The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution - Chapter 4

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The ship made a long flight all the way to the Starship Phoenix. They got inside, landed and got out of their ship. Kim: "Finally, thought we'd never make it here. That flight seemed like it was twice as long when we had to lug around this massive bozo." Ron: "Massive bozo indeed." Ratchet: "Whoa…this ship is amazing."

Sasha reappeared on a portable screen. Sasha: "Welcome aboard the Phoenix, everyone." Kim: "Hello, Sasha. I'm Kim Possible. This is my partner, Ron Stoppable and this is Rufus."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket. Rufus: "Hi." Sasha: "Well, it's nice to meet you, Kim. I can see that you and Ron are already acquainted with Ratchet." Kim: "Yeah, we're good friends." Ron: "Good friends? Are you kidding me? The last time you 2 were together, you guys were really into each other like…"

Kim struck Ron from below in a way that could not be seen at a regular height. Ron: "Ow!" Ratchet: "Just…look at this place…this is so cool…" Sasha: "Impressive, isn't she? The Phoenix is the pride of the Galactic Fleet. She's equipped with the latest technology: holodeck training suite, auto vendors for armor and weapons, virtual firing range, star fighter upgrade system…even a Gadgetron VG-9000 game system." Ratchet: "A VG-9000?" Ron: "An…alien video game system? That's probably the only thing that could be better than Naco night every night for an entire month!" Ratchet: "I agree with you on that, for more than one reason." Kim: "The training suite sounds more like my thing." Ron: "Tell us more about this VG-9000 console!" Sasha: "Well, it comes with a Mavoc Fireball Pro controller, VR headset and a Zero-G dance pad attachment." Ron: "Whoa! Not even a YEAR'S WORTH OF NACOS COULD TOP THIS!" Ratchet: "Will you marry me?"

Ratchet slapped himself on the forehead. Kim: "Ratchet!" Sasha: "You've…obviously had an exhausting trip…" Kim: "That would be putting it mildly, Sasha." Sasha: "Why don't you stop by your quarters? We've prepared a living area for Qwark so he won't get in your way. We also have there for you a virtual menu, order whatever you want." Ron: "YES! NACOS GALORE! OLAE!" Rufus: "Olae!" Sasha: "Come meet me on the bridge when you're ready." Ron: "Nacos! Nacos! Nacos! Nacos!" Kim: "Calm down, Ron. First, we need to find our quarters and…put Qwark away…" Ratchet: "I agree with Kim on this. I really want to head over there now so we can check out that VG-9000 up close. I can't believe I get to see an actual VG-9000 that's not on the commercials!" Ron: "I hear you, Ratchet! I also want to check it out!"

Greatly excited, Ratchet and Ron both rushed out at great speed. Kim and Clank just stood by, dumbfounded by their friends' unusual behavior. Kim: "Well…this is…odd…" Clank: "Hm…quite right, Ms. Possible, I have never seen their behavior so correspondingly before." Kim: "Hm, this doesn't happen very often, if at all. This is scaring me a bit." Clank: "Do not worry, Ms. Possible, it will be alright. Come, let us head over, shall we?"

They walked further into the Phoenix. Kim: "Hm…you know something, Clank? I can't tell if Ratchet was proposing to Sasha or this ship." Ratchet: "I heard that, Kim!"

Clank giggled.

After a while, they wandered aimlessly for a bit, not knowing where their quarters were stationed at. They were eventually able to find it and arrive there. Inside was a long sofa, a large, wide-screen TV, a glass table containing the VG-9000 game system. To the right were 4 bed pods. To the left was another area of the room closed off by a set of bars. Ron: "(groan) Why did we have to bring the one-eyed monkey?"

The monkey screeched at Ron in a tense and irritating manner. Ron: "I'm on to you, freakish alien monkey." Kim: "Oh, look."

They looked towards the left side of the room to see a jungle-like set up behind the metal bars. Kim: "Qwark's "living area" looks a lot like a zoo; how fitting for someone as dim-witted as him."

