Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapter 6

Chapter 6-The Protopet Mess

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They kept on their way, fighting off more robots through another corridor. They were eventually able reach the hanger bay where they reunited with Clank. Ron: "Clank! Where have you been?" Ratchet: "Did you manage to run into your little friend?" Clank: "I do not know what you mean."

Ratchet smiled at him in a somewhat mocking manner. Kim and Ron were confused. Ron: "Uh…little friend?" Ratchet: "Oh, just an admirer of Clank's. She helped us to escape." Kim: "OK…so what now?"

They looked around for a bit. Just then, Ron noticed something. Ron: "Hey, Ratchet, is that your ship over there?"

Looked over and also noticed Ratchet's ship, encased in a force field. Ratchet: "Dang it! They impounded my ship!" Ron: "Really? It doesn't look like it was flattened to me." Kim: "No, Ron, impound means to take something and encase it. You know, as in confiscating?" Ron: "Oh, right. Wait! If the ship is encased in that force field, then that means…aw, man! We're still stuck here!" Ratchet: "Yeah, obviously we are, Ron!" Clank: "We are going to need to deactivate that force field if we ever hope to leave this place, unfortunately. How we are able to do that, I am unsure." Ron: "So how will we?" Kim: "Hm…"

She pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, come in." Wade: "Kim? Thank goodness you're OK! I was worried about you! Where are you guys now?" Kim: "We're aboard the flying lab that Ratchet and I were on during the start of this mission. It's been taken over by Thugs-4-Less and converted into a prison. We were a few of its prisoners." Ron: "Uh, were?" Kim: "Oh and the Thugs-4-Less were bought out by Drakken, who is now working with Mr. Fizzwidget and Megacorp." Wade: "Wow, the bad news just keeps piling up." Ratchet: "Tell us something we don't know, Wade." Wade: "Well, if you guys are hoping to hear some good news, then you're in luck. I have been working on a few new gadgets that may help you guys out. Ratchet, I've looked into upgrading your wrench. I was researching the one that you lent to me and have found that I can incorporate a stronger, denser metal. I will need to have you send your other wrench so I can look into that in exchange for your old wrench." Ratchet: "Um, OK, I can do that."

Wade's vendor reappeared; Ratchet placed his current wrench into the vendor. It was swapped out for his old wrench. He pulled it out of the vendor. Wade looked into the other wrench. Wade: "Hm… interesting, the metal from this wrench is surprisingly more durable. But the molecular structure seems a lot more advanced. I'll need to research on this some more. In the meantime, I should tell you about the modifications that I have done with your old wrench. It should be much stronger than it was before. You'll notice it once you actually start using it. I think you'll be impressed by the results." Ratchet: "I'll take your word for it. Thanks again, Wade, you rock."

Wade smiled. Kim: "So, Wade, any indications on where Drakken and Shego could be? They stole that container with all of the shuttle pieces that I've collected." Wade: "What? They've stolen every single piece of that space shuttle that we've collected!? Why didn't you tell me sooner!?" Kim: "Because finding Ron was more important at the time. Besides, I'm not worried about finding those 2; we can handle that just fine." Wade: "Well…I wouldn't be too sure about that. I can't seem to find Shego anywhere, although I am able to pinpoint that Drakken is still on the large vessel." Ratchet: "Let's go find him!" Kim: "Point us in the right direction." Wade: "He's due North. Take the first door on the left." Kim: "Got it! Let's go."

They rushed towards that door as fast as they could and ran in.

They arrived within another corridor and navigated themselves through. They faced off against more robots; however, there was something different about them. Kim: "Hm…the designs of these robots seem familiar…could they be some of Drakken's designs?" Ron: "I would think so; they look a lot like the kind that we have faced off against many times in the past."

