Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapter 3

Chapter 3-The Search for the Experiment

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They arrived on the Planet Barlow; their next destination. They got out of the ship and looked around the surrounding area, a large canyon, for a few moments. Kim: "Whoa! Just look at this place." Ron: "I know, it's massive!" Kim: "It looks like some sort of facility was built here. Hey, guys, any ideas on what exactly is here?" Ratchet: "Hm…it appeared to be some sort of Gadgetron site." Clank: "Gadgetron? Is that not situated in the previous galaxy?" Ratchet: "Yes, it is. I guess…they use to do business here but now…they don't seem to be here anymore…" Clank: "Hm…quite right. This site seems to have been abandoned for years." Kim: "Come on, let's go find those Desert Riders; at least before my dad realizes that we're getting involved with them."

They rushed off almost immediately. As they began to journey through the area, they ran into and fought off many dangers such as the tribesmen and their beasts, as well as hound-like beasts that are adorable but vicious. Ron learned that the hard way as he tried to cuddle one of them. Ron: "Aw, look, alien puppies! How adorable!"

Ron rushed off towards them. Ratchet: "Ron! Wait!"

He got too close to them and was met with embarrassing consequences of most of his pants being ripped up, which greatly irritated Kim, Ratchet and Clank. They fought off the hound beasts and had Ron dragged into one of the vacant interiors. Kim: "Really, Ron? We arrive on a new planet and the first thing you do is cuddle with the wildlife?" Ron: "I couldn't help it! They were so adorable and they didn't seem vicious until I got close to them. I've learned my lesson, KP, never cuddle with alien wildlife even if they are cute." Ratchet: "How about never doing that in the first place! Do you cuddle with the wildlife on your planet?" Ron: "No! That would be crazy; they're dangerous!" Ratchet: "And what makes you think life forms on other planets are docile?" Ron: "Um…I don't know…wishful…thinking?"

He chuckled nervously. Clank: "Oh, Ron, you do not seem to be very bright, do you?" Kim: "No, he doesn't." Ratchet: "Now we need to deal with the issue of…your pants."

Most of his pants were torn off. Rufus, who climbed into Ron's shirt, peeped out his shirt collar and babbled furiously at him. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we have a problem. Ron got a little too close to some…hostile alien creatures and now his pants have been shredded." Ron: "They didn't look hostile until I got close to them!"

Ratchet slapped himself on the forehead. Wade: "Not to worry, guys. I already put together an outstanding solution to this recurring problem."

Wade's vendor reappeared, transporting another small device. It floated towards Ron and projected a beam of light that completely restored his pants. Wade: "I call it the Pants Regenerator. It will fix any damages done to Ron's pants, whether they're torn slightly or even ripped to shreds." Ratchet: "Couldn't you have made indestructible pants instead?"

Wade shook his head. Wade: "Sorry, Ratchet, indestructible pants are very complex. I'm still working on them. But when they're done, Ron will be receiving the first pair." Ratchet: "I wouldn't be against that." Kim: "Thanks, Wade. You rock."

She put away the Kimmunicator. Ratchet: "Yes he does." Kim: "Now that we've fixed that problem, let's keep going. Those Desert Riders shouldn't be too far off now."

Kim rushed off. Clank: "Yes, that would be true."

Clank went after her. Ratchet: "Hm, no use staying here. We need to keep at it. Oh, and Ron? No more idiotic and reckless mistakes."

Ratchet went off afterwards. Ron: "Got it! I'll remain focused from now on."

He rushed off, then ran into something that made a loud crashing noise. Ron: "Oh, come on! Serious!? Why does this keep happening to me!? Clank!? Ratchet!? KP!?"

