Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapter 7

Chapter 7-Saving the Galaxy

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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They arrived on the Planet Damosel. They got out of the ship and looked out at the massive ocean-side city. Ron: "Wow, I have to admit, these alien cities never fail to amaze me."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and had a chance to look out at the city. Rufus: "Whoooooa!" Kim: "I wonder how far Lilo has gotten." Clank: "Or if she and Stitch as well as those other Experiments, or Stitch's cousins as they are referred to, have arrived here." Ratchet: "Let's find that out for ourselves. Come on, the city needs us."

They rushed into the city. As soon as they entered, they met up with Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Hey! Lilo! Stitch!" Lilo: "You guys made it." Kim: "So how have things been going?" Lilo: "Not so good. We were able to handle the city but the Protopets are now wreaking havoc on the railways. Some of Stitch's cousins are handling it now, but we're going to need help with the ones still causing chaos on the streets." Ratchet: "Don't worry, Lilo, we'll take care of it, just send as many of Stitch's cousins as necessary to provide back up for the ones still at the railway." Lilo: "You got it!." Stitch: "Okie-taka! Leave it to me!"

Stitch rushed off, Lilo followed him. Ratchet and the group headed towards the streets. There, the Protopet infestation was devastating. There were civilians being attacked continuously. It was truly a gruesome sight. Ron: "This looks way worse than what we saw on that news broadcast Lilo showed us." Kim: "This is just horrible…we have to do something, you guys." Ratchet: "And we will. Let's go."

They rushed out and fought off many of the Protopets. It was a very tough fight, but they persisted on. What made things even tougher was that the Protopets kept reproducing even more Protopets, making the fight from difficult to overwhelming. They eventually came to a point where the infestation was too much for them to handle. Ratchet: "It's no use, there's just too many of them!"

Kim looked over to see a machine producing more of them. Kim: "And they just keep replicating. What can we do?"

Just then, Ron came up with an idea. Ron: "Hold on, guys. I'm about to do something reckless and perhaps even embarrassing."

Ron grabbed on to the waist area of his pants. Kim, Ratchet and Clank stood by and watched. Ratchet: "Oh, no, he's not doing what I think he's doing, is he?" Kim: "I'm afraid so."

Ron then, after taking off his pants, held them up. Ron: "Hey!"

All of the Protopets stopped and looked directly towards him. Ron waved his pants up and down. Ron: "Fuzzo! Fuzzo! Olay!"

Rufus popped out of his pocket and screeched as he looked out. As the Protopets rushed over towards Ron, Rufus jumped out of the pocket, rushed towards Kim as fast as he could and climbed up on her shoulder. He was quaking in fear as he closed his eyes. Ron continued waving his pants up and down. Ron: "Fuzzo! Fuzzo!"

They continued to approach him, but he kept waving his pants up and down. Ron: "Fuzzo! Fuzzo! Fuzzo! Olay! Fuzzo! Fuzzo!"

Rufus groaned as he covered his eyes with his hand and shook his head. Ratchet: "I feel the same way, Rufus." Clank: "I believe Ron has completely lost it this time." Kim: "He has…but…as crazy as this may sound, he…may be on to something." Ratchet: "Is he really?" Clank: "Hm…actually, she is right. From what I am able to gather from previous events, many creatures have been incomprehensibly drawn to Ron's trousers, which have resulted in numerous embarrassing incidences. I would guess that he is taking advantage of what he had taken from said previous events and is utilizing this to lure these deadly creatures away from everything and everyone around us." Ratchet: "You know what? All of that sounds ridiculous, but…it does make sense, in a way. Still, it barely does anything to take away any factors of how incredibly embarrassing this is." Kim: "Unfortunately, that much is true." Clank: "I…agree…"

The Protopets continued to approach Ron. But as they got close to him, he went from waving his pants to becoming terrified and running away screaming. Ron: "KP! RATCHET! CLANK!" Ratchet: "(sigh) Come on, let's help him out…again."

They rushed over and dealt with the Protopets but they were too late to prevent Ron's pants from being completely ripped to shreds by the savage creatures. Ron: "Oh, why did I think this was a good idea?" Clank: "I would hope that your pants are able to be reassembled after being ripped to shreds unreservedly."

Ron chuckled nervously. Ron: "Uh…probably." Ratchet: "Alright! That's it! I've had enough waiting! Kimberly, ask Wade if he's finished with building those indestructible pants, already."

Kim then pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "Yeah, Kim? What's up?" Kim: "Uh…we have another situation…with Ron." Wade: "(sigh) What did he do this time?" Kim: "Well…um…you see…the Protopets were unleashed upon an entire populated metropolis, so we came to fend them off and…long story short, Ron did that by taking off his pants and using them to lure the Protopets away from the populace." Ratchet: "And his pants were completely shredded and devoured by the Protopets." Wade: "Whoa, that has got to be the craziest thing that he has ever done!" Ratchet: "Yeah, are those indestructible pants done, yet, because I would really appreciate having them be given to Ron right now!" Wade: "Um…they're…not, not completely, but they're almost there. I just need one piece of material to complete them." Ratchet: "And where do you expect us to find that?" Wade: "Fortunately, it's very close to your location." Clank: "But what about Ron? Will he have to remain without a pair of trousers until you have completed the construction of those indestructible pants?" Wade: "Not to worry, the Pants Regenerator will fully recover his pants from even the tiniest reading of the fabric."

Just then, they heard a massive explosion nearby. Kim: "What was that!?"

Wade checked something on his monitor. Wade: "I'm picking up some major activities from many Experiments; the Protopets and a multitude of other Experiments not otherwise specified." Ratchet: "That must be Stitch and his cousins." Wade: "Wait! Stitch is there with you, in the Bogon Galaxy?" Kim: "Along with Lilo." Wade: "Lilo, too? What are they doing in another galaxy?"

At that moment, they could hear a lot of loud noises from outside the city. Kim: "What's going on over there!?" Ratchet: "I don't know, but we had better get over there and find out. For all we know, they may need us to back them up."

They rushed towards the city exit as fast as they could. Ron's pants were restored as he rushed out with the others.