Along the way, they ran into Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Lilo? Stitch? What are you doing here? No, wait, don't tell me, you're looking for another one of your Experiments, aren't you?" Lilo: "Yep, that's exactly right." Stitch: "Ih!" Lilo: "But we just lost sight of it, maybe you can help us find it?" Kim: "Sure. Perhaps we can help each other out again." Lilo: "Sounds good to me." Stitch: "Okie-taka!"

Just then, they heard a loud crashing noise. Ratchet: "What was that!?" Kim: "It sounded like it came from behind that door!" Ratchet: "Let's go."

They rushed through the nearby door almost immediately. When they ran through, they were shocked to find that the corridor had its floors completely destroyed, crumbling into a large lava pit below. They looked outward and spotted Drakken on another hover vehicle, laughing maniacally. He became startled immediately after spotting them. Stitch: "(growl) Drakken!"

Drakken flew off on his vehicle. Ratchet: "Come on, we can't let him get away!"

Kim and Ratchet, with the use of their flying equipment, flew across the lava pit while carrying Ron and Lilo. Stitch crawled on the walls. They made their chase with Drakken as they flew through the corridor. He made many attempts to lose them with a few devices such as explosives and even tossed out some of his own robots at them, but they didn't stop them. They fought him as they chased him down. Stitch sometimes jumped into his vehicle and lashed out at him in a vicious manner, but Drakken would sometimes toss him out, with him either latching back on the walls or being caught by Kim or Ratchet or sometimes even both. They were eventually able to bring him down. His flying vehicle fell near the very end of the corridor where he jumped out of his it, it fell into the lava pit. He was able to land on some of the flooring that hadn't been blown up. Ratchet and the others caught up to him and eventually cornered him. Ratchet: "End of the line, Drakken! There's no where left to run!" Clank: "Please hand over the pieces of Dr. Possible's space shuttle that you have taken from Miss Possible and you will not be harmed." Drakken: "(groan) Fine!"

He pulled out the container and tossed it towards Kim. Drakken: "Take it!"

Kim was able to catch it with ease. Drakken: "It won't matter, anyway. The last of my plans are nearly complete. Soon, I will unlock all of the secrets of the Impossible Space Station of the Future and then all of Earth will bow down before the might of Dr. Drakken!" Lilo: "Not if we have anything to say about it, you bad man!"

Just then, they heard something blast through a nearby door. Stepping out from it was Shego. Drakken: "There you are! What took you so long to get here?" Shego: "Sorry, I was getting the few final materials from that geezer. I don't even know how Mr. Brainless and Senile is even able to run such a large corporation the way he is. He makes you look like an actual genius." Drakken: "Let's just get back to the ISSF already, Shego." Shego: "Fine with me."

She then summoned a huge amount of energy from her hands then tossed it on the ground, creating a huge flash that blinded everyone. Drakken: "(laugh) Farewell, Kim Possible! The next time we meet, the Earth shall be mine!"

When the flash had subsided, Drakken and Shego were already gone. Ratchet: "(growl) They got away again." Kim: "Don't worry, we'll get them. I'll see to it that they won't succeed on their plans."

Soon enough, they arrived within a small room. Ratchet: "Thanks for helping us out with chasing down that Drakken, guys." Lilo: "No need to thank us; the pleasure was all ours." Stitch: "Ih!" Clank: "By the way, how is it that you know that horrible brute?" Lilo: "A while back, Drakken snatched away Stitch because he was asked to do it by our enemy, Dr. Hamsterviel." Kim: "I remember that. It was another mission that Ron and I were called into." Ratchet: "Is that how you met Lilo and Stitch?" Kim: "Yep, that's exactly right." Lilo: "Kim and I were able to rescue Stitch from that horrible man and green lady." Stitch: "Ih! Drakken did bad things to Stitch, so Stitch wanted to get even." Ratchet: "Huh, glad to hear that we share the same resentment with that guy. (laugh)"

Suddenly, he started shivering. Ratchet: "Did it just get cold in here?" Kim: "(shivering) I'm…I'm st-st-st-starting to f-f-feel it, t-too." Ron: "(shivering) Wh-wh-what is g-g-going on here?" Clank: "(shivering) M-m-m-m-maybe the cl-cl-climate c-controls on this sh-sh-sh-sh-ship is mal-malfunctioning…"

Kim then spotted something. Kim: "Hey! Look!"

