Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapter 4

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They eventually arrived at Planet Tabora. Shortly after landing, they spotted another ship arriving. Ratchet: "Hey! There's Mr. Fizzwidget."

Mr. Fizzwidget landed his ship directly on top of Ratchet's and completely wrecked it, which greatly surprised the group. Mr. Fizzwidget stepped out of his ship and stood in front of the group. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Hello, hello, yes, everything's fine, there was just a bit of debris on the landing pad." Kim: "Debris? That was Ratchet's ship!" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Don't worry about it, miss; it's ensured." Ron: "And I thought I was treated like trash." Mr. Fizzwidget: "So, do you have the, uh, delivery?"

Clank held out the Experiment. Clank: "Here it is, sir." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Terrifulous!" Ron: "My pants were wrecked 4 times trying to get that thing to you, Mr. Fizzwidget! You had better appreciate this!"

Clank handed the Experiment over to Mr. Fizzwidget. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Come, everyone, there is precious little time."

They got into his ship, they were about to take off. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Now then, how about some tunes?"

He pressed a button on his dashboard and ejected Ratchet and his friends out of his ship. Mr. Fizzwidget took off without a second thought.

They landed within a cave. Ron: "Hey! He did that on purpose!"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket, shaking his fist in anger directly at the sky above him as he babbled furiously. Ratchet: "Nah! He's just easily distracted." Kim: "I don't know. Something about this whole thing just doesn't seem right." Ratchet: "Come on, guys, let's try to find a way out of here."

They began their trek through the cave for a way out. There were vicious beasts everywhere, they seemed very tough and immensely durable, but they weren't anything that they couldn't handle. The journey through the cave was very long, but they were persevering, determined to find the cave's exit so they kept at it, stopping at nothing. However, they did stop one time when they noticed 2 glass cases, one containing a rock and another one containing a large wrench, much like Ratchet's weapon. Ron: "Hey, what are these glass cases doing here?" Kim: "Say, isn't that wrench like what you have, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Why yes it…" Ron: "Wait! Let me take a look at this, KP."

Ron took a closer look at the wrench in the glass case. Ron: "Hm…yes…yes it is. This thing does look a lot like your…wrench thing, Ratchet. Cool…a wrench weapon!" Clank: "Hm…" Kim: "What is it, Clank?" Clank: "There is a sign here. It says "In case of emergency, break glass with wrench"." Ron: "Do it, Ratchet!"

He was about to smash the glass with his wrench. Clank: "Hold on. There is another sign. It says "Use rock to break glass to get wrench to break glass to get rock." Ooh, I love logic puzzles. Let's see…if you break the glass with the…"

But Ratchet ended up breaking the glass case and took the other wrench. Ratchet: "Solved it."

He tossed his old wrench aside. Wade's vendor appeared and caught the wrench which was eventually transported. Everyone was surprised to see this. Kim: "Apparently, Wade's had his eye on that thing for quite some time." Ratchet: "He can have it."

After that brief incident, they continued their way through the cave. There were more monsters for them to fight but there weren't any tougher. Although, as they got closer to the exit, things seemed much more dangerous, but they were able to handle that as well.

Almost immediately after exiting, the Thief landed his ship and pointed his blaster at them. Thief: "You guys! Hand over the Experiment! Now!" Ratchet: "We can't do that."

The Thief got on top of his ship and continued pointing his blaster at them. Thief: "I'll give you to the count of 3." Ron: "Or what? You'll blast us with your…uh…blaster?" Thief: "One…Two…Thr-"

Just then, he tripped and fell off of his ship, his mask fell off directly in front of them. They looked over and were surprised with what they saw. The Thief was actually a female Lombax. Ratchet: "Whoa…he is…a she!" Ron: "Not only that, but she is uh…a Lombax! Just like you, Ratchet!" Kim: "Whoa, I never would have seen this coming."

The female Lombax got up and pointed her blaster at them. Lombax: "This changes nothing! Where's the Experiment?" Clank: "We have returned it to Mr. Fizzwidget."

She placed her hand on her forehead in frustration. Lombax: "Argh! Did you guys realize what you have just done? You've just put the entire galaxy in imminent danger!" Kim: "Wait! Imminent danger? What do you mean?" Lombax: "Look, I don't have time to explain any of this to you. If you guys want to fix any of this, then watch this video."

She switched on a nearby monitor, they watched a commercial for the Megacorp Testing Facility. It was soon finished. Kim: "Hm…what does a testing facility have to do with all of this?" Ron: "Not really sure; all I know is I've developed a sudden fear of toasters from that commercial. Although the Self-Wedgifying Underwear does look interesting." Kim: "Ron, focus!" Clank: "Perhaps we should investigate that testing facility." Ratchet: "That sounds like a good idea. Hey, can you give us a…"

But the Lombax had already taken off. Ron: "Wait! Aw, man! Now, how are going to get off of this miserable planet?" Ratchet: "Hm…we're going to need a new ship." Kim: "(sigh) Let's start looking for one."

