The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution - Chapter 7

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They arrived on the planet where Blackwater City is. From there, they flew through the skies above the city. Ratchet pressed a few buttons on the console. Immediately afterwards, the windshield of the ship opened up. Ron: "Oh, no, not again."

They were ejected from the ship, with Ron screaming. Ratchet grabbed on to Clank and attached him to his back.

They were free-falling towards the city and arrived in the middle of the battle taking place. Ranger: "Glad you and you team could make it, sarge. The noids have been hammering us like you wouldn't believe." Kim: "Well, we're here, so you don't need to worry anymore." Ratchet: "Come on, guys. Let's go take down some Tyhrranoids."

They rushed into the heat of battle.

There were Tyhrranoids everywhere, with more of them coming. During the battle, Kim received an upgrade of her Combat Gloves and Combat Kicks from Wade, increasing her fighting capabilities. The Tyhrranoids seem to be outnumbering the rangers, but Ratchet, Kim and everyone else really held their own. It was a fierce battle, but thanks to Ratchet and his group, the battle was tipped in their favor. Soon enough, the battle was over and the Tyhrranoids were defeated. The rangers praised the group and thanked them for their help. Just then, the Kimmunicator went off, Kim pulled it out. Kim: "Yeah, Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I've been doing a little digging aside from trying to hack that generator on that moon. I found out something interesting. Now, you guys mentioned something to me about a robot pop star named Courtney Gears, right?" Dr. P.: "Wait! Hold on for a sec."

At that moment, Dr. Possible appeared on the screen beside Wade. Dr. P.: "What's this I hear about some kind of robot pop star?" Ratchet: "Dr. Possible! Hey, what's up?" Kim: "Yeah, we know of Courtney Gears. She is apparently a huge sensation of the Solana Galaxy. However, she hates organic life forms as much as Dr. Nefarious. We watched a music video of her singing about her hatred of them." Ron: "A very hurtful music video at that." Kim: "And she wants to wipe them all out. You could say that she's in league with Nefarious." Dr. P.: "Those dang pop stars are just the worst kind of people! One minute, they're singing and entertaining people; the next, they're siding with evil masterminds and wiping out all life forms." Ratchet: "Uh…are pop stars from Earth generally like that?" Kim: "No, not really." Ron: "But close enough." Wade: "Anyway…like I mentioned before, I've been doing some digging and found out that there is a special event being held at Annihilation Nation in which one of the major prizes is a chance to meet the Solanian pop icon herself." Ratchet: "What? Really? That's great! Just the break we have been looking for." Wade: "I wouldn't be too sure about that. If Courtney really does hate all organic life forms like you said, then she would want nothing to do with you guys." Ratchet: "Don't sweat it, Wade. Meeting with her is a grand prize of Annihilation Nation, so she would have to interact with us regardless. Besides, it could be the only chance we have to ask her what she knows about Dr. Nefarious and his evil plans." Wade: "Well…alright. I wish you the best of luck but I don't think you'll be able to get much out of her." Kim: "I don't think so either but we'll give it our best shot."

Kim tucked away the Kimmunicator. Ratchet: "Come on, let's get back to Annihilation Nation pronto." Kim: "OK."

They went over to where the ship landed, got back in and flew off.

They arrived back at Annihilation Nation. As soon as they landed inside, they got out of the ship. Kim and Ratchet proceeded to enter the course and got to running the deadly obstacle course.

It was even more treacherous and challenging than before, but Kim and Ratchet were able to handle the course. Their advanced skills were indeed no match for any obstacle course regardless of the danger factor.

After they made it through the course, they were thrown back into the arena. There, they did battle with a fierce mechanical beast. He seemed tough, but Kim and Ratchet's fighting skills made it seem like a big joke. It did not take very long to bring it down.

After they were able to defeat it, Ron came rushing in. Ron: "KP! Ratchet! You did it!" Kim: "But of course. Did you expect any different?"

Soon enough, they saw Courtney herself walk up to them with another vid-comic. Ron: "Hey! There she is!" Ratchet: "OK, guys, if we play this right, she'll lead us right to Dr. Nefarious." Kim: "So, what's the plan?" Ratchet: "Better let me do the talking. I know how to get what we need from her." Kim: "This is going to end badly; I just know it."

