The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution - Chapter 9

Chapter 9-Taking the Fight to Dr. Nefarious

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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They rushed out. As they ran through the area, they came across a few nasty, robotic hazards, such as some little pests that they did not think they would ever have to face. Computer voice: "Lawn Ninja Defense System Activated!" Ron: "Oh, no, not the Lawn Ninjas!" Kim: "Heh, so not the drama."

They fought through the little robotic pests and wrecked every single one of them without even a scratch, except for Ron. One of the Lawn Ninjas sliced his pants up almost completely. Ron: "Aw, man! Come on! Seriously?" Ratchet: "I was wondering when that would happen again." Clank: "I thought you guys managed to fix that problem." Kim: "So did I."

Thankfully, the Pants Regenerator was still functioning, so it repaired Ron's pants in a flash. Ratchet: "Well…at least Wade's Pants Regenerator is still working…come on, let's keep going before something else rips up his pants."

They continued on. Ron ran a little slower than the others. Ron: "Right behind you guys."

As they persisted through the area, they found themselves faced by a lot of Qwark bots. Not only did they look like him, but they talked like him, too. Kim: "You've got to be kidding me! Qwark bots?" Ratchet: "Hey, at least we know this is where Qwark set up his base if we didn't know that already." Ron: "Man, it's like a Qwark-infested nightmare!" Kim: "Heh, couldn't have said it better myself, Ron."

They kept going, fighting through many of the Qwark bots as well as several more Lawn Ninjas. They soon hit a roadblock in which they had to rely on Clank and the monkey to help them overcome. After the time extended effort, they were able to overcome the impasse and find Qwark. When they managed to reach him, he was wearing crimson long johns that also went over his head like his hero outfit. He was also wearing his gloves and shoes. He noticed his monkey almost immediately. Qwark: "Hey, little buddy! How did you find me?"

He soon noticed the group a little afterwards. Qwark: "Huh? Oh, it's you guys. What are you doing here?" Kim: "We were looking for you." Ratchet: "We found your secret Holo-vid, Qwark. That's how we were able to find this place." Qwark: "Oh…that…well, I didn't expect you guys to understand." Kim: "Understand what exactly?" Qwark: "You probably think, I would give anything to have a body like that, for one drop of his raw animal magnetism, an iota of…" Ron: "Uh, is he serious right now?" Kim: "I can't tell whether to say yes or no." Ratchet: "OK, enough! We don't want to hear any more of you mindless babbling!" Qwark: "Er…right, let's see, where was I…"

As he continued on and on, Ratchet, Kim and Ron exchanged displeased looks with each other. Qwark: "Ah, yes. But despite my outward appearance of utter perfection, well…um…" Ratchet: "Deep down, you're a cowardly wuss?" Kim: "That pretty much hits the nail on the head." Ron: "Agreed." Qwark: "Uh…no…not…exactly…when I escaped from that star cruiser, cheating death by mere nanoseconds, I suddenly realized something very important: I could have died! Me! Captain Qwark! Imagine an entire galaxy with no more…me." Kim: "Well, one galaxy fell into chaos because of you, so…an entire galaxy without you would have one less strife-inducing nut case." Ratchet: "Good one, Kim." Qwark: "And all of it for what cause? So a few trillion people get turned into robots? Who am I to say who should or should not be turned into a robot? Pffft! Whatever!"

The entire group was appalled by Qwark's apathetic attitude. Ratchet: "You know what? You're pathetic, Qwark! I can't believe I once looked up to you. Come on, guys, let's get out of here."

Ratchet walked out. Ron: "He used to look up to you? That's even more shocking than someone who looks up to me!"

Ron walked out after Ratchet. Qwark: "Uh…I…was it…something I said?" Kim: "Gee, I don't know, everything you've said and done so far clearly demonstrates that you're a bona fide hero." Qwark: "Really?" Kim: "No, of course not. I was being sarcastic, Captain Bozo. Maybe if you started actually being a real hero instead of just acting like one, maybe you would actually start getting some respect for a change."

Kim walked out. Clank was about to walk out, too, but then stopped and looked up at Qwark. Clank: "She is right. The people of this galaxy need you, Qwark. They believe in you. You can give them hope. You have a chance to redeem yourself and become the hero you have always wanted to be."