They made their way to a base-like location of the planet's surface. There, they saw a strange man standing in front of Ratchet's wrecked ship. He seemed to be mediating. They looked at him in an awkward manner. Clank: "Um, hello, sir."

He opened his eyes and looked at them. Ron: "Who is this guy? Some sort of freaky guru person or something?" Ratchet: "Got me…wait a minute. That's my ship!" Guru: "Possession is an illusion. Do not all things belong to the cosmos?" Ratchet: "Um…no. I'm pretty sure that's mine." Guru: "This vessel suffers from wounded chi; only the power of the crystals can hope to heal it." Kim: "Um, crystals?" Guru: "Yes, crystals, like those found in the desert…beyond." Ron: "Is this guy for real?" Kim: "Not really sure, but we don't have anything better to do considering that we're stranded here without a ship." Ratchet: "Come on, let's go grab some crystals." Kim: "If we split up, we should be able to find a lot of them within a very short period of time." Ratchet: "Good idea, Kimberly. Let's do it."

They split up in different directions as they searched the entire desert. They spent an extensive amount of time searching for and collecting crystals; although the blistering heat didn't make it easier for any of them. Ron, however, took a lot longer and didn't collect as many crystals as everyone else since he had his pants shredded several times by the monsters that lurked in the desert.

They eventually returned to the strange guru and handed him all the crystals that they have collected. Guru: "Yes, the crystals are speaking to me with a single voice." Ron: "Seriously, what's with this guy?"

The guru began to meditate and, much to the group's surprise, the ship was levitated, it spun around and, from a strange, purple aura, was miraculously repaired then brought back down. Ron: "Whoa! That was awesome!" Ratchet: "OK, I have to admit, that was pretty impressive." Guru: "Hm…you, young missy." Kim: "Me?"

The guru walked up to Kim and observed her close. Ratchet seemed to be a bit on edge as he saw this take place. Guru: "I can sense a strong force in the cosmos has shattered something that is strongly connected to you; a vessel not from this region of the cosmos ripped to pieces by a dark force also not from this region of the cosmos. I believe I have had one of those pieces brought to me by lady fate herself."

He pulled out another piece of the space shuttle, Kim was greatly startled by this. Kim: "Yes! That's a piece of my dad's space shuttle! I need that back!"

The strange guru handed the shuttle piece to her. Ron: "OK, so that's how many of these pieces have we collected so far?" Kim: "I'm not really sure, but we need to keep searching for the rest of them if we hope to put a stop to Drakken and Shego." Ratchet: "Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let's get off of this planet." Clank: "Yes, let us leave posthaste." Ron: "Finally! I've been wanting get off this planet since we got here!" Kim: "So did I."

They got back into the ship and took off immediately.

They flew through space on route to their next planet. Ratchet: "Hey, Kimberly, see if you can find anything worth watching." Kim: "OK, Ratchet. Now, let's see…"

She flipped through the channels. Just then, something immediately startled her. On the screen was another part of the documentary of Captain Qwark on "Behind the Hero". He was apparently being charged with a debt of 6 billion bolts to consumers suffering from the nasty side effects of his Personal Hygenator, or Personal Hygenator Syndrome as it was being called. He fled to the tropical planet of Pokitaru then was arrested 2 days afterwards and thrown in jail. But then he managed to escape by somehow flushing himself down the toilet. Kim: "Ew! That idiot flushed himself down the toilet? That is so gross!" Ron: "Not to mention impossible! How was he able to fit his massive body through those pipes?" Clank: "It is probably best not to think about it, Ron." Rufus: "Ew! Yuck!" Ratchet: "He was such a nut. Surprisingly, I almost miss that guy sometimes, but…he had what was coming to him." Clank: "Hm, quite right."

After a long flight, they eventually arrived at their next destination: Planet Dobbo. They landed at the Megacorp Testing Facility and got out of the ship. Kim: "Come on, let's go find out why that female Lombax wanted us to find here."

They hurried further into the area.

They fought through many of the facility's robots, who didn't exactly provide them with a friendly welcome. Thankfully, they were able to hold their own against them, except for Ron. However, it didn't take them long before they ran into Lilo and Stitch again. Ratchet: "Lilo? Stitch? You guys also came here?" Lilo: "Hello again. Stitch and I tracked a few of our Experiments here and we have been trying to find them." Stitch: "Ih!" Clank: "Perhaps we can be of assistance to you and Stitch again, Miss Lilo." Lilo: "We would be greatly appreciative for that, you guys." Stitch: "Ih! Mahalo!" Ratchet: "So, do you have any ideas what kinds of things these Experiments can do?"