A few minutes in, they continued on the trail. More vicious monsters came their way but they were able to handle them, except Ron, who ran screaming at the sight of them. Kim, Ratchet and Clank were irritated by that as well. They kept on the trail, fighting off more tribesmen and beasts with which seemed as though they just keep coming. They eventually came across a functioning Gadgetron vendor bot. Vendor Bot: "Hello and welcome to Gadgetron's Weapons Depot. Feel free to have a look around at…"

Just then, the vendor bot paused for a brief moment while a strange sound was heard. Ratchet and everyone else stood around as they showed concern for her. Ron: "Uh, you OK, ma'am?" Vendor Bot: "Oh! Don't mind me. I think I just blew another vacuum tube." Ratchet: "Should I have a look?" Vendor Bot: "My word! You young people are so fresh these days!"

Ratchet had a look of confusion and guilt. Vendor Bot: "Oh, don't feel bad. I guess I'm just old-fashioned about that sort of thing." Kim: "Um…OK?" Vendor Bot: "By the way, did you know that I have been with Gadgetron since the beginning?" Ron: "Wow, that's…a really long time." Kim: "So do you sell these gadgets?" Vendor Bot: "Sweetie, they sell themselves! As I was saying before, feel free to have a look around at these many wonderful products that our company has provided for you."

Ron leaned over towards Ratchet and whispered to him. Ron: "Um, do I even want to know where her "vacuum tube" is or what it could be for that matter?" Ratchet: "Most likely…not."

After a brief look at the Gadgetron vendors, they continued on their way. Stepping out of the vendor, they ran into what appeared to be a member of the Desert Riders. DR member: "Hey! Who let you guys in here? Get lost before I flatten your little robot to a hubcap."

Ron crouched down and placed his arms around Clank. Ron: "No! Not Clank!"

Ratchet held out his wrench weapon. Ratchet: "Touch him and it's Plasma City!" DR member: "Oh gosh! You didn't have to yell. Why did he have to yell?"

The brute began to weep. Ron stood right back up after letting go of Clank. Ron: "Um, OK, this is…unexpected…" Kim: "You're telling me." Ratchet: "Uh…hey, man…"

The brute tried to block out everything Ratchet was going to say to him in a childish manner. Ron: "Better let me handle this."

Ron went over towards the brute. Ratchet: "Ron."

He placed his arm around the brute. Ron: "Hey, it's OK, man. Don't worry. We're not here to pick a fight." Clank: "He is right. We are your fellow Desert Riders." DR member: "You are? So you understand my…sensitivities?" Ron: "Oh, yeah, of course. We just came here to check the sights, smash things, oh, and to race." DR member: "Well, if you like, you can borrow Bluebell, so long as you're gentle. She just needs a few repairs." Kim: "Uh…you know? Bluebell looks more…red than blue." Clank: "Not to worry, my brother. Bluebell is in good hands."

Ratchet went over to repair the bike, Ron went back over towards Kim. Kim leaned closer towards Ron and whispered to him. Kim: "You know, if Bonnie was here right now, she would think of this guy as being a disgrace to bikers everywhere for being a softie and crying at the drop of a hat."

Ron nodded. Ratchet managed to repair the bike. Ratchet: "There, all done; now to take this thing for a test run."

At that moment, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Wade: "Kim, I just picked up a reading from another piece of your dad's space shuttle. It's very close." Kim: "Hm…"

Kim walked up to the brute. Kim: "Say, you wouldn't happen to know anything about a…strange object that looks like a piece of an odd ship, would you?" DR member: "Oh, you bet! There was an object much like that. It was dropped here recently by some blue guy and a green woman." Ratchet: "Drakken and Shego?" Kim: "Drakken and Shego." DR member: "The object is featured as a grand prize to whoever wins the race. It is said to be worth a fortune so every racer in the desert wants to win it badly." Kim: "Ratchet, you've got to win that race. We need that piece." Ratchet: "I'm already on it."

He jumped onto the hover bike and rode off into the race.

