The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution - Chapter 3

Chapter 3-The Search for a Hero

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Much time later, everyone met up at the docking bay. Kim and Ron were in their mission outfits. Kim's family and Wade were seeing Kim, Ratchet, Ron and Clank on their way. Dr. P.: "So, you and Ron really are leaving with Ratchet and Clank?" Kim: "Yes, we want to help them with their mission. They've done so much for us last time and we still want to return the favor." Dr. P.: "Well, then, I won't stop you. I know that you are in capable hands whenever Ratchet's around. Ratchet, I'm counting on you, I know you will keep my Kimmicub safe." Ratchet: "Of course, Dr. Possible."

Then, Mrs. Possible went over and embraced both Kim and Ratchet then kissed both of them on their foreheads. Mrs. P.: "Be careful, you 2, I really want you to always be there for each other no matter what." Kim: "We will, mom." Wade: "I'll remain in touch with you via the Kimmunicator whenever you need me. Good luck, you guys." Ratchet: "OK, we're heading out. See ya."

The group walked over towards the ship. Kim's family and Wade waved goodbye. Ratchet pressed a switch on his glove that opened up the ship's backseats. Kim and Ron climbed in and sat in those backseats with Kim sitting behind the driver's seat. Ratchet seemed despondent by this. He then brushed it off and jumped in. Clank got into the front seat and sat next to Ratchet. Clank: "Um…Ratchet?"

Ratchet looked at his friend, trying not to show any emotions. Ratchet: "Let's just continue on with our assignments."

The ship launched out of the docking bay. A little while afterwards, Wade and the twins went back towards the elevator lift. Kim's parents still stood by and looked out into space. Mrs. P.: "I really hope this mission brings Kim and Ratchet close to each other again." Dr. P.: "I don't think they could be any closer. It's just that our Kimmicub is very adamant about being with someone her own kind." Mrs. P.: "But doesn't she realize that it's OK for her to be with someone of a different species, I mean Ratchet really does care about her." Dr. P.: "I know and he is willing to do everything he can to keep her happy even if it means having to bury his true feelings for her."

Kim's mom seemed somewhat distraught. Dr. P.: "Yes, it eats away at me, too, but they're young, they will figure it out, I hope."

At that time, as Ratchet flew the ship, the entire group remained silent for a bit. Ron: "So, uh…our first destination, it's that jungle planet, right?" Ratchet: "Yeah, that's right. We need to find the mysterious figure we saw on that footage." Ron: "Oh, man, I don't like how this is going. Jungles are full of all sorts of dangerous creatures, such as vicious piranhas, terrifying bugs, deadly man-eating plants, or worse; vicious, horrifying, terrible rabid monkeys!" Ratchet: "Is he still afraid of monkeys, Kim?" Kim: "Unfortunately, yes." Clank: "But you knew that our destination would be that jungle planet; shouldn't you have stayed behind, Ron?" Ron: "No way, Clank! I have been almost everywhere with KP and if she's braving the dangers of other worlds within this galaxy, then so am I." Ratchet: "Even if it means having to face the "vicious, terrifying, horrible rabid" monkeys?" Ron: "Yes, especially that! Besides, KP and I have faced worse." Clank: "You are certain that you knew they would end up together, right?" Ratchet: "Yes! Of course! I mean, Ron is willing to risk facing his worst fears for her! He cares about her, is that not obvious?"

Clank seemed somewhat suspicious.

They eventually arrived at the Planet Florana. They landed on a metal platform and got out of the ship. Ron looked around the entire place and begins to tremble. Ron: "Oh, man, this place is even more terrifying then I thought." Kim: "Ron, knock it off. It's not that bad." Ratchet: "OK, guys, let's go look for that mysterious figure."

Ratchet and Clank rushed off along with Kim. Ron stood by and continued to quiver. Ron: "Um…OK…I'll…I'll be right over…" He took one step and paused as he heard the echoing screeches of a monkey. He then became even more terrified and ran. Ron: "AHHH! KP! RATCHET! CLANK! WAIT FOR ME!"