Then without warning, he was hit by a water ball. Ratchet: "Hey! What that…!?"

Kim spotted something almost immediately. Kim: "There!"

They looked over and spotted a small, blue creature nearby. It was chuckling at them in a mocking manner. Stitch: "(growl) Cousin!" Lilo: "That's Experiment 193. It can throw water balls at people."

It tossed more water balls at them. Stitch: "Kaba! Kaba, kaba, kaba!" Lilo: "You said it, Stitch!"

Kim pulled out a containment field and tossed it as the Experiment, containing it completely. Kim: "Yes! Got it!" Ratchet: "Great job, Kimberly!" Kim: "No big, but there are more of them here, right, Lilo?" Lilo: "Yes, they should be somewhere around here, but I don't know where they are, exactly." Ratchet: "Then let's go and find them all." Clank: "Yes, before they cause any more trouble here."

They ran off in different directions throughout the entire area.

They were each separated into different groups as they searched for each of the Experiments that were loose throughout the entire area. Ratchet, along with Kim, found Experiment 380, who can shoot any incoming projectiles with her laser eye beams. Ratchet could not use his weapon because of this, but Kim was able to handle it with her special skills. Ratchet was very impressed by this.

Clank dealt with Experiment 005, who can lift heavy objects. It was tough for him, but he was able to handle it with the help of several other robot companions.

Elsewhere, both Lilo and Stitch were able to seek out and handle 2 ice producing Experiments: 408 and 556. Stitch's special skills were especially very, handy in dealing with both of them.

Ron was left to take care of Experiment 575, who can attract objects with its magnet-like ears, to which it used to pull off Ron's pants, much to his irritation. It taunted him by keeping his pants away from him as he tried to get them back, but Rufus was able to jump out and knock it down. From there, Ron was able to get his pants back.

After they were able to apprehend all of the Experiments within the area, they regrouped with each other. Lilo: "Mahalo again for helping to round up more of Stitch's cousins." Kim: "The pleasure was all ours, Lilo." Clank: "By the way, how many of these Experiments of yours are there?" Lilo: "626." Ratchet: "What!? 626 Experiment!?" Lilo: "Yes, that's exactly right." Clank: "And you did mention to us that your Stitch is Experiment 626?" Lilo: "Yep, he was genetically modified to cause a lot of chaos, but he has been rehabilitated and is now good." Stitch: "Ih! Naga bad, Stitch good now." Lilo: "We plan on finding all of Stitch's cousins so that we can rehabilitate them and help them find something in which their unique traits can make them happy as well as everyone else, or as I call it, their One True Place." Ratchet: "Wow, that sounds really amazing, Lilo." Clank: "But can you truly be able to rehabilitate all of these Experiments? 626 is not exactly a minute number, you know." Lilo: "True, but I believe it's possible. We have already found some of them so far. We obviously have a long way to go, but we must keep at it no matter what." Stitch: "Ih! Absolutely!" Clank: "Well, then you continue at it, you 2, I also believe that you can do it." Ratchet: "So do I." Lilo: "Thanks. Now then, we'll be waiting for our ride now. If you need anything from us, come and talk to us and we will do whatever we can to help you." Stitch: "Ih! Bye now."

Lilo and Stitch went off. Ratchet: "OK, let's keep looking around this place for any important clues." Kim: "OK."

They went on their way and kept on going. As they kept on through the entire facility, a signal on the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out to check on it. Kim: "Hm…" Ratchet: "What is it, Kimberly? Are you picking up on another piece of your dad's space shuttle?" Kim: "Yes, but…for some reason…the signal is very faint. Wade, come in."

Wade showed up on the Kimmunicator again. Wade: "Yeah, Kim?" Kim: "I've just picked up on another one of the shuttle pieces but it seems to be giving off a very faint signal. Do you have any ideas why?" Wade: "Not really sure, I'll look into it." Kim: "OK, then, in the meantime, let's continue looking around for clues."

They continued on the search through the entire area. Within a few moments of their search, they eventually came across an unusual, muscle-bound, wrestler-type guy who is also a mix of a smart person. They had no idea what to make of the guy. Kim: "Um, excuse me, uh…sir?" Guy: "Hey! Nobody, I mean nobody, gets by the Mathematician!" Ron: "The Mathematician? You've got to be kidding me! That is the most ridiculous wrestler name I have ever heard!" Mathematician: "Hey! Watch your mouth, Zero, before the Mathematician subtracts your head from your shoulders!" Ron: "I've never heard math be used in such a threatening manner." Clank: "Perhaps you should let me handle this, Ron. Um, sir, as a fellow number cruncher, could I ask what this is all about?" Mathematician: "That moon up there is where we divide losers from winners before adding 'em to the Megacorp Games. In fact, there's a challenger up there who would reduce you to nothin!" Kim: "I wouldn't be too sure about that. Any ideas on how we would get up there?" Ron: "Maybe Ratchet can fly us up there on his ship and…" Clank: "I have a better idea."