Ratchet managed to get himself into the race. It started out tough at first, but he was able to hold his own against the other racers. There were a few close calls here and there and at first, it didn't seem like it, but he was able to win the race and the grand prize: another piece of the space shuttle. He returned to the others and handed the shuttle piece to Kim. DR member: "Great racing, buddy! Here, take this helmet so the guys know you're one of us."

He placed the helmet on Clank's head. Clank: "Thank you, sir." Kim: "That helmet is clearly too big for you, Clank."

Just then, they heard a ring from an unknown device. The Desert Rider member pulled out a portable monitor. DR member: "Uh-oh, incoming message from the boss."

They watched a footage of the Thugs-4-Less leader make an announcement about the rendezvous point in the Feltzin System. DR member: "Don't worry, the boss only yells because he loves us." Kim: "Yeah, I can feel his affection behind his rage." Ron: "If that how he expresses affection, I'd hate to see how he scolds his men." Ratchet: "Hey, did you guys see that broadcast?" Ron: "As if I could not see it." Ratchet: "We should scope out that rendezvous point." Clank: "I agree, we might intercept some stray but vital transmissions." Kim: "And hopefully find where the other pieces of my dad's space shuttle could be hidden away. It's time to go."

They rushed off and headed back to the ship as fast as they could. They jumped back in and left for their next destination.

They eventually arrived at the Feltzin System. Within a split second of their arrival, they were bombarded by enemy fighters mercilessly. Ron was freaking out a lot. Clank: "We are under attack." Kim: "It's no use trying to outrun them." Ratchet: "You're right, Kimberly. Take the second controls. Let's hope these excess weapons work."

Kim and Ratchet worked together in fighting off all of the enemy fighters around them. It was very tough and it got tougher with each wave that came their way. It was especially frustrating with Ron freaking out constantly. Ron: "KP! LOOK OUT!" Kim: "Got it, Ron!" Ratchet: "Clank, will you please calm him down!?" Clank: "Ron, you need to keep it together. Your constant bouts of panicking are not doing any good for any of us."

Ron was eventually able to calm down so that Kim and Ratchet could concentrate. They were able to eventually defeat all of the enemy fighters. Ratchet: "Wooo-yeah! I've got mad skillz! Mad ski-!"

He noticed everyone else staring at him in a discontent manner. Ratchet: "Uh…yeah. A difficult challenge, but we did it! Thanks for the extra help, Kimberly." Kim: "No big." Ron: "Yeah, well…your "mad skills" nearly gave me space motion sickness!" Ratchet: "Gee, sorry about that, Ron! By the way, will you try not to completely lose it and panic so much?" Ron: "Cut me some slack, will you? I'm not use to this whole real life space flying thing!" Kim: "Hang on! I think I'm picking up on a nearby transmission."

They watched a communication feed between the Thief and the leader of the Thugs-4-Less. The Thief expressed dissatisfaction towards the thugs and their incompetence. He then told the thug leader to have his employees meet him at a designated pick up spot or he will end his contract with the company, with the thug leader coming up with a really bad comeback. Kim: "Yeah, I always knew that guy wasn't very bright." Ron: "Tell me about it; that comeback was so bad that he just gave up on it." Clank: "The coordinates to the Thief's location should be locked in." Kim: "Seems like it to me." Ratchet: "Let's head over there now."

They were then on their way to the next location.

Along the way, Ron got bored. Ron: "Hey, KP. See if you can find anything on that TV screen." Kim: "OK, Ron."

She reached over to the screen and began to switch channels. Ratchet then noticed something. Ratchet: "Oh! Hang on, Kimberly! What's that?"

On the screen was a show called "Behind the Hero" which talks about a large man named Captain Qwark, whose reputation as a hero plummeted after he was defeated by Ratchet and Clank during a previous incident. He tried to sell a project called the Personal Hygenator to bump his reputation back up, but it ended up causing more problems for him.

