't worry too much about it, Kimberly." Kim: "Uh-huh…"

A suspicious look grew on her face.

They have spent another long flight to their next destination: Planet Oozla. When they landed and got out, they spent a few short moments looking around. Kim: "OK, whose dumb idea was it to build an outlet on a swamp covered planet?"

The Kimmunicator went off again, she pulled it out. Kim: "What is it, Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I have taken the liberty of using the data I have analyzed from the alien technology and I have designed a few pieces of equipment that may be able to help you out." Kim: "Do you know how you'll be able to send them?" Wade: "They're on their way now."

Suddenly, a small mechanical device showed up right near them, they noticed it almost immediately. Kim: "What is that?" Wade: "It's a little something I have been working on for a while now. That is my Automated Distribution Vendor. It's able to transfer any and all of my devices to you guys via a transporter that I was able to develop, all thanks to an actual transporter that I have analyzed, of course." Ratchet: "So, what devices do you plan to send our way now?" Wade: "Well, this one device that I have just finished will help out with collecting the pieces of Dr. Possible's space shuttle."

Transported from the vendor was a sphere-shaped container the size of a volleyball. Kim pulled it out of the vendor and observed it a bit. Wade: "That container is able to hold objects much larger than it. You can use that to contain the shuttle pieces." Kim: "Terrific! I was wondering how we would be able to carry all of them around." Wade: "Speaking of which, I'm picking up a signal from one of those pieces near your location. It seems to be coming directly from that outlet over there." Kim: "Alright, we'll keep an eye out for it."

She tucked the Kimmunicator away. Ratchet: "Hm, that Wade of yours really can work to your advantage." Kim: "I know. He has always played a very important role in all of our missions." Ratchet: "OK, let's go find that first piece."

They begin their trek through the treacherous swamp filled-area. Along the way, there were a few Megacorp researchers that were in peril but they could not be saved. This made Kim very uneasy but Ratchet did all he could to alleviate her unease as they both knew they had to continue on. They eventually arrived at the outlet. Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator and checked on it. Kim: "That first piece should be somewhere in there." Ratchet: "OK, let's find it quickly. While we're at it, let's keep a lookout for any intel regarding the Thief."

They made their way into the outlet. As soon as they entered, they saw that the entire place has been wrecked. Kim: "Um…this place has seen better days."

A signal from the Kimmunicator went off, Kim checked on it immediately. Kim: "The signal from that piece is this way. Come on."

They rushed off further into the outlet. They ran into and fought off several mutant creatures along the way. The place was indeed very messy and there were many obstacles in the way, but they persevered. They kept going until they were stopped by exactly what they were looking for: the first piece of the shuttle. Kim: "There it is!" Ratchet: "Alright! We found it!"

Kim walked over towards it and grabbed it. She then pulled out the container and placed the shuttle piece into it, then tucked the container away. Ratchet: "That's one piece down and only several more to go." Kim: "That was way too easy."

Ratchet then noticed a monitor nearby. He walked up to it, Kim followed after. They watched as Mr. Fizzwidget appeared on the monitor. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Ratchet, Kim, come in. Do you read me?" Ratchet: "Copy, Mr. Fizzwidget. We read you loud and clear." Kim: "So, what's the sitch?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Listen, both of you. I have some new inflammation on the Experiment's wherewithal. The Thief was indemnified at Megacorp's Maktar Resort. Also, the Thugs have towed a moon-sized jamming array into Maktar Resort orbit." Kim: "And you want to take it out of commission, right?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Affirmulous! It's disconfrapulating our annual "Galactic Gladiators" broadcast."

As he went on and on, Ratchet and Kim exchanged looks in a manner in which they've taken notice in Mr. Fizzwidget sounding like a nutcase. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Here, see for yourselves."

Displayed on the monitor was the Galactic Gladiators' commercial. They watched the entire thing. Ratchet: "Hm…an arena match, huh? Sounds interesting. Kimberly, you wouldn't mind partaking in something like that, would you?" Kim: "Heh, no big. I can handle anything." Ratchet: "I've got the coordinates. Over and out."

They proceeded towards the nearest exit. Just as they were about to leave, the exit closed on them, they were completely sealed in. Ratchet: "What the…?"

They noticed something pass by them very swiftly. Kim: "Who's there?"