Directly outside the city, they saw Stitch and his cousins fighting the Protopets on the railways. Lilo stood near them, rooting for Stitch and his cousins. Lilo: "Go, Stitch! Bring down those nasty beasts! Yeah! Go, Ohana!" Ratchet: "Lilo?"

She turned around and noticed the group. Lilo: "Oh! Hey, guys. You're just in time. Stitch and his cousins are just about to finish off the last of those horrible Protopet monsters."

They stood beside her and watched as the fight between both groups of genetically modified creatures continued. They were amazed by the fight as it persisted on. Ratchet: "Whoa, Stitch and those other Experiments of yours really pack quite a punch." Kim: "By the way, we just heard an explosion while we were still in the city. What was that?" Lilo: "That explosion? That was those Protopets blowing up one of the generators on that platform on the water. There's a piece of it over there."

They looked over beside them and saw a large piece of metal sticking out of the wall. The Kimmunicator went off again, she pulled it out. Wade: "Kim, that piece of metal up there; that's the final component I need to complete those indestructible pants! I just need you to scan it and then I'll be able to finally construct those pants."

Kim held the Kimmunicator up and scanned the metal piece, then dropped it back down, turned it around and looked back at the screen. Wade: "OK, got it. Now to build those pants. I'll have them made in no time." Kim: "Great, keep us posted; I can't wait to hear when you've managed to complete them."

She tucked the Kimmunicator away. Ratchet: "Neither can I."

They went back to watching the fight.

Within much time, Stitch and his cousins were able to purge the infestation. They celebrated a battle well fought then returned to Lilo. They celebrated with her as Ratchet and the group stood nearby and watched them. Both groups then stood face to face. Kim: "I have to admit, you've helped us out tremendously." Ratchet: "No kidding. Stitch and his cousins really took down all of those Protopets with ease." Clank: "Oh, I agree. Your Stitch and those other genetically modified Experiments of yours have proven to be most formidable allies in this fight." Lilo: "Mahalo, you guys; we were happy to help. Although, it seems as though this threat has spread to many other planets in this galaxy. We plan to go over to each one and save them from all of this chaos." Clank: "And we shall wish you the best of luck, Miss Lilo." Ratchet: "And while you guys do that, we'll tackle this infestation from the source." Lilo: "And how will you be able to do that?" Ratchet: "Well, we have someone who will be helping us out with that. In fact, she's been trying to put a stop to this from the very beginning." Lilo: "You mean that other girl with the same ears as you? Well, hope you guys succeed in that." Kim: "That's what we intend to do." Lilo: "Well, good luck you guys and see you later." Ratchet: "Uh, before you go, care to mention what Ohana means?" Lilo: "Why, certainly, Ratchet. Ohana means family." Ratchet: "Family…that sounds interesting." Lilo: "Yep and family means nobody gets left behind." Stitch: "Or forgotten."

Ratchet smiled, then looked at Kim as she was also smiling at him. Lilo: "Well, see ya, guys." Stitch: "Ih! Bachooga!"

Lilo, Stitch and Stitch's cousins walked off.

Ratchet and the group went back to the ship and made their way to the next planet.

They arrived at the next planet: Grelbin. As soon as they landed and got out of the ship, Ron began shivering. Ron: "Aw, man! You've got to be kidding me! Another icy planet?"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket; he was shivering, too. Rufus: "Brrr!" Ratchet: "Oh, will you stop complaining? We have to find Angela, so keep your griping to yourself for a few minutes if you can."

Kim then pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, come in." Wade: "Hey, guys. I see you've reached the coordinates to Angela's home planet." Kim: "Yes, we have." Ron: "I mean seriously! Why would she even live on this frozen wasteland?"

Ratchet groaned. Kim: "We have yet to find her. Any ideas on where she could be?" Wade: "Let me check…"

He checked on his monitor for a moment. Wade: "I'm picking up a residential structure a top snowy hill a short distance, North-northeast of your location." Kim: "Residential? You mean like a house?" Wade: "Exactly." Ratchet: "Hm…that must be where Angela lives." Kim: "Any ideas if we could just climb up that hill and be able to reach her?" Wade: "Sorry, no dice. The hill is not climbable. You'll have to find another way to reach it." Kim: "And do you know any other way to reach it?" Wade: "Let me see…"

He checked again. Wade: "Got it! There seems to be an underground passage that leads directly to the top of that hill. The entrance to that tunnel should be right near you. There's just one problem: it's locked and the system to unlock it is far too inaccessible to hack into and manipulate but I did manage to find where I can unlock that door." Ron: "And how do we do that?" Wade: "There is another underground tunnel that leads to a chamber containing a terminal." Ratchet: "So if you were to gain access to this terminal, then we'll be able to unlock that door and gain access to the underground tunnel that leads to Angela's place." Wade: "Right, although I have to warn you; it's easier said than done." Ratchet: "That's fine; we should be use to that by now." Clank: "May I ask where the entrance to this other tunnel may be, Wade?" Wade: "The entrance is due North West, just head down that ramp and head to your left. It's just a few steps away." Kim: "Thanks, Wade. We're on it."

They rushed down the ramp and towards the entrance to the first tunnel. When they reached the tunnel entrance, they found that it was being completely blocked off by a large boulder. Ron: "Aw, come on! You've got to be kidding me! Another roadblock!?" Rufus: "Haw, haw, man!" Clank: "Oh, my, this seems to be a…rocky situation. (giggle)" Kim: "There has got to be some way to remove it."

Ratchet looked directly behind him. Ratchet: "Hey, Kimberly, take a look at this."

She turned around and spotted exactly what he saw: several purple stones circling around a tall, thin stalagmite. She was amazed by this. Kim: "Wow, that is so beautiful…"

Ratchet stood along side her as he stared at it. Ratchet: "Hm, never seen anything like that, have you?"

She shook her head. Ron walked up beside them and glanced at the strange phenomenon. Ron: "Uh…how exactly is this going to help us move that boulder out of our way?" Guru: "The answer to that only lies within the cosmos."