After the documentary was done, Kim and Ron continued staring at the screen in a shocked and appalled manner. Ron: "Uh…that product, the Personal Hygenator…does that…thing go…where I think it does?" Ratchet: "Um…unfortunately…yes, it does." Kim: "Ew…that…doesn't sound…comfortable at all." Ratchet: "No, Kimberly, it isn't. The advertisement for it was worse." Clank: "We should be arriving at our destination shortly."

After another long flight, they finally arrived at their next destination: the Planet Notak. Immediately after they landed, they saw the Thief taking off in his ship and leaving the planet. Kim: "Drat! We're too late." Ron: "Aw, man! Come on!" Ratchet: "(sigh) Alright, let's look around and find out where he's heading."

They ran out and began their trek through the city. Ron: "While we're at it, maybe we can try and find another eatery that is similar to Bueno Nacho?" Kim, Ratchet, Clank: "Ron!" Ron: "What? I just want to get some snackage and some Nacos. Is that really too much to ask for?" Ratchet: "(groan) You and your Bueno Nacho."

They navigated themselves through the entire city. There were robots and thugs at every corner and carnage wasn't too far behind them. They had to fight through all of them. Things had become a lot tougher and they noticed that but they were able to fight through all of them. As they got near the chemical factory, they ran into Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Hey, Kimberly, look who it is!" Kim: "Oh! Lilo! Stitch! Surprising to see you guys again." Lilo: "Hello again, Kim. I'm so glad to see you." Stitch: "Ih!" Ron: "Lilo? Here in the Bogon Galaxy? No way!" Lilo: "Hello, Ron. It's so good to see you again, too. Is Rufus with you?"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pants pocket. Rufus: "Hi!" Lilo: "Rufus! I haven't seen you since Jumba mistook you for Experiment 607." Stitch: "Ih!" Clank: "Um, am I missing something here?" Ratchet: "Huh? Oh, right! You and Ron weren't with us when Kimberly and I ran into them a while back. Clank, this is Lilo and Stitch." Lilo: "Hello." Stitch: "Hi." Clank: "It is good to meet you, Miss Lilo. I take it that blue, fuzzy creature, or Stitch as you call him, is a genetically-manufactured experiment." Lilo: "Yep, that's right. Experiment 626. I picked out the name, Stitch, myself." Stitch: "Ih, also naga fuzzy; I'm fluffy." Clank: "Right…" Ratchet: "So, let me guess, you're here to look for another one of your Experiments, or rather Stitch's cousins." Lilo: "Yep, that's exactly right." Stitch: "Emba-chua." Ron: "So, how is the search coming along?" Lilo: "Good, although some of them have escaped into this galaxy and we're trying to find them before they wreak havoc on these planets as well."

Suddenly, there was a massive power failure throughout the entire city. Everything was nearly pitched black. Stitch: "Blitznak! Not good!"

At that moment, Lilo spotted something moving. Lilo: "Hey! Look over there!"

Everyone else looked over and saw something moving very swiftly within the darkness as well. Kim: "It's heading into the city!" Ratchet: "After it!"

They went after whatever it was that moved past them. They followed it into the city where they lost it. They split up and attempted to track it down. It moved very swiftly, evading everyone continuously. They made every stride to try catching it, but its movements were always rapid and continuous. Ron, of course, failed to apprehend it with embarrassing consequences. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, there has been a major blackout throughout this entire city and there is some sort of figure scurrying around the entire place." Ron: "Hey, KP! I think I found it! Oof! Aw, come on! I had it!"

Rufus was heard making babbling noises in a griping manner. Lilo: "Stitch! Did you find it, yet?" Stitch: "Naga! Too fast and too dark." Wade: "Kim, I may have figured out something from all of this chaos."

Ratchet ran to Kim's side. Kim: "Go, Wade, we're listening." Wade: "I've picked up on an electro-magnetic signature moving around the entire city." Ratchet: "Which I'm guessing is our elusive, little friend." Wade: "Correct. What's even weirder is the reading consists of a massive amount of energy; which is exactly similar to the entire city's power supply." Kim: "So this thing is the one responsible for the blackout?" Wade: "If that's the case, then I may have a way to lure it out."