A figure maneuvered around the entire chamber. Within a few moments, Kim caught a glimpse of a familiar green glow. Kim: "It can't be."

The figure, revealing to be Shego, landed directly in front of them. She stood up straight with her hands on her hips. She looked at Kim and Ratchet in a displeasing manner. Ratchet: "Shego!" Shego: "You know something? I told Dr. D that there was a good chance that the 2 of you would arrive here in this galaxy, but he never considered that a possibility. But sure enough, here you guys are, proving once again just how annoyingly idiotic Drakken can be, not to mention how much of a headache it is to get through to him." Ratchet: "If he annoys you so much, then why do you still work with him?" Shego: "Believe me, I have asked myself that same question, so even I don't know." Kim: "I take it you were sent here to prevent us from finding the pieces of my dad's space shuttle." Shego: "You've got that right, Kimmie."

Her hands began to glow. Shego: "No way you're foiling Drakken's plans this time." Ratchet: "We'll see about that, Shego!" Kim: "I'll handle her, you try finding a way out of here." Ratchet: "Be careful, Kimberly."

Ratchet rushed off while Kim began her fight with Shego. Shego: "Aw, the space rat just called you by your real name." Kim: "Only because I asked him to."

As Kim fought with Shego, Ratchet searched the entire room for a way out. Ratchet: "Come on, come on! Where is it?"

Within an extensive amount of time searching, he was eventually able to find an exit. Ratchet: "Ah! Found it!"

He then smashed it open. Ratchet: "Kimberly! This way!"

Kim broke off her fight with Shego and rushed out with Ratchet. Shego went after them.

As they ran from her, Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, Shego has found us and she is hot on our trail. Do you have something that could help us out with losing her?" Wade: "I think I may have something you can use. I'll send it to you right now."

Wade's vendor appeared and transporting from it was a small flute. Kim grabbed it and looked at it closely. Kim: "A small flute? What am I suppose to do with this?" Wade: "It's a Dragon Boat whistle. It can summon a creature indigenous to the planet you on known as the Dragon Boat. You can ride one and use it to get away from Shego."

They eventually stopped in front of the swamp's edge. Ratchet: "Oh, no! A dead end!" Kim: "Well, here goes nothing."

She blew on the whistle; a strange lizard appeared from below the swamp waters. Ratchet: "I'm guessing that's the Dragon Boat."

Kim grabbed on to Ratchet. Kim: "Come on, Shego is right behind us."

They both got on the Dragon Boat, which reacted immediately to them jumping on it and it moved itself further into the swampy waters. Shego, arriving at the swamp's edge, stopped and stared out at them as they got away. They looked back at her as she stood by, infuriated with losing them. Ratchet: "Huh, that was very clever, Wade."

Kim looked at the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Thanks, Wade. This whistle really helped us out in a pinch." Wade: "Glad to hear it. Let me know when you need anything else from me."

Kim put away the Kimmunicator. The Dragon Boat brought them all the way back to the ship. They got off of it before it sank back into the water. Kim: "Now, let's head over to that space resort."

They got back on the ship and left the planet.

Meanwhile on Megapolis, Clank, Ron and Rufus were still hanging out at the penthouse. Ron was resting his head on one end of a sofa as he was looking through a menu. Clank was getting himself pampered. Ron: "Hm…I wonder if I could get the chimerito combo? Oh, perhaps the quesachanga special. Rufus, what do you think was should get?" Rufus: "Nacos!" Ron: "Hm…I don't think they have…wait! There's an item on this menu very similar to the Taco-Nacho combo! No way! They DO have Nacos on this menu! Rufus, you think we should grande size the order?" Rufus: "Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Si!" Ron: "OK, let's order them now!" Clank: "Oh, you 2 and your insatiable appetites for unhealthy, non-organic, food-like substance. What is this, your 5th order of that horrendous rubbish you call sustenance?" Ron: "Hey, being on another planet makes me homesick; at least the food we've been ordering is helping us deal with being faraway from Earth. I just can't believe that they have food here in the Bogon Galaxy that's almost completely similar to what we get from Bueno Nacho."

Ron got himself us. Ron: "I think I'll go make the order now."

He walked off towards the next room. At that time, Clank could hear a knock on the door. Clank: "Yes…? May I help you?"