Courtney approached the group, she had a very displeased look on her face. Ratchet: "Oh, my gosh! It's so great to meet you! I'm such a huge fan!" Ron: "Ha! Knew it!" Ratchet: "I can't believe I'm standing here in front of you, Miss Gears! This is so amazing!"

Courtney looked even more displeased. She shoved the vid-comic at Ratchet so hard, she knocked him down. Kim: "Ratchet!"

Kim and Ron rushed over to Ratchet and tended to him. Courtney went over to Clank. Courtney: "My, my, you're even more gorgeous in person than you are on the holo, Agent Clank."

Kim glared over towards Courtney, Clank did the same as he continued looking at her. Courtney: "I've got a few secrets of my own that, ah, might need your special investigation." Clank: "Uh, yes, um, ahem…I will report your concerns to the proper authorities." Courtney: "Oh, Agent Clank, you always know exactly what to say to a woman. You know, I'd do anything to play a part in one of your holo-films." Clank: "That could be arranged, Miss Gears…if you are willing to provide information regarding Dr. Nefarious." Courtney: "Dr. Nefarious? Hm…you have been busy, haven't you? You just get me that part and I'll tell you anything you want to know." Clank: "Excellent! Meet me at Holostar Studios." Courtney: "See you later, Agent Clank."

She turned around and walked away. Ratchet, Kim and Ron regrouped with Clank. Kim: "I really do not like her."

Ron glanced over towards Kim in a conspicuously concerned manner.

After they left Annihilation Nation, they made one quick stop back to the Phoenix where they switched on and played the next vid-comic. The comic involved Qwark's next encounter with Nefarious. If also consisted of a few hilarious parts, one of them revealed that they have met before in…an unexpected manner. It also revealed how Nefarious became a robot. Kim: "Pfft! Figures; Qwark seems to be an expert in creating his own problems." Ron: "Did he really hold his breath for 6 days?" Kim: "I'm not sure; most likely not, but did you guys notice that last scene?" Clank: "Yes I have. It was…most astonishing." Ratchet: "Yes it was. Hm…I think we just witnessed how Dr. Nefarious became a robot." Kim: "I think so, too." Clank: "We should get going. We will need to meet with Miss Gears at Holostar Studios." Ratchet: "(sigh) Fine…let's get this over with."

They got themselves back on their ship and left for Holostar Studios.

As soon as they arrived, Ratchet and Clank got themselves ready for their parts and another filming of Secret Agent Clank. The two of them were in a car and attempted to shoot a film. However, Ratchet accidentally activated the car's ejector's seat and ejected Clank out of the car. The director was so infuriated that he terminated Ratchet from the film. Kim: "Hey! Don't be so hard on him! It was just an accident!" Director: "Well, he has caused too many of these accidents since the very beginning." Kim: "Yeah? Well, maybe if you didn't cast him in such a miserable role, you wouldn't have so many of this happen in the first place. I don't know why you gave him that role, but I have a feeling that it's because you don't like him for whatever reason. He's risked life and limb for this galaxy and this is how you thank him? You've pretty much asked for this mess ups!" Director: "That's it! I've had it with you defending this worthless screw up! Get off of my set and don't ever show your face here again!" Kim: "Gladly. Let's go, Ron."

Kim walked off, Ron was snacking on the food on a nearby table. Ron: "But, KP, free hors d'oeuvres." Kim: "I said let's go, Ron."

He pouted as he put down the food that he was snacking on and walked off with Kim. Ratchet: "We'll meet you back at your trailer, Clank."

Ratchet flew off in the car he was driving. The director paired Clank up with Qwark's monkey as his new sidekick. They continued on with the scene.

Clank continued on with filming the scene without Ratchet. He worked alongside the monkey in the process to get from one side of the set to the other. From that, they were able to finish the first part of the filming.

Moving on to the second part, Clank reverted to his giant form to take on a massive fight scene. He fought against a massive robotic monster as part of the film. After the fight was over, Clank shrank back down to his normal size. The Director wrapped up the production and left. Courtney walked up to Clank and picked him up. Courtney: "Oh, you have no idea what a thrill it was to be rescued by a big hunk of titanium alloy like yourself." Clank: "(giggle) Perhaps now you will tell me what Dr. Nefarious is planning, like you promised." Courtney: "Actually, I have a better idea. Why don't you ask him yourself?"

Electricity shot out of her face which shocked Clank, knocking him unconscious.

