The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution - Chapter 6

Chapter 6-The Doctor's Secret Project

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The group arrived back at the Phoenix. Immediately after returning, they attended another meeting on the bridge. Qwark: "Well, team, I believe some congratulations are in order."

The group smiled along with Skidd. Qwark: "After all, my plan worked more perfectly than expected." Kim: "What? Hold on a sec.!" Qwark: "Yes, truly brilliant, wouldn't you say? Well…?" Skidd: "Uh…way to go, dude?" Qwark: "Don't mention it! I'm just doing my job." Kim: "Yeah, sure, you clearly did a lot for this mission when we were the ones who did all the hard work." Qwark: "Now you're getting it!"

Kim slapped herself on the forehead. Ratchet: "Hang in there, Kim, we'll get through this together." Qwark: "Now that I know where the Tyhrranoids are coming from, I can put a stop to this alien menace once and for all."

Kim and Ratchet whispered to each other again. Kim: "And by him, he means us." Ratchet: " I have no doubts about that." Qwark: "And so with other disregard for my safety, I have drawn up an ingenious plan for an attack on their home planet Tyhrranosis."

Kim still whispered to Ratchet. Kim: "Yeah, literally, with crayons I presume."

The plan involved Ratchet risking his life to lead an assault on the planet. Qwark, of course, excluded himself from the plan again, much to the surprise of no one. Qwark: "Alright, let's get to it."

Ratchet raised his hand. Qwark: "Yes, you in the front." Ratchet: "Uh, yeah, hi. I was just wondering, what are the rest of you going to be doing while I'm down there getting blasted?" Qwark: "We'll be…uh…monitoring the situation. Closely. From here."

He then went over towards Helga and whispered to her. Qwark: "Actually, we'll be down at the lunch buffet on deck 5. It's meatloaf day."

He then stood back up in front of the group. Qwark: "But we'll be rooting for you every step of the way." Skidd: "Yeah, man, we've got you're back." Helga: "Oh, yeah, the plan is excellent." Kim: "Oh, sure, the plan is excellent because none of you are involved in this assault. And, by the way, Skidd, it's me and Ron who really have his back; we're going to Tyhrranosis with him." Ron: "Oh, absolutely." Rufus: "Yeah!" Qwark: "Now, listen here, missy, you are going against my plans and thereby violating my protocols…" Kim: "I don't care about your stupid protocols! I didn't leave the comfort and safety of my dad's space station just so I would sit around and watch my best friend risk life and limb to protect a galaxy full of clueless ingrates that don't show any sympathy for him! I'm going with him and I will continue to help him throughout this entire fight whether you like it or not. And if any of you want to contribute to this team, then maybe you should not take shelter on this ship like a bunch of spineless cowards and do something! Especially you, Mr. Big-shot Hero! Come on, Ratchet, let's get out of here."

Kim walked out, Ratchet followed after her, Ron gave everyone else in the room a nasty glare before walking out, Rufus gave them a raspberry, Ron walked out with Clank. Everyone watched as the group walked out. They all had guilt-ridden looks on their faces, except for Qwark. Qwark: "Geez, what's eatin' her?"

The group continued their way to their ship. Ratchet: "Kim, Ron, you both…don't need to come with me. This is my mission, not yours." Ron: "What are you talking about, Ratchet? Of course this is our mission; just as much as it is yours." Kim: "I meant everything that I said back there. We left the ISSF to come with you and help you out. No way I'll just sit by and let you endure all of this yourself." Ratchet: "You…uh…I…I'm flattered. Thanks." Ron: "No, actually, we should be thanking you, Ratchet." Ratchet: "Really?" Ron: "Well, duh! Of course."

Kim grabbed Ratchet by the back of his head gently. Kim: "You helped us during our mission without backing out even once, we want to repay the favor by helping you with yours. It is the least we can do."

Kim kissed him on the cheek. He was very touched by both of them, he was at a loss for words. They were soon able to make their way towards their ship, got in and flew off towards Tyhrranosis.