He walked up to the door and opened it. He was then snatched away. Ron walked back in. Ron: "Hey, Clank, since we have racked up some orders, we get an additional meal free. Is there anything that you would…?"

He paused as he realized that Clank was missing. Ron: "Clank?"

He looked around. Ron: "Clank!?"

He then began to scurry around the penthouse. Ron: "Clank!? Where are you!? CLANK!"

Meanwhile, back in space, Ratchet and Kim made a long flight. They made their way through the Wupush Nebula, hammered by countless other ships that seem very, very interested in giving them a serious beating. After the barrage, they arrived at the Maktar Resort. They landed, Ratchet jumped out. He looked back and noticed that Kim was hesitant. Ratchet: "Hey, Kimberly, you coming?" Kim: "Huh? Oh! Yeah, I…I am."

She jumped out and looked above her, she seemed very sidetracked. Ratchet was concerned for her. Ratchet: "You…OK?" Kim: "Yes, I just…"

She continued to stare out at the stars. Kim: "This is really…beautiful. Is it always like this for you guys that…you know, travel through space a lot?"

Ratchet stood right next to her. Ratchet: "Well, yes."

He stared out at space with her. Ratchet: "You are right, the stars and the planets, space truly is a sight to behold." Kim: "Hm…perhaps…when we're done with our missions, we could come back here or maybe go someplace else where we could…stare out into space…much like what we're doing now? Just the 2 of us." Ratchet: "You know, Kimberly? I would love to."

They stared out into space a little more, then they went on their way and continued on with their missions.

Along the way, they spotted one very unique pair that Kim recognized. Kim: "Oh! Well, this is unexpected."

That pair was none other than Lilo and Stitch. Kim rushed over to them with Ratchet almost immediately. Kim: "Lilo! Stitch! I didn't think I would see you guys here." Lilo: "Kim? Is that you? Kim Possible? How have you been?" Kim: "I've been doing great…for the most parts. Ratchet, this is Lilo and Stitch. I met them during another mission of mine. Lilo, Stitch, this is Ratchet, he's a friend that I have met just recently." Ratchet: "Nice to meet you." Lilo: "Hello." Stitch: "Ih! Ah! Hi!" Kim: "So what are you guys doing here all the way out here in another galaxy?" Lilo: "We're looking for some Experiments, much like Stitch." Stitch: "Ih! Cousins!" Ratchet: "Whoa! What a coincidence. We're looking for an Experiment, too. An adorable, blue, fluffy creature…"

Stitch growled at Ratchet, which startled him. Ratchet: "One that actually looked a lot like a blue furball, much smaller than you. Have you seen it or perhaps a mysterious masked man anywhere around?"

Lilo and Stitch looked at each other, then back at Kim and Ratchet and shook their heads. Stitch: "Naga." Lilo: "No. Sorry." Ratchet: "Oh…well…thanks, anyway." Lilo: "By the way, while you're at it, do you mind keeping an eye out for Stitch's cousins?" Ratchet: "You mean those Experiments of yours?" Lilo: "Yes, when you find one of them, please bring it back to me and Stitch. OK?" Kim: "Don't worry, Lilo, we'll keep an eye out for your…Experiments." Lilo: "Mahalo! We'll keep looking around ourselves. Come see us once you have found one of Stitch's cousins." Kim: "OK, we'll do that. Let's go, Ratchet." Ratchet: "OK, we'll see you guys around."

They walked off. Lilo and Stitch waved goodbye. Stitch: "Pasawa!" Lilo: "It's great to see Kim again. Pleakley is going to be so excited once we tell him. And that Ratchet guy seems very nice, too." Stitch: "Ih!"

Kim and Ratchet kept on rushing through the resort, fighting off any bad guy or robot they would run into along the way. They kept on going until they found a hover limo. Ratchet: "Hm…I'm guessing this will take us to that jamming array."

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Kim: "Yeah, Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I have a new piece of equipment that you're really going to need very shortly."

Wade's vendor appeared again. A helmet was transported from it. Kim grabbed the helmet. Wade: "It's a space helmet. Unless you prefer to risk exposing yourself to the harsh conditions of space, I recommend you put that helmet on before you reach that lunar jamming array." Kim: "Duly noted." Wade: "By the way, I have checked the navi-computer of that limo and it will take you directly to that jamming array." Ratchet: "That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Let's go, Kimberly." Kim: "Right."