They looked over and spotted the guru standing nearby. Ratchet: "Uh…what?" Ron: "Hey, you're that guru guy we met on that desert planet." Clank: "Sir, what do mean by…uh…what you just said?" Kim: "Uh, what? Do you think you can move this boulder out of the way?" Guru: "I am able." Ratchet: "Uh, how?" Guru: "Patience, young ones. For the rock to move, the forces of the universe must align." Ron: "And is there any way for these "forces" to align any faster?" Guru: "Ah…yes…The holistic resonance of moonstones may yet guide these wayward forces." Ron: "Uh, did that make any sense?" Ratchet: "I don't know." Kim: "Well, uh, this rock can't be moved by anyone without any…aid from the universe. Guess we should search for those moonstones if we're to ever have that happen anytime soon." Clank: "I would assume that we will be able to find these within the surrounding area." Ratchet: "I would think so." Kim: "OK, then, let's go search these snowy plains for those moonstones." Ratchet: "Yeah…let's go."

They rushed out into the snowy fields. Ron: "Oh, give me a break! Do we really have to search for a bunch of space rocks in this freezing cold?" Ratchet: "OK, enough, Ron! You are seriously getting on my nerves!"

They proceeded with searching the surrounding area for the moonstones. It was tough what with the Leviathan and the Y.E.D.I., not to mention Ron constantly running away, screaming from the sight of both of them. Not only that, but also having his pants wrecked several times by both creatures. All of this greatly irritated Kim, Ratchet and Clank, as always.

From all of that headache and toil, as well as a lot of the difficulties of fighting the incredibly tough creatures of the terrain, they were able to collect plenty of moonstones and brought them back over to the Guru. He was seen sitting on a chair, meditating. He seemed very pleased about the group bringing the moonstones to him. Guru: "Yes…your arrival with the moonstones is most fortuitous; for it is in this very moment that I am able to move the rock."

He then instantaneously moved the boulder out of the doorway. Ron: "Gee, what an amazing coincidence that us busting our hides in this terrible cold, not to mention having my pants shredded numerous times, to bring you a bunch of space rocks enabled you to miraculously moved that boulder out of the way at this very moment." Clank: "Thank you, sir, that was most helpful." Guru: "Your gratitude is comforting, child. Hm…young missy. You are on your way to completing that part of you that was shattered by the forces of evil. I can see them coming together before my eyes, there is but one more piece still missing that prevents you from becoming one." Kim: "Um…what?" Ratchet: "He mentioned something like that when we first ran into him. I think he's talking about your dad's space shuttle." Kim: "Hm…I agree with you on that, Ratchet. From what I'm able to tell, we have one piece left to find." Clank: "Uh, pardon me, sir, but I must ask; did you come across that last piece you were referring to?" Guru: "I have seen where it lingers." Ratchet: "So, where exactly is it?" Guru: "The heart of that which is shattered remains within the heart of something much more colossal then the shattered pieces as a whole." Ron: "Seriously, why doesn't he just tell us exactly what we need to know in a way in which we can understand him?" Kim: "Um…we're just…going to have to figure that one out on our own." Ratchet: "(groan) Let's just…continue on since we finally have that…boulder shifted out of the way."

They ran into the doorway and went down an elevator shaft into the first tunnel.

They arrived within an underground tunnel. As they stepped on a platform, they had a chance to look around the entire place. Ratchet: "So, this must be one of the underground tunnels that Wade has told us about."

Ron looked directly towards the front and shrieked. Ron: "KP! RATCHET! CLANK! LOOK!"

They looked towards the front and were startled to find a massive fossil of what looked like a gigantic monstrous creature. Kim: "Whoa! It looks like…a massive dinosaur fossil."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and spotted the massive fossil. He shrieked then pulled himself back in. Clank: "I wonder just how long it has been down here." Ratchet: "Who knows? It could have been a really long time. I'm sure Wade would be very interested in looking into this." Clank: "Yes, this does look like something that would fascinate him."

Ratchet nodded. Kim: "So, what is this place, anyway?" Clank: "Hm…it appears to be some sort of mining facility." Ron: "Another mining area? Like that desert planet? What, has this place been reduced to an icy wasteland from whatever it was?" Clank: "Calm down, Ron. I had no idea that you have such hostilities towards mining facilities on other planets." Ron: "After hearing about that other planet's rainforest being reduced to a desert for mining, I resent all mining facilities on other planets." Kim: "So do I; I just can't believe that Megacorp would do something so terrible like that." Ratchet: "You know what? I don't blame you. You both have every right to feel that way…and…I agree with you."

Kim looked at Ratchet and smiled in a sort of emotional manner, Ratchet smiled back at her. Ron: "So…how are going to get through this place?" Kim: "Hm…"

She pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade? Any ideas on how to get through this tunnel?" Wade: "There appears to be some sort of transport platform." Ron: "And where is it?" Wade: "You're standing on it."

They looked down at the platform below their feet. Wade: "But…it's currently inactive." Kim: "And why is that?" Wade: "There's something jamming its signal. I'm not sure what it is; all I know is it's very close by."

Kim looked around some more. She then spotted something on the back wall above them. Kim: "Hey, what's that up there?"

Everyone else looked up and spotted what appeared to be a lavender-hued, icy rock. Ratchet: "I don't know. Looks like a…gem of sorts." Clank: "Hm…yes, its structure does appear to be that of a crystal." Kim: "And it also looks like something that doesn't belong here." Ratchet: "So, how do we get it down from here?"

They all thought for a moment. Just then, Ron thought of something. Ron: "I've got it!"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out Rufus. Ron: "Rufus!" Rufus: "Yay!" Kim: "Good thinking, Ron! Rufus could scale the icy wall and dig up that crystal." Clank: "An excellent idea. That animal's claws are ideal for this particular job." Rufus: "Yeah! Huh?" Kim: "Come on, Rufus, we could really use your help. Can you please retrieve that shiny object up there for us?" Rufus: "Oh…OK."

He made his way to the icy wall and climbed it. As he reached the crystal, he dug it up with his claws. After he was able to dig it up, it fell. Kim was right there to catch it; she took a closer look at it. Rufus climbed down the wall and back into Ron's hands as he crouched down and held his hand out for him. Ron: "Alright, Rufus!" Kim: "Wade, have you found out anything about this crystal?" Wade: "I don't believe it! That crystal contains unusual signal jamming properties!" Ratchet: "I wonder how one crystal could jam any frequencies." Wade: "I don't know, but it's worth looking into."