They looked up and spotted another strange creature. Lilo: "It…it's e-e-experiment 012! No-no wonder it got c-cold in here." Kim: "Let me handle this."

She pulled out another containment field and tossed it at the Experiment, containing it completely. The room warmed up as the Experiment was pulled towards them. Everyone stopped shivering. Ratchet: "Ah…that's better." Lilo: "Mahalo again, you guys. I think I would like to give something to you in return for getting that Experiment for us."

Lilo pulled out another monitor and held it out. Lilo: "Stitch and I found this while we were looking for that Experiment."

The screen showed Angela trying to provide them with intel while hiding on a Thugs-4-Less fleet, but was found and caught by the Thug Leader. She was pulled away while he taunted the group. Ratchet: "Whoa! Did you guys see that?" Clank: "Yes, I did. It seems as though Angela has some very important intel on the Protopets." Ratchet: "And we have to rescue her from the Thugs!" Kim: "I agree. She seems to be in a lot of trouble and who knows what they'll do to her?" Ratchet: "Exactly!"

Ron chuckled a little. Ron: "Did you see how that Thug guy fell for her cat impression for a second there? What a bonehead." Kim: "Huh, that isn't any surprise to me at all." Clank: "I will upload the coordinates." Lilo: "Stitch and I would love to help you guys save that girl, but we still need to look for more of Stitch's cousins." Ratchet: "It's OK, we'll take care of it from here. Thanks again for helping us out, Lilo. You, too, Stitch." Lilo: "We hope to see you guys again." Stitch: "Ih! Goodbye and Aga Chaba!"

Lilo and Stitch left with the Experiment. At that moment, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Wade: "Kim, I've noticed that you got the ship parts that you have collected back from Drakken." Kim: "Yep, we did, but we still have a problem. The Thugs-4-Less impounded Ratchet's ship when they incarcerated us and it's now contained within a force field." Wade: "Don't worry, I've already figure out how to shut that force field down. I've been picking up energy readings of the force field emanating from within the room that you're in. Perhaps there's a switch to deactivate it."

Ron looked around the room for a bit. Ron: "Hm…you know? This place is pretty sweet. I wonder how they…"

He then tripped and fell on a switch, which deactivated the force field. Kim, Ratchet and Clank immediately took notice of this, then looked at Ron. Ratchet: "Hm, nicely done, Ron. You've shut down that force field. Not exactly how I would have wanted it to be done, but I'm not complaining." Kim: "Yes! We can finally get out of here!" Ratchet: "Yeah. Come on, let's go."

They rushed towards the ship, got in, then took off and flew away.

They took a long flight all the way to the next planet: Gorn. As soon as they arrived, they were attacked by many Thugs-4-Less ships. Clank: "I am detecting Thugs-4-Less ships a one o'clock." Ron: "I'm detecting Thugs-4-Less ships at Everywhere o'clock!" Ratchet: "It's payback time!" Kim: "I'll take the second controls."

And with that, they battled against the Thugs-4-Less fleet at their base. There were small fighter ships as well as large cargo ships. The fighters were tough to hit and the cargo ships were very difficult to bring down but Ratchet and Kim managed to bring down every last ship with their phenomenal teamwork.

The entire base was eventually cleared out. Kim: "Yes! We did it, Ratchet!" Ratchet: "Yeah! Good work, Kimberly, but it looks like the Thugs moved Angela out of this quadrant." Kim: "But where could they have taken her?" Ratchet: "I don't know, but see if you can pick up any transmissions on the deep space channel." Kim: "OK."

She checked on the receiver. Kim: "Hold on! I think I've found something."