They got into the limo and were taken to the jamming array. It was a short flight and they were able to make it to the jamming array in no time flat. Right after they landed, Ratchet stepped out of the limo along with Kim, who was wearing the special helmet that Wade has given her. This allowed her to survive the harsh conditions of space. Just then, there was a brief incident involving an inexplicable change in the gravity. Ratchet: "Whoa, what was that?"

Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, the gravity on the jamming array became weaker for a brief moment. Is there something wrong with the gravity system?" Wade: "I'm not picking up any malfunctions of any kind, but I did receive a reading on an unknown life form near your current location." Ratchet: "That's probably one of those Experiments that Lilo and Stitch are looking for." Kim: "I'll go look for that Experiment, you disable the jamming array."

They both went their separate ways. Ratchet worked ceaselessly to disable the jamming array. A few times during his work, he experienced a shift in the gravity a few times. Sometimes, the gravity became weaker, other times, it became very strong; often times too strong for him to keep himself up. Near the end of his progress, the changes in the gravity have stopped. He was able to finish the job. With that done, both he and Kim made it back to the limo and flew back to the resort. Ratchet: "I see you found one of those Experiments." Kim: "Heh! Yes…"

Beside her was a bizarre looking creature in a containment field. Kim: "But not the one we're looking for, obviously." Ratchet: "Yes, of course it isn't."

Mr. Fizzwidget showed up on a monitor nearby. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Good work, you 2. You are both proving to be invaluable in this underwear." Kim: "Please, it was Ratchet who did all of the work." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Any who, it seems that the Thief is now under the protection of Thugs-4-Less." Kim: "Thugs-4-Less?" Ratchet: "I'm guessing it's a mercenary company." Kim: "Uh-huh…can't say I'm impressed with the name." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Well, I may have found a way for the both of you to insinuate their operation." Ratchet: "Is it…dangerous?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Oh, no, no, no, no! Well…yes." Ratchet: "Good."

Kim had a conceited smile on her face. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Take a look at this."

They were shown a commercial of a biker gang from Thugs-4-Less known as the Desert Riders. Kim: "Hm, I don't think my dad would approve of me getting involved with any biker gangs, especially one from another galaxy." Ratchet: "Your dad is trillions of miles away; you don't need to worry about what he thinks. Besides, you shouldn't have to really get involved with them. I'll handle those guys for you."

Kim smiled at Ratchet. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Ahem! Now then, the Desert Riders all use Megacorp bikes, so I was able to pull a few strings. Contract me as soon as you get more indignation. Fizzwidget out."

They eventually returned to the resort. As soon as they stepped out of the limo, they ran into Lilo and Stitch. Kim: "Lilo. I have found this bizarre creature just now. I was wondering if you're familiar with it." Lilo: "Yes! You found one the them! That's one of Stitch's cousins. Experiment 147-or Newton as I would like to call him. He can control gravity." Ratchet: "So that explains the bizarre changes in the gravity on that jamming array." Kim: "Here you go, Lilo."

The Experiment was released from its containment field and gently floated towards Lilo's side on its own free will. Lilo: "Mahalo for getting him back to us, you guys. Please keep an eye out for any more of Stitch's cousins. Stitch: "Ih!" Lilo: "Let's get going, Stitch. See you later, guys." Stitch: "Bachooga."

Lilo and Stitch walked off. Kim: "Bye, Lilo. OK, Ratchet, let's keep moving." Ratchet: "Yes, let's get going."

They continued their way through other areas of the resort, fighting off more robots and bad guys. Along the way, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Kim: "Wade, what's the sitch?" Wade: "Kim, you and Ratchet need to take part in the resort's arena." Ratchet: "We're already on our way there, Wade." Wade: "No, I mean you really have to take part in it and win no matter what." Ratchet: "Um…OK? You seem very eager to have us participate in these games. Why?" Wade: "I just checked the prizes for these battles and one of them is a piece of Dr. Possible's space shuttle." Kim: "What?" Ratchet: "No wonder you're so zealous about this." Kim: "If that's true, then we have to get over there right away."

