Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapter 8

Chapter 8-Completing the Final Mission

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Much time later, the space shuttle was reassembled. It sat directly outside the facility. Angela and Mr. Fizzwidget stood alongside the ship in front of Ratchet, Kim, Ron and Clank. Kim: "I have to say, you've really done a fantastic job with reassembling my dad's space shuttle." Angela: "Well, it was no big deal. Bringing the pieces of this alien shuttle really didn't take a lot of time at all; it wasn't highly advanced. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling your technology primitive, the human that built it was quite impressive with being able to understand technology from another world." Mr. Fizzwidget: "Absolutely. You should at least be proud of how far you humans have come and I know that you are smart enough to understand so much more." Kim: "Thanks and yes, we are well aware of that. There have been numerous amounts of alien technology built into the shuttle and I was amazed with how very little effort it was for my dad and even me to understand most of it." Angela: "Yes, I have been able to take notice of that. All of you have done a phenomenal job with the modifications to it, especially you, Ron, since applying the finishing touches were a cinch." Clank: "We really do appreciate your help in this." Ron: "Even though we…kind of played a role in causing this Protopet disaster." Angela: "Oh, think nothing of it. As a matter of fact, I'm partially to blame for this. I should have told you exactly what's been going on from the start. I'm well aware that you guys did what you thought was right. Hopefully, this will make us even." Ratchet: "It's good enough." Kim: "Great, now that we have the space shuttle back in one piece, we can finally bring the fight to Drakken and Shego and put an end to their evil scheme once and for all." Ratchet: "Yeah, absolutely! Let's do this!"

Kim still seemed concerned. Kim: "Um…do you think my dad will be OK?" Ratchet: "I'm not sure, all I can say is Wade is doing everything he possibly can, but for now, we have a space station to take back." Kim: "OK…let's go."

Kim and Ron got into the space shuttle. Ratchet was about to get to his ship. Angela: "So, are you really going to leave with her?" Ratchet: "Yes…we've started this together from the very beginning and I want to end this with her. I want to help her finish her mission." Angela: "OK…but…come back in one piece." Ratchet: "Sure, will do. I'll return."

He then went to his ship with Clank. Both ships took off and left the planet.

After a very long flight, they were finally able to approach the ISSF. Kim: "Wade, come in. Do you read me?" Wade: "What's up, Kim?" Kim: "We have returned to where the space station is and we're closing in on it now." Wade: "Check. Be careful, I don't want you to fall into another one of Drakken's deathtraps again." Kim: "Don't worry, Wade, we already came up with a plan for that. Ratchet will deal with it." Wade: "Well…OK, I trust Ratchet as much as you do. Still, be careful." Kim: "Got it. Oh and Wade? How's my dad holding up? Have there been any changes to his…predicament?" Wade: "Can't really say for sure, all I know is something is happening. If I find out anything else, I'll let you know." Kim: "Thanks, Wade."

Kim began to sulk. Ron, concerned for her, placed his hand on her shoulder. Ron: "Hey, I know you're worried about Dr. P., but try not to think about it too much, OK?" Kim: "I can't help it. I don't know if…I don't know if Wade or all those other people that he sent out will be able to ensure that my dad will make it out of this alive." Ratchet: "We're going to have to trust them with that, Kimberly. They're the only ones who can do anything about it for the time being. It's out of our hands." Clank: "He is right; our priority should be the space station. Dr. Possible needs you to focus on this; it is the only way that you will be able to save him." Kim: "Yes…I know…OK, let's stick with the plan; Ron and I will distract the defenses while you guys deal with the deathtraps." Ratchet: "Copy that. Just leave it to me."

Both ships flew in different directions. From inside the space station, Drakken immediately noticed the space shuttle. Drakken: "I knew you would show up sooner or later, Kim Possible. This time, I am so ready for you. Hit it, Shego." Shego: "You got it, Dr. D."

She slammed a switch and activated a control panel, which she started using. Shego: "Say good night, Kimmie."

The turrets outside the space station became active and shot at the shuttle. It dodged each shot beautifully. Ron: "Whoa! Way to go, KP!" Kim: "Wow, I didn't think I would be able to do that. Guess I picked up on a lot more of Ratchet's piloting skills than I realized. Let's see what else I have learned from him."

She went back at the turrets and shot at them. Even she was amazed by the weaponry built into the shuttle. Kim: "Amazing, I couldn't believe this shuttle is capable of something like this. Having it be partially made with alien technology came in very handy." Drakken: "Drat! I can't believe Dr. Possible's space shuttle could actually do something like that! I have to admit, the alien technology built into it is impressive, but that won't stop me from stopping Kim Possible. Keep at it, Shego, you'll bring her down eventually." Shego: "Hmm…you know, I get this strange feeling that we're forgetting something. Any ideas on what it could be?" Drakken: "Not really sure, although, the way in which that shuttle is flying around does look somewhat familiar. Ah, well, it doesn't matter. Fire at will, Shego!"

Shego grinned a nasty grin. Shego: "With pleasure, doc."

Kim continued to fight with the space shuttle. She blasted at a lot of its exterior weaponry, damaging a lot of them. Ron: "Oh, yeah! Bring them down, KP!" Kim: "Heh, I could do this all day." Ron: "Uh, by the way, when is Ratchet going to have those deathtraps taken out so we can finally enter this space station?" Kim: "Whenever possible, Ron, just be patient." Ron: "Alright, fine, it's just…the sooner we get in there and finish up this mission, the sooner we can finally return home. We have been out here for far too long and I can't tell you have much I miss the taste of Nacos, oh, and uh, everything else there, too." Kim: "So do I, but we have to stay focused on the mission…for dad…"

Ron became concerned with her again. Ratchet: "Hey, Kimberly, can you hear me?" Kim: "Ratchet?" Ratchet: "I've managed to break through the space station's back door. I'm going to leave a…nasty little surprise for Drakken and Shego." Kim: "OK, Ratchet. Let us know when the back door is accessible and we'll be right there." Ratchet: "Copy that. This will be over soon." Ron: "Yeah, great. About time you're finishing up with that, we're risking hide and hair out here while you and Clank have been taking your sweet time clearing that entrance for us!" Ratchet: "Are things really that bad? I thought you guys were doing a phenomenal job out there." Kim: "Don't pay any attention to him, he just wants to go home badly." Ratchet: "Yes…I know…we're almost done, just hang in there." Clank: "Hm, he seemed to have been a little more anxious." Ratchet: "Yeah, he is, but he and Kimberly have never been away from their home planet this long, or at all for that matter. Let's go double time on this."