The transmission was the Thug leader complaining about Ratchet and the group getting in the way of his company's work and threatened them to leave him alone. He seemed to have also been able to pick up on each of their names, except for Ron's. Kim: "Yeesh, even his threats sound stupid." Ron: "Oh, come on! Doesn't anyone around here know my name!?" Clank: "Does he not realize that he just transmitted his exact location?" Kim: "It wouldn't surprise me even the least bit. As always, his actions are as dumb as him." Ratchet: "Well, if he didn't realize it, then he's about to find out." Kim: "Bringing the fight to him now, are we? Now, we're talking!"

They left the planet and made their way to the next destination.

It was a long flight, but they were able to make it to the next planet: Snivelak. There, they arrived near the Thugs-4-Less headquarters. They landed and got out of the ship. They gave themselves a brief period of time to look around the entire area. Ron: "Oh…this place seems…kind of ruddy. Could this be the home planet of those Thugs-4-Less guys?" Kim: "I would think so. It is absolutely dreadful, so it does suit them quite well." Ratchet: "Come on, guys. We have to find Angela." Kim: "Yes, let's go."

They rushed off as quickly as they could.

They kept on going until they stopped in front of a massive obstruction. Kim: "Hm…looks like we've hit a roadblock." Ron: "And a massive one at that." Clank: "It appears to be a fortified gate of sorts." Ron: "So…how do we get passed it?" Kim: "Hm…"

Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade. We arrived on what we believe is the home planet of the Thugs-4-Less. We have come across a massive gate. Do you know how we can get it open?" Wade: "Let me check."

Wade typed on his computer for a bit. Wade: "Hm…from what I can see here, there are 2 switches that can deactivate this gate, unfortunately, they're both on the other side. You'll need to find another way around it." Ratchet: "Hm…"

He had a chance to look around then became elated at what appeared to be an obstacle course of some sorts. He nudged Kim on her arm with his elbow. Ratchet: "Hey, Kimberly, look at this!"

Kim turned around and looked at exactly what he was seeing; she also seemed elated to see this. Ratchet: "So how about it, you up for going along that with me to reach the other side?" Kim: "Are you kidding me? Stuff like that is what I live for." Ratchet: "OK, then, let's go."

They rushed out together towards the obstacle course looking area. Ron and Clank stood on the sidelines and watched. Kim and Ratchet maneuvered themselves through the entire course. Sometimes, they would help each other out, other times, they would use other things around them to help them maneuver through. There were plenty of obstacles in their way such as enemies or even not being able to see a clear path ahead of them, but they always managed to find a way to get where they needed to be and they always counted on each other whenever they need to. Their performances while maneuvering to the other side were indeed very breathtaking; Ron and Clank could not keep their eyes off of them.

They were eventually able to make it to the other side and flipped the 2 switches to deactivate the gate. Ron and Clank were able to rush through and regroup with them. Ron: "KP! Ratchet! That was amazing!" Clank: "Yes, I have to admit those were spectacular maneuvers that you both carried out." Ratchet: "You really think so?" Ron: "Well, duh! Of course! You're both amazing!" Kim: "Oh, stop it, you guys; it was nothing." Ratchet: "Yeah, so not the…drama?"

Kim nodded. Ratchet smiled. Ratchet: "Come on, Angela can't be too far now."

They rushed off into a large metropolis.

The second that they entered the city, they were bombarded by another obstacle: a massive hoard of Thugs-4-Less goons. Ron: "Aw, man! Not these guys again!" Kim: "Well what did you expect? We are on their territory, after all."

Ratchet pulled out his guns and readied himself for another tough fight. Ratchet: "Let's do this!"

They rushed out toward the hoard and fought against all of them. Ron, however, stood by, quivering in fear. It was a tough and very, very extensive fight. With one hoard defeated, they ran into another and another and, of course, another. It seemed as though a few times, they wouldn't make it, but they really held their own during one battle after another.