She tucked away the Kimmunicator and then grabbed Ratchet by the hand. Kim: "Come on, we have to hurry."

They ran for the entrance to the arena as fast as they could. Upon their entry, they were greeted by a vicious "welcome" in addition to an announcer that doesn't know either of their names. Regardless, they were both ready to fight. The first of their challenges was the very tough, with countless foes coming at them from every corner and with many rounds that seem to have come one after another with no end in sight, but they were able to hold their own during these battles and fought through all of them. At the very end of the battles, Kim and Ratchet won their prizes: one for each of them. Ratchet receives a very useful gadget and Kim receives another piece of her dad's shuttle. With all of the much needed prizes won, they left the arena.

Immediately afterwards, the Kimmunicator went off. She answered it. Kim: "What is it?" Wade: "Kim, it's Ron. He asks to speak with you now." Kim: "Put him on."

Wade displayed Ron on the Kimmunicator. Ron: "KP! Ratchet! Clank was stolen!" Ratchet: "What!? Ron! What happened? How did this happen?" Ron: "I was about to order 2 Nacos for me and Rufus when all of a sudden, Clank went missing! I searched all over the penthouse trying to find him but then I received this message that both of you really need to see!"

Displayed on the Kimmunicator was a footage of the Thief holding Clank hostage, threatening Ratchet and his friends to leave the galaxy by electrocuting Clank. Ratchet: "Oh no! Clank!" Ron: "You guys have got to come here quick! Who knows what else that Thief guy will do to Clank?!" Kim: "Don't worry, Ron. We'll be there as soon as we can. Just stay where you are."

She tucked the Kimmunicator away. Kim: "Let's get over there now!" Ratchet: "You took the words out of my mouth, Kimberly."

They rushed back to the ship and left for Megapolis.

They arrived at the Planet Endako and landed in Megapolis. They jumped out of the ship immediately after they landed. Kim: "Let's go find Ron." Ratchet: "OK."

They rushed into the city at full speed. As they rushed through the city, they fought through many robots that came at them and tried to attack them. They managed to clobber every robot that came their way. Further into the city, they were taken by surprised from what appeared to be a large thug in a chopper. Thug: "Peek-a-boo!"

The thug flew off. Kim: "Who was that?" Ratchet: "I don't know, but I would like to find out. Let's go."

They continued after the thug. They kept on rushing off, fighting more robots along the way. Soon enough, they reached a balcony where they came face to face with the thug in the chopper. Kim: "Oh!" Thug: "Greetings, morons. Since my employees did such a lousy job of takin' care of yous twos, I thought I'd come and handle things myself." Kim: "You're the leader of those squads of boneheads? If your men are as terrible as the name of your company, then it's no wonder they were unable to even come close to bringing us down."

Ratchet laughed at her remark. Thug: "No one bad-mouths the name Thug-4-Less or my squads of men! You and fuzz ball are goings down, Missy Redhead!" Ratchet: "Missy Redhead? That's the dumbest name I have ever heard." Kim: "Well, at least he didn't say "seriously" like that other bonehead back at home who calls me red."

They fought against the thug leader. It was a rough battle, especially with the thug leader blasting and destroying everything on the balcony and attempted to destroy the actual balcony with them on it. But they were able to defeat him before he was able to do that. His chopper began to fall. Thug: "Don't think this is overs! I'll remembers yous twos!"

They watched as he fell many stories to the ground. Kim: "Glad that's over with. Let's meet up with Ron. I only hope he's still at the penthouse, even more so then earlier; safe and sound." Ratchet: "So do I."

They continued their trek through the city. They were eventually they were able to reach the penthouse. There, they met up with Ron. He was very, very relieved to see them again. Ron: "KP! Ratchet! Thank goodness you were able to get here!" Kim: "We got here as fast as we could. Are you OK, Ron?" Ron: "I'm fine, but I'm not the one you should be worrying about! Clank should be much more of a concern to you! I can't believe I let that Thief take him from under my nose like that. I've only known him for such short time and yet I felt as though I have been such a terrible friend to not have prevented this from happening. I should have never left him alone to order Nacos!" Rufus: "(cry) Clank!" Kim: "Don't worry, Ron. There really wasn't anything you could have done to prevent this. We're here now, so let's go find him together."