Both ships continued on with what they were doing. Drakken: "Grr! As impressive as the weaponry on that shuttle is, it's been a serious annoyance! And how did Kim Possible get so good at space combat!? It almost as though she has been taking some pointers from that cat alien boyfriend of hers." Shego: "Hold on for a sec, doc! We haven't seen that alien around. I wonder where he could…"

Just then, heard an explosion somewhere on the space station and felt some rumbling from the explosion. Drakken: "What was that!?"

Shego checked on a nearby monitor. Shego: "Uh…it seems as though we have taken some damage on one of the exits. Oh, no…even worse than that, the deathtraps on that exit have been seriously demolished." Drakken: "Demolished!? By what!?" Shego: "I don't know, some type of weaponry from some other ship, but what…wait! It was from…him! That alien!" Drakken: "Dang it! I should have known! Kim Possible was merely diverting our attention so that her alien boyfriend would target and destroy our deathtraps!" Shego: "I can't believe we fell for that all too easily."

Drakken growled and then jumped up and down a lot in a fit of rage. Shego: "Shall I blow them both up?"

Drakken stopped and brought out an evil grin. Drakken: "No, I have a better idea. Let's let both of those ships in. I have a special little surprise for Kim Possible and her little friends."

The back door was free and clear. The space shuttle arrived alongside Ratchet's ship. Kim: "It worked! You did it, Ratchet!" Ratchet: "Heh! No big. Although, I have something to ask you guys, who's got mad skillz?" Ron: "Ratchet! Ratchet's got mad skillz! Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Kim: "(sigh) You guys are so full of it."

Clank giggled.

They landed their ships into the docking bay after entering and got themselves out. Kim: "Well, took us long enough to get here."

Then, they heard a bizarre jingle from the speaker above them. They looked up and noticed a monitor. From the monitor, an image of Drakken and Shego appeared. They both had nasty grins on their faces. Drakken: "Hello, Kim Possible. We have been expecting you. I've noticed you brought your little alien friends." Kim: "Dr. Drakken, you have put us through a lot. This has been perhaps our longest mission yet." Ron: "Not to mention that you've kept us away from home for a very long time." Kim: "Yes, that. Ron and I have grown very homesick like you wouldn't believe and you're putting my dad through a nightmare of cosmic proportions. Although I can't say it was all bad. Thank to you, we have met Ratchet and Clank. They have helped us out with our mission just as much as we have helped them out with theirs and we plan to finish this together." Ratchet: "Don't think we'll let you succeed in your plans, especially when there's a lot at stake." Clank: "And I am quite certain you are well aware of how dangerous this space station really is." Drakken: "Oh, I am very well aware of that, especially of why the space station was even built in the first place. I would also have reason to believe that Dr. Possible hasn't told you about that." Kim: "No…he tried to, but…something got in the way of that; that much I will mention, so we still don't know what it was going to be used for." Drakken: "Well, if you would like to find out, then try to reach me. I'll be waiting."

As the screen had shut off, a door nearby opened up. Ratchet: "This is it, Kimberly, our final confrontation with Dr. Drakken. You ready?" Kim: "Oh, I have so been ready for a long time." Ratchet: "Then let's go."

They ran through the door and the first phase of their most epic challenge. 

They made their way through the corridors. Elsewhere, Drakken and Shego observed them on a monitor. Drakken seemed very gratified as he watched it with a nasty sneer on his face. Shego: "So, what devious plan do you have this time, Drakken?" Drakken: "Oh, just a few things I have been working on after looking into a lot of alien technology. I have indeed made some modifications to the space station's interiors. These men that had Dr. Possible build this entire place didn't expect any rebellions to make even a single attempt to initiate an assault on this place." Shego: "No surprise there, considering they didn't expect anyone to live long enough to even start one. The records of their plans for this place were heinous; it even made my skin crawl." Drakken: "But that's where my brilliance comes into affect."

He walked up to a console and slammed on a switch.

From where Kim and the others were, a hoard of robots show up. Ron: "AAH! MORE KILLER ROBOTS!" Kim: "Is that all he's got?"

They proceeded to fight off every last robot. They were nasty and quite lethal, but nothing that they couldn't handle, as they have handled many vicious robots many times before.

They were eventually able to finish off and demolish every last one. Ratchet: "Well, that wasn't so tough, but I have to admit, for someone who lives on a planet that's light years behind on technology, he seems to have gotten a good grasp on otherworldly robotics." Kim: "Well, he did once build a few, highly advanced robots in the past." Ron: "Oh, yeah, the Bebes; they were advanced and very dangerous. In fact, they were so advanced that not even Drakken could control them." Clank: "Hm, how unfortunate."

Clank then observed some of the robot parts closely. Clank: "Hm…these mechanics are conspicuously similar to that of what we have seen in the Bogon Galaxy." Ratchet: "Hey…you're right. I would guess that a lot of this equipment is from Megacorp; no doubt a generous donation given to Drakken by Captain Qwark, that moron." Kim: "I'll have a lot of this sent to Wade. He would be more than happy to receive this."

She pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we'll need you to reactivate your vendor. We have a ton of materials from alien technology that we're sure you would love to look into."

Wade's vendor reappeared. They cleaned up the mess and placed all of it into the vendor. Ratchet: "That was the first wave. Let's proceed with caution; I know that things will only get harder from here."

They continued further. As they progressed on, they were continuing to be observed by Drakken and Shego. Drakken growled a little but then calmed down. Drakken: "Hm, not bad. I have to admit I knew they would make it through that." Shego: "So, what's your next line of defense, evil genius?"

Another evil grin appeared on his face. Drakken: "Something that will be quite nasty."

The group arrived in a large chamber. Everything seemed all too quiet. Ratchet: "Hm, I wonder what nasty little surprise Drakken has for us this time?" Ron: "Don't say things like that! Oh, great! Now something bad is going to happen!" Ratchet: "Calm down, will you? Something bad will happen anyway."

Just then, a massive robot dropped in. Ron: "AAH! SOMETHING BAD JUST HAPPENED!" Ratchet: "I can see that, Ron!"

The robot unleashed a massive shockwave which knocked the entire group back, slamming them against a wall. It then reached out both of its hands, grabbed Kim and Ratchet and lifted them off of the ground. Ron: "KP! RATCHET!"

It held them tight in both of its hands. Clank: "Ron, we have to do something; that robot could crush them both." Ron: "But what can I possibly do? I haven't exactly been very useful throughout this entire mission!"

Just then, Rufus popped out from Ron's pocket. Rufus: "Hey." Ron: "Rufus! Wait! Rufus!"

Kim and Ratchet were still being held tightly in the robot's grips. Just then, Ron showed up in front of it, waving his arms at it. Ron: "Hey! Over here, you oversized washing machine!" Ratchet: "Ron!"