Moments later, he awoke in an office, directly in front of Courtney and Dr. Nefarious. Clank: "Where am I? Wha-? What in the…?" Dr. Nefarious: "Agent Clank, it is an honor to finally make your acquaintance. I have been following your exploits ever since your first mission, when you defeated the mind-stealing snotbeasts from Dimension X." Clank: "Oh! Uh, Dr. Nefarious. Well, uh, I believe there has been a misunderstanding. Secret Agent Clank is merely a fictional character I play on the HoloVid-!" Dr. Nefarious: "Lies! Squishy LIEE…"

Just then, he had a breakdown. From that, he was receiving a radio broadcasting of a soap opera episode. Courtney smacked him on the back of the head, snapping him back to normal. Dr. Nefarious: "EEES! You are a hero to robots across the galaxy! And yet you deny your own destiny!" Clank: "Destiny?" Dr. Nefarious: "You choose to bow and scrape to the squishies! Where is your pride in who you are, Agent Clank?" Clank: "Now listen here. Organic life forms have just as much right to inhabit this galaxy as we do. I see no reason to exclude…" Dr. Nefarious: "If that's the case, then I will give you a reason! Join me! And together we will rule an entire galaxy of robots! Or refuse! Remain a traitor to your own kind and follow your beloved squishies into the black hole of OBLIVION!"

Clank glared at Nefarious.

Meanwhile, Ratchet, Kim and Ron were at Clank's trailer, waiting for him to return. Ratchet seemed bummed about something. Ratchet: "Man, I can't believe this. Never in my life have I ever been treated so badly." Ron: "I know, right? That director jerk was…well…a jerk! He was mean and very unforgiving towards you. What's his problem, anyway?" Ratchet: "He's always been like that towards me. Clank, on the other hand, gets nothing but praises." Kim: "Well, you weren't kidding when you said that he wasn't worth putting up with." Ron: "Yeah, big time!" Kim: "He was just terrible. I've only defended you that one time to him and he threw a fit right there on the spot all too easily. It's bad enough you were treated so badly throughout this entire mission." Ratchet: "Kim, no, it hasn't been that bad. Really." Ron: "Are you kidding? Of course it's that bad, Ratchet! KP knows exactly what's she's talking about, right, KP?" Kim: "Of course I do. You've returned to this galaxy to save your home planet but ever since you arrived here, you've been receiving one raw deal after another. Hardly anyone respects you or even praised you for that matter, Qwark takes credit for all of your hard work and Ron and I are the only ones who have your back and so does Clank. If I were you, I would leave this galaxy and never return here again." Ratchet: "Whoa…! You guys really feel strongly about this, don't you?" Kim: "Of course, Ratchet. We're your friends. We believe that you deserve better than this." Ron: "For sure!" Kim: "These raw deals for you end here. The next time someone treats you like dirt, I'll beat 'em down so hard that they'll be eating dirt." Ron: "And I'll back her up on that 100%!" Ratchet: "Guys…you don't need to do that…" Kim: "Maybe not, but we will, anyway! We always will." Ron: "Oh, absolutely! Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!"

Ratchet smiled at them as they did with him. Just then, Ron spotted something that made him scream. Kim and Ratchet also looked over to what Ron saw. Ratchet became startled while Kim had a serious look on her face. They noticed a whole horde of Tyhrranoids show up everywhere, attacking the studio. They rushed at them to fight them all off.

As they fought against the Tyhrranoids, they rushed through one set after another. The hordes seemed to be tougher than before but the group was still able to fight against them. At one point, they were caught in a jam and had to send out Rufus to help them out at least once or twice.

They kept on going through fighting through more of the hordes until they returned to the ship and ran into Clank. Ron: "Hey, Clank!" Ratchet: "Clank? Where have you been? We were worried that something happened to you!" Clank: "Oh! Uh, I was having my sprockets lubed." Ratchet: "Well, you sure picked a fine time for a tune-up." Kim: "Say, where is Courtney Gears?" Clank: "She has left the planet." Ratchet: "What? But what about Nefarious?" Ron: "Yeah, did she give you any important information about him?" Clank: "Dr. Nefarious is aboard a star cruiser called the Leviathan. She seemed very eager to tell me this." Ratchet: "Oh! Um…OK…good job, Clank. You really helped us out. Now then, let's hurry out of here. I'll give Sasha the intel so she can track that star cruiser."