They made their way through the entire area. They fought through many vicious creatures, such as large bugs, dangerous aquatic monsters and creepy looking masked monkeys. Ron, of course, was more terrified on the monkeys, which irritated the group but didn't surprise them the least bit.

They kept on going until, much to their surprise, they ran into Lilo and Stitch for the first time since their last adventure. Kim: "Hey! Look who it is!" Ratchet: "I don't believe it! Lilo? Stitch?" Lilo: "Hey! It's you guys!" Ron: "Hey! Lilo! Stitch! How's it going?" Lilo: "Wow, we haven't seen you since we were in that other galaxy." Stitch: "Ih! Jaba Ramid Nye Hassin!" Lilo: "So what brings you guys here to this galaxy?" Ratchet: "Well, I came here to save my home planet from imminent destruction and now we've been dragged into a major mission to save the galaxy from an evil mastermind known as Dr. Nefarious." Lilo: "So, in other words, just another whole galaxy that needs saving." Ratchet: "Yep, that pretty much sums it up." Clank: "So, how is the search for Stitch's cousins coming along? Have you managed to find and rehabilitate much of them since we last met?" Lilo: "You bet! We've found lots more cousins! As a matter of fact, there are still a handful of them that have yet to be found. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih! We're almost done." Ratchet: "Well, keep at it, you guys. I'm sure you'll find them." Lilo: "Thanks, Ratchet. We will." Stitch: "Emba-chua!" Kim: "I'm guessing you've tracked at least one of those experiments to this galaxy and you're still trying to find them." Lilo: "Actually, yes, we have managed to track down one of them on this planet and we did find it, but it got away from us. We're not giving up though. We'll find it eventually."

Just then, Stitch sniffed out something. Lilo: "What is it, Stitch?" Stitch: "Cousin!" Lilo: "Really?" Stitch: "Goobaja!"

Stitch leaped out and rushed off. Lilo: "Go get it, Stitch! Oh! Sorry, you guys, I have to go. Good luck on your mission of saving this galaxy."

Lilo rushed off after Stitch. Kim: "Bye, Lilo. See you again." Ratchet: "Well, that was a pleasant surprise; didn't think we would run into those 2 again." Kim: "I know." Ratchet: "Come on, we need to be on our way, too." Kim: "Sure."

The group rushed off as well. Ron: "Uh…yeah…the sooner we find that strange figure, the less time we have to spent in this frightening jungle."

The group continued their trek through the jungle. They fought more vicious creatures and Ron continued to run away screaming each time they ran into the creepy looking masked monkeys. They kept on going until they ran into an unexpected surprise. Clank: "Uh…Ratchet? Ms. Possible? We have company." Kim: "Huh? Where is it?"

At that moment, a one-eyed monkey latched on to Clank. Ratchet: "Uh…where exactly is…?" Ron: "ONE-EYED MONKEY! AAHHH!"

The monkey then let go of Clank and went for Ron. It seemed very curious about him but he attempted to back away from it in fear. Ron: "Eh…G-get away from me, freakish alien monkey…!"

He kept backing away from it as it advanced towards him accordingly. He then ran away from it screaming while it chased after him. The group watched as the monkey chased after him. Ratchet was clearly more irritated than Kim. Ratchet: "OK, Kim, you really need to do something about his irrational fear of monkeys."

Ron then ran into a figure, slamming his entire front side really hard. The entire group flinched at the sight of it. Ron fell on his back, immobilized from the intense pain but was able to open his eyes to look up at what he ran into. Ron: "Uh...Kim? Ratchet? Clank? I think I found what we're looking for." The rest of the group also noticed the figure. Kim: "Yeah, Ron…we can see that."

The figure was huge, wore torn up clothes in a familiar green color, had a bunch of other conspicuous things on it such as markings on his skin and exotic accessories and most conspicuous of all, a mask that completely covered his face. Figure: "You trespass on sacred ground!" Ron got himself back up, holding his head in pain as we went back to the others. Figure: "Now you walk Path of Death!" Kim: "Now, wait a minute…" Figure: "PATH OF DEATH!" Both Kim and Ratchet rolled their eyes as they went towards the "Path of Death".