They eventually arrived at Tyhrranosis. They were soon flying through the sky of the planet. Ratchet was pushing a few buttons on the console. Ron looked down at the surface in concern then looked back to his front. Ron: "Uh…where are we landing?" Ratchet: "We're not landing on the surface, Ron. Did you already forget the plan?" Ron: "Oh, no! You don't mean…" Kim: "Yep, we'll be free falling from here." Ron: "What? Now? But…but…but…do we even have any parachutes?" Kim: "Not to worry, Ron. I have something better." Ratchet: "Hang on tight to Ron, Kim. Here we go."

The windshield of the ship's cockpit opened up. Ron: "Oh, no…!"

They were ejected out of the ship. Ratchet grabbed on to Clank and attached him to his back. Kim held on to Ron by the hand as they were free falling along with Ratchet. Ron screamed the entire way down. Clank helped to break Ratchet's fall. Kim pulled Ron in front of her as her jet-pack opened up and slowed them to the ground. She then let go of him right after they landed. Ron: "Thanks, KP." Kim: "No big, Ron. I mean, we there really any doubts?" Ratchet: "Come on, guys. Let's go."

They rushed out into battle along with a few of the Galactic Rangers. They fought through a massive tunnel, destroying what seemed to be a Tyhrranoid base. They soon found themselves on the other side of the tunnel. They fought their way through Tyhrranoid after Tyhrranoid to make their way to the other side. As soon as they got back outside, Sasha contacted them. Sasha: "Nice work, guys. I'm sending on assault vehicle from the drop ship."

A drop ship arrived, from it was an assault vehicle with Qwark's monkey on the turret. Sasha: "Go now! Get across the bridge!"

They got on the vehicle and drove off. Kim: "Oh, sure, Qwark's monkey is contributing to this, but not Qwark, himself?"

Ron glared at the monkey, it screeched at him. Ron: "I still don't trust you, freakish alien monkey." Kim: "Ron, leave the monkey alone."

They continued on with the fight. Within the surrounding area, there were a few massive turrets. The group worked together to take out each and every single one of them. There were many Tyhrranoids shooting at them everywhere, but they fought through all of them. Through the fight, they were able to bring down all of the turrets and fought through more Tyhrranoids.

They eventually ran up to a large metal door. Ron: "Uh…OK? So…now what are we suppose to…?"

Kim turned around and looked up. Kim: "Look out!"

Everyone else looked behind them and noticed another drop ship flying towards them. It shot a few missiles at the door, blowing it up. Sasha transmitted to them again. Sasha: "Time to finish the job, guys. Get moving."

They rushed into a cavern. They soon found themselves inside what seemed to be the main base of the Tyhrranoids, which was a massive room. As they were setting foot into it, Ron began to feel scared for some reason. Ron: "Uh…guys? There…there's something here…"

At that time, a massive Tyhrranoid beast fell from the ceiling and growled at them. Ron: "AAAAHHHHH! MASSIVE TYHRRANOID MONSTER THING!"

Kim and Ratchet primed themselves to fight it. They fought it with everything they had while Ron ran around the entire room screaming. Kim and Ratchet were both annoyed, but sought the opportunity to use him as a decoy while they fought off the massive beast. It was a tough and extensively long battle, but they were able to bring it down. But before the group was able to do anything else, Qwark stepped in and then stepped on one of the creature's eyes. Kim: "Qwark!"

Darla Granch came running in, holding a microphone in front of him. Darla: "Captain Qwark. First, you made another miraculous comeback. Now you've defeated the Tyhrranoids in a spectacular battle on their own home planet. How do you explain your recent success?" Qwark: "Courage, compassion, dashing good looks…iron hard abs…"

The group was greatly irritated, even Darla was annoyed. Qwark: "But seriously, though, to be a true hero of heroes, you need more than loads of charisma and brilliant tactical mind…I couldn't have done it without…"

Ratchet and Kim waited in anticipation to hear Qwark mention their part in the fight. Qwark: "These massive guns!"

He kissed both of his biceps and grinned. Ratchet became even more annoyed. Kim: "Unbelievable! We did all the work and he just took the credit?" Ratchet: "The only good thing that I can say about this is at least I have you here to share the aggravation with me." Ron: "AAAAHHHHH! ANOTHER MASSIVE TYHRRANOID MONSTER!" Qwark: "AAAHHH! Every brave, dashing hero for themselves! I'm out of here!"