Wade's vendor reappeared right near them. Wade: "Place it into the vendor, please."

Kim did just that, it was soon transported. Ratchet: "I have to admit, Ron; Rufus really came through for us."

Ron smiled. Wade: "By the way, the transport platform is now functional. You should be able to move across to the other side of the tunnel on it now." Ratchet: "Alright! Thanks, Wade. You also came through for us."

Wade smiled, Kim put away the Kimmunicator and they were transported to the other side of the tunnel on the platform.

They arrived on the other side of the tunnel. There, they stood before a metallic chamber, which was sealed by a gate. Kim: "Hm…this seems to be a problem." Clank: "Most certainly and there does not seem to be any way to unlock it from out here." Ratchet: "Hey, Ron, you think you can get Rufus to help us out again?" Ron: "Uh…I'll try…"

Ron reached into his pocket for Rufus, but something seemed wrong. Ron: "Hey, Rufus! Rufus? Rufus?" Clank: "What seems to be the problem, Ron?" Ron: "I seem to be having a hard time getting Rufus out. Wait, hold on. I got him."

He pulled Rufus out and held him up. Rufus looked into the chamber, he shrieked, them covered his eyes as he turned his head away and trembled. Kim: "Well, this isn't going well." Ratchet: "Rufus, we need you to help us out. Will you go into the chamber and find a way to open that door? You're the only one who can do it."

Rufus stopped trembling, opening his eyes as he faced the gate a little, then turned his head away, covered his eyes and went back to trembling. Ratchet: "Look, I know you're scared, but we really need you to help us out. Only you can fit through that gate. Will you please help us with this?"

He hesitantly went back to facing the gate as he opened his eyes and managed to stop trembling. Rufus: "OK…"

He jumped down from Ron's hand and fit right through a small opening. He scurried through the chamber as fast as he could, looking for a switch to open the gate. He searched everywhere, going from one part of the room to another until he climbed up a console that contained the switch to open the gate. He triggered it, causing the gate to open. He then ran back to the group and back into Ron's hand. Ron: "Alright! You did it, Rufus!" Kim: "Way to go, Rufus!" Clank: "Yes, you have done most admirably."

Rufus rubbed the back of his head, flattered by the praises. Ron dropped Rufus back into his pocket. Ron: "Take 5, little buddy. We'll handle the rest from here." Ratchet: "Let's go."

They rushed into the chamber. As they entered, they were bombarded by several robots. They seemed vicious and very unwelcoming but it wasn't anything the group couldn't handle. They continued on through until they found another elevator shaft. They took it back to the surface and into a closed off chamber. There, they noticed a terminal; it was the very one that Wade was telling them to reach. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we have found the terminal. Now what?" Wade: "Just leave this to me."

From his computer, he was able to hack into the terminal and manipulate the system. Wade: "I've done it!"

With that, the door opened, gaining them access to the outside. They stepped out and saw the other door that lead to the other tunnel was open, too. Wade: "The other underground passage is accessible now. Just head through there and you should be able to reach Angela." Kim: "Thanks, Wade. We'll let you know if we need anything else from you."

She tucked the Kimmunicator away. Ratchet: "Let's go, guys."

They rushed over towards the other doorway and took the elevator shaft down into the next tunnel. As soon as they arrived at the next tunnel, they found themselves in front of another impasse. Clank: "Oh, dear, it seems that we have come across yet another hindrance." Ratchet: "Now what?"

Kim looked up and noticed an air vent. Kim: "Hey, look."

The others looked up with her. Kim: "There's an air duct. Perhaps we can use that to help us out. Rufus!"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket. He seemed a bit cranky. Ratchet: "Yeesh! The little guy seems a bit cross, don't you think?" Kim: "Rufus, we need you to help us out again. We're caught in another jam. Perhaps you can find a way to get us across this gap? There's an air vent that only you can fit in. It should lead you directly to the other side. Could you please head over there and see if you can find something that will get us across?"

Rufus hesitated for a bit. Rufus: "Huh! Fine!"

He climbed out of Ron's pocket and into the air vent. He scurried to the other side of the gap as fast as he could. Right after crossing over, he looked around for a bit until he was able to find a switch. Upon activating it, a few floating platforms appeared. The group jumped across and reunited with Rufus. Kim: "Thanks, Rufus. I'll pay you back for this, I promise."

Rufus rushed over to Ron, climbed up his pants and went back into his pocket. Ratchet: "Hopefully, we won't need him again for a while, but I'm just glad he's able to be here whenever we need him." Kim: "Of course, Rufus IS an invaluable member of the team." Ratchet: "Now, let's get through these corridors so we can find Angela."

They rushed right through. Along the way, they ran into a hoard of more robots; they were a lot more vicious than the last hoard they encountered. They were indeed tougher to beat but they were able to make their way through. They fought tooth and nail through the hoard all the way to the other elevator shaft. As soon as they were able to reach it, they immediately took it back to the surface.

Back on the surface, they rushed towards what appeared to be a large house. Ron: "So this must be where Angela lives." Kim: "Hey, everyone! Look!"

They looked over and noticed several Protopets near and around the house. Kim: "The Protopets are here, too." Ron: "No doubt a nasty little present from her former employer." Ratchet: "Come on, let's go at 'em so that we can see if Angela is here."

They rushed at the Protopets and fought them all off. These seemed somewhat more vicious than the last batch they've encountered. Thankfully, they were able to fight them all off. As soon as they cleared the surrounding area of those little monsters, they walked up to the front door. Ratchet knocked on the door. The door opened and Angela peered out. Kim: "Hey, Angela. Nice place you have here." Angela: "Yeah…it's a remnant of my days of working for Megacorp. They have a…very generous bonus package." Ron: "Hey, you have virtual menu in there? I've been dying for Nacos since before I started this whole trip."

He was about to walk into the house, but Kim grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him back. Kim: "Ron, enough with the Nacos already." Ron: "Oh, come on, KP! Can't I just…"

Kim glared at him in a very annoyed manner as did Ratchet and Clank. Ron: "Oh, alright. I'll knock off the Nacos for now." Ratchet: "So, now that you have your ID badge, how do we bring down the Protopets?"

Angela then pulled out another monitor. Angela: "Here, watch this."