Just then, Wade's vendor reappeared. The figure emerged from hiding nearby. Kim and Ratchet spot it immediately. Kim: "There it is!"

It made its way towards their general direction. Ratchet: "Wade! It's heading for your vendor!" Wade: "That's exactly what I was counting on."

As it lunged towards the vendor, Wade, with a few clicks on his keyboard, shot out a containment field from his vendor, encasing the figure. Clank, Ron, Lilo and Stitch soon regrouped with Kim and Ratchet in front of the figure. Lilo: "I should have known you were the troublemaker behind all of this, Experiment 242. It can drain away electricity by eating the electrical energy from the source." Ratchet: "So it WAS this thing that caused the blackout." Stitch: "Bad cousin! Very, very bad!"

Soon enough, all of the electricity came back on. Lilo and Stitch stood beside the Experiment that they just caught. They faced Ratchet and the others. Lilo: "Mahalo for helping us out again. Um…I don't know what to give you as thanks, but...I'm wondering if you know anything about what this thing could be."

She pulled out another one of the shuttle pieces. Kim: "Hey! That's a piece of my dad's space shuttle! Where did you find this?" Lilo: "I found it lying around in the middle of this alien city. Stitch felt it was important for some reason so he wanted to hold on to it. You can have it."

She handed the shuttle piece to Kim. Kim: "Thank you, Lilo! I really appreciate this!" Lilo: "Well, we should get going, we have to find more of Stitch's cousins." Stitch: "Bye." Kim: "See you again, Lilo."

Lilo and Stitch walked off with the Experiment. Ratchet: "OK, now that we've taken care of that, let's head over towards the chemical factory and find out where the Thief is heading."

They rushed off towards the chemical factory as fast as they could. Their arrival there was followed by a rough fight through the facility to say the least. The entire place was almost like a maze. It was indeed very tough to navigate through, with none having a much harder time making it through than Ron, which made the trek much harder for the rest of the group. The strife and turmoil was all worth it as they were eventually able to reach few robots at the very end. Kim: "Maybe these little guys can tell us what we need to know." Ratchet: "Excuse me..! Have you seen any…masked weirdoes?"

Unfortunately, the robots spoke in another language. Ron: "Um, I don't think they can speak our language. Clank, you're a robot. Perhaps you can speak robot, too?" Clank: "Certainly. I will do the talking."

Clank spoke in a strange language that the robots seem to understand. They spoke back to him. Clank: "They said a masked customer picked up an order not long ago. They have just recently received a new transmission from him and they are willing to show it to us for a small price." Ron: "I sure hope your, uh, bolt wallet can take the strain." Ratchet: "Don't worry, Ron, it's well worth the price."

After paying the robots, they watched the transmission. On the transmission, the Thief was attempting to place an order while being attacked by the Experiment. The robots seemed to have found this humorous as they have made a joke about it that only they and Clank were able to understand. Ratchet: "Hey! What? What?"

Clank giggled at the joke. Clank: "Oh…nothing…(giggle)…just some robot humor." Kim: "Hm…I don't think we would understand it even if they did tell it in our language." Ratchet: "Most likely. OK, guys, let's head for those coordinates."

They headed back to the ship and made their way to the next planet.

They arrived at the next planet: Siberius. As soon as they got out, Ron was already shivering. Ron: "Brr! Could that Thief have done what he is planning on doing on, oh, I don't know, a much warmer planet!?"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket, shivering as well. Rufus: "Brrr!" Kim: "We'll be able to warm up when we get moving. Now come on, the Thief shouldn't be too far off."

Kim ran off with Ratchet and Clank. Ron: "Aw, man! I miss Bueno Nacho!"

Kim grabbed Ron and pulled him along.