The robot opened different parts of itself, bringing out heavy artillery from within those different parts. Ron stopped waving his arms and dropped them as he stared at its artillery in terror. As it shot at him, he ran away screaming. Ratchet: "(groan) Not again."

Ron continued running around the room screaming. Kim: "Ron, just what do you think you're doing?" Ron: "Don't worry, KP! This is all part of the plan!" Kim: "What plan?"

At that moment, Clank, with Rufus on his shoulder, latched on to the back of the robot. Clank: "Ah, here it is."

He opened a latch on the robot, he then pulled Rufus off of his shoulder. Clank: "Off you go, Rufus." Rufus: "OK."

He dropped Rufus into the opening. After a few minutes, the robot began to malfunction and dropped both Kim and Ratchet. Ron: "KP! Ratchet!"

He rushed over towards them. Ron: "Are you guys alright?" Ratchet: "Yeah…peachy…"

Clank rushed right back over towards them. Ratchet: "What just happened?" Clank: "Why, Rufus just happened."

They looked up and noticed the robot going berserk. Rufus leaped out from one of the openings and ran back towards the group and into Ron's hands. Ron: "Way to go, Rufus!" Rufus: "Oh, yeah!" Kim: "Rufus? Was this your doing?" Clank: "Why, yes, this was his doing, Miss Possible. Ron here was distracting that robot while I managed to find an opening within it and dropped Rufus into its interiors. He then tampered with it directly from the inside. What you are seeing now is the end result of that tampering." Ratchet: "Wow, you really came through for us again, little guy." Rufus: "Mm-hm! Mm-hm! Thank you!"

Ron dropped Rufus back into his pocket. Kim and Ratchet got back up. They then looked back up at the robot as it regained control of itself, it was primed to fight. Ratchet: "Alright, guys, let's not let it take us by surprise this time."

They fought against the massive robot. It was a serious challenge all on its own. All of them worked together to combat this massive machine. Even Rufus pitched in a few times to sabotage it from the inside again and again. They were eventually able to defeat it and from that, it was blown to bits. Ron: "Oh, yeah! Take that, you massive heap of scrap metal! Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Ratchet: "That's another phase down. Let's move on to the next one."

They rushed out of the chamber and progressed on.

As they continued through the next corridor, Drakken banged his fists on a console in anger while observing them. Drakken: "Drat! I thought that would finish them off! Although…I am impressed by their resourcefulness. Bah! I'll just have to come up with another tactic to annihilating them." Shego: "Hey, here's a thought; why don't we have the space station attack them for us?"

He paused for a moment as he looked at Shego, then grinned again. Drakken: "Why, yes…that's a great idea, Shego. We'll let the space station attack them for us!" Shego: "Wait! Are you serious? I was just kidding!"

He walked up to another console, sat down at it and dialed on it. Drakken: "But of course. I have been installing a few…security features into the interiors while I was looking into its secrets. With this place consisting of alien technology, I have found that I was able to integrate a lot of this alien weaponry into its interiors and exteriors, making this place into a true force to be reckoned with!" Shego: "Hm, that would be all too true, especially from what we have found out from those secret files."

The group continued on through the corridor. Soon enough, they hit a snag. From that, Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we need some help trying to get to Drakken. Do you think you can upload some kind of detailed map of this place?" Wade: "I have something better; Dr. Possible sent me his blueprints of the space station. They contain structured illustrations of its designs, including its interiors." Ratchet: "So, is there anything in the illustrations that tell us how we can reach Drakken?" Wade: "Let me check on that…hm…if I had to guess, Drakken should be directly inside the control room, which is…from what I can tell, directly at the highest point of the station. The best way up there would be to take an elevator, but I would advise against it considering that he would never let you reach him that easily." Ron: "Uh, yeah, of course. Elevators in evil lairs are very likely guaranteed to be deathtraps." Ratchet: "I agree with Ron on this one. It's too risky." Clank: "Perhaps there is an alternative passage to the control center and Drakken?" Wade: "Hm…"

He checked on the schematics a little bit more. Wade: "Got it! There are a few secluded tunnels within the walls of that place. There should be a latch to one of those tunnels nearby. Hurry over there before something else happens."

Just then, they heard an alarm went off. Ron: "What was that?" Computer Voice: "Warning: Intruders detected on Deck 3. I repeat, intruders detected on Deck 3. Initiating eradication sequence." Ron: "Um…could the intruders the computer voice was talking about be us?"

Suddenly, dozens of laser coming out of the walls were pointed directly towards them. Computer Voice: "Attention, intruders. Prepare to be eradicated. Goodbye." Kim: "I'm going to say yes." Ratchet: "Run!"

They ran through the corridor as they dodged many laser fires, with Ron screaming along the way. Drakken and Shego watched all of this occurring from a monitor. Drakken: "Yes! Yes! Flee, Kim Possible! Flee before my laser targeting defense system! Soon, you and your little pals will all be obliterated! What say you to that!?" Shego: "Uh, you know, the defenses built into the system still need to undergo a major system test to ensure that they are working properly, right?" Drakken: "Huh? A…system test?" Shego: "You mentioned that to me a while back, remember?" Drakken: "Um…yes, I do remember, Shego. Bah, I'll do it later. I'm currently in the middle of trying to annihilate Kim Possible and co."

Shego groaned as she folded her arms. Shego: "Something tells me this isn't going to end well."

Kim and the rest of the group ran through the corridor as they were dodging the defenses. Kim still held out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, how much further till we reach the latch to that tunnel?" Wade: "Take the next left and you should be able to find it." Kim: "Got it! This way, you guys."

They made their first left and kept going. Soon enough, they found themselves directly in front of the latch. As they were fast approaching it, the latch was closed off before they were able to reach it. Ratchet: "You've got to be kidding me!" Ron: "Aw, man! Come on!" Computer Voice: "Sorry, access to secluded tunnels denied. Prepare to be obliterated by order of Dr. Drakken."

All weapons were pointed towards them. Ratchet: "This is really bad."

Just then, the weapons went berserk and shot out everywhere except their intended targets. The group stood by, confused by this as they watched it occurring. Ratchet: "Uh…what's happening?" Computer Voice: "Warning: System Malfunction. Warning: Neglectful Caretaker did not perform System Test like he was supposed to. Warning: Dr. Drakken is an incompetent imbecile." Ratchet: "Sounds like good news to me." Kim: "Hm, this wouldn't be the first time that Drakken was self-foiling."

At the time, Drakken watched in dismay as his defenses malfunction. Drakken: "Ah! My defenses are going haywire! Why is this happening? Was that system test I forgot to do really that necessary?" Shego: "Mm-hm! Just like I said, this wasn't going to end well." Drakken: "Drat! If I had known the system test was mandatory, I should have taken care of that already!" Computer Voice: "I repeat, Dr. Drakken is an incompetent imbecile." Shego: "Even the computer thinks you're an idiot." Drakken: "Grrr! Lousy smart-mouthed alien computer."