Clank walked up to a circular platform. Clank: "Hm…yes…this technology looks familiar. Perhaps I could…"

He stepped on to the platform and transformed into a massive sized robot directly in front of the others. Ron: "Whoa! Cool! You're a massive robot now!" Ratchet: "You think you can get us to that moon?"

Suddenly, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Wade: "Kim, I just traced the signal from that shuttle piece, it's coming directly from that alien moon." Kim: "Wow, I wasn't expecting this." Ratchet: "Then we'll need to get there now. Shall we, Kimberly?" Kim: "Certainly. Let's go, Ratchet."

Kim walked toward Clank with Ratchet. Ron: "Hey, what about me?" Ratchet: "You stay here, Ron, we'll be back shortly." Ron: "What? Stay here? With Muscly Math-puns McGee?" Kim: "Sorry, Ron, you don't have a space helmet so you're not able to come with us. Maybe you can keep Wade company."

Kim tossed him the Kimmunicator. She and Ratchet climbed on to Clank's back. Ratchet: "Let's go, buddy."

They then took off. Ron watched his friends left for the moon, then turned his head towards the Mathematician, who looked down at him with a nasty scowl on his face. Ron smiled and chuckled nervously turned his head and pouted almost as though he was about to cry. Ron: "Oh…I want my Nacos."

Kim and Ratchet flew on Clank through space. They eventually were able to arrive on the moon after the brief flight. Immediately after landing, they spotted the Thugs-4-Less leader in a giant robot of his own. Ratchet: "Hey! Remember us?" Thug Leader: "What? You? Yous guys are going down!" Kim: "Oh, I sincerely doubt that." Ratchet: "Get 'em, Clank!"

Clank fought against the thug leader in an intense battle of massive proportions. The thug leader brought forth a lot of smack talk, but Clank really put up a good fight against him. The massive might of Clank's massive sized body was more than enough to match the might of the massive smack talk coming from his opponent. The thug leaderr was eventually defeated and his robot mecha exploded. Thug Leader: "Don't think you've won! I'll get you even if it's the last thing I do!"

He took off. Kim: "Look!"

They spotted another piece of the shuttle not far from where they stood. Clank grabbed it and handed it over to Kim. Ratchet: "Alright! Another piece down! Good work, buddy." Kim: "Let's head back to the planet."

And with that, they made their way back.

As soon as they landed, Kim and Ratchet climbed off of Clank before he returned to his normal size. They went back towards Ron. Ron: "So, how did it go?" Kim: "It was a little rough, but we brought our massive opponent down very easily. So not the drama." Ron: "Great, now let's get out of here before Math Muscles over here does any more…" Mathematician: "Divide and conquer, huh? Hey, guess you guys were prime after all." Kim: "Like I said, so not the drama."

Ron handed the Kimmunicator back to Kim. Mathematician: "You're going to the Megacorp Games!"

He showed them a footage of what was in store for them at the Mega Corp Games taking place on another planet. The Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it immediately. Wade: "Kim, I've just picked up a signal from another piece of your dad's shuttle directly from those coordinates." Kim: "OK, so we'll need to head over there. Um…should we leave now or do we need to stay here and continue searching for clues regarding the Experiment?" Ratchet: "Well…since collecting those shuttle pieces is important to you, than it's important to me, too. Let's head over there now. We can come back here and continue searching. I don't see why we can't." Kim: "OK, let's go then."

They rushed back to the ship as fast as they could, got back in it and flew off.

Meanwhile, the thug leader was chatting on the phone. Thug Leader: "Thug-4-Less. Pay for 6 hits and the seventh is free."

He listened to what the person on the other end. Thug Leader: "You want us to what?"

He continued listening. Thug Leader: "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. That'd be an unethical contrast of interest."

The person on the other end talked some more. Thug Leader: "What kind of scum do you think we are?"

The other person talked to him again as he held the phone out away from himself. Thug Leader: "Say, that is a lot of bolts. Well, since you put it that way, I suppose we could…uh…undo our previous obligation."

The person on the other end talked to him one more time. Thug Leader: "Excellent, sir. Thank you for choosing…(switching over to the other end of the phone) Thugs-4-Less." Drakken: "Oh, no, the pleasure is all mine."