A banana was tossed behind the bars. Qwark ran over for it, grabbed it and ate it whole. The one-eyed monkey remained with him. Ron: "Good! At least that monkey won't be causing any trouble." Kim: "I don't know about you, but that monkey seems like the smarter of the 2 of them." Ratchet: "So, how do you guys think he got like this?" Kim: "Don't know, last I heard, he was still paying off that hefty debt in the other galaxy for unleashing that nightmarish "pet project" on to it. The rest is a mystery to me and probably one that I don't even want to figure out." Ratchet: "Yeah, neither do I. So, let me get this straight, this nutcase is our only hope for stopping Nefarious?"

The one-eyed monkey taunted Qwark as it was keeping another banana away from him, which he was doing a very terrible job trying to get back. Ratchet: "We're hosed." Ron: "Well, it was nice knowing ya, Ratchet."

Ratchet looked at Ron in an irritated manner. Ratchet: "Gee, thanks, Ron. If this guy ends up saving the entire galaxy, I'll scarf down Nacos everyday for 3 months." Kim: "Come on, let's meet with Sasha on the bridge."

Kim walked out with Ratchet and Clank. Ron was tending to a virtual menu. Ron: "I'll be right there, KP. I just need to order 2 sets of Nacos. How do you want them, Rufus, grande size?" Rufus: "Mm-hm! Mucho grande!" Ron: "Grande size, it is."

Ron attempted to place an order, Kim went back over to him, grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him away.

They made their way to the bridge. When they arrived, Sasha was communicating with the President via a transmitter. However, there were issues occurring during the transmission. Sasha: "We're losing him! Try boosting the power!" Kim: "What's wrong, Sasha?" Sasha: "The President is under attack!" President: "They came out of nowhere!"

Static cut in on the transmission a few times as he was speaking. President: "Tyhrranoid invasion force…Presidential compound has been breached…cannot hold out much longer here…"

The transmission was not able to return on. Sasha: "Mr. President!"

The transmission seemed completely interrupted. Sasha: "DAD! Are you there!?" Ron: "Dad?"

Just then, an image of a robot with a tall-domed head appeared on the screen. It then switched to the robot delivering a message of absolute freedom for all robots in the galaxy and the eradication of all organic life forms. On a smaller portion of the screen, there was another robot interpreting his message with movements. Kim: "I'm guessing that's Dr. Nefarious." Sasha: "Plot a course for Marcadia. Maximum speed! Prepare the drop ship for planetary assault." Kim: "Oh, this will be exciting." Ratchet: "We'll see you on Marcadia. Let's go, guys."

Ratchet and his friends left the bridge, making their way to their ship. Ron: "Um…did you guys notice that other robot doing all of those gestures while that Nefarious guy was talking?" Kim: "Yes, I believe all of those gestures were sign language." Ron: "Huh…I'm no expert in sign language, but I don't think that's how it's done." Kim: "That's probably Solanian sign language." Ratchet: "You may be right about that, but let's not worry about that trivial stuff. We need to get to Marcadia as fast as we can." Kim: "Agreed. Let's get going."

They got back into the ship, left the Phoenix and made their way towards Marcadia.

After a long flight, they were able to arrive at the Planet Marcadia. They landed in a large city. As soon as they got out of the ship, they found themselves in the middle of a war-zone. Ron: "Whoa, this place sure is a mess. Those Tyhrranoids really did a number on this place." Kim: "Look, the Galactic Ranges are also here, as to be expected."

They walked up to the Rangers. 1st Ranger: "Glad you could make it, sir. The presidential compound is on the other side of the city. Keep your head down, the Tyhrranoids are crawling all over the place." Ron: "No problem, we can handle a few alien scum here and there." Kim: "Let's get going, you guys."

They rushed into the middle of the vicious battle as they made their way through the city. There were Tyhrranoids everywhere they looked, just like the Ranger told them. Their army seemed more abundant and vicious than on Veldin, but the group was able to handle them just fine, especially Ron, which seemed very surprising to the others. They were eventually able to make their way towards another drop ship along with a few more Rangers. Ranger: "Great teamwork, guys. A second wave of Tyhrranoids just landed. They're attacking the compound from the other side. We could sure use your help." Ron: "You've got it! Just leave it to us!" Ranger: "Follow me to the drop ship."