At one point during the fights, Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, can you track where Angela could be?" Wade: "Hm…I'm picking up life signs of another Lombax in the middle of that metropolis. That should be Angela." Ratchet: "I agree. Let's go." Wade: "But, I'm also receiving a signal of something incredibly massive that is very, very close to this life sign. Proceed with caution, you guys; even I don't know what this is."

They kept persisting on with Ron eventually following behind. When they were able to reach the middle of the city, they were startled with what they found: an incredibly, gigantic robot mech. The Thug leader stood on its shoulder, laughing maniacally. Angela was trapped within a cage in its chest. Ratchet: "Whoa! Wade wasn't kidding when he mentioned that there's something incredibly massive; that this is gigantic!" Ron: "Um…how are we supposed to fight that?" Kim: "I've taken down massive robots before, but this is a colossal challenge in more ways than one!" Ratchet: "Let's bring it down!"

Kim, Ratchet and Clank readied themselves for an extremely tough challenge of massive proportions. Ron just ran and hid in a corner somewhere nearby. It was a very, very tough challenge that started off rough but as the fight persisted on, they were able to hold their own. The Thug leader gave out a lot of smack talk as he made many attempts to bombard them during the fight.

With some ingenuity, a lot of quick thinking and resourcefulness, they were able to bring down the massive mech and defeat the Thug leader. Ratchet: "Whew, you OK, Clank?"

Clank nodded once. Ratchet: "How about you, Kimberly?" Kim: "Of course. Were there really any doubts?"

Ratchet smiled at her, he then made a displeased look on his face as he turned his head and looked towards a particular direction. Ratchet: "You can come out now, Ron. The giant robot battle of doom is over."

Ron peered out of where he was hiding and timidly rejoined that the others who were annoyed at him. Ratchet: "Let's get out of here, guys."

He was about to walk off, but Kim grabbed him by his arm. Kim: "Uh, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "What?" Angela: "Ahem."

He then looked towards Angela along with Kim. Angela: "Aren't you forgetting someone?"

Kim gave Ratchet an annoyed look, he looked back at her with a nervous grin. Ratchet: "Uh, oops! After we…free Angela…of course."

With one shot of his pulse rifle, he broke the bars from the cage, releasing her. She then jumped down towards them. Angela: "Thanks. Now, before you run off, take a look at this."

She pulled out another monitor. Angela: "I picked it out of Lizard-boy's pocket."

On the monitor was a log entry that was recorded by the Thug leader. He mentioned that a Megacorp Distribution Center contained millions of crates; all of them containing massive amounts of Protopets that were about to be shipped out. Suddenly, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim pulled it out. Wade: "Kim, I was doing a scan of those crates that were displayed on that footage. The readings indicate that what that Thug leader was saying was all too accurate, uh...somewhat; there are millions of Protopets contained within each of those crates." Angela: "Um, who is that?" Kim: "Oh, we've never had you properly introduced to him."

Kim held the Kimmunicator in front of Angela with Wade being displayed on the monitor. Kim: "Angela, this is Wade; he provides us with useful intel for all of our missions. Wade, this is Angela." Wade: "Oh, you were that girl who took the…" Angela: "Yeah, we've already been over this, so can we just get passed that already?" Wade: "Oh, right, sorry. Anyway, I looked into the shipping logs of those crates and from what I can tell, it seems as though those crates are ready to be shipped to numerous planets in the galaxy." Ratchet: "Are they insane!?" Ron: "This is just a whole new level of sick and wrong beyond even a shred of doubt." Clank: "Quite right, Ron; the galaxy is in far more danger than any of us would have ever imagined." Kim: "And we know that Mr. Fizzwidget intends on setting off this catastrophe of monumental proportions. We should find and confront him on why…" Angela: "We've wasted enough time on Fizzwidget already. If what you said about him unleashing a catastrophe on purpose is true, then that crazy old man really hasn't been the same person that I used to work for…" Kim: "Whoa! Hold up! You use to work for Megacorp?" Angela: "Yes! In the genetics division." Ratchet: "On the Protopets?" Angela: "On fixing the Protopet's flaws!" Ron: "As in making it into not a vicious and terrifying monster that wants to eat everything?" Angela: "Exactly! And I was this close to succeeding when Fizzwidget suddenly pushed up the release date!"