Ratchet turned around and walked off. Clank's eyes glowed red, an indication that something wasn't right with him. Kim and Ron stood by as they glanced at Clank as he walked off after Ratchet. They both seemed very concerned. Kim: "Hm…do you notice anything odd about Clank?" Ron: "Yeah. I don't know why but I get the feeling that there's…just something not right about him." Kim: "So do I. He just…doesn't seem…much like himself. Hm…one of us should keep a close eye on him." Ron: "Good idea. How about you switch seats with him?" Kim: "What? Are you sure about that?" Ron: "Absolutely! That way, he'll sit in the back with me and I can keep a real close eye on him." Kim: "Hm…that does sound like a good idea, but…"

She hesitated for a bit. Ron: "But what? What is it?" Kim: "No, nevermind, it…it's not important. Let's do it."

They walked back towards Ratchet and Clank. Kim: "Hey, Ratchet. Can we ask you something?" Ratchet: "Sure, you can ask me anything?" Kim: "Um…would it be OK if I…switch seats with Clank?" Ratchet: "What? Why would you want to do that?" Kim: "Well, Ron is very worried about Clank and he wants to look after him to make sure he's OK." Ratchet: "Huh, really? Ron is this true?" Ron: "Absolutely! It'll save you some time of dividing your attention between Clank and flying. Also, he's just as much my pal as he is yours. I really would like to look after him, for you." Ratchet: "Uh…I appreciate your sentiment, Ron, but I don't really think it's necessary…" Clank: "I shall allow this." Ratchet: "What? Clank? Are you sure?" Clank: "Certainly, I will oblige to sit in the back with Ron." Ratchet: "Uh…OK…I guess, let's go then."

Ron and Clank sat in the back seat, much to Ratchet's confusion. He then got in, Kim got into the seat next to him. He seemed to have been taken aback by this as he looked at her. Kim looked at him, also concerned. Ratchet brushed off his concerns and was about to take off. Just then, they received a transmission from Skidd. He said that he just saw Courtney Gears arrive near where he was, which greatly concerned the group. Kim: "Ratchet! We have to head back to the Obani Moon System! Skidd could get himself into some serious trouble!" Ratchet: "Somehow this did not surprise me." Ron: "Ratchet! Hurry! We've got to get to Skidd before something terrible happens to him!" Ratchet: "Alright, Ron! I'll get right on that!"

They took off and left for the moon system.

Returning to the moon system, they were able to fly into the third moon, which use to have been encased in a force field. As soon as they landed inside and got out of their ship, they had a chance to look around. Ron: "Whoa…just look at this place. This is like…some sort of dance studio-themed evil lair." Kim: "I would guess that this is where Courtney would have set up her base." Ratchet: "It seems like her kind of place, alright. Come on, let's go see if we can find Skidd around here."

They rushed through the entire place as fast as they could.

The place was indeed very unique. The deeper they went, the more they believed that they would find Courtney aside from hoping to find Skidd.

They kept on going till they were able to reach the last chamber of the place. There, they saw what appeared to be a lab of sorts. Ron: "Whoa, just what kind of freaky place is this?" Clank: "This is the testing lab for the Biobliterator." Kim: "The what? Wait! Clank, how is it possible for you to have known that? There's nothing here that could have imply that." Ron: "Hold on for a minute. Are we going to be able to find out what that Biobliteration thingie does?" Ratchet: "I would hope so. Let's see what Nefarious has been up to."

They checked out a nearby screen. On it was Skidd hooked up to a machine that Courtney planned to test on him. With 1 zap of a laser, Skidd was transformed into a robot version of himself. The group was greatly shocked to see this, but Ron was very, very distraught. Ron: "SKIDD! NOOO!"

He fell on his hands and knees and banged his fist on the floor. Ratchet: "They turned Skidd into a robot!? But…that's impossible!" Clank: "Not for Dr. Nefarious…uh, apparently." Kim: "So, Dr. Nefarious plans on turning all organic life forms into robots?" Courtney: "That's right, but don't be afraid. The transformation doesn't hurt…much."

They were then warped out of the room.

They arrived within another chamber that they have seen before. Ron: "Hey, I remember this place. This is the room that we saw that…that horrible music video." Courtney: "I can see you gross organics have checked out my latest work."