Qwark ran off screaming. Kim walked up to Darla as she held the microphone in front of her. Kim: "There you have it. Captain Qwark, the greatest hero in the galaxy, in a nutshell. But don't take my word for it. Look at how he ran away screaming after Ron believed he saw another one of these things after supposedly defeat this thing."

He then ran back over and stopped in front of everyone as he looked around. Qwark: "Hey, wait a minute. There is no other Tyhrranoid monster." Ron: "Eh, sorry, must have seen a shadow…or something." Darla: "Well, guess my work here is done. I'll just be taking my leave. Good luck to all of you; you're going to need it."

Darla walked out, she glanced at Qwark in an annoyed manner along the way. Qwark: "You…you did that to humiliate me, didn't you?" Kim: "Oh, don't be like that, Qwark; he was just showing everyone the real you." Ron: "Yeah, don't go hating on me if the people see you like that; it ain't my fault. Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Qwark: "That does it! Stompable, for that stunt, I'll have you and the rest demoted from cadets to…uh…whatever is…lower than cadets…maybe…toilet scrubbers?" Ratchet: "Well, that's a relief, for a minute, I thought you were going to give out a terrible punishment beyond unimaginable."

Kim laughed along with Ratchet as they both walked out together. Clank walked out with them. Ron stopped in front of Qwark and looked toward him. Ron: "Oh! And by the way, the name's Stoppable, Ron Stoppable! Remember it well."

He ran off after the others. Qwark looked over at him with a dumbfounded look then became tense. The group boarded a drop ship at the nearest exit. They were taken to where their ship landed, got back in and left the planet.

They arrived back at the Phoenix. As soon as they returned, they were greeted by a transmission from Sasha. Sasha: "Hey, guys. I'm glad to see all of you in one piece." Kim: "Hey, Sasha. It is such a relief to be back." Sasha: "You must have quite an interesting story to tell. Why don't you meet me back in your quarters and fill us in." Ratchet: "Oh, we'll be right over." Sasha: "See you soon. Oh and guys? I'm sorry that I didn't go with you to Tyhrranosis. Believe me, I would have loved to fight alongside all of you." Kim: "Don't worry about it, Sasha. I'm sure that you can't leave the Phoenix for whatever reason. I don't hold any resentment towards you at all." Sasha: "Kim…thank you."

They both smiled.

The group headed back to their quarters. There, Ratchet told the story of him and the group's fight against the Tyhrranoid beast. With the group were Sasha and Skidd listening to his story. Sasha giggled with joy during the story, Skidd was enthralled, Kim nodded several times with her arms folded and a serious look on her face.

Just then, the holographic images of Dr. Nefarious and another robot, his butler Lawrence, intervened. Ron: "Whoa!" Ratchet: "What the…?"

Kim stood up with a tense look on her face. Rufus: "Grrr! Nefarious!" Dr. Nefarious: "So, this is the mighty Q-Force that I've heard so much about. PATHETIC! I could obliterate the lot of you and they wouldn't even mention it in Super Villain Weekly!" Kim: "You must be Dr. Nefarious. I would say it was a pleasure to meet you, but then I would be lying." Dr. Nefarious: "Ah, you must be the famed Kim Possible, the girl who claims she can do anything, EXCEPT BE ANNIHILATED!!!!" Kim: "Uh, that's kind of the idea, genius." Dr. Nefarious: "Hmph! You're as smart-mouthed as they say. I'll deal with you and your goofy sidekicks later." Ratchet: "Hey! I'm no one's goofy sidekick, or…even A goofy sidekick, for that matter." Ron: "Me, neither." Dr. Nefarious: "And as for you, Agent Clank, I have far grander plans for you…just wait and see until then!"

There was a brief pause. Dr. Nefarious: "Alright, Lawrence. You can turn it off now." Lawrence: "Oh, what a treat."

The transmission was shut off. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we just received a transmission from Dr. Nefarious. Can you trace the signal back to its source?" Wade: "I'm on it!"

Wade went on his computer for a bit. Wade: "Got it! The signal seemed to have originated from a facility on Planet Daxx. Oh, and you're not going to believe what else I just found. Take a look."