Ratchet took a few sniffs of the place and almost gagged. Ratchet: "Ew, what is that horrible stench? It almost smells like unappetizing and non-nutritional food-like substances." Kim: "That would be from Ron's favorite kind of food. Really, Ron? Even in another galaxy, you somehow manage to find a way to order Bueno Nacho?" Ron: "Hey, the food isn't Bueno Nacho; it's something that's almost like that and that's good enough. Right, Rufus?" Rufus: "Oh, yeah! Very good!" Ratchet: "It's still rancid." Kim: "Come on, let's go find Clank." Ron: "I'm right behind you, KP."

They left the penthouse and continued on their way.

They continued their trek through the city now along with Ron. There were even more robots that they had to fight through. Both Kim and Ratchet handled them with ease, but Ron ran away screaming, which irritated the both of them. They eventually found themselves in a facility where there were a few cranes that were operational with the help of Ratchet's new gadget. Ron: "Ooh! A futuristic crane game…type…thing…May I try?" Ratchet: "(groan) Fine. Knock yourself out." Ron: "Alright!"

He got started on operating the crane. Ratchet: "That should keep him busy for a while. Now let's hurry off and look for Clank." Kim: "I'm there."

Kim and Ratchet ran off. As they kept going, they were caught off guard again by Shego's sudden appearance. Ratchet: "Shego? What are you doing here?" Shego: "Well, let's see. You and Kimmie ditched me on that swamp planet, so I came all the way to let you both know that I was so not OK with that." Kim: "And now you want payback." Shego: "Rightio, Kimmie."

Shego's hands started to glow again, Kim took on a battle stance. Ratchet: "Don't tell me; you've got this?" Kim: "Heh! You bet. Go find Clank; she's my problem."

Ratchet ran off while Kim fought Shego. He kept going until he found Clank exactly where he was on the footage. Ratchet: "Clank? Hang in there, Clank, I'll come for you."

Just then, the Thief showed up behind Ratchet and pushed him off the ledge above the room after it. The Thief ran off. Ratchet: "Son of a Qwark!"

He got up almost immediately and approached Clank. Ratchet: "Alright, buddy. Let's get you up and running again."

He worked to get Clank out of his predicament. Just then, Ron came rushing in. Ron: "Hey, Ratchet. Have you seen KP?" Ratchet: "She's fighting Shego."

It didn't take long for Ron to notice Clank. Ron: "OH! CLANK! Hang on, Clank! I'm coming!" Ratchet: "Ron! Wait!"

Suddenly, both Kim and Shego show up as they were still fighting each other. They accidentally knocked Ron off of the ledge, Shego then shoved Kim off the ledge and into the room, she landed directly on top Ron. She looked up at Shego with a tense look on her face. Kim: "Grr! Shego!" Shego: "Later, Kimmie."

She ran off and sealed them in. Kim and Ron got up. Kim dusted herself off as she groaned. Kim: "She so won't get away with that."

Ratchet was able to get Clank operational again. Clank sat up, still awaking up from his slump. Clank: "The final digit of pi is…" Ratchet: "Clank?"

Kim and Ron approached Ratchet and stood beside him. Kim: "Clank, are you OK?" Clank: "Ratchet? Miss Possible? When did you get here? I must have dozed off." Kim: "We came as soon as we heard that you were snatched by the Thief." Clank: "You…came for me? I am touched. I feel grateful." Kim: "No need to thank us. So not the drama." Ron: "Oh, man! I really wanted to hear what that last number in pi was!" Ratchet: "It doesn't matter, Ron; pi is infinite." Ron: "But I would have liked to hear what that last number would have been; that would have been interesting." Ratchet: "I said it doesn't matter, Ron!" Kim: "So, how do we get out of here?"

Just then, Rufus broke right through a nearby air duct. Ron: "Rufus!"

Rufus ran towards Ron as he crouched down, he then picked him up and put him right back into his pocket. Kim: "Rufus? Where did you come from?" Clank: "Hm…"

Clank looked towards the air duct. Clank: "I believe your hairless rodent has provided a means of escape. I will be right back." Ratchet: "Go for it, Clank! We're counting on you."

Clank got himself up and went towards the air duct.