They watch a commercial about how the Protopets are being made. Ron: "OK, another commercial that shows disturbing images but verbalizes pleasant advertising." Kim: "Yeah, that was very difficult to watch to say the least." Clank: "That factory is using the original Protopet to produce all the others." Angela: "Exactly. If we can do away with the original Protopet, that'll shut 'em down permanently."

She handed Clank a card. Clank: "Hm…20% off a complete service at Groovy Lube?" Angela: "Uh, whoops! Wrong one."

She then pulled out her ID badge. Angela: "This will deactivate the door to the Protopet Duplication Chamber."

She handed the ID badge over to Kim. Angela: "I'll meet you guys there." Ratchet: "You sure you don't want to leave with us?" Angela: "Well, Megacorp's orbital defenses are quite nasty. With 2 ships, there's a good chance at least one of us will get through." Kim: "Hm, good thinking. Sounds like a plan."

She opened the door to walk in and tripped on her way in. Kim: "You OK, Angela?" Angela: "I'm fine. Just go! I'll be there soon." Ratchet: "Alright. Let's go, guys. It's time to get to the heart of this matter and strike hard."

The guys ran off, Kim stood by and thought about something. Kim: "The heart? Hm…oh! Hey! Wait for me, guys!"

They took a long flight towards their next destination.

They eventually arrived at the final planet: Yeedil. As soon as they landed and got out of this ship, they stood by and stared out at the massive Megacorp building that sat underneath a black sky. Kim: "So this is it, the Megacorp Protopet Factory." Ron: "Huh, you know something? This place pretty much screams "Typical Bad Guy Lair", wouldn't you think?" Kim: "Hm…you do make a good point. It does look ominous, almost like this whole mission." Ratchet: "I'm sorry, you guys, I had no way of knowing this was all a terrible idea from the start." Kim: "Don't worry about it, Ratchet; it didn't seem that way to me, either. Although, there was something that struck me as a bit fishy during the beginning, it wasn't enough to confirm anything."

Ratchet smiled, then looked back at the facility with a serious look on his face. Ratchet: "Hm, it seems kind of wrong to raid a corporate factory, but after everything they've put us through, they had it coming. Who else here also wants to get even with this company?" Kim: "I am so there. No one messes with my friends and gets away with it, especially after what they did to you, Ratchet."

Ratchet smiled again. Just then, the Kimmunicator went off, Kim pulled it out immediately. Kim: "Yeah, Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I have 2 things for you. First off, I've located the last piece of your dad's space shuttle; it's directly inside that factory building." Kim: "Well, how about that? The final piece is just inside the belly of the beast." Ron: "And in the possession of Megacorp's beloved CEO, no doubt." Wade: "I would think so, too. Secondly, I just built another device for you guys. I'll transport it now."

Wade's vendor appeared again. Transporting from it was a small device. Kim grabbed it and observed it. Wade: "It's a disrupter device. I built it from studying that crystal you found in that icy tunnel. That Megacorp factory is loaded with some of the toughest, most advanced security system in the galaxy. This should at least disrupt a lot of their most detrimental ones." Kim: "Hm…sounds as though we'll be needing this to infiltrate that factory. Thanks, Wade, you rock hardcore."

Wade smiled before Kim put away the Kimmunicator. Ratchet: "Seems like we both have our reasons for needing to break into the factory." Kim: "Not really. Believe it or not, that last piece is not my main reason. Mr. Fizzwidget took advantage of you; he used you like a tool and tried to dispose of you when he didn't need you anymore. Elder or not, that geezer is going down just because of that."

Ratchet smiled at her, then looked towards Ron and Clank as well as Kim. Ratchet: "Alright, guys. Let's do it."

They rushed towards the factory as fast as they could.

Getting to the front door has proven to be very difficult. They was a very large gap that separated them from the factory entrance. In fact, it separated them from the entire facility. Thankfully, Kim and Ratchet provided the perfect solution to that problem with the use of their own grappling gadgets. They used them to get themselves as well as Ron and Clank across the gap. However, they wound up in the middle of a robot barrage and one that they couldn't escape from, so they were forced to fight through the barrage. It was an excruciatingly, tough fight and it lasted for an extensive amount of time. They were nearly exhausted just trying to get through, but they eventually eradicated the entire barrage. Ron: "Man! If that was the welcoming committee, I'd hate to see what's waiting for us inside that building!" Kim: "So do I, but just think of how much worse it would be without that disrupter Wade gave us. I've noticed a lot of the other forms of machinery here." Clank: "Yes, I have noticed that, too, Miss Possible. That would be the exact security system that Wade mentioned would have been detrimental to us." Kim: "Well, if that's true, then good thing he gave us this disrupter or else we would be in for a real tough fight." Ratchet: "You took the words out of my mouth, Kimberly. In any case, we have to keep going." Clank: "Yes, we must keep at it; we have come too far to back out of this now and there is too much at stake." Ron: "For once, I agree on that. These guys have pushed us too far and have caused too much carnage to the good people of this galaxy. Let's trash this place and teach these corporate marauders a lesson they'll never forget!" Ratchet: "You said it, Ron." Kim: "I just hope Angela is doing OK. She probably has it really tough handling those orbital defenses." Ratchet: "I'm worried about her, too, but we can't think about her right now. We have to stay focused on the task at hand." Kim: "You're right. She would want us to keep going and not waste any time worrying for her. Let's just go, I would be sure that she'll catch up with us sooner or later."

They rushed into the facility. The second they set foot into the front door, they've come across one tough fight after another. Everywhere they looked, there were robots attempting to stop them. They were incredibly vicious, and they came by the boat loads, but the group was able to fight through them regardless of how tough it was. It had indeed been their toughest fight yet as the robots had been shown to be extremely formidable, but thankfully, so was the group.

Despite all of that, they were content with seeing that the robots were the only line of defense active at the time. They could see all around them a lot of the advanced security systems, knowing what they would have been up against if not for Wade's disrupter device. The entire facility was a very long stretch, it was a vast and difficult trek, especially with all of the constant battles making the trek seem longer, not to mention that they made things a lot tougher. However, they were shown that they could really hold their own in all of it. Even Ron was actually pulling is own weight in all of this, instead of running away screaming like he usually does. You could really tell that he had a serious agenda as it was the same with the rest of the group. Rufus was also very dedicated to doing his part for the team. A few times, when he was needed to handle a few small tasks that needed to be done, he help out the team the best of his skills and had felt very proud of himself for getting each and every task done. The team couldn't possibly think of anything more they could ever need from the little guy.