Angela let out an exhausted sigh. Kim: "Whoa! You've been having it rough lately." Angela: "That would be putting it mildly." Clank: "Is it worth disrupting the Protopet shipment?" Angela: "It's a start, but to stop them for good, we're going to need to break into Megacorp headquarters." Ratchet: "Break in?" Clank: "And how do you suppose we do that?" Angela: "I just happened to have an old Megacorp ID on my home planet." Kim: "And you think we can use that to access Megacorp HQ?" Angela: "But of course; I'm pretty sure it's still valid." Ratchet: "OK, we'll head for the Distribution Center and do whatever we can there while you go grab that ID." Kim: "Best of luck to all of us; we're going to need it." Angela: "I agree." Ron: "Great, on a mission to save an entire galaxy; no pressure, right?"

Angela rushed off while Ratchet and the others head back to the ship and made their way to their next destination.

They flew through space at great speed. As they continued flying, Ron fell asleep. His snoring annoyed everyone, even Rufus. Ratchet: "Hey, Kimberly, see if you can find something on the screen." Kim: "Hm…is there anything that you would like to watch?" Ratchet: "I don't care! Anything that will block out his snoring!" Kim: "OK, OK, I'll switch to whatever is on."

Kim switched on the last episode of the "Behind the Hero" episode involving Captain Qwark. It was revealed that he has been missing for 6 weeks and no one has any idea where he is or could be for that matter. Kim: "Well, that's that. No more about that Qwark guy." Ratchet: "Heh, that's too bad." Clank: "Still, I can not help but wonder where he could be." Ratchet: "Eh, who really knows? At least he's not anywhere near where we are right now."

Just then, Ron instantaneously woke up from his sleep. Ron: "AAH! MONKEYS ATE MY NACOS! Oh, right, we're still in space." Ratchet: "Geez, even in your sleep, you obsess over Nacos." Ron: "How much longer before we reach our next destination?" Clank: "We should be arriving momentarily." Ron: "Good; the sooner we finish our mission to save the galaxy and what-not, the sooner we're able to go for some Nacos."

Ratchet looked at Kim in an irritated manner. Kim: "Hey, at least he didn't ask for them right now…this time."

They were able to eventually arrive at the next planet: Smolg. They landed on a large floating platform high above the planet's surface and got out of the ship. Ron walked towards the edge of the platform and looked down at what was below them. Ron: "Whoa…just look at this, how high up are we?"

Kim, Ratchet and Clank walked up to the edge and stood beside him as they looked down with him. Ratchet: "I would have to guess…very, very high above the surface of the planet." Ron: "But why are we so high up? What could be down there that would be so dangerous that no one would land directly on the surface?" Ratchet: "Who knows? With all of that thick haze down there, it's very difficult to see what could be down there. Perhaps that haze is the reason why the surface area is too dangerous to land on." Kim: "It's…quite amazing. I've…never seen anything like it. I have climbed up really high mountains and looked at the fog below me from those high peaks, but I've never been on a constant floating platform that could never descend below the fog along with everything else like ever." Ratchet: "Hm, traveling to other planets is indeed fascinating, isn't it, Kimberly?"

She looked up at Ratchet with a faint smile on her face. Kim: "Yeah…it sure is." Ratchet: "Come on, let's go see what we need to do here."

They then made their way to the nearest platform from the landing spot.