Elsewhere, Ratchet and the others arrived on the next planet: Joba. They got out as soon as they landed. Kim then looked out at the scenery. Ratchet looked towards her then walked up to her side. Ron and Clank looked out at them from where they stood. Kim: "Wow, this planet sure is beautiful." Ratchet: "Yeah…I agree. Everything here does look quite lovely." Kim: "You know, as we fly to these many different planets, I have become fascinated with the scenery of these alien worlds as well as outer space and so many other things involving them. It's…all of it is so amazing. To travel through space, visit many planets, take in all of this in; it's a huge reminder of how much we have been missing out on from living on just 1 planet. And now, I can't believe I actually have the chance to experience all of this; something that I never thought I would do." Ratchet: "Yeah, you did tell me once that stuff like this has always been like a dream to your kind. Perhaps you would like to come back here after we have finished with taking care of everything, just the two of us. We can spend a lot of that time just staring out at the stars or taking in all of this scenery or anything else you would love to do." Kim: "You know what? That will definitely be on my list of places I want to revisit. I would love to come back here with you as well as go to so many other places. It would be so…um…well…"

They turned their eyes away from each other for a few moments as they both has some feelings of uncertainty towards each other then looked back towards each other and smiled. Ron: "You know exactly what they're thinking right now, don't you?" Clank: "There is no doubt in my mind of what it is that is running through their heads right now. It seems as though they are somewhat in denial and are making many strides to hold back any signs of this notion but they are taking some recognition towards their feelings for each other." Ron: "You know what? I thought of this as very strange at first but I'm really beginning to see how close they are to each other and I've grown use to that. Why can't they just come out and let their feelings out already? They know they want to." Clank: "These kinds of things can be…complex. To express what is in one's own heart, there is no telling what the outcome could be, even if we do believe we know how things will turn out. Give them some time, Ron; they will openly express what they feel for each other." Ratchet: "Come on, Kimberly. Let's start looking for where that shuttle piece could be." Kim: "I'm with you."

They walked back towards Ron and Clank. They then walked along the entrance to the area. Soon enough, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim pulled it out. Kim: "What's the sitch, Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I've been looking into the shuttle piece on that planet and I have found that there is a complex system set up to reaching it." Kim: "What do you mean?" Wade: "I mean…"

He pressed 2 keys on his keyboard, displaying one image after another of the different areas of the planet as he continued talking. Wade: "That shuttle piece is locked behind an impenetrable, titanium enforced steel door. No weapon in the universe that has been made so far would be able to penetrate it. No firearms, no explosives, nothing." Ratchet: "So, how are we going to be able to retrieve that shuttle piece from behind that door?" Wade: "The only way to open it is with 2 keys and, get this; each one is featured as a prize for 2 events being held on that planet: the arena battles and the bikers' races. You'll need to win both events in order to get that door open." Kim: "So, then we to just enter the arena battles and the biker races, win both keys from both games and then find and open that fortified door? Sounds easy enough." Wade: "There's just one problem: I can't find the door." Ratchet: "What? You can't find where this door is?" Clank: "Is there a specific reason as to why you are unable to locate it, Wade? Did you try locating it via the signal from the shuttle piece?" Wade: "I've tried that, but no such luck. There seems to be some sort of jamming signal from that shuttle piece. I am able to track it on the planet, but I can't seem to pinpoint its exact location. But from what I have found out, it didn't come to me as a surprise." Ratchet: "What do you mean?" Wade: "Well, according to this intel that I have been looking into, locating that door is part of the challenge. They have that jamming single there to disrupt any attempts to track it down with any technological devices. They obviously did that to make everyone participating in this challenge to look for it themselves. Sorry, guys, I would love to help you out with this, but you're on your own with finding exactly where that door is." Ratchet: "That's OK, Wade, what you have provided for us was more than helpful. We should be able to figure out the rest by ourselves just fine."

Kim hung up the Kimmunicator. Kim: "OK, then, Clank, Ratchet and I will head over and take on these challenges. Ron, you go look for that door and here, take this with you."

She handed the Kimmunicator back over to Ron. Kim: "You may need Wade's help more than we do." Ron: "Be careful, KP; there's no telling what will happen to you guys." Ratchet: "I would be more worried about you." Clank: "Best of luck to you, Ron." Ron: "Thanks. Same to you guys."

Ron ran off from the group while Kim, Ratchet and Clank rushed off in another direction.

Kim, Ratchet and Clank found themselves fighting their way through many fierce native marauders and their beasts. It was one very tough fight after another and things just kept getting tougher for them with every step. Kim: "I sure hope Ron has better luck with finding that door."