They watched a small preview of a show called Super Villain Weekly involving the facility on Planet Daxx. The show also mentioned that Dr. Nefarious was working on some sort of mysterious super weapon within the facility. Kim: "Hm…do you know anything about this mysterious super weapon?" Wade: "What you've just heard is all that I know. I've asked Al to find out anything else about this. He's looking into it as we speak." Ratchet: "We'll need to go over there and find out for ourselves what this thing could be." Kim: "Agreed, let's go."

The group was about to make their way to their ship. Just as they were heading towards their ship, there were stopped by Helga. Helga: "And just where do you think you're going, kiddies?" Kim: "Uh…excuse me?" Ron: "Oh, no, not that…that…very large and frightening robot lady." Ratchet: "What do you want from us, Helga?" Helga: "If you think that you are heading out without going through my training course, than you are sorely mistaken. You delinquents get yourselves in there right this minute." Ron: "Do we have to?" Ratchet: "Look, we don't have time to play in your training course, Helga." Clank: "Quite right, we have a ship to catch." Helga: "Just hold on for a minute. I was given orders to lend these devices to you guys, but there is no way that I'll just hand them over to you so easily." Ron: "Why not?" Ratchet: "Can't we just grab them and split?" Helga: "Ha! You slackers are always looking for the easy way out, hm?" Kim: "Slackers?! We have been running around this entire galaxy trying to save all of you from some maniacal robot trying to dominate it, not to mention preventing him from harming innocent civilians and yet you would have the gall to call us slackers? You really are a piece of…" Helga: "You think you can talk down at me like that, you little brat? You've got a big mouth on you! Let's see if your actions speak louder than your words. Perhaps you would like to try out my training course. Hm?" Kim: "Oh, I can so take on your stupid training course. I can do anything!" Ratchet: "Yes she can!" Helga: "Well, if you think you are up for the challenge, then go right ahead, little girl." Kim: "Sure thing, you'll be eating your words after I'm finished." Ron: "Yeah! Go, KP!" Ratchet: "You can do it, Kim!"

She made her way into the training course. As soon as she entered, she got right into maneuvering through the entire course. Her extraordinary skills were more than capable of getting her through. Ratchet, Clank and Ron rooted for her throughout the entire course. Ron: "Go, KP!" Ratchet: "You can do it, Kim!" Clank: "Keep at it, Ms. Possible!"

Helga, on the other hand, expressed her unyielding disapproval towards Kim's performance many times.

Soon enough, she managed to finish the course and reunited with the guys. Ron: "Way to go, KP!" Clank: "Well done, Ms. Possible." Ratchet: "Great job! I knew you could do it!" Kim: "Heh, so not the drama." Clank: "I must say, that was impressive as always." Helga: "Hmph! I have to admit, you can do anything, including make a disgrace out of my training course!" Kim: "What!?" Helga: "Is that the best you can do? That was pathetic!" Ratchet: "What are you talking about? I thought she did great!" Helga: "Yeah, to a bunch of weaklings. Her flimsy and sluggish movements are amateurish at best!" Kim: "I did the best that I possibly could in that…You know what? Forget it! Nothing that we're capable of doing will ever please you! Trying to impress you even a little will never be anything more than a waste of our time! So, just hand us those gadgets and we'll be on our way. We've at least earned the right to take them." Helga: "Hmph!"

She tossed the 2 gadgets towards the group. Helga: "Bratty ne'er-do-wells!"

Ratchet caught both gadgets. Ratchet: "Come on, let's get out of here." Kim: "You don't need to tell me twice!"

They rushed back towards their ship, got in and left for Daxx.

After another long flight, they managed to arrive at the Planet Daxx. As soon as they landed and got out, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim pulled it out. Kim: "Hey, Wade, what's the sitch?"

Ratchet seemed very ecstatic to hear that. Wade: "Kim, I have been looking into this facility on your way there. I'm managed to find out that there are 2 high-security computer terminals; one is inside the main building and the other is located somewhere out on one of the miniature islands nearby." Kim: "Thanks, Wade. We'll look into them."

She put the Kimmunicator away. Kim: "Let's roll."