Back in the corridor, the weapons shot off the piece of metal that blocked off the latch to the tunnel. Computer Voice: "Warning: The closed off tunnel is now accessible." Kim: "Uh…wow, that was…unexpectedly…convenient." Ratchet: "Huh, guess this will be easy, after all." Kim: "Heh, Let's go."

They made their way into the tunnel. Inside, they found a ladder and started climbing it. Drakken and Shego watched as this was occurring. Drakken: "Gah! Shego, do something!"

Shego went over toward a nearby switch. Shego: "I'm on it, Dr. D."

She slammed on it.

At that moment, the ladder that the groups was climbing retracted, causing them to fall. Ron landed on the ground, everyone else landed on him. Ron: "Ow! Not exactly how I would want to spend my first long trip in space." Ratchet: "Oh…sorry, Ron."

They all got off of Ron, Kim helped him up. Clank: "Are you alright, Ron?" Ron: "Yeah…I just broke a joy pad. Ow…"

They looked up directly above them. Ratchet: "Great! So, now what?" Kim: "Hm…"

Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator again. Kim: "Wade, we have another problem. We've reached the tunnel but it seems that Drakken and Shego are trying to derail our advances. The ladders in this tunnel were retracted. Do you have something that can help us out here?" Wade: "I'm way ahead of you, Kim. I just finished a few modification chips for your gloves and kicks. I'll send them to you now."

Wade's vendor reappeared, 4 chips appeared from the vendor. Wade: "Attach these to both of your equipment."

Kim grabbed all 4 of them and attached them to her gloves and kicks. Just then, the palms of her hands began to glow. Kim: "Uh…what are these?" Wade: "They're magnetic upgrades. I built them from the data I collected from analyzing Ratchet's Gravity Boots. Give them a try."

She walked up to a wall and placed her hand on it. She was startled for a moment and then placed her other hand on the wall. She could feel her hands magnetize themselves on it. Kim: "Whoa…that feels incredible…" Wade: "I've managed to make a set for Ratchet and Ron. Here, let me send them to you now."

Another set of gloves and kicks were transported, Ratchet grabbed all of them, he handed Ron's set to him, they both put on their gloves and kicks. Ratchet: "Hm…this would allow us to scale the wall no problem, right?" Wade: "That's the idea." Kim: "Let's me go first."

She began to scale the wall, Ratchet followed after her with Clank attaching himself to Ratchet's back. Ron went afterwards. Drakken and Shego watched as all 3 of them scale the wall. Drakken: "Drat! Their resourcefulness is unyielding and extremely irksome!" Shego: "Hm, I have to admit, that super genius friend of theirs really does know his way around alien technology; perhaps even better than you." Drakken: "Grr! Forget this alien technology! Shego, deal with them the old-fashioned way!" Shego: "Finally! Play time is over!"

She got herself up and walked out.

The group continued to scale the wall. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, how much further till we reach Drakken?" Wade: "You still have a ways to go. This tunnel will not lead you directly to the control room but I did manage to find one that will. Just keep climbing and get through the first exit. When you have reached that floor, head through the corridor, make a right and you should arrive in a room where the entrance to that next tunnel is." Kim: "Thanks, Wade. We're on our way."

She put away the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Let's keep going, guys."

They kept on climbing some more, they were eventually able to reach the first exit into the other corridor. Ron: "Uh…which way did Wade say we were supposed to go?" Kim: "He told us to make a right and head straight for another room." Ratchet: "Let's remain vigilant, everyone; Drakken could try anything." Ron: "No problem, Ratchet. I've maintained maximum vigilance since we first arrived here."

Ron was about to take another step but then tripped and fell flat on his face. Ron: "Ow! Seriously!? I thought I got over this!"

Ratchet, annoyed, grabbed Ron by his shirt collar, lifted him off the ground and back on his feet. Ratchet: "Let's just keep going."

Ratchet rushed off with Kim and Clank, Ron followed after them.

Drakken observed as the group ran through the next corridor. Drakken: "Yes, that's right, Kim Possible. Hurry along…towards Shego as well as a few other nasty surprises that await you and your little friends. (laugh)"

The group continued through the corridor. Their run through seemed to be one that had gone off uninterrupted this time. Ratchet: "It seems…a little too quiet in here." Kim: "Yeah…Drakken would have sprung another assault on us by now. Something isn't right."

They eventually arrived within a room at the end of the corridor. They stopped for a bit to look around. Just then, the center of the ceiling opened up and Shego dropped right through. Shego: "Oh, hey, Kimmie, I was just dropping in to personally welcome you and your little friends to our humble abode." Ratchet: "Shego! I thought that run through the corridor was too easy." Kim: "Let me guess, Drakken got tired of utilizing alien technology to annihilate us, so now, he's decided to send you out to do his dirty work for him again." Shego: "You've got that right, Kimmie and I willingly volunteered to come out here and take care of you guys myself. I have become a lot stronger since I last faced off against you and cat alien boyfriend." Ratchet: "Uh, I thought I went over this; I'm a…" Shego: "Yeah, yeah, I know. Lombax, undocumented alien species. I was actually paying attention when I was reminded by you guys of that. I just pretended to not know about any of that just to see the reaction on your face."

Ratchet then let out a conceited smile. Ratchet: "Actually, that doesn't annoy me since I now know that you haven't been forgetful of the name of my species, unlike the so called evil genius, Dr. Drakken." Shego: "Dang it! I knew I should have kept pretending to not remember that name!" Kim: "Although, we should give him some props for being able to figure out how to work with this alien technology…somewhat." Shego: "OK, enough talk! It's time we finish this!"

Shego carried out a battle stance as did Kim. Kim: "Oh, I couldn't agree more."

Ratchet stood beside her as he held out his wrench weapon. Ratchet: "Ron! You and Clank find the entrance to that tunnel, Kimberly and I will handle Shego." Ron: "We're on it! Let's go, Clank." Clank: "I am with you, Ron."

They both rushed off together.

Kim and Ratchet fought against Shego while Ron and Clank searched the entire room for the entrance to the next tunnel. At that time, Drakken still observed them. Drakken: "Oh, no you don't! No way I'm letting you sidekicks find any access to me quite so easily."

Drakken slammed his fist on a switch. Ron and Clank kept looking around for that tunnel entrance. Just then, the ceiling opened up right near them, dropping a horde of monkeys. Ron: "AAHHH! MONKEYS!"

He ran away as the monkeys chased after him. Clank placed his hand on his forehead and shook his head. Clank: "Oh, Ron, must you continue to embarrass us like this?"