Within much time, they came very close to the end. Kim: "Wade, how much further to the Protopet Duplication Chamber?" Wade: "You're almost there, just keep on the path you're going then take the next left and you're free and clear." Kim: "Got it! Thanks, Wade."

They kept on the trek. It was a bit long from there, but soon enough, they were able to reach a large door. Wade: "OK, guys, the Protopet Duplication Chamber should be on the other side of that door. Just use that ID badge and you should be good to go."

Angela eventually rushed in, panting from exhaustion. Angela: "I'm sorry I'm late. I had some trouble with the guards." Kim: "Actually, you couldn't have come at a better time." Ron: "Alright, let's crack that bad boy open and end this Protopet madness."

Just then, the female robot from a while back arrived, waving her arms to tell them no as though she had something important to say. Ron: "Uh, what's with this girl robot?" Clank: "She is trying to tell us something."

Her head opened up from her mouth, revealing a screen. On the screen was a footage of Captain Qwark selling Personal Hygenators in one of the worst disguises ever, announcing that he has sold 1 million Hygenators and planned to finance his comeback by heading for another galaxy and rescue it from a potential threat. He then laughed manically.

Just then, Mr. Fizzwidget, who showed up with several guard bots, severely shocked the female robot, startling the entire group. Ron: "OH, SNAP!" Kim: "What the…?" Ratchet: "Oh, my gosh!" Clank: "What do you think you are doing?" Angela: "Mr. Fizzwidget!"

They then watched him unzip himself in perhaps the most disturbing spot imaginable, which appalled them a lot. He revealed himself to be Captain Qwark. Kim: "Wait! What? What is…?" Ron: "Hey, you're that Qwark guy we saw on that…that show." Clank: "Oh, no, this is bad." Angela: "Alright, just what the flod is going on!?" Ratchet: "Angela!" Kim: "I believe I know exactly what this is; Captain Qwark over here has been masquerading as your beloved CEO to unleash this Protopet disaster and from what that female bot has just shown us, it's all part of his comeback scheme to make himself a hero again, right?" Qwark: "Gee, aren't you a smart little redhead girl. That's right, I'm about to save the galaxy from the Protopets and all of you have become my prime suspects…uh…whoever…some of you are…Guards, seize them."

Soon enough, the entire group was brought into the Duplication Chamber, where they were held at gunpoint by the guard bots. Qwark stood near the original Protopet. There was a camera in the chamber with them, pointed at Qwark. Qwark: "Smile. It's show time." Kim: "This is so the perfect time to be camera shy." Ron: "This is really bad." Qwark: "Ahem. Citizens of Bogon. I…am Captain Qwark. I have come to you in this, your darkest of hours to shine the Flashlight of Justice on your galaxy." Ratchet: "(laugh) Flashlight of Justice?"

He was knocked on the head by one of the guard bots' guns. Qwark: "As you all know, a living menace called the Protopet has been set loose in your galaxy. But fear not, Bogonites. For I, Captain Qwark, have caught the perpetrators."

The camera was pointed towards the group. Qwark: "Yes, good citizens. These are the masterminds behind Megacorp's…"

The camera shifted back to Qwark as he finished his sentence. Qwark: "Experiment with death." Kim: "Oh, so not."

She was bashed on the back of her shoulder with another one of the guard bots' guns. Qwark: "And now…"

He then pulled out a strange looking remote like device with 3 short wires sticking out of it, each with a transceiver at the very end. Qwark: "With this…uh…super…electro-gadget I invented, I will end the Protopet threat once and for all." Angela: "Hey! That's MY Helix-o-morph! I invented…"

She was hit on the stomach with another one of the guard bots' guns. Qwark: "Ahem. Stay tuned, dear viewers, as I amplify the signal from this Helix-o-thingy and render every Protopet in the galaxy completely harmless. Now then, how do I…work this…thing? Let's see, there's this…and then…uh, I…do this… and then…uh…I…uh…how is this…?"

Kim whispered to Ratchet as she leaned in closer to him. Kim: "Yeah, this guy sounds exactly like someone who invented that device."

Ratchet giggled. Qwark: "Ah, yes, got it! Now then, allow me to demonstrate."

With a push of a button on the Helix-o-morph, he zapped the Protopet. Within a few seconds, the Protopet increased in size and morphed into a massive beast. It looked towards Qwark and gobbled him up whole. The guard bots became frightened and ran away, leaving the group as they looked up at the massive beast. Ron: "That would be so cool if it wasn't going to hurt us."

The beast then crashed through a nearby wall. Kim: "Uh, does that Helix-o-morph actually work?" Angela: "Uh…I'm sure it did; I tested it myself." Ron: "So, why did that device of yours turn the Protopet in a GIGANTIC MONSTER!?" Angela: "I don't know. I would have to look into what's wrong." Ratchet: "Well, Clank, Kimberly and I will try getting it back somehow. You wait here with Ron to figure out how we're going to fix it." Ron: "What? Are you seriously going to leave us here on the sidelines?" Ratchet: "Do you want to jump into there with that thing?"

Ron looked towards the vicious Protopet beast wondering around. A terrified look then grew on his face. Ron: "Uh…on second thought, I really don't mind standing on the sidelines." Angela: "Actually, we'll be doing some searching around the rest of the place for anything else important." Ratchet: "OK, works for me." Angela: "Ratchet, Kim, Clank, be careful." Clank: "Do not worry about us, we can handle ourselves just fine." Ratchet: "Come on, guys, let's bring down that beast and get back that Helix-o-morph." Kim: "I'm right behind you, Ratchet."

Ratchet, Kim and Clank rushed into the doorway to battle with the beast while Ron watched along with Angela.