She rushed off, the guys stood by for a bit as they watched her rush off. Ratchet smiled as he placed his hands on his hips. Ratchet: "I never get tired of hearing that catchphrase of hers. What's the sitch? Amazing."

He went off after her. Ron and Clank seemed concerned for him. Clank: "Uh…Ratchet? Are you…OK?"

Ratchet stopped and looked back at Clank. Ratchet: "Huh? Of course I'm OK. Why wouldn't I be? Now come on, let's catch up to her."

He went back to going after her. Ron and Clank stood by, still concerned. Ron: "Uh…they don't want to be a relationship with each other and yet they still have feelings for one another." Clank: "Yes, I have noticed that, too. They do not yearn for intimacy but how they are towards one another does not coincide with this notion. I feel as though this is hurting them." Ron: "True…don't get me wrong, I love KP and she loves me, too, but…I feel as though she's using our relationship to avoid Ratchet and bury her feelings for him. It's not healthy and you're right about this hurting both of them. And you know what? I don't care how many people don't want to agree with me." Clank: "Well said, Ron." Ron: "I can't stand seeing her do this to herself, but I can't get myself to talk her out of this; she's convinced that she shouldn't be with him. I just don't know what to do." Clank: "I understand, Ron. I am certain that they will figure out what it is they should be doing…I hope." Ron: "I hope so, too, for all of our sakes."

They both went off after Kim and Ratchet.

They made their way through the facility. The entire place was owned by Dr. Nefarious, so it was no surprise that they would be constantly under attack by the facility's security bots. The place was indeed swarming with bots, but the team managed to fight their way through all of them the best to their abilities. It wasn't anything that they couldn't handle.

They fought their way through until they were able to reach the main terminal. Kim: "This must be the facility's main terminal." Clank: "Yes, this should give us high-level access to all of Nefarious' project files." Ron: "Well, what are you waiting for, Clank? Start hacking that thing and find out what you can about this mysterious weapon." Clank: "I am on it."

Clank went on to hacking the terminal. Clank: "I have found something and…I am afraid it does not look good." Ratchet: "Huh."

On the screen was an image of a sphere-shaped machine. Ratchet: "Bi-o-bliterator. I see what you mean." Ron: "Yeah a name like that can't be anything good." Kim: "Any ideas on what this thing does?" Clank: "That information has been deleted." Kim: "Well, that figures. It was actually very smart of Nefarious to erase any important intel regarding this thing, otherwise finding out what it does would have been too easy." Ron: "So…where is this thing?" Clank: "Location unknown." Ron: "Aw, man! We can't even find where this thing is?" Clank: "However, a large transport vessel left this facility yesterday. It was heading for the Obani Moon System." Ratchet: "The Obani moons, huh? Well, let's check it out." Kim: "I agree, we should head over there now." Ron: "Hold on for a sec. Didn't Wade mention that there was another terminal on this planet that we should look for." Kim: "Yeah, that's right. There is, actually. Let's look for that and then head over to the moon system." Ratchet: "Fine by me." Clank: "Let us get going."

They rushed out of the chamber and continued on through the facility.

They rushed through another part of the area, fighting off a lot more of the security bots, which didn't surprise them the least bit. However, there were tougher bots along the way, including one extremely durable chopper, which had been following them and shooting them down along the way. Kim: "Geez, the security here seems to be a lot more difficult to get through than before." Ron: "I know, what could be around here that needs this much security?" Clank: "Perhaps it is much more classified data that he does not want anyone to get to." Ratchet: "Or maybe something personal that he doesn't want anyone to see." Kim: "That…would be kind of strange, but Nefarious clearly is a nutcase, so that wouldn't be unlikely."

They were eventually able to cut through a lot of security bots, even go so far as to bring down the chopper that pursued them. They soon arrived at a separate building containing a small room. They entered the small room, inside were a few consoles and a few posters of a female bot named Courtney Gears. As they looked around the place, Kim and Ron seemed disturbed by what they were seeing. Ratchet: "Whoa, check it out, you guys; looks like someone's a big fan of Courtney Gears." Kim: "Yeah…I can…see that…" Ron: "Is there no end to this guy's creepiness?" Rufus: "Wah-ho! More creep factor!" Kim: "Well, he is a villain, so no surprise there. Although…this is kind of pushing it…" Clank: "Hm, agreed. Uh…where have I seen her before…?" Ron: "Wasn't she that robot girl who was handing out prizes at that Annihilation Nation place?" Clank: "Ah, yes, I remember now. Her specifications were remarkable." Ratchet: "Well, duh! She's not the hottest pop star in the galaxy because of her singing." Clank: "Hm…that's odd…it appears this computer was recently used to edit one of her music videos." Ratchet: "Oh! Let's watch it!"