At that time, Kim and Ratchet stopped their fight with Shego and noticed this immediately. Ratchet was irritated by this; Kim was embarrassed and also irritated. Ratchet: "Have you ever considered helping Ron overcome his fear of monkeys?" Kim: "You think it would be easy for me to do so?" Ratchet: "Uh…knowing Ron…, probably not, even for someone like you."

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Clank continued to observe the monkeys. Wade: "Kim, I've scanned those monkeys; they're not organic, they're…" Clank: "Mechanized?" Wade: "Yeah…that's exactly right." Ron: "What the heck does that mean!?"

Ratchet pulled out a blaster. Ratchet: "It means…"

He shot at the monkeys, causing an explosion. Ron held one arm in front of himself and closed his eyes during the explosion. When he opened his eyes, he was awestruck by what he saw: all of the monkeys were broken up in robotic bits and pieces. Ratchet: "They're robots." Ron: "OK, this is just weird and kind of nutty." Kim: "(sigh) That's Drakken for ya. Now, where were we, Shego? Oh, yeah, that's right. Ratchet and I were about to wipe the floor with you. Right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Oh, absolutely. Let's bring her down, Kimberly."

They continued their fight. Ron and Clank kept searching the room until they were able to find exactly what they were looking for. Ron: "KP! Ratchet! We found it!" Kim: "Good work, guys! Let's go, Ratchet!"

Kim rushed off, Shego stood by for a bit and watched this. Shego: "Oh, no you don't!"

Ratchet then tackled Shego to the ground and followed after Kim. Shego lifted herself back up as the group left for the next tunnel. Furious, Shego chased after them. Clank closed the latch on her and locked it while his friends climbed the wall as fast as they could. He then returned with the others. Clank: "That latch will not hold her back for long." Kim: "I know, she's not easy to keep back." Ratchet: "Keep climbing, guys; we don't have a lot of time!"

Shego eventually broke through, but the group was already miles above her. She looked up with a somewhat serious look on her face, then turned around and went back out.

The group was still scaling the wall. Clank: "It appears that Shego did not follow us." Ratchet: "Oh, no, this isn't good." Ron: "Uh, why is that not good? She's not chasing us." Kim: "She has easy access to the control room, so she doesn't even need to chase us." Ratchet: "My thoughts exactly, Kimberly."

Shego arrived back in the control room, which greatly startled Drakken. Drakken: "Shego, what are you doing back here? I thought you were taking care of Kim Possible and those other guys." Shego: "I still am; just thought I would beat them here. Should I handle them just before they get here?" Drakken: "No, I've changed my mind. Let's let them come. I want them to witness me initiate the final phase of my plan." Shego: "Uh, you sure about this? Because you know how Kim Possible will react when she finds out her dad…" Drakken: "Yes, yes, of course I know that, Shego! She'll be far too devastated by that to do anything to stop me, plus to see her all broken up will be quite gratifying."

Shego gave out a look of discontent.

The entire group was finally able to arrive at the very top floor of the space station. They exited the tunnel and from there, they were only a few stepped away from the control center. Ratchet: "Hm…no guard bots, no security systems operational, not even Shego is standing in our way. Drakken wants us to come. What do you think he could be planning?" Kim: "I don't know. I'm not even sure what we're going to be doing. My dad's life hangs in the balance but all he cares about is us finishing this mission. I only hope that whatever the outcome will be, everything will turn out alright." Ratchet: "Hey, whatever will happen, to you or to your father, I'll be here for you, Kimberly."

She smiled at him. Ron: "Same here, KP. I've got your back." Clank: "As do I, Miss Possible."

Even Rufus climbed out of Ron's pocket to lend his support for her. Rufus: "Mm, hm!"

She was touched by all of their wanting to stand beside her in this moment of truth. She then faced forward with a confident and serious look on her face. Kim: "OK! Let's go!"

They walked up to the door and walked right through. There, Drakken and Shego were waiting for them. Drakken: "Ah, Kim Possible. You and your little pals have arrived at last." Kim: "End of the line, Drakken. We're here to shut you down." Drakken: "And I would assume that you still don't know what this space station was built for." Kim: "No…no I don't…" Drakken: "Well, then, you have managed to make it here, so as promised, I will tell you." Clank: "But before we get to that, I must know something, how did you find out about this project when it was kept a secret by Dr. Possible, his colleagues and the men that paid them to build it?" Ratchet: "That's right, we never found out about that." Drakken: "Oh, an excellent question, metal man, allow me to tell you. It all started when I was taking another one of my routine trips to Hench co." Kim: "Should have known Hench co. would be involved in this." Ratchet: "Hench co.?" Kim: "A corporation devoted to providing services to villains. We'll talk more about it later." Drakken: "I was doing my usual thing of sweet-talking the CEO to convince him to cut me some slack and offer me better deals for their services." Shego: "With Mr. Hench angrily turning him down…again. We tend to hold back on payment from them and they sometimes rack up debt from us withholding payment…as well as stealing from them." Drakken: "But I did not leave empty-handed. While I was still there, I got near a few men; they seemed to have mentioned something about using Dr. Possible for a nefarious plan." Shego: "And from that, he overheard those corporate sickos chatting to one another about this space station that they tricked Kimmie's dad, Dr. P., into building for said nefarious plan." Clank: "So then you plotted to steal this for your own evil plans." Drakken: "Yes! That's exactly right!" Ratchet: "But what about those men and their evil plan? Dr. Possible went on to tell Kimberly to destroy this thing and we know it's because of what they were planning to do with it." Shego: "Heh, no surprise there, considering what we have found out." Drakken: "Ah, yes, when we looked into the secret files of this project, not only were we able to find out about this space station being part alien technology, but they have built into it a MASSIVE WILDFIRE MEGA-BEAM!"

Ratchet was greatly startled from hearing this. Ratchet: "No…! You can't be serious! Those humans built that into the space station!?" Ron: "Uh…massive…wildfire…mega-beam…? Is that as terrifying as it sounds?" Ratchet: "To say the least. That beam can create a wildfire powerful enough to scorch everything on the surface of an entire planet, including all life that's living on the surface." Clank: "That super weapon was barred after wiping out all life on 5 planets years ago." Ratchet: "My home planet, Veldin, was one of those planets long before I was born." Kim: "Is that all true? You mean to say that…if that IS true, then that means…those men…they were…" Shego: "Rightio, Kimmie! Those men were plotting to wipe out all life on Earth. Your daddy was building this super weapon for those jerks and he didn't even know what it was."