Arriving into battle, Kim and Ratchet worked together to fight against the vicious beast. It had proven to be a very tough battle, perhaps even their toughest yet. The beast fought back in several different ways; all of these attempts that were very dangerous and potentially deadly. It threw everything it had on them and even threw up some of them, ew, but they were really able to hold their own and managed to handle them all. It was a very, very long and tough battle, but they were eventually able to defeat the beast and brought it down.

After the vicious battle, Angela came walking in. Angela: "You did it!"

She kissed both Ratchet and Clank on their heads and closely embraced Kim. Ron came walking in with Mr. Fizzwidget, greatly startling Ratchet and Kim. Angela: "It's OK, guys. This is the real Mr. Fizzwidget. Qwark had him tied up in a supply closet the whole time. Ron and I were able to find him." Ron: "And thankfully not too late." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Everyone, you have my profound gratitude." Kim: "Oh, please, so not the drama." Ratchet: "Yeah, we're just sorry we didn't get that Helix-o-Morph back…"

Suddenly, the beast spat out Qwark and then, Qwark spat out the Helix-o-Morph. Kim: "Ew." Ron: "Oh, that's just sick."

Angela picked up the device and observed it. Kim: "So, what do you think could be wrong with that thing?"

Clank observed it from underneath. Angela: "I don't know…it could take months of research and…" Clank: "The battery is in backwards."

The entire group seemed dumbfounded by this news. Qwark: "Oops." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Imbecilic to the very last."

Just then, the beast got up and was about to attack again. Angela zapped it with the Helix-o-Morph, not only shrinking it down but making it docile and cuddly as it nuzzled Mr. Fizzwidget. He seemed very flattered. Mr. Fizzwidget: "Easy, boy." Angela: "Now I just need to amplify the device with Megacorp's TV transponders and that should be able to cure the other Protopets." Ron: "Alright! Coolio!" Rufus: "Yeah! Cool!"

Then at that moment, the Protopet was becoming aggressive again. Ratchet: "Uh…guys? That thing is…it's becoming hostile again."

It looked towards Ron, which terrified him. Ron: "KP!"

He ran as it chased after him. Angela tried to zap it with the Helix-o-Morph but nothing was happening. Kim: "Angela, do something!" Angela: "I'm trying but nothing's happening." Ratchet: "What the heck is going on!? Why is that thing attacking Ron!?"

The creature got really close to Ron and pounced at him with its mouth wide open. Everyone else observed as there was a tearing noise. Some seem relieved while others were shocked in an awkward manner. Angela: "Aw, it was just hungry."

The Protopet was chomping on Ron's pants that it clearly tore off of him. Ron: "For my pants!?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Astounding! It seems as though your pants are made from some strange material that creature finds to be incredibly appetizing. We must analyze that material and have it mass produced as sustenance for these beloved creatures." Angela: "I'll get on that right, after we cure the Protopets, that is." Ratchet: "Kimberly, please tell me Wade has finished with the Indestructible Pants." Kim: "I don't know. I'll ask him as soon as I can." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Oh, uh, young missy. Kim Possible was it?" Kim: "Yep, that's right." Mr. Fizzwidget: "I was told by Ronald that you were looking for this thing."

He pulled out what appeared to be a piece of the space shuttle. Kim was very ecstatic. Kim: "Yes! That's a piece of my dad's space shuttle! Where did you find it!?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "It was stashed away very close to where I was found. Ronald was very insistent on giving it to you right away. So, here you go, young lady."

He handed the shuttle piece over to Kim, she then pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we found the final piece, but just to verify, we did collect all of the pieces, right?"

Wade checked the monitor. Wade: "Yep, every last piece has been accounted for." Kim: "Yes! That's great! Did you hear that, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Yeah! We did it, Kimberly! Now we can finally rebuild your dad's space shuttle so we can go after Drakken and Shego then take back your dad's space station."

They were both so thrilled that they embraced each other and spun around. They then stopped and became mesmerized by each other for a brief moment, edging their faces closer together. Angela: "Ahem."

They stopped and looked towards Angela. Angela: "You know, you guys have helped us out tremendously, so if you would like, we would gladly rebuild that space shuttle for you." Kim: "Really? Are you sure that you want to help us out?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "But of course. We owe you so much for your help. Also, Megacorp has some of the best mechanics, engineers and researchers money can buy. We'll have that space shuttle of yours up and running before you know it." Ratchet: "Well…if you insist…then OK. Just to let you know, we have been working on some modifications to the shuttle a while back. There was still one bit of work that needed to be done before it was stolen and broken up by Drakken." Angela: "That won't be a problem. I would be more than happy to finish up that last modification for you." Kim: "OK, then. Here you go."

She handed all of the shuttle pieces to Angela. Kim: "Treat it well, OK? It's…a unique space shuttle to say the least." Angela: "Will do."

At that time, Qwark attempted to sneak away. Lilo: "Not so fast, dummy-head!"

He was then startled by suddenly noticing Lilo, Stitch and several of Stitch's cousin. Stitch: "(growl) You go nowhere, troublemaker." Qwark: "Now, now, no need to…get nasty on me…little ones…easy…" Kim: "Lilo! Stitch!"

Everyone rushed towards the duo and the other Experiments. Ratchet: "Didn't think you guys would show up here." Lilo: "Yeah, we made our way here just after that broadcast by this dummy-head was made. Several times during that broadcast, one of Stitch's cousins reacted; Fibber or Experiment 032. He reacts every time someone tells a lie. So when he was talking about stopping this horrible catastrophe or even trying to pin this on you guys, we knew immediately that something was amiss, so we got here as fast as we could to help out." Ratchet: "Wow, that's great. Thank you guys so much." Lilo: "It was no trouble." Stitch: "Ih! Lilo and Stitch and our Ohana only want to help out Kim, Ratchet, Ron and Clank, since they have helped us out. It's our way of saying Mahalo." Clank: "Yes, that is very nice of you, but your help is not needed. Everything is under control." Ratchet: "Yeah, the Protopet threat is being neutralized and the person responsible for all of it has been thwarted." Kim: "Well…actually, he was self-foiling; not surprising considering how much of a dim-wit he is." Lilo: "Yeah, we noticed that, too. We still want to help anyway. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih!" Angela: "Well, if you insist, you can deal with Qwark over here." Lilo: "It will be our pleasure. Stitch?"