They darted through the frozen terrains as fast as they possibly could. They fought more robots along the way, making the very difficult trek much harder. Ron didn't make the trek any easier as he kept running and falling over, sometimes directly in front of the robots. Thankfully, Kim had a great handle on getting Ron out of the way without endangering herself.

They were keeping on the trail until they found themselves in front of a few massive trucks. Ron: "Whoa! What is the Thief planning on doing with all of this?" Ratchet: "I don't know, but whatever it is, we can't let him succeed. Come on."

They rushed over and got into one of the trucks. As soon as they got in, the truck closed its back door and drove off with the other trucks. They were immediately ambushed by more robots. Ron was less than thrilled to deal with them. He was even more irritated when one of them slashed at his pants. Ron: "Oh, come on! Seriously!?"

Fortunately, Wade's Pants Regenerator kicked in and fully restored his pants in an instant. Ratchet: "I'm really glad that Wade came up with that Pants Regenerator for Ron." Kim: "So am I."

They made their way back outside and went for the next massive truck. There, they fought more robots and, before long, came face-to-face with the Thief, himself, who was hovering on a flying board. Kim: "There he is!" Ratchet: "Let's get him!"

They fought with the Thief, which did not take very long, as it was a short, quick fight. He vacated the scene before they had the chance to finish him off.

They moved on to the next truck, where they fought off more robots. They soon arrived at the last truck where they fought the Thief again. It was another brief fight and they still didn't manage to bring him down. After the brief fight, the truck they were on toppled over, causing them to fall to the ground as well. Ratchet got himself up. Ratchet: "Is everyone OK?"

Kim lifted herself up as she groaned a little. Kim: "I'm fine. Not hurt…for the most part."

Clank got himself up afterwards. Ron lifted himself up to his knees. Ron: "Ow…that hurt my everything, including my pride." Rufus: "Oh…ow…"

Ron lifted himself up some more. Ron: "Well, at least I didn't…"

Completely unaware of his pants were caught on something; they tore off of his waist. He seemed annoyed by this. Ron: "Nevermind…"

Kim, Ratchet and Clank were also annoyed. Ron pulled his pants back up, with some help from the Pants Regenerator, of course. They soon found themselves in front of a large, circled platform which included a rocket missile. Ron: "Whoa! What is that!?" Kim: "Um…I don't really know…exactly…" Ratchet: "Come on, the Thief has to be there."

They rushed over towards the platform. When they arrived at the center platform, they were immediately startled when they noticed the Experiment tied to the rocket missile. They looked over and noticed the Thief. Thief: "Ha! You've lost, Megacorp!" Ron: "I'm sorry, what?" Thief: "Take you imperialistic eco-fascism to another dimension. Say good-bye to your Franken-pest!"

The Thief held out a switch. Ratchet: "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

He lunged towards the Thief, who jumped out of the way and onto his hover board. Thief: "Too slow, you corporate lackey!"

Kim ran over to Ratchet as he stood back up. Kim: "Listen, I don't know what issues you have with Megacorp, but there has to be a better way to deal them than this." Thief: "There is no better way."

The Thief pushed the button, the rocket was about to launch. Ron: "KP! Ratchet! The Experiment is about to be launched into space!" Kim: "You get to the Experiment, we'll handle the Thief."

Kim and Ratchet fought with the Thief while Ron went for the rocket to rescue the Experiment. It was a very tough battle; the Thief really did put up much more of a fight than earlier, his resilience was giving them a hard time, but they kept fighting him for as long as they needed to. They were able to divert his attention long enough for Ron to cut the Experiment lose, literally. He returned to the others with the Experiment at hand. Kim: "Way to go, Ron! Clank: "You had us worried for a moment." Ron: "Oh, it was no problem. I had it handled like…"

Just then, the Experiment tore off most of Ron's pants and started munching on it. Ron: "Aw, dang it!"