Their brief start of the trek through the Distribution Center was soon followed by another run in with Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Lilo? Stitch? We…didn't expect to find the both of you here." Kim: "What are you guys doing here? Did you find another one of your Experiments somewhere around this area?" Lilo: "Well, actually, we were able to pick up some readings from a ton of some unknown Experiments within this large vicinity, so we thought that we might check it out." Ron: "I think you're preferring to the Protopets." Lilo: "Protopets? What are Protopets? Are they Experiments, too?" Kim: "Um…yes, they are. You might have found out that they are not any of yours, right?" Lilo: "But of course, with the Experiment readings that we've picked up on, there's no way they could be any of Stitch's cousins. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih! Experiments, many. Cousins, naga." Lilo: "So, they would have to be those Protopets that you have been talking about. But what is all of this? Why are there so many of these Protopets? What is going on here?"

Ratchet and Kim exchanged looks with each other. Ratchet: "I think we should tell them everything we know." Kim: "I agree."

They walked up to Lilo and Stitch and bent down in front of them. Kim: "OK, guys, here's what's been happening. It all started when…"

And so, they told Lilo and Stitch everything that they have been through so far. They told them about Ratchet being hired by Mr. Fizzwidget to retrieve the Experiment that was stolen by a thief, the Thief turning out to be a young woman that tried to prevent the Experiment from being used to start a horrible catastrophe, everything.

After they were finished with telling them the entire story, Lilo and Stitch has startled looks on their faces. Lilo: "No way! Is that what you guys have been through this whole time!?" Kim: "Yep, that's exactly right." Lilo: "And now this Fizzwidget guy plans to release all these Experiment clones which he now calls Protopets on every planet in this galaxy and wreak havoc on all of them?" Ratchet: "Unfortunately, yes, that's precisely what's happening." Lilo: "That's absolutely terrible!" Stitch: "Ih! This is bad; really, really bad." Kim: "And now they all of these crates containing the Protopets to be shipped to all of those planets." Lilo: "We have to stop them!" Stitch: "Bajo. Eegata!" Lilo: "I hear you, Stitch. Let's do it!" Ratchet: "Whoa! Slow down for a bit, you 2. No offense, but you're just a little girl and one animal. Neither of you could possibly make a dent in this entire distribution center by yourselves, let alone disrupt it." Lilo: "Not to worry. Stitch and I won't do it alone. Don't forget that we have Stitch's cousins along with us. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih! Let's bring the Ohana to smash this party! (Laugh)" Ratchet: "Uh, you don't need to do this; this is our mess to clean up." Lilo: "But we want to. You guys helped us out with finding some of Stitch's cousins, so we're going to help you in return." Kim: "uh…well…if that's how you feel, then…great." Ratchet: "I'm actually kind of flattered. Thanks, Lilo." Lilo: "No need to thank us, the pleasure is all ours. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Emba-chua! Let's do it" Ratchet: "Heh! Alright. That's what I like to here." Clank: "(giggle) I admire their spirit."

Later on, Lilo and Stitch gathered a lot of the other Experiments. They looked primed and ready to go. Ratchet: "Whoa, that's a lot of Experiments you guys have here." Clank: "I believe these are some of the ones you have rehabilitated?" Lilo: "Yep. They're part of our Ohana now." Ratchet: "Ohana?" Lilo: "We'll talk about it later. OK, guys, let's go wreak some havoc on this entire place for the Bogon Galaxy." Stitch: "Okie-taka! Let's do it, cousins!"

All of the Experiments cheered, then all of them ran off with Lilo and Stitch leading the way. Ratchet and the rest of the group stood by and watched them run off. Ratchet: "Hm, those guys seem very eager and enthusiastic." Clank: "And these creatures were made to cause chaos, is that correct?" Kim: "If that's true, then it seems that they're doing what they were made to do and using it for a good cause." Ratchet: "How ironic that something they were made to do for obviously evil purposes is being put to good use." Clank: "Yes, quite true." Ratchet: "Come on, we can't let them have all the fun."

They rushed off after the Experiments.