Clank managed to make it to the other side of the air duct. From there, he continued on his way. As he progressed on, he received some help from a few other robots. Together, they made it around the small area and back towards where his friends were. He managed to find another exit for them within that inescapable room. Kim: "Way to go, Clank!" Clank: "(giggle) Nothing to it or rather…uh…what was that thing you would say when something was easy?" Kim: "No big?" Clank: "No, that other thing you say." Kim: "So not the drama?" Clank: "Yes! That's the one!" Ratchet: "Come on, guys, let's go get back that Experiment."

They walked out and continued on. Ron: "You know, I still owe you that free meal that I just earned." Clank: "Why? So you can order those Nacos for you and Rufus?" Ron: "Well, yes, that, but for me to also thank you for letting me order whatever I wanted from that virtual menu." Clank: "Oh! Well…that is very thoughtful of you, Ron."

Kim and Ratchet smiled as they were listening to their conversation. Suddenly, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Wade: "Hey, Kim, did you and Ratchet find Clank, yet?" Clank: "Yes they have. I am right here, Wade; alive and well." Wade: "Clank! I'm so glad you're OK, I was worried about you." Clank: "Well, no need to worry anymore, I am alright." Kim: "So, Wade, got anything on the whereabouts of those shuttle parts?" Wade: "I wasn't even thinking about that until just now, so I'm glad you asked. There should be one nearby, but…hm…that's strange, it seems to be moving…"

Just then, they heard what sounded like a hover vehicle. Sure enough, arriving on the scene was Dr. Drakken and Shego on another one of their hovering vehicles. Drakken: "Kim Possible! I never would have imagined that you would even be here in this galaxy of all places." Shego: "Even though I told him that is was a possibility." Drakken: "By they way, you wouldn't happen to be looking for this, would you?"

Drakken held up another piece of the space shuttle. Ratchet: "Kimberly! That's another piece of your dad's space shuttle!" Shego: "Aw, poor Kimmie, too bad you won't be getting this back, but since you want it so bad, just try to get it from us."

They flew off. Ratchet: "Come on, Kimberly! Let's go get them!"

Both Kim and Ratchet went after Drakken and Shego. They attacked them as they chased after them. Shego attacks them back with the use of her glowing green hands being fired at them as energy beams. They exchanged insults and smack talk as they continued this fight. It went on for an extended period of time. Eventually, Drakken and Shego were defeated and the shuttle piece was thrown directly towards Kim and Ratchet. Ron and Clank were able to catch up to them a little afterwards. They were shown the shuttle piece that they were able to get back. Ron: "You've got it! Way to go, you guys!" Kim: "No big. Drakken and Shego are so not difficult to handle."

Kim and Ratchet did another high-5 with each other. They looked over towards Drakken and Shego who were still hovering close to them. Drakken: "You may have won this time, Kim Possible, but the next time we meet, I will defeat you and that includes your sidekick, that robot and that cat…alien…thing!" Ratchet: "Lombax!" Drakken: "Whatever! Farewell!"

Drakken and Shego hovered off. Clank: "What an unpleasant and disturbed individual." Kim: "Tell me about it." Ratchet: "Now that we got everything we needed here, let's get off of this planet and get back to our missions." Kim: "Sure, I'm there."

They made their way back to the ship. Shortly afterwards, Kim and Ratchet looked at Ron and Clank then at each other after realizing something. Kim: "Ratchet?" Ratchet: "I've got this."

He jumped into the ship and, with a flip of a switch, a set of 2 back seats opened up. Ratchet: "And I thought we wouldn't need them. Good thing Wade thought ahead."

Ron got in, Kim was about to do the same but she looked down at Clank who just glanced up at her with no emotional response of any kind. Kim: "Uh…the second front seat is usually your spot, right?" Clank: "Yes, but it is alright. You can still have that, Miss Possible."

He walked up to the ship. Kim: "Are you sure about that, Clank?" Clank: "I am positive."

He got in and sat next to Ron in the backseat behind the driver's seat, which is obviously Ratchet's spot. Kim seemed concerned. Kim: "OK…"

She jumped in and back on to the front seat next to Ratchet. She looked back at Clank. Kim: "If you would like to switch seats with me, please let me know and I will gladly do that." Clank: "That is not necessary, but I do appreciate your consideration."

Kim smiled a little. They took off and left the planet.

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