Stitch growled as he approached Qwark. Qwark: "Now, now, nice…blue…dog…thing…" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Hold on for a second, youngsters, I have a better idea. I'm thinking of allowing this imbecile to pay off a hefty debt for what he has put this entire galaxy through. You're more than welcome to lend a hand with this." Lilo: "Absolutely, sir. Just tell us what you need us to do and we'll do it. Right, Ohana?"

All of Stitch's cousin's cheered. Lilo: "OK, then, let's go."

They all left while forcing Qwark out with them. Mr. Fizzwidget left with Angela, Ron walked out with them. Ron: "By the way, I've noticed that you haven't been talking in weird vocabulary that makes no sense. You don't really talk like that, right?" Mr. Fizzwidget: "Of course not, young man, it was all that imposter talking that way. Most likely trying to make himself sound smarter." Ron: "Oh, so instead of doing that, he made you sound like some weird-talking old nutcase who was completely losing his mind. No offense." Mr. Fizzwidget: "None taken, as a matter of fact, I agree with you and I'm sorry for any terrible impressions that he left on you and your friends about me." Ron: "That's fine, don't worry about that. We know now that you weren't anything like that." Angela: "I know he wasn't."

Kim and Ratchet stood by while everyone else left. Clank also stayed behind for a reason of his own. Kim: "Well, guess we should be leaving, too." Ratchet: "Sure."

They were about to walk out, but then suddenly, the Kimmunicator went off. She pulled it out. Wade: "Kim! You dad wants to speak to you, he said it's urgent!" Kim: "Put him on now."

He switched over to Dr. Possible. Dr. P.: "Kim! Forget everything that I told you to do before! You must destroy the space station! I know what these men plan to do with it! They're planning to…no! What are you doing!? Stay away from me! AAAHHH!" Kim: "Dad!? Dad!" Voice: "Why, hello, Kim Possible, we meet at last." Kim: "Who are you!? Are you one of the men that paid my dad to build his space station!? What have you done to him!?" Voice: "Oh, nothing…yet. I can see that Dr. Possible broke his vow of silence and told you everything, well…everything that he knew anyway. It's a real pitiful shame that you didn't know what your father was like back in the day; so eager, so headstrong, so full of vigor and so very easy to manipulate." Kim: "What do you want with that space station!? What fiendish agenda do you have in mind!?" Voice: "Let's just say…we plan on making the Earth a perfect world by purging it of all its problems. We intended to offer your father and the rest of your family to become part of that new world, but he…wasn't very optimistic about the idea." Dr. P.: "No! Never! I would rather die than be part of your so called "perfect world". You intend to…"

Kim along with Ratchet and Clank listened in horror of Dr. Possible's screams of agony. Kim: "DAD!" Voice: "That's enough out of you, you insolent lap dog! Now then, Ms. Possible, we have a proposition for you. We are willing to offer you your father if you're to return the space station to this space center." Dr. P.: "Kim! Don't give in to their demands, they want to…"

They listened again to his screams. Voice: "I said keep your mouth shut! Ahem, now then, as I was saying, if you truly wish to see him alive again, return with the space station." Kim: "You monster! You won't get away with this!" Voice: "Return it to us and we will spare his life, but be sure that it is brought back completely unharmed. If we see so much as a single scratch on it, your father bites the big one."

The transmission was severed. Kim: "Dad! No! DAD!"

She tried to reestablish communications with her dad, but it was no use. Wade then reappeared on the Kimmunicator. Wade: "Kim, this is really bad! What do you think we should do? Kim? Kim? Kim!"

She was far too distraught from what just happened to even say anything. She fell to her knees and dropped both of her arms. Kim: "D-…dad…"

Ratchet, upset to see her like this, ran to her and grabbed her by her shirt with both hands and held her face close to his face. Ratchet: "Kimberly! Get a hold of yourself! I know things are dire, but you've got to snap out of it! Your dad needs this from you! Kimberly! KIMBERLY!" Kim: "No…my…my…dad…he…I can't…I…dad! He's…he's billions of…light years…away…and…I…I can't do…anything…to…I can't get to him…I don't know what to do…I'm…too far…away…to do…anything…about it! Please…someone…anyone…please help…help me…save my dad…!"

Ratchet was greatly shocked to see her like this. He then growled angrily, snatched the Kimmunicator from out of her hand and held it in front of him. Ratchet: "Wade! Are you still there!?" Wade: "Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Tell me, are there any other crime fighters from your home world besides Kimberly!? Anyone who can help Dr. Possible!?" Wade: "Well, there's Global Justice. There's also Team Go. I can also look into other crime fighters." Ratchet: "That's not going to be enough! These men that paid Dr. Possible to build his own space station are extremely dangerous. Kimberly is far too broken up from all of this to even think straight, let alone figure out what to do about this! No, we're going to need more help. Is there anyone who wants to owe her a favor?" Wade: "Lots of people. She's helped countless here on Earth. Every single one of them is always raring to pay her back however they can." Ratchet: "You think you're able to contact them?" Wade: "I can." Ratchet: "OK, then. Wade, I need you to send an important message to all those people that she has helped in the past: tell them that her dad needs help and if they hope to pay her back for everything she did for them, this is their chance to do so." Wade: "Got it! I'll get right on it." Ratchet: "Thank you, Wade. You're the best."

He deactivated the Kimmunicator. He then glanced at her in a sweet and caring manner then approached her again, kneeled in front of her and gently placed both of his hands on both sides of her head. Ratchet: "Kimberly. Everything's going to be OK. Wade is working on saving your dad as we speak. Don't worry, everything will be OK. I promise."

She pulled herself out of her distraught state for those few moments and looked at him, touched by his words. Kim: "Ratchet…"

They had their moment together. Clank took notice of this even though he was tending to his own tragedy. Ratchet: "Come on, let's get out of here."

They got themselves up. Kim: "Wait! What about Clank?"

They looked over and noticed Clank tending to the female bot that was badly damaged earlier. Kim and Ratchet looked at each other then went over towards Clank. Ratchet: "Hey, it's OK. I can fix her. I promise."

Clank looked up at him and smiled. Clank: "I know you can, considering that you have already fixed someone else."

Ratchet looked at Kim, she did the same with him and they both smiled.

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