Before them was Courtney. Kim: "Courtney!" Courtney: "It seems that the test was a huge success. Soon, the entire galaxy will be populated by robots. Wouldn't you enjoy being a robot? I think it's a lot more fun than being a disgusting, squishy organic." Ron: "You're just another rotten diva, Courtney!" Ratchet: "No kidding, Ron! She's even worse than Bonnie!" Kim: "Oh, for sure!" Rufus: "(growl) Courtney!" Courtney: "Aw, is that your initial reaction to what we have planned for the future of the galaxy? Such a pitiful shame. Fine, if you won't submit, then I will force you to undergo the process." Kim: "Heh! You wish! We will never give in to this despicable plan of yours but go ahead and try." Courtney: "Gladly, but before we start, allow me to introduce you to my new "back up dancers". They're sure to be quite killer."

A nearby platform rose up near her. The group watched this occurring, within that time, they saw something that greatly startled Kim and Ron. Ron: "No way…!" Kim: "It…can't be…!"

Standing on the platforms were the Bebe bots. Ron: "It…it's the…it's the…" Kim: "The Bebes…!" Ratchet: "Those are the Bebe bots? The ones that Drakken warned us about?" Bebe 1: "We shall annihilate…" Bebe 2: "All organic life forms…" Bebe 3: "In the name of Dr. Nefarious." Bebes: "Fore he is the greatest." Courtney: "So you're acquainted with these bots? They came from some nowhere planet infested with too many organic vermin. I feel really sad for them for coming from such a backwater place." Kim: "Hey! That's our home planet you're talking about!" Ratchet: "That's it! I've had it with you! No one insults my friends or the planet they're from! I hope you can fight better than you can sing because we're taking you down!" Courtney: "Heh! Not likely, but go ahead and try. Bebes, let's fight these disgusting squishes and make them one of us!" Bebes: "Affirmative."

The group began their epic fight against Courtney and the Bebes. The vicious robot girls were shown to be very formidable and very, very dangerous, just like how Kim and Ron remembered them to be. They even went as far as nearly beating the group, but the group really held their own as they were persistent and were very able to endure. At one point, Ron sought his chance to send Rufus over to climb all over Courtney, which really, really bothered her. She let out a loud scream. Courtney: "Get this disgusting, ugly rat off of me!" Bebes: "Bebes, crush that hairless freak!"

The Bebes went towards Courtney and tried to do away with Rufus, but he was too quick for them. With the Bebes distracted, the group managed to get the upperhand against them, especially Ratchet, whose weaponry have already shown to be a decent match against the vicious bots.

Soon enough, the group was able to subdue Courtney and the Bebes, bringing them down. Courtney fell to the floor. Courtney: "Oh, no! How will my fans live without me?"

Kim walked up to her, bent down directly in front of her and got really close to her face. Kim: "You're a huge disappointment to all of your fans; robots and organics alike. They will move on and they're better off without you."

She stood right back up and walked off. Ratchet: "I know I am."

He walked off after Kim. Ron glared at Courtney for a bit then walked off. Rufus jumped off of Courtney, kicked her in the head, then let out a raspberry before rushing off back to Ron. The group stopped and stood near another. Clank: "Oh! Transmission from the Phoenix."

A portable screen appeared, displaying an image of Sasha. Sasha: "Guys, we've located Nefarious' star cruiser. It's currently refueling at the Zeldrin Starport. Qwark is already on his way there now." Kim: "Huh! It's about time that big, stupid oaf is doing something useful for a change." Ratchet: "Hold on for a sec. It might be a trap." Kim: "Hm…you know, I was suspecting the same thing." Ratchet: "I think Courtney Gears is setting us up." Kim: "Yes…in a way. Still, it could be our only way to get to Nefarious." Ratchet: "My thoughts exactly, Kim. We'll meet Qwark at the starport." Sasha: "Be careful, you guys." Kim: "Let's go." Ron: "But what about Skidd?"

They looked over and noticed Skidd walking back and forth with his arms held in front of him. Skidd: "Arr…like, destroy all squishies…and stuff." Ratchet: "We'll…have Wade figure out what to do with him. Come on, let's get to the starport."

They returned to the ship and left the moon.

They flew through space for a very long time. Ron was looking out the window. Clank edged closer to Ron. He whispered a bunch of nasty things to Ron, telling him that Kim was planning to stab him in the back by going for Ratchet behind his back while she's still dating him. He even told him it's the only reason why Kim even wanted to date him in the first place. Ron was shocked to hear this from Clank then looked at Kim suspiciously.

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