Kim, greatly distraught, fell to her knees, then placed both of her hands on the floor. Kim: "I…I can't believe it…my own dad…was being used…for this…evil plan…? No…no! This…this can't be…"

Ratchet, Clank and Ron tended to her. Ratchet: "Kimberly…" Ron: "But why would they want to do something so terrible?" Shego: "2 words: clean slate." Clank: "They were planning to start a new?" Ratchet: "Hm…when those men said that they wanted to "purge the Earth of all of its problems", they meant…they were talking about the humans, weren't they?" Drakken: "That's right. They wanted to eradicate every single person on the planet and create a new world with only a select few, that which they would call a "Perfect World"; one free of strife and conflicts that they believed were created by people." Ratchet: "They're completely insane! No world that was created from intentionally destroying another should ever be considered perfect!" Shego: "Oh, I completely agree with you on that. Their plan even made me sick to my stomach. We want to dominate the world, not destroy it." Drakken: "But this could be used to our advantage. With this super weapon at our command, we will be able to take control of the entire Earth! (laugh)" Ratchet: "Are you serious!? Drakken, this weapon is an abomination; it's pure evil! It should never be used for anything! It shouldn't have been built or even invented for that matter!" Ron: "Yeah, it's so beyond sick and wrong that there should be a new for it! Wrong-sick is no where near intense enough for this! This is just low, even for you!" Shego: "Relax, will ya? We're not actually going to kill people with it." Ratchet: "It doesn't matter. You should not even have it at all." Clank: "Oh, I could not agree more. This weapon needs to be eradicated immediately." Drakken: "But what about Dr. Possible? What do you plan to do with his life hanging by a thread?" Ratchet: "I'm not worried about Dr. Possible. I have faith that Wade will be able to help him. There isn't anything we can do for him right now, so we have to depend on him. Kimberly knows that. So, we're going to stop you, regardless of the outcome." Drakken: "Oh, I wouldn't count on that, my furry foe. In case you have forgotten already, Kim Possible is in no condition to fight, let alone foil my plans."

Ratchet looked towards Kim, then back at Dr. Drakken. Ratchet: "Oh, I haven't forgotten, not even one bit. Don't count on this being an easy victory for you."

He then bent down towards her and looked directly at her. Ratchet: "Kimberly, listen to me. I know all of this is devastating, I'm greatly appalled to find out about this; perhaps a lot more than I could put into words, but you need to come to your senses. You know this isn't what your dad wanted you to do and I'm sure you realize that he never intended to create this nightmare, so you should know that he was also greatly devastated when he found out about this. He wants you to put an end to all of this and that's exactly what you have to do. Come on, Kimberly! You can't stop now! We've come so far! We have to finish this! We have to…"

Kim remained devastated for a bit longer, but then, there was a slight change in her mood. She came to, overcoming her trauma little by little. Kim: "You're right. I…have to…I have to snap out of it. I know my dad would have never taken part of all of this if he knew this would happen. I know…that he wants a better future for all of us. And…I would love to help in building that future with him."

She then stood up, a tense and confident look grew on her face. Kim: "Let's destroy this nightmare weapon."

Ratchet smiled at her, then looked towards Drakken and Shego with a conceited smile. Those 2 both seemed alarmed by this change. Kim: "Drakken, you're going down."

They began their epic final bout with Drakken sending out a lot of his guard bots while he and Shego stood by and watched the fight. Drakken: "You'll never take me alive, Kim Possible!" Ratchet: "Heads up, guys! Drakken's clearly going all out on us this time." Kim: "Heh! No big, I've handled worse." Ron: "That's the spirit, KP! Fight, fight, fight!" Clank: "It seems that Miss Possible has reverted to her old self again. (giggle)"

It was a very tough fight, but they were able to finish off every last guard bot. Drakken: "Hmph! Not bad, but there's still more to come!"

He sent out more guard bots, but these were even tougher than the previous ones. Ron: "Uh, KP?" Kim: "I know, Ron. We've got this. Right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Of course. I could handle bots like these in my sleep."

They fought head on against the tougher guard bots. They were indeed a lot tougher than the previous guard bots. Despite that, they fought them off. The fight took them longer, but they were able to defeat all of them. Drakken: "Gah! I spent hours assembling those drones! It doesn't matter, these next ones will prove to be a real challenge." Ratchet: "Bring it on, Drakken! We'll do whatever it takes to bring down this weapon!"

Drakken sent out much larger guard bots. The group stood and stared out in shock over the massive size of the bots. Ratchet: "Uh…yeah, that…does look like it's going to be a challenge." Kim: "Heh! Whatever! I'm not going to let some oversized obstacles hold us back. Let's dismantle these machines…the hard way!"

Ratchet looked at Kim with an ecstatic smile on his face, then faced the bots with a conceited one. Ratchet: "That's what I like to hear. Let's do this!"

The massive guard bots were truly a challenge as it took the group a very long time to bring them down. It took a lot of effort and a good amount of teamwork, so they were able to finish off every last guard bot, although, it was not an easy feat. Drakken: "Wha-!? How did you…!? Gah! Grr!"

He mumbled angrily. Ratchet: "Is that the best you've got? We could do this all day." Clank: "Drakken, you must cease this at once. You shall not win." Drakken: "Hmph! That's what you think, but I still have plenty more tricks up my sleeve. Shego!" Shego: "Heh! I've been waiting for this."

She and Drakken both stepped on a platform and were lowered down. Shortly afterwards, they were seen inside a pod on top of a massive mecha. Drakken: "Let's see if you guys can bring down my large mecha."

They fought against the massive mecha in what appeared to be their toughest battle yet. It persisted on for quite some time given its size. They fought on despite the difficulties with what appeared to be no end in sight. They were eventually able to bring it to its last legs. Kim: "Is that all, Drakken? We've taken down larger bots than that." Drakken: "Oh, really?"

The mecha then went into outer space and greatly increased in size. The entire group was immensely startled at first. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we need something to help us out. Drakken brought forth a gigantic mecha and I don't think we can do anything to bring it down at the moment." Wade: "On it! I think I may have something that could make Clank into a giant again."

Nearby, another platform showed up; it was exactly like the one that morphed Clank into a giant. Wade: "This is still experimental and the technology from it has yet to be perfected. I'm afraid this could be a one time use." Ratchet: "Clank?" Clank: "I am on it."

He walked up to it, stepped on and became Giant Clank. Kim tossed the Kimmunicator to Ron as she put on her space helmet. Kim: "Ron, you stay here in case we need something from you." Ron: "Copy that, KP. Be careful out there, you guys." Ratchet: "Don't worry about us. You take care of yourself. Same to you, Rufus."

Rufus popped out again and saluted with a serious look on his face. Rufus: "Aye, aye."