They rushed over to the drop ship, got in and flew off. After a long flight, they arrived at the presidential compound. Ranger: "Sarge, you and your team arrived just in time. We must defend the Presidential Palace." Kim: "Yikes! You guys look like you really have your hands full." Ron: "Well, this shouldn't be too hard to handle. I say bring on the fight." Ratchet: "You're willing to face the Tyhrranoids head on with absolutely no fear what-so-ever and yet you're still afraid of monkeys?" Ron: "Hey, monkeys are terrifying, not to mention evil. Tyhrranoids, on the other hand, aren't really so bad." Ratchet: "Ron! Monkeys are NOT evil! Tyhrranoids are, not to mention that there's a lot more to fear about them than monkeys!" Ron: "Yeah, if I run into the Tyhrranoids at Camp Wannaweep, then maybe I'll have something to fear about them." Ratchet: "Are you serious? Do all of your greatest fears have to come from that place? The Tyhrranoids are monsters! Monkeys are just…(grunt) you know what? Forget it! The only person who's more difficult to reason with than you is Qwark, even when he hasn't lost his mind!" Kim: "Can't argue with that."

They went on to the battle. During the battle, wave after wave of Tyhrranoid forces kept on coming. The Rangers were panicking but the group was able to remain calm. Surprisingly, even Ron kept his cool throughout the entire battle. Kim: "Heh, so not the drama." Ron: "This isn't so hard." Ratchet: "Why weren't you like this during our previous adventure when we needed you to be?" Ron: "After being in that terrifying jungle with all of those vicious monkeys, nothing else seems to scare me anymore." Kim: "Huh, that's strange, he's never been like this before." Ratchet: "Hm…maybe we should throw him into a room filled with a whole hoard of monkeys and maybe he'll remain completely fearless of everything else." Ron: "Not funny, Ratchet!"

They continued on with the fight until the Tyhrranoids stopped coming and everything was quiet. Soon enough, the President stepped outside. The group was able to meet with him. The President bent down to shake Clank's hand. President: "Agent Clank! You're even more impressive in person than you are on the holovid!"

He then noticed Ratchet, Kim and Ron. President: "And you 2 seem to be use to fighting quite a lot. I did hear that you were both heroes on your home planet." Kim: "Yep, all in a day's work." Ron: "This is typical, everyday stuff for the both of us. Not anything for us to worry about." President: "And, I must say, I've never seen a chauffeur fight like you do, son."

He shook Ratchet's hand. President: "Who says you can't find good help these days, right, Clank?"

Kim glared as the President chuckled. President: "Sasha's told me a lot about you. Don't get any ideas, kid. She's way out of your league."

Kim and Ratchet whispered to each other. Kim: "No surprise this guy thinks Qwark is capable of saving this galaxy; he's clearly an imbecile." Ratchet: "You just took the words out of my mouth, Kim." President: "Now then, Sasha's filled me in the, uh…Qwark situation. I'm told the man thinks he's a monkey?" Clank: "He has lost his memory." President: "Well, then you'll simply have to find it for him. We need our star player back in the game ASAP. Is that understood?" Ron: "Uh…" Ratchet: "Yes, sir." Clank: "We will do what we can." Kim: "Whatever." President: "My daughter tells me that you're a man who's good with his hands, Ratchet. And you, Ms. Possible, I was told by your dad that you can do anything." Kim: "You've met my dad?" President: "Of course. And some kid by the name of Wade." Ratchet: "Dr. Possible and Wade have already contacted you?" President: "Oh, yes, they have already spoken with me and Sasha. Dr. Possible has told me that he trusts Ratchet with your life, little missy."

Kim was a little surprised and somewhat touched. Kim: "Dad…" President: "So, anyway, the city's laser shield went down during the attack. We're defenseless without it. I sent out a repairman to fix it, but he disappeared. I need you and your team to get it back online." Ratchet: "Yes, sir. We're on it. Let's go, Kim."

Ratchet rushed off. Kim: "I'm right behind you, Ratchet. Oh, and Mr. President? Ratchet is nobody's chauffeur! I want you to never mention anything about that ever again!" President: "Whoa, calm down, little lady. I had no idea that bothered you so much." Kim: "No, of course not."

She rushed out. Ron and Clank stood by astonished. Ron: "KP…" Clank: "Her feelings for Ratchet are very conspicuous and wide open. And yet…she does not wish to continue to acknowledge this." Ron: "I know…"

They walked off afterwards. They left on the drop ship and were taken to the Laser Defense Facility.