Just then, Wade's vendor appeared again. A holographic screen appeared above it, displaying an image of Wade, himself. The group was greatly surprised by this. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I didn't know you handed the Kimmunicator over to Ron until just now. Good thing I built this COM link into my vendor." Ratchet: "Uh, hey, Wade. What's the…sitch…?" Wade: "I just built a new gadget for Kim; thought I might transport it to you guys now."

Transporting from the vendor were 2 hand guard-like items. Kim grabbed both them and looked at them more closely. Wade: "I call them Combat Gloves. They're suppose to help with increasing your strength, thereby aiding you with combating enemies better. In addition to that, they contain a highly advanced, extremely durable cushion, so they're also impact resistant." Kim: "So thing is built to deter all forms of pain and soreness within both of my hands and arms?" Wade: "Including tennis elbow." Kim: "Way to go, Wade. You still rock." Wade: "Well…you partially have Ratchet to thank for that." Ratchet: "Me? How come?" Wade: "Some of the inspiration used for building those gloves came from your old wrench. Had you not let me take it, this project would have taken a lot longer to complete, if not at all." Ratchet: "Uh, glad I was able to…help." Kim: "Well, regardless, you rock, Wade. You too, Ratchet."

He smiled at her. Clank: "Um, should we not be attaining towards reaching those challenges?" Kim: "Oh, right, break time's over, boys. Let's keep moving."

Kim rushed off. Ratchet stood beside Clank, looking out towards Kim in admiration while smiling with his hands on his hip. Ratchet: "I tell you something, Clank. I sometimes amaze myself with how much I have made her happy." Clank: "Hm…I find absolutely no misconceptions to that notion, although, I have reason to believe that…um…"

Ratchet looked over to Clank in a confused manner. Ratchet: "Yes, Clank?" Clank: "Uh…no…it is nothing. Do not show any concerns for it. It is something that I believe you and Miss Possible need to figure out on your own. Shall we be going?"

Clank rushed off. Ratchet still stood by, confused. Ratchet: "Uh…what…what were you talking about, Clank? Clank? Hey wait! Clank!"

He rushed after Clank. Ratchet: "Clank, what were you just about to say? Clank!"

They continued on the trail and fought through more tough enemies, which was much, much easier for Kim to deal with now that she has received her new gadgets. They kept on the train until they arrived at a balcony and what appeared to be a dead end. Ratchet: "Great. So now what?" Kim: "Wade, are you still there?"

Wade's vendor reappeared, displaying his image again. Wade: "Yeah, Kim. What's up?" Kim: "We seemed to have reached a dead end. Can you at least give us any info. on how much further we are to one of the challenges?"

Wade checked on his computer for a brief moment. Wade: "Not too far. Just one quick flight South East of your current location and you should be at the Battle Arena." Kim: "Check, we'll head over there now."

Kim then activated her jet-pack, which greatly surprised both Ratchet and Clank. Ratchet: "Whoa! You have a jet-pack!?" Kim: "Yep, comes with wings and the works."

The jet pack then placed a helmet on Kim's head. Ratchet: "It even puts your helmet on you automatically." Kim: "Yep, pretty neat, huh?" Ratchet: "Kimberly, you're magnificent; absolutely magnificent." Kim: "Uh, no big, Ratchet. Let's fly."

She grabbed on to Ratchet as Clank jumped on to her back and they flew off. As they were flying, the jet-pack suddenly begins to malfunction. They were about to lose altitude. Ratchet: "Wha-what's going on!?" Kim: "I don't know! There seems to be something wrong with the jet-pack. Sorry, boys, I'm going to have to make an emergency landing."

She landed on top of a nearby structure and let go of Ratchet as Clank detached himself from her jumped off. Kim: "Wade!"

The vendor reappeared with Wade's image. Wade: "Yeah, Kim?" Kim: "There's something wrong with the jet-pack. I was breaking down as we were attempting to fly to the arena." Wade: "Hm…that's strange. That shouldn't have happened. I'll run a full diagnostic on it." Kim: "Thanks, Wade."

The vendor deactivated. Kim: "Sorry, guys, this must be a huge disappointment to both of you." Ratchet: "Don't worry about it, Kimberly. I'm sure we'll be able to figure out what went wrong." Clank: "But we still need to get to that arena." Ratchet: "I know that. We're just…going to need to find another way up there."

Just then, a shady lizard man appeared before them on a hovering vehicle. Shady Guy: "Hey, yous guys going to the games?" Ratchet: "Yeah, what's it to ya?" Shady Guy: "Whoa! Take it easy there, chief! I ain't lookin for no trouble, just an honest man lookin to make an honest buck." Clank: "I sincerely doubt that." Kim: "Uh, who is this creep?" Ratchet: "Just some guy Clank and I ran into during our previous adventure. I'm not even going to bother wasting my time on introductions with this guy." Shady Guy: "Hey, I ain't the one tryin to get into a sold out arena."