Kim and Ratchet climbed on to Clank, he then lifted himself into space and went after Drakken and Shego. They flew out and landed in front of Drakken's mecha. Ratchet: "Hey, Drakken! Let's rumble!" Drakken: "What? How did that tiny robot become so massive?!" Shego: "I don't know and I don't care! Let's bring them down!" Drakken: "Right! Let's do this!" Ratchet: "Go for it, Clank!"

Clank went on to battle against Drakken's mecha.

It was a very tough battle and both sides are showing to put up a good fight. Soon enough, Clank would be taken by surprise from a secret weapon. Drakken: "Shego, let's present them with a most…unexpected and nasty little surprise of ours." Shego: "With pleasure, doc!"

Shego had her hands placed into a device that looked like a clear sphere on a tube. The sphere had 2 large holes for her to place her hands into. Within the sphere, her hands glowed the same bright green glow from the energy of her powers. That energy flowed into the tube.

From directly outside, the mecha charged that energy and shot it out of its hands. Shego: "Whoa, not bad, Dr. D." Drakken: "Heh! What can I say? Evil genius!" Shego: "Can you tell me of anything else that this mecha can do?" Drakken: "In due time, Shego. In due time."

Ron watched from back inside the space station. Ron: "Whoa! Did you see that? I had no idea they were able to come up with something like that!" Wade: "Hm, seems as though Drakken's learned a few new tricks." Ron: "But what can we do?" Wade: "Hm…got it! I have something that may help out. Hang on, I'll try to establish communications with the others."

From directly outside, a part of Wade's vendor appeared, displaying a holographic image of Wade. Wade: "Kim, Ratchet. Can you guys hear me?" Kim: "Go, Wade, we're listening." Wade: "I have something that might be able to tip the scales in your favor." Ratchet: "I sure hope so. That's some weapon that Drakken's built." Kim: "That energy beam was very similar to Shego's hand lasers. Do you think Drakken has managed to build a weapon a lot like it?" Wade: "I would say he's built one to amplify her powers so it could be used as a weapon." Kim: "Think you can counteract this with a nasty surprise of your own?" Wade: "Absolutely, I just need to upload it into Clank's program." Ratchet: "We'll take anything, Wade. Right, Clank?"

Clank gave out a thumbs up. Kim: "Do it, Wade!"

Wade got onto uploading his device into Clank. The palm of Clank's hands started glowing. Kim: "What will that do?" Wade: "Wait till Clank catches one of Shego's amplified energy projectiles to find out."

The mecha shot out another one of Shego's green energy beams. Clank caught the energy in his hands then shot it back at the mecha, greatly damaging it. Drakken: "Hey! No fair, that's cheating!" Ratchet: "Oh, stop whining, Drakken. Clank carried out a very clever move and you know it!" Kim: "Well done, Wade. You came through for us again." Wade: "I'll go work on more projects that can help you guys out."

His holographic image turned off temporarily. Drakken's mecha managed to recover from the attack. Drakken: "Gah! Don't think you and you little pals are getting off easy after pulling off that cheap trick. I will be the one who will be triumphant when this is all over." Kim: "Oh, I would not count on that, Drakken." Ratchet: "Heh! We'll see to it that we're the ones who will win this. Keep at it, Clank; you're doing great."

They continued on the fight.

Ron continued watching. Ron: "Whoa! That was so cool! What else can you do, Wade? You…do have more tricks you've been dying to use, right?" Wade: "As a matter of fact, I already have a clever plan in mind, but I will need some help from you and Rufus." Ron: "Just tell us what we need to do and we'll do it." Rufus: "Uh-huh!" Wade: "OK, now, go over to the main console and place the Kimmunicator on it." Ron: "Got it!"

He walked over to one of the consoles and placed the Kimmunicator on it. Ron: "OK, so now what?" Wade: "I'm going to access the system via the WiFi connection of the Kimmunicator." Ron: "And do what?" Wade: "I plan to take absolute control over the system so I can activate the space station's self-destruct sequence. Once you, Kim, Ratchet and Clank leave from there, I will detonate this abominable killing machine once and for all." Ron: "That includes us dragging Drakken and Shego back to Earth with us, right?" Wade: "Of course." Ron: "Uh, that all sounds great, Wade and I would love to see this terrible weapon be blown to bits, but what about Dr. P.? Aren't those horrible men going to do something really bad to him if we destroy this place instead of giving in to their demands of having it returned?" Wade: "Don't worry, that's already being taken care of. Let's just focus on what we need to do here." Ron: "Uh…OK…check! Go for it, Wade."

Wade got to work on his computer. Ron looked up with a concerned look on his face. Ron: "I…sure hope everything does turn out alright. KP, Ratchet, Clank…"

Back outside, the fight against Drakken's mecha continued on. Drakken: "Hmph! Don't think you have us beat, yet, Kim Possible! Shego, it's time to unleash our other secret weapon." Shego: "Sure thing, Dr. D. Here comes the pain!"

Shego charged her hand powers into the machine again. Shortly afterwards, the mecha shot out a massive shockwave, which struck Clank directly, causing severe damage to him. Ratchet: "Whoa! Didn't think they would be capable of that!" Drakken: "(laugh) Bet you didn't see that coming!" Ratchet: "Uh, I just said that!" Drakken: "No you didn't! Did he?" Shego: "Uh, yeah, he did; he just phased it differently than you." Drakken: "Hm, I suppose he did…maybe…I think. Oh, well, it doesn't matter. The point is I built something that will really give us the upper hand! Soon, we will have Kim Possible and her friends beat and the Earth will be ours! (laugh)" Ron: "Oh, man, this isn't good. Drakken will lay a serious beat down on them. Wade, do something!" Wade: "Hang tight, Ron. I have just the thing that will help out with this."

Wade's image was projected again near Kim. Wade: "Kim, are you still OK?" Kim: "Wade, please tell me you have another trick that will deal with this other weapon?" Wade: "Better than that, you already have it. I just need to intensify the frequency and that shockwave weapon will be put out of commission." Kim: "Uh, what? You know what? I don't care! Just do whatever it is you need to do!" Wade: "Gladly."

With a few clicks on his keyboard, he managed to greatly increase the intensity of the disrupter device, which let out a shockwave that disabled the mecha's weapon. Drakken: "What the…!? What's happening!?" Ratchet: "It worked! I didn't know the disrupter device could do that!" Wade: "Uh…it…kind of didn't…the device is still a work in progress." Ratchet: "Heh! I don't care! That was amazing!" Drakken: "Drat! The shockwave emitter has been disabled! I didn't expect THAT to happen!" Shego: "Got any more bright ideas, Dr. D.?" Drakken: "Yes! No more playing around! It's time we finish this! Let's lay a serious beat down on them, Shego!" Shego: "Yes! Now you're speaking my language!"