He then noticed the others giving him awkward looks. Ratchet: "To…uh…see…if we can find a clue…or something…" Clank: "OK…playing video now."

Clank switched on the video. Ron: "You're…not a fan of hers, are you?" Ratchet: "What? No! Of course not! What gave you that idea, Ron?"

Kim and Ron exchanged looks of discontent with each other.

They watched the entire music video. It contained Courtney singing a song that expressed her hatred towards organic life forms and believes they should be wiped out while believing all robots should be free. The entire group was greatly displeased by the video, but Ratchet seemed much more disappointed than everyone else. Kim: "That was terrible…" Ron: "That song hurt every fiber of my body, including the organic ones." Kim: "All parts of your body are organic, Ron." Ron: "I know." Clank: "It may seem that Miss Gears is in league with Dr. Nefarious." Ratchet: "Hm, who knew? I always thought she was nice. This is a huge disappointment." Kim: "Oh, I agree with you on that, Ratchet." Clank: "She might possess information about what Nefarious is planning." Ratchet: "That could be true. But how will we be able to ask her what she knows?" Kim: "Hm…I wonder…well, let's hightail it out of here and get back to the ship." Ratchet: "Sure. Let's go."

They left the building and made their way back to the ship.

They arrived back at the ship. As soon as they got back in, they were contacted by Wade via the screen on the console. He seemed concerned about something. Kim and Ron peered out from behind the front seats. Ratchet: "Hey, Wade. What's up?" Kim: "Wade? Are you OK? What's wrong?" Wade: "Uh…I just received a transmission from…Dr. Drakken. He…he wants to speak with you guys…right now." Ratchet: "What? Drakken? Really? That seems…odd…" Kim: "Put him on, Wade. I'm curious to hear what he wants to talk to us about."

The screen switched over to Dr. Drakken. Drakken: "Um…hello…Kim Possible…and…um…Ratchet, was it? I…know we've had our…difficulties in the past…" Ratchet: "You're kidding, right? You attempted to use an incredibly dangerous and destructive weapon built by a bunch of psychopathic humans to threaten to take over the Earth; we're way beyond difficulties!" Drakken: "OK, OK! I admit that I…may have gone too far, but hear me out. There's something important that I need you guys to know about. It regards one of my greatest creations: the Bebes." Kim: "The Bebes?" Ron: "You don't mean those frighteningly, deadly robots that you built?" Drakken: "Yes, those! Um…I don't know how this happened, but…they…managed to hijack one of Dr. Possible's special shuttles and…well…" Kim: "They launched themselves into space and they're out there somewhere." Drakken: "Uh…yeah…that…just about…sums it up…"

He made a nervous grin. Ron: "Great, just when we thought we couldn't possibly deal with any more psychotic robots!" Kim: "We have to keep an eye out for them. Uh, thanks…for…letting us know about this…Drakken." Drakken: "Uh…sure…just…just be careful. You know very well how lethal they are. You may be able to do anything, Kim Possible, but there are some things that even you can't do." Kim: "Yeah, I know."

The transmission was shut off. Clank: "Hm…that was…most peculiar…" Ratchet: "I know. Why would Drakken want to warn us about something? He's our enemy." Kim: "Well, he did have problems with those robots in the past; he wasn't able to control them." Ron: "No kidding." Ratchet: "We'll have plenty of time to figure this out on our way to the moon system. Let's head over there now."

They lifted off and left the planet.

After a long flight, they managed to arrive at the moon system. As soon as they got out of the ship, Kim and Ron were immediately mesmerized by the atmosphere of the first moon. Ratchet took notice of this instantly. Ratchet: "Uh…are you… guys…OK?" Ron: "Whoa…just look at this place…What kind of freaky moon is this?" Kim: "I know, I can't even make out what this is."