He pulled out a set of large wings from behind his back and showed it to them. Shady Guy: "You're going to need this Levitator to get in there. What say you? Will ya spare a few bolts for it?" Kim: "What do you think? Should we trust him?" Ratchet: "I don't think we have a choice in the matter."

And with that, Ratchet accepted the offer and received the full package. Shady Guy: "Nice doin business with you again. Time for me to…uh…relocate."

The shady guy went off, Ratchet read a pamphlet that came with the wings. Ratchet: "Hm…the instructions are in Blargian…"

He continued reading. Kim: "Oh, no, I hope this wasn't a mistake." Clank: "Uh, goodbye."

Clank tried to run off, but Ratchet stopped him as he continued reading. Just then, he tossed the pamphlet aside and immediately started working on Clank. Kim watched in amazement as Ratchet assembled the newly acquired Levitator on to him. With all of the modifications complete, Clank now had a new set of wings. Clank: "You do have skill." Ratchet: "You know it." Kim: "Uh, forget what you said about me. You're magnificent, Ratchet." Ratchet: "No need to give back the compliment, Kimberly, but I do appreciate that. Now let's fly."

He grabbed on to Kim and flew up towards the arena with a Levitator-modified Clank.

They soon arrived at the arena. Ratchet let go of Kim. Kim: "Alright, we're here, now let's go get that key." Clank: "Hm…I wonder if Ron has managed to find that door." Ratchet: "We'll worry about that later. Right now, we just need to focus on fighting through the battles within the arena until we get that first key." Kim: "OK, then, let's do it."

They rushed into the entrance to the arena. There, they were greeted by an announcer who knew about Kim and Ratchet, even knew their names, but didn't know Clank very well, or at all for that matter. As he announced for the games to begin, Kim and Ratchet were both primed for battle.

It was one fierce battle after another. Enemies came at them at ever corner relentlessly to which seemed as though there was no end to their persistence. Kim was able to hold her own in the battles a lot better than before with her new Combat Gloves.

After the first set of battles was won, Ratchet was able to obtain a new set of shoes known as the Gravity Boots, which would enable him to latch on to and walk on walls. Wade: "Kim, Ratchet, Clank. I need to speak with you guys. Would it be possible for you to take an intermission from each of your battles?" Kim: "Certainly. We can totally take 5 before going back into the fights."

They stepped out of the arena and spoke to Wade via his vendor. Kim: "What is it, Wade? Do you have any more intel to provide us?" Wade: "That and so much more. First off, I just finished looking into the issues involving the jet-pack. Turns out there was a weight capacity issue." Ratchet: "Uh…weight capacity?" Wade: "Yeah, apparently all 3 of you were too heavy for the jet-pack to hold up, so it just broke down." Kim: "Hm…I never actually thought that this would be an issue." Wade: "Actually, it wasn't supposed to be. That jet-pack should be able to hold up a lot more than that. Maybe it just needs some maintenance work. I'll need to look into it some more. In the meantime, I need to get you ready for the next set of battles and it involves something that I've been wanting to give you for quite some time. It's nearly complete, but I just need one more component to this and I should be able to get that from those boots that Ratchet just won." Ratchet: "What? These? Sure, take all the time you need." Wade: "Thanks, this should be too long."

Wade spent a very short period of time examining the Gravity Boot then a little more. After that, he began working on his project. Wade: "OK, done, I'm sending my latest project to you right now."

Transported from the vendor was an interesting pair of attachments for Kim's shoes. Wade: "These are specialized attachments to your feet that are the footwear equivalence of your Combat Gloves. I call them Combat Kicks. They should also include the same functions as the Gravity Boots. You can now take part in those cage matches with Ratchet." Kim: "Oh, Wade, you continue to rock. Oh! And same with you, Ratchet. You are just amazing."

Ratchet smiled at her again.

They returned into the arena and sure enough, they took on a cage match, which was a massive circular wall high above them within the arena. With the help of Ratchet's new Gravity Boots and Kim's new Combat Kicks, they were able to latch on to the massive circular wall. The battles within the cage match were very tough with one battle after another. The enemies had shown to be fierce, relentless and nasty but the duo was able to handle them. The sets of battles were indeed very tough, with each one more difficult than the last, but they were shown to be very enduring, even more so than their enemies and they eventually won.

They returned to the ground. Shortly afterwards, they just stood by as nothing was happening. Kim: "Uh… weren't we suppose to be winning something right about now?"