Ron, however, was very hesitant and quivered in fear. Ron: "(groan) But…I don't want to go through the Path of Death."

He then looked over and noticed a few of the creepy looking masked monkeys. He was just about to scream. Ron: "Wait for me, guys!"

He ran after the others.

The "Path of Death" seemed somewhat tough, but Kim and Ratchet made it through no problem. Ron, on the other hand, needed help a few times, much to the annoyance of the rest of the group.

They eventually made it to the very end. There, the figure waited for them. Kim: "Heh! Was that all? I survived deathtraps that were a lot more terrifying than that." Figure: "Can…not…BE!" Ratchet: "OK…we walked your "Path of Death"…now tell us what you know about Dr. Nefarious!"

The figure was confused. Ratchet: "Dr. Nefarious!" Kim: "We were told that you were the only person who was able to defeat him."

The figure was still confused. Ron: "Uh, he doesn't seem to know what we're talking about." Kim: "(grunt) We don't seem to be going anywhere with this." Ratchet: "Heh! Tell me about it, he's even dumber than…"

At that moment, the one-eyed monkey removes the figure's mask, revealing him to be Captain Qwark. Clank: "Captain Qwark!?" Ratchet: "Yeah, Captain…"

He looked up and noticed Qwark almost immediately. Ratchet: "What the…?"

Qwark kicked him, sending him flying. Kim: "Ratchet!"

She ran towards Ratchet and tended to him. Kim: "Are you Ok?"

Ratchet stood back up. Ratchet: "Ow…that's it, Qwark! You've had this coming for a loooong time!" Kim: "Oh, I agree with you on that, Ratchet. It is so on!"

Kim and Ratchet went on to fight Qwark.

It wasn't a very tough fight, although Qwark held his own. A few of the creepy masked monkeys were brought in to help him out. In the end, all of it didn't help him much and he was defeated very easily. Kim: "Well, that wasn't much of a fight at all."

Ratchet was given Qwark's mask by the one-eyed monkey. Ratchet: "For me? But…I couldn't…" Ron: "Guys, look."

They looked over towards Qwark and noticed a change in his behavior. Kim: "Hm, he seems to be friendlier towards you now, Ratchet; can't say I'm glad for you though, considering that I don't like him at all." Ratchet: "I don't blame you; he never left a good impression you or Ron." Ron: "So, the guy has completely lost his mind. Now what?" Ratchet: "Hm…I believe this mask will help out with our little problem." Clank: "I agree. That mask appears to be a symbolization of leadership amongst this planet's exotic civilization." Kim: "Well, what are you waiting for? Put that mask on. It could be the only way to get him off this planet." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree."

He placed the mask on his head. Ratchet: "Although…I don't like this idea, but I guess I don't have a choice in the matter."

He then placed it in front of his face and used it to lead Qwark, along with the one-eyed monkey, back to his ship. After some unpleasant roughhousing, they managed to fit him into the ship.

Shortly afterwards, they heard a chime on the dashboard. Clank: "Incoming…call…"

On the screen was a female cat-person who also had a reddish color fur. Cat Person: "This is Captain Sasha of the Starship Phoenix. The President has asked me to assist you."

Ratchet lifted the mask up and smiled as he continued looking towards the screen. Ratchet: "Uh…hi…" Sasha: "I see you have located Captain Qwark." Ratchet: "Yeah, we got him, but…um, well…he thinks he's a monkey." Sasha: "Of course…"

She let out a nervous chuckle before she continued. Sasha: "Bring him to the Phoenix and we'll see what we can do. Sasha out."

The transmission was severed. Ron: "Hm, sounds as though this Sasha person doesn't have a lot of confidence in Qwark." Kim: "Oh, I'm starting to like her already." Ratchet: "Hang tight, guys, we're leaving this place."

The ship took off and left the planet.

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