They went on to wrecking every crate in the entire distribution center. All of Stitch's cousins took advantage of their unique abilities to destroy the massive shipments of Protopets. A lot of the times, when they broke the Protopets out of their crates, the Protopets would retaliate but Stitch and his cousins would always fight back against them. Often times, robot guards would show up and tried to stop them, but Stitch and his cousins were able to handle them, too.

They seemed to be having the time of their lives wrecking the crates as Ratchet and the group had taken notice of. They seemed quite worried about this but continued on with the ravaging. Lilo was especially surprised by how much Stitch was enjoying the carnage, perhaps he was having a little too much. Stitch: "(laugh) Meega na la kweesta!" Lilo: "Stitch!" Stitch: "Oh, sorry. Stitch got carried away. Stitch good now."

He went off and continued on the wreckage. Ratchet was nearby, also showing concern for what he just witnessed. Ratchet: "Uh…what did that mean?" Lilo: "It's something bad from where he came from." Ratchet: "Oh…uh…yeah…"

It took a while to get over the awkwardness, but then they got back to wrecking the shipments. As Ratchet and his group continued through the entire place, they noticed something approaching them immediately from above. It appeared to be some sort of bomb. Ratchet: "Incoming! Look out!"

They leaped out of the way, but just before it touched down, it slowed down and landed without exploding." Ratchet: "What the…?"

It opened up a screen, on the screen was Angela informing them of her current situation as well as letting them know that she has found her old ID badge. It even showed her fighting off a few of the Protopets that have already arrived on her home planet. Kim: "Hm, I have to admit that Angela is quite resourceful." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree. She really does think of everything, does she?" Clank: "She also appears to be in great danger." Kim: "You're absolutely right about that. We need to help her." Ratchet: "I agree. We'll need to find Lilo and Stitch to let them know what we'll be doing. Come on, let's go."

They rushed off, although Ron stood behind and takes a closer look at the object that they received from Angela. Ron: "Heh! This thing isn't so dangerous. And here I thought it was a bomb. Can you believe that…?"

Just then, the object blasted in his face as it lifted off. Ron, with his face covered in soot from the blast off, stood by, startled by what just happened. Ron: "Uh…KP?"

Kim went back for him, grabbed him and pulled him off.They rushed back out and were about to continue disrupting the shipments. Before they could, they noticed that Stitch and his cousins have already taken care of a lot of them. They seemed impressed by this. They met up with Lilo, Stitch and the other Experiments. Stitch and his cousins seemed quite pleased with themselves. Although Lilo was despondent. Ratchet: "Well, I have you admit that you guys made quite a mess here. I think we've put a pretty big dent in this Protopet operation." Lilo: "Too bad all of it was ineffective. I'm afraid we're already too late." Ratchet: "Uh…what do you mean by that, Lilo?"

She pulled out a portable monitor. Lilo: "I found this while we were wrecking the place."The monitor showed a news broadcast of swarms of Protopets attacking civilians of a city on another planet, although the news lady spoke of the incident as though it was a hit trend for some reason. Kim: "What!? You mean the Protopets have already made their way to a populated city!?" Clank: "The entire population of that planet will be devoured." Ratchet: "Unless we stop them. We need to leave now!" Kim: "But what about Angela? We need to meet with her, too." Ratchet: "Angela can wait. That entire city needs us more." Lilo: "We'll head to that planet to handle the catastrophe. We'll meet you there. Let's go, Stitch." Stitch: "Okie-taka! Let's head out now, cousins!"

All of Stitch's cousins cheered and they headed out with Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet and the group stood by and watched them rush out." Ron: "Uh…so why did that news lady talk about that whole epidemic like it was some sort of trend that people were raving about when they were clearing being devastated by those monsters?" Kim: "That's a good question. I don't know. Kind of fishy that she would report it the way she did. We should get going. We don't have a lot of time to waste." Ratchet: "I agree."

They rushed off back to the ship as fast as they could. They got in, took off and flew off of the planet.

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