Ratchet looked around for a bit. Ratchet: "Hm…something doesn't feel right. What is going on?" Shego: "Oh, I'll tell you what's going on."

They both became very surprised to see Shego standing before them. Kim: "Shego?" Shego: "Well, hello, Kimmie and Ratchet. Don't you 2 look positively adorable?" Ratchet: "What are you doing here, Shego?" Shego: "Shouldn't it be obvious? You want to win a key to open some door containing a piece of Dr. Possible's space shuttle. I'm here to prevent you from collecting all of those pieces. So, in short, I came here to make sure you don't win that key." Kim: "If you think that you are going to stop us that easily, then you have clearly undervalued us as well as overemphasized on yourself. Have you not forgotten who holds the record for the most wins?" Shego: "Of course not; the scars on my pride remind me of that constantly, but I assure you that I will even that all up quite nicely." Kim: "We'll see about that, Shego." Ratchet: "Bring it on, she-witch! Kimberly and I won't lose to you!"

They began their fierce fight against Shego. She has shown to be a very fierce opponent to the both of them. Every now and again, she would give off a lot of smack talk to the both of them. The fight went on for quite some time as Shego was shown to be very difficult to take down this time. They were eventually able to defeat her bring her to her knees.

From that win, Kim noticed the first of 2 key gently float down into her hand. Shego got herself back up. Shego: "Go ahead! Take that key! Take back your daddy's space station! It won't matter once this is all over. I'm pretty sure I've provided Drakken all the time he needs to complete his plans."

She then gave off a very nasty sneer. Shego: "And this galaxy has edged it way closer to the worst disaster these people will ever experience. Let's see if you will be able to put an end to both catastrophes."

She ran off. Kim stood by idly as they tried to take in what Shego just told them. Kim: "Does she know something about this terrible danger that could happen to this galaxy?" Ratchet: "Don't let her get to you. Whatever is bound to happen here, we will put a stop to it, and the same goes for what Drakken and Shego are planning to do with your dad's space station. We're going to stop them. We can do it, Kimberly. We will put an end to all of this. I promise you."

They exited the arena with the first key in their possession. Ratchet: "Alright, that's one key down. Now need just need to go for the other." Kim: "I wonder how Ron is doing right now."

At that moment, Wade's vendor reappeared and projected his image again. Wade: "Kim!" Kim: "Hey, Wade, what's the sitch?" Wade: "Uh, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is Ron has found the door." Kim: "Really? That's great!" Ratchet: "But what's the bad news?" Wade: "The bad news is he had a run in with some trouble." Ratchet: "Oh, of course. That's seems very typical of him." Wade: "Um, if it's any consolation, at least his pants are still holding up well this time." Ratchet: "Yeah, let's see how long that lasts." Clank: "Does he need us to go over and help him?" Wade: "Well, at the moment, he needs you to collect those keys. He said not to worry about him and that he can handle this." Kim: "Huh, I've heard that before." Ratchet: "Come on, let's hurry over to the next challenge."

They rushed off as fast as they could. They eventually arrived at the hover bike race. There, they met with another member of the Desert Riders. Kim: "Um…hello…uh…DR biker…we were…uh, wondering…" DR Biker: "Hey!"

He grabbed Clank by the small antenna on the top of his head, lifted him off the ground and examined him more closely. DR Biker: "Nice finish on that chrome. You buff this thing out yourself?" Clank: "I handle my own buffing, sir."

The biker then put him back on the ground. DR Biker: "Oh! Sorry, little man. I thought you were a crankshaft."

He then pulled out a pair of pink, girlish glasses from his jacket. DR Biker: "Can't see my own hand in front of me without these."

He put them on. Kim: "Uh…no big." Ratchet: "So, anyway, how do I enter the big race?" DR Biker: "Well, you got the helmet, right? You're in. Easy peasy. The prize is some kinda key to some special door. I bet there are some riches behind that door." Kim: "OK, Ratchet, you go enter the race, I'll go find and back up Ron." Ratchet: "Be careful, Kimberly." Kim: "You, too."

She rushed off while Ratchet entered the race. The race itself was much tougher than the previous one. There were more dangers and much, more nasty surprises. The bikers were especially much more fierce and relentless as well as more nasty than possibly their bad breaths. Despite everything around that could intimidate anyone, Ratchet handled the race. There were a few close calls; much, much more than last time as to be expected, but he was able to out best his competition and win the race without flinching even once.

He arrived back and met up with the biker, who was hold the last key. DR Biker: "Dang! I wanted to win this key; I would have loved to have what's behind that door. Aw, well."

He tossed the key over to Ratchet. DR Biker: "You've earned it fair and square." Ratchet: "We've got the second key, now let's go find Kimberly and Ron."

He ran off with Clank.

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