Ratchet walked beside them and looked out at the atmosphere. Ratchet: "Oh! That's right, you have yet to see something like this. I keep forgetting about that." Kim: "Oh, no big. You're use to this; we're not. I have to admit, this is breathtaking." Ron:"Yeah, it is. But not literally, thank goodness…because…you know, being in space and all." Kim: "True. I hate to admit it, but Drakken is right; there are some things even I can't do." Ratchet: "Come on, let's get moving."

He walked off, Clank followed after him. Kim: "OK…we're coming…"

They went after Ratchet and Clank. Continuing on their way through the first of the Obani Moons, they took some time to look around. The entire place had some nice scenery with some plants all over the place, such as trees; something that amazed Kim and Ron. There were also some lava pits which they made strides to avoid.

They were soon able to reach another moon which had a metallic outer appearance. This also greatly astonished Kim and Ron. Ratchet, however, seemed annoyed by them being enthralled by their surroundings and snapped them out of it. Ratchet: "Yeah, I know you're both fascinated by all of this but we have to keep going; we're on a mission." Kim: "Uh…yeah…right…we'll be right there…"

They eventually hurried off. They ran through the second moon. There were robots everywhere but the group managed to handle them without a problem. It was a very long trek through the moon; they kept going until they reached a certain point of the moon.

Soon enough, they ran into Skidd, or rather, he ran into them. Skidd: "Cover me!"

He tripped and fell directly in front of them. Everyone but Ron seemed displeased to see him. Skidd: "Man down!" Ron: "Skidd!" Ratchet: "Skidd? What are you doing here?"

Skidd got himself back up and dusted himself off. Skidd: "Oh! Um…I was just…looking for some action. Thought I might help you guys out some more." Ratchet: "OK…so…what exactly…brings you to…the Obani Moon System?" Skidd: "No reason. Just scoutin, around, lookin' for a way to help you dudes and dudette out. And wouldn't you know it, I ran into you guys…here…of all places…" Ratchet: "Uh…yeah…great…" Skidd: "So…um…what now?" Ratchet: "Hm…"

Ratchet looked around. He looked up and noticed something. Ratchet: "Hey, guys! Look!"

Everyone else looked up and noticed a very large mechanical moon. Ron: "Whoa! Is that another moon?" Kim: "Seems like it…" Rufus: "Whoa…" Ratchet: "That's not all, that moon appears to be encased in an omega-class disintegration field." Ron: "Uh…yeah…I don't have any idea what any that means." Kim: "I'm guessing that it's some kind of force field and whatever is going on there, it can't be good." Ratchet: "My thoughts exactly, Kim. But how do we get up there? Hm…perhaps Wade can help us out with this. We could have him hack into that generator over there and shut the field down." Skidd: "Hey, no need to have that computer dude do anything like that. Just let me take care of this. I even brought this with me."

Skidd pulled out a crowbar. Kim: "Uh-huh…a crowbar…" Ratchet: "Yeah…that's clearly as helpful as Wade." Skidd: "Stand back, I'm like a trained professional."

He walked up to the generator. The group watched his lackluster attempt to tamper with it. Ratchet: "Well…this isn't exactly what I call impressive; not even second-rate." Kim: "At least he's putting forth more effort to help us out than Qwark." Ratchet: "(sigh) True…"

They continued to watch Skidd's efforts, which was still lackluster. Kim: "I'll have Wade hack the generator, anyway."

Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. Just then, they heard a chime. Clank: "Incoming call from the Galactic Rangers."

The rangers were calling the group from a battle in another alien metropolis called Blackwater City, asking them to come and help them out. Ratchet: "Come on, guys, the rangers need our help." Skidd: "Yeah, I'll, uh, stay here and work on this generator thingie." Ratchet: "OK, you do that. Give us a call if anything comes up." Skidd: "Awesome! Catch ya later, guys."

The group walked off. Ratchet: "Hey, Kim, did you get Wade to work on that thing?" Kim: "He said he's already on it." Ratchet: "Great. I know Wade can handle it. Skidd, on the other hand, well…I really am not too sure about…" Kim: "You and me both."

They returned to the ship, got back in and flew off.

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