The Pants Regenerator restored his pants. The Thief got back on his hover board and flew away. Kim: "Should we go after him?" Ratchet: "Not worth it, we got what we came for. Let's just get the little guy back to Mr. Fizzwidget."

Later, they arrived back to the ship. There, they spoke with Mr. Fizzwidget via a communicator monitor. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Cratchet! Spank! Slim Palpable and…who's this incrigenous young man?" Ron: "Ron, Ron Stoppable." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Ah, yes! Rob Stompable." Ron: "No! It's Ron! Ron Stoppa- you know what? Forget it! If you're not going to pronounce my name correctly, then don't even bother trying to pronounce it at all!" Ratchet: "Ron…" Mr. Fizzwidget: "So, what's the prognosis?" Ratchet: "We've accomplished our mission, sir. The Experiment is safe and in our possession." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Why that's cutaneous! Absolutely munificent! You guys are a galluptious team!" Kim: "Uh, is he…happy? He sounds like he is." Ratchet: "Yeah, he is." Clank: "We were glad to assist, sir." Ratchet: "We just need coordinates for our next rendezvous point." Ron: "Wait, next rendezvous point? Why can't he just meet us here?" Ratchet: "Are you sure you would prefer to stay here and wait for him?" Ron: "Um, you know what? No, what was I thinking?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Absolutely. I'm on my way to give a tour of Megacorp's historical mining site. Here's a little backtalk on the fragility."

They watched a historical documentary of the mining site. Clank: "Is that facility still operational, sir?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Alas, no, but it's steeped in hysterics. I've offloaded the condiments to your navel-computer." Ratchet: "We'll see you there."

The monitor turned off. Ratchet: "Ok, guys, let's get go-…"

Ratchet then noticed Kim and Ron having disturbed and appalled looks on their faces. Ratchet: "Um…guys? Are you…OK?" Kim: "Did…did that entire planet's rainforest get reduced to a barren, lifeless desert?" Ratchet: "Um…if what the documentary just mentioned was accurate, then yes, that's exactly what happened." Ron: "Dude, everything about that documentary was just sick and wrong." Ratchet: "What's the big fuss? It's just one planet." Clank: "Um, excuse me, but have you forgotten that their kind dwell on only one planet?" Ratchet: "Yeah, I know that, but your poi-? Oh! Right. They've known only one inhabitable planet their whole lives, so they take stuff like this very seriously. Uh…sorry, guys. I…I didn't mean it that way, really. Let's just…get over there and meet with Mr. Fizzwidget."

They eventually got back into the ship and left the frigid planet.

As they made their way to the next planet, Ron and Clank, within the back seats, had a very tough time managing the Experiment. Clank: "Ron, will you keep still?" Ron: "I'm trying, but it keeps jumping all over the place!"

Kim and Ratchet sat in the front seat with displeased looks on their faces as this was occurring. Kim had her arms folded throughout the entire pandemic behind them. Clank: "Here, let me…" Ron: "AH! Clank! What are you…!?" Clank: "Did I not ask you to keep still? I almost had…"

With each second, they were having much more of a hard time handling it. Clank: "Oh, no you…hey! What are you…"

They then heard Rufus' loud screeching. Ron: "AAHHH! RUFUS! STAY AWAY FROM RUFUS YOU…!" Clank: "Hold still, Ron, I almost…" Ron: "IT TRIED TO EAT RUFUS!"

Rufus' panicking babbles were heard. Clank: "There, there, Rufus, I will keep you safe."

They eventually heard the sound of Ron's pants tearing. Ron: "Aw, man! Again with the pants!? I just had these repaired!" Kim: "This is going to be one long flight." Ratchet: "You know something funny? We're almost there."

They then heard a biting sound afterwards. Ron: "AAHHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" Clank: "Oh, for crying out loud." Kim: "Unfortunately, almost isn't soon enough." Ratchet: "(sigh) I agree."

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