Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapter 9

Chapter 9-Finally Returning Home

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After a long flight through space, they managed to return to Earth. There, they landed the space shuttle on the runway at the space center, which sat underneath a gorgeous sunset. The shuttle stopped in front of a large crowd of people cheering at them. The shuttle opened up, Kim and Ron stepped out, they made their way towards the crowd which included Ron's parents and Kim's family. They both had a heartfelt reunion with their families as they were warmly embraced. Kim's mom was very emotional as she embraced her daughter. Mrs. P.: "I've missed you so much, sweetie." Kim: "Mom…" Dr. P.: "It's good to have you back, Kimmicub."

They then looked over and saw Ratchet and Clank stepping out of the space shuttle. The crowd immediately reacted as they murmured random things. He hesitated before taking his first stepped on Earth then looked around at the crowd. Ratchet: "Um…hello, everyone…uh, nice…planet…you have here…"

The crowd then began to cheer at him. He seemed flattered but was a bit coy. He looked towards Kim who was waiting for him as she stood along with her family. Clank walked over to him. Clank: "You go over towards them, I will turn Drakken and Shego over to Global Justice." Ratchet: "OK…you do that…Clank…"

Clank walked back into the shuttle while Ratchet walked over towards Kim and her family. He then stood along with them with a nervous grin on his face. Mrs. P.: "You must be Ratchet. It is so good to finally meet you." Ratchet: "Uh…great…to meet you, too…Mrs. Possible…and…"

He looked at Kim's dad who smiled back at him. Ratchet: "Dr. Possible. So good to see you alive and well." Dr. P.: "I am thrilled to finally see you in person, Ratchet. I've wanted to thank you for everything you've done for my Kimmicub." Ratchet: "It…it was no trouble at all. I'm just sorry we had to blow up your space station. You must have spent a lot of time building that thing and to have it all be wasted? That must be devastating." Dr. P.: "Ah, think nothing of it. That project was merely a crazy dream of mine during my youth. Let me tell you something, building a family with these 4 amazing people; that is my greatest life project. I never asked for anything like this, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way." Ratchet: "That…sounds wonderful and you have done a terrific job, especially considering how amazing Kimberly turned out to be."

They then looked over as Drakken and Shego were arrested and being sent away. Drakken: "YOU THINK YOU'RE ALL THAT, BUT YOU'RE NOT!"

They were eventually removed by Global Justice. Clank joined up with Ratchet and everyone else. Clank: "Good riddance to those ruffians." Jim: "Hey, cool! A robot!" Tim: "And one from outer space, too!" Jim, Tim: "Hoo-sha!" Clank: "I…beg your pardon, gentlemen?" Kim: "Uh, Clank? These are my twin brothers Jim and Tim, the tweebs."

Jim and Tim were then all over Clank. Jim: "Where were you built?" Tim: "Did you come with a serial number?" Jim: "Who built you?" Tim: "Were you made in a factory?" Jim: "Were you built on another planet?" Tim: "Or perhaps even a space station of sorts?" Clank: "I was from an assembly of robot that were built to destroy." Jim: "You? Built to destroy? Are you serious? You don't look like any killer robot I've seen before." Tim: "You're too short to be able to destroy anything." Clank: "That is because I am a defect model." Jim: "A defect? You were built by accident? That's kind of lame." Tim: "Hm, defect or not, you're still a robot from another galaxy; that's still cool." Jim: "I'll say." Tim: "So, tell us everything about yourself, Clank. Can robots eat? Are you like a total math whiz?" Clank: "I am capable of calculating more than 100 trillion algorithmic equations faster than the speed of light and possibly 10 billion more within the speed of sound and all before breakfast." Jim, Tim: "Cool." Kim: "Well, I have to say, that is most certainly one very, very interesting mission." Ron: "Yeah, one for the books, that's for sure." Kim: "I never thought in all my life that I would actually meet someone in space and it was a very pleasant surprise for sure. I'm so glad that we were able to meet you, Ratchet." Ratchet: "So am I. I had a great time watching you do those amazing things that you've done during our missions. Kimberly, you're phenomenal."

Kim smiled. Mrs. P.: "You know what, Ratchet? You are also phenomenal. From what I have heard, you have been wonderful to Kim. I couldn't hear enough of how you have gone above and beyond for her." Ratchet: "Well, like I said, it was no trouble. Although, I…hardly did much." Dr. P.: "Are you kidding me? You've been a colossal help to her; perhaps even a lot more than you realize. You have done some things that Ronald here couldn't do." Ron: "Oh, yeah, I would agree on that." Ratchet: "Well, I guess I…yeah, I really did…I mean…I didn't need to…get myself involved…but…I felt that…I…" Dr. P.: "But of course. You didn't need to get yourself involved, but you did anyway and I could not be more thankful for it. In fact…Ratchet, my boy, you are more than welcome to date my daughter anytime you like." Ratchet: "Whoa, now hold on there for a sec., Dr. Possible." Kim: "Dad!" Ratchet: "It's nothing like that. I mean, me? And her? Are you…? You cannot be…! We're…not even the…same…uh…"

At that moment, he noticed Ron and Clank glance at him in a discontent manner. He then looked at Kim in a nervous manner as she glanced at him with the same nervous look on her face. He looked back towards them. Ratchet: "Uh…why are you both looking at me like that?" Clank: "It is apparent that you and Miss Possible lack the realization towards your mutual fondness for one another." Ratchet: "What? You…mean to say that…I…I have…feelings for her…I mean, she and I…are we really…?"

Clank nodded. Kim: "Ron? You also believe this?" Ron: "KP, you allow him to call you by your real name. Your real name! You don't let anyone outside your family do that, not even me and I'm your best friend!"