They arrived at the Laser Defense Facility. As soon as they rushed out of the drop ship, Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we just arrived at some place known as the Laser Defense Facility. We'll need a detailed outline of the functionality of this place." Wade: "You've got it, Kim. I've managed to look into a device known as a refractor. It can handle the lasers within the facility. I've managed to build not 1 but 2 refractors: one for you and another for Ratchet. I'm sending them now."

Wade's vendor appeared for the first time since the previous adventure, transporting the 2 refractors. Kim grabbed both of them and passed one over to Ratchet. Ratchet: "I can't tell you how much I miss getting cool stuff from you, Wade." Wade: "I've spent a lot of my time studying alien technology and building some awesome new gadgets since the last time we met. Hopefully, the next set that I send out will be a lot more impressive." Ratchet: "Looking forward to it, as always, Wade."

Kim put away the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Come on, let's fix this place."

They rush off into the facility.

Throughout their run through the place, Kim and Ratchet worked together to utilize their refractors. There were a number of lasers being emitted within one room after another. They navigated through the place with the use of the refractors and some guidance from Wade. There were also several Tyhrranoids all over the place, but they were able to defeat them very easily, especially Ron. Kim and Ratchet utilized the refractors to refract the lasers in any direction they needed to in order to progress through the facility. Ron seemed very mesmerized by the sight of the lasers being refracted. Ron: "Whoa…cool. I had no idea lasers could be redirected like that!"

Wade's vendor reappeared beside Ron, displaying Wade's image. Wade: "I know, right? Alien technology just keeps getting more and more amazing." Ron: "Yes it does."

They kept going until they were about to reach the very end. From there, Wade chimed in again. Wade: "Be careful, guys. I'm detecting another life form at the very end of the facility. I'm not picking up on any hostile readings, but anything can happen." Ratchet: "Copy that, Wade. We'll proceed with caution."

They continued to the very end. There, they ran into a guy that Ratchet and Clank seem to know very well. Ratchet: "Hey, Clank, look who it is. It's Al." Clank: "Yes, I seem to recall seeing him during our first adventure together." Ron: "Al?" Al: "Silence, all of you! I am concentrating…" Kim: "On what, the security system?"

Ratchet walked up to the computer console that Al was working on and noticed something. Ratchet: "What the…? That's a Qwark Vid-Comic!" Al: "Excuse me, it is a Historically Accurate Interactive Graphic Novel." Kim: "You're using the city's defense network to play a video game? Isn't that, oh I don't know, irresponsible?" Ron: "Not to mention a potential danger to the entire city?" Al: "And who are you to question my genius at work? As a matter of fact, who are you guys? I've never seen either of you before. Are you from around here?" Ratchet: "Al, this is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. They're from another planet in a very distant galaxy." Al: "Nice to meet you both. Now then, if you excuse me, I have some important work that needs to be done. OK, I've bypassed the security server with a 626-hex-matrix adapter and reprogrammed the graphic sub-processor." Ron: "Uh, did any of that make any sense?" Kim: "I…don't know." Ratchet: "Clank, you seem to understand a lot of this stuff. Help us out with this, please." Clank: "Sir, it seems that you have a feedback loop in the induction coils of you DB-3 signal processor." Al: "Impossible! I ran a recursive checksum on the signal matrix…hey, there is a feedback loop."

Al went on to typing on the keyboard. Ron: "I still have no idea what any of that meant."

Clank walked up to the vid-comic. Clank: "May we borrow this vid-comic?" Al: "Treat it gently. It's a first edition."

Clank grabbed the vid-comic and pulled it out of the socket on the side of the computer. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, I'll need you to run a system's check on this place to make sure this space case didn't wreck anything or won't for that matter." Wade: "Already on it, Kim. I'll have the city's defenses up and running in no time."

The group head out towards the exit. Clank: "Perhaps this will help restore Qwark's memories." Kim: "Sure, whatever helps people sleep at night." Computer voice: "Shield power restored." Wade: "Was that good enough for you, Kim?" Kim: "I don't think that could have gone better. Thanks, Wade." Wade: "I made certain that nothing went wrong just like you asked me to."

They went back to the drop ship, returned to their ship, took off and left the planet.

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