The mecha then fought back against Clank with excessive force. Ratchet: "I guess playtime's over. Fine with me; I was getting tired of their toys. Let 'em have it, Clank!"

Clank fought back and the real fight has truly began to heat up.

Ron continued to watch the fight. Ron: "Oh, man, this is seriously getting epic. I really hope that they can make it through this. Wade, how's the system hacking going?" Wade: "I'm almost done. I just need to…what? No! No, no! This isn't good!" Ron: "What's wrong?" Wade: "There's something preventing me from completely penetrating the system. I…no way! I really can't breach the system!" Ron: "Do you know what could be causing this?" Wade: "I'm trying to…figure that out…wait! Got it! There's a highly advanced cybernetic security system and it's not built into the computer." Ron: "Really? How come?" Wade: "It's in its own hard drive. I've managed to pinpoint the exact location of the hard drive. It's in a nearby chamber. Head over there now." Ron: "Got it! I'm on it!"

Ron grabbed the Kimmunicator and rushed into the next chamber at great speed. He was able to arrive and found himself in front of what appeared to be a computer hard drive. Ron: "OK, I've made it. Is this the thing you needed me to find?" Wade: "Yes! That's the hard drive!" Ron: "So, is this where you hack into this thingy and shut it down…or something like that?" Wade: "Actually, I have a better idea. I need you to drop Rufus into one of the crevasses of that machine so that he can dismantle it from the inside." Ron: "What?" Wade: "It is a machine, right? Break it apart and it stops working; simple as that." Ron: "Uh…well…when you put it that way…OK…I guess…Rufus! We need you again, buddy!"

Rufus popped out of the pocket. Rufus: "Huh?"

Ron grabbed him, pulled him out and held him in front of the machine. Rufus was greatly surprised as soon as he spotted it. Wade: "Rufus, that machine you're seeing is interfering with something important that I'm trying to do. I need you to tear it apart from the inside. Will you help us?" Rufus: "OK!"

He was inserted into one of the crevasses of the hard drive and began to scurry around the inside of it.

From outside, Wade displayed his holographic image near Kim. Wade: "Kim! Ratchet! I'm currently working on hacking the system and taking full control of the space station's main computer. Ron and Rufus are currently working on helping me with clearing another impasse. I need you guys to make certain that Drakken and Shego don't make any strides to derail us." Kim: "In other words, keep them busy by keeping on with fighting them. Got it!" Ratchet: "You heard him, Clank! Double time! Let's go!"

Clank fought against the mecha much harder than before.

Back inside, Rufus worked on ripping apart the hard drive, destroying it completely. After finishing up his work, he scurried back out and jumped into Ron's hands. Ron: "Did that do it, Wade?" Wade: "Yes! I'm in! Now to manipulate the system and upload the detonation code." Ron: "So now all that leaves is for KP, Ratchet and Clank to finish their fight with Drakken and Shego." Wade: "Right, so I can destroy this weapon once and for all."

Just then, they heard incredibly loud banging noises. Directly outside, Clank was about to finish off the mecha. Within a few last punches, he was able to defeat it, causing it to blow up. It left behind a small pod that contained Drakken and Shego. Clank grabbed on to the pod. Kim and Ratchet smiled at them in a conceited manner. Drakken threw another fit from the defeat. Drakken: "CURSE YOU, KIM POSSIBLE!" Ratchet: "I would say that this battle is won." Kim: "Was there ever any doubt?"

They returned into the space station with Drakken and Shego contained. Ron and Rufus were waiting for them. Clank returned to normal size. Ron: "KP! RATCHET! CLANK! YOU DID IT!" Ratchet: "Heh! But of course. So not the drama. Uh, right?"

Kim nodded at him. Ratchet: "OK, good." Kim: "So, now what does this mean?"

Just then, Wade appeared from the Kimmunicator. Wade: "This means that you guys have to leave here now." Kim: "What?" Wade: "I've successfully hacked the space station's main CPU. You guys need to get out now so that I can upload the detonation code." Kim: "But what about my dad?" Wade: "Don't worry, Kim, your dad is safe. I'll tell you about it after you leave from there." Ratchet: "I'm guessing we can take the elevator now."

Soon enough, they arrived back at the docking bay. They rushed back into their ships and blasted themselves out. Kim: "Anytime, Wade!"

Wade clicked on his keyboard then hit 2 specific keys at the same time. Then just like that, the entire space station was blown to bits. Ron: "Alright! Booyah! Score one for the good guys!" Rufus: "Booyah!"

Soon afterwards, Ratchet flew directly underneath the space shuttle. From there, a circular door from the shuttle's underbelly opened up and Ratchet's ship lifted itself up and inside. The ship docked a good distance behind Kim and Ron. Ratchet and Clank got themselves out of their ship and walked up to Kim and Ron. Ratchet: "Uh…where are Drakken and Shego?" Ron: "They're in the bunker." Kim: "So, how about that? Our first mission together. What did you guys think?" Ratchet: "That was incredible! Glad it's finally over but we had some fun times. Right, Clank?" Clank: "It was truly an experience of unprecedented astonishment. I will never forget this." Ratchet: "Yeah…none of us will."

At that moment, Wade showed up on a monitor built into the shuttle's console. Wade: "That was one phenomenal explosion, huh, Kim?" Kim: "I'll say, but how did you acquire the detonation code for the space station?" Wade: "Your dad gave it to me right after he was rescued." Ron: "Rescued? By who?" Wade: "This is where it gets really good. Global Justice arrived at the space center but not just them; everyone that Kim had ever helped in the past allied with them. They broke in and rescued Dr. Possible after overpowering the men that held him captive. The ISSF project was exposed, including all of its dark secrets and Global Justice had all of those men arrested for conspiring to wipe out all life on Earth. To put it lightly, they will be doing some serious hard time." Ratchet: "That's great! Kimberly, your dad is safe and sound! Everything's OK now!"

Kim was spellbound for a bit. Kim: "Yeah…everything…is OK…I'm…I'm so relieved…" Ratchet: "See? What did I tell ya?" Ron: "Huh, I wonder how so many of those people gathered at the space center." Wade: "You would have Ratchet to thank for that; he was the one who told me to gather all of those people to rescue Dr. Possible."

Everyone looked at Ratchet. He seemed a little surprised at first. Ratchet: "Uh…yeah…! I did." Wade: "They were also surprised when I had to tell them that you were the one who inspired them to do so. Everyone knows about you, Ratchet and they want to meet you."

Ratchet seemed touched by this. Kim: "So, would you like to come with us back to Earth?"

He seemed spellbound, but then, he let out an emotional smile. Ratchet: "Sure, I would love to."

Kim smiled. Kim: "Terrific. Let's go home."

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