Kim and Ratchet then looked at each other in awe. Kim: "Ratchet…? Is…is this really true…? Are you…do you really…" Ratchet: "Kimberly…I…I have to admit…that I…I do really care about you…a lot…every time I saw you upset, broken up, or angry, I…I wanted to help you, I wanted to do everything I could to…when your dad was taken by those men, you were so distraught that you couldn't even think straight. I couldn't stand seeing you like that, so I had every single one of these people brought here to rescue him; it seemed like the only way for you to come to your senses." Kim: "You did all of this…for me?" Ratchet: "Yes…and to see you return to your old self; I don't regret any of it one bit, and I never will."

Kim was touched but was hesitant for a bit. Kim: "You know something? I felt absolutely terrible for how badly you were treated during your mission. To find out that you were just being used the way you were, it…it made me so angry that I wanted to help you get back at that jerk for using you."

His eyes shifted over to his side as he thought for a bit and then he looked back at her. Ratchet: "When…we were back at that factory, you told me that your highest priority for breaking into that place with me wasn't to rebuild your dad's space shuttle but to help me get even for what I have been through. Did…did you really mean all of that?" Kim: "Yes…at that brief moment…my mission didn't mean anything to me. All I could think about at that time…was you." Ratchet: "Kimberly…"

They then touched each other's hands and then they smiled at each other. Ron: "Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!"

Soon enough, the entire crowd joined in on Ron's chanting, except for Ron and Kim's parents and Clank. Ratchet and Kim looked around at the crowd as they chanted, then looked at the parents, Ron and Clank. The parents watched in suspense as Ron kept chanting and Clank signaled them to go for it. Kim and Ratchet looked at each other again, hesitating as they stared at each other for a bit. They then closed their eyes, leaned closer towards each other and brought their lips together. The entire crowd cheered. They then pulled away from the kiss and looked around at the cheering crowd, including the parents and Clank, who applauded, and Ron, who whistled in celebration. Kim and Ratchet looked at each other again and smiled.

After that, everyone talked Dr. Possible into rebuilding his space station. At first, he was very hesitant, but after much encouragement from his family, including Kim, he decided that he was going to rebuild the Impossible Space Station of the Future and make it even better than ever, but what truly inspired him to do so was so that Kim and Ratchet could have the opportunity to be closer together. Everyone else wanted to pitch in and help him out, including Kim and Ratchet. Ratchet and Clank decided to stay on Earth for an entire week to help out with the project and to see Kim's domestic life. He stayed at the Possible residence where he had dinner with them that first night. He and Kim had spent a lot of time hanging out together and really getting to know each other a little more. Throughout the week, he visited Middleton High School where he met Kim and Ron's classmates, including their upbeat friend, Monique, who thought Ratchet was cute and Kim's nemesis Bonnie, who didn't hesitate for a second to insult Kim and Ratchet for liking each other, but Ratchet immediately told off Bonnie for being a jerk and did not step down, hesitate or even flinch as he stood up for Kim. Everyone around them cheered at his courage with Bonnie so upset that she insulted everyone and ran off. Ratchet had spent a lot of his time with Kim while Clank spent most of his at the space center helping Dr. Possible with building the second ISSF. Ratchet and Kim would stop by and help out every now and then. Ratchet repaired Clank's admirer and she stayed with the little guy, working on the project with him as well.

Ratchet, during his time with Kim, would walk with her through the hallways, sat down with her at lunch, he would even watch a lot of her cheer practices, much to Bonnie's annoyance and dismay. Her concentration broke several times because she could not stand having him around, but after some convincing from Kim and the other cheerleaders and, if all else fails, make a lot of readjustments to their choreography, they were able to get past that difficulty. Bonnie was very unhappy regardless. After every cheer practice, Ratchet would ask Kim to teach him some of their dance moves, which she would gladly do. Not surprisingly, this disgusted Bonnie so she walked out on them.

There were, however, some times in which Ratchet had some issues with things that were part of Kim's life, such as with Club Banana when he complained about their clothes, despite being made by the same company as Smarty Mart, a massive store that sells lots of things, not to mention is a less favorite store to Kim's peers to shop for clothes, were very different just because of a banana sticker. He was thrown out of Club Banana for complaining too much about them, but he didn't care and believed that Smarty Mart was a better store. He even did some maintenance work for the store when they asked him to. The people at the store were so grateful that they wanted to repay him for his services. They would just offer him discounts since he didn't really want anything from them. However, the only things he asked from them were some banana stickers. He used them to prank Bonnie by giving her clothes from Smarty Mart when she thought they were from Club Banana just because of the banana stickers he placed on them. After she found out about the prank, she became distraught and overly dramatic about it as though it was like the worst thing ever. Kim, however, found this to be very amusing and gave Ratchet a kiss on the cheek for it.

And of course, Ron and Rufus finally got their Nacos. Kim, Ratchet and Clank would join them but Ratchet would lose his appetite the second he set his foot through the door. On Ratchet and Clank's last night on Earth, Ratchet and Kim sat on the roof of Kim's house, looking out at the stars, talking about their adventure together and what they saw out there. They were both very uncertain of what the future could hold for them or even when they will possibly see each other again, but they were hopeful to face the challenges together. Wade interrupted them to inform them that he will present them with a way for the 2 of them to stay in touch with each other wherever they would be. The next day, Ratchet and Clank were to return to space but not before Ratchet said his goodbyes to Kim. After Ratchet and Clank left, Dr. Possible made a promise to Kim that she will see him again. Kim and Ratchet have kept in touch with each other ever since. Despite the distance, or light years between them, they were never too far apart from one another and remained as such, but they would look forward to the day when they will meet again. Kim: "See you again, Space Case."


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