Clank walked out. The monkey screeched at him once before walking out with the group. Despondent, he looked towards his hero suit.

The group arrived back at their ship. As soon as they got back in, they immediately received a transmission from Sasha. Sasha: "Ratchet! Kim! Where have you been?" Kim: "Sasha!" Ratchet: "Uh…we were just…" Sasha: "Nevermind! The Phoenix is under attack! The shields are…"

The transmission was interrupted for a brief moment. Ratchet: "Sasha!"

The transmission reconnected. Sasha: "To 40%. Life supports are…I think they're getting…aboard the ship. Whatever's on that disk has Nefarious worried…do anything to get it back…Hey, hotshot, if I don't see you again, I just want to tell you…"

The transmission was cut off and did not reconnect again. Kim: "Sorry, Ratchet…I'm afraid…the signal was lost…" Ratchet: "Kim, engage the gravimetric warp drive! Let's get back to the Phoenix as fast as possible!" Kim: "Sure thing, Ratchet!"

They took off and left for the Phoenix.

After returning, they saw that the entire place was under red alert. They also found some of Nefarious' bots throughout the place. Kim: "Whoa…Nefarious has really hit this place hard." Ratchet: "Come on, we have to make sure Sasha and the other crew members are alright."

They rushed out. Ron, however, became easily side-tracked. Ron: "Oh, no! The VG-9000 and virtual menu! I have to make sure they're both OK!"

Ron ran towards their quarters but Kim grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him the other way.

They rushed towards the bridge but found that the access transporter was broken. Ron: "Oh, no! They broke the transporter to the bridge!" Kim: "We'll have to find another way to reach the bridge!" Ratchet: "Then, let's get going! We can't stand here and do nothing!"

They hurried along through the newly opened area where they found a crawl space to enter. There, they fought off more robots as they proceeded through. This was where Kim and Ratchet had to really work together. They fought their way through some vicious robots to until eventually, they made it to the bridge.

As soon as they entered, they found Sasha, Helga and Al hiding below the walkway to the captain's seat. Helga: "Well, you certainly took your sweet time." Ratchet: "Hey, it's good to see you, too."

The group walked towards them. Kim: "Is everyone OK?" Sasha: "We're fine, Kim. You guys made it just in time." Ratchet: "Any luck with the data disk?" Al: "Hmph! "Luck" he says." Ron: "So…that's a no?" Al: "No!? Do you think I would be incapable of solving this thing? Hilarious!" Sasha: "Al cracked the encryption. The disc contains a complete copy of Nefarious' battle plan." Kim: "Whoa…Nefarious had every right to be worried." Ron: "Oh, boy, you can say that again." Sasha: "He's going to attack planet after planet, leaving nothing but robots in his wake." Kim: "Well, that seemed pretty obvious." Sasha: "There's more to it. The Biobliterator is so well protected, Nefarious doesn't believe there is any chance we can stop it." Kim: "Oh, I'm sure we'll find a way." Ratchet: "Can we really?" Al: "I estimate our odds at approximately 1 in 63 million, give or take." Kim: "Is that all? I've handled worse." Ratchet: "I don't know, Kim. This may be too much, even for you." Kim: "Even if that is true, there has to be a way to stop it. I won't give up so easily, even if the odds are far beyond anything we can handle." Al: "Um, perhaps there is something. The Biobliterator is programmed to recharge its power cells after each attack." Kim: "Well, there you go. We've got ourselves a potential weakness." Ron: "So, does it have a specific place where it recharges its batteries, or does it have several scattered charge stations?" Sasha: "It's currently recharging at a base on Planet Koros." Kim: "Then that's where we need to go."

They were about to walk out. Ratchet: "By the way, did a little girl and her blue dog stop by here recently?" Sasha: "Um, yeah, they did actually. They gave us a few devices they said would make us immune to the Biobliterator. She said she and her friends are delivering them to everyone in the galaxy, but I don't think they'll be able to deliver them to everyone in time and for some, it's already too late." Ratchet: "Then we have no time to lose. We need to leave now." Sasha: "You guys should hurry because…the next target…is Veldin."

Ratchet, shocked to hear this, growled in anger. Kim: "We'll see to it that attack won't happen." Ratchet: "You said it, Kim."

They rushed out of the bridge and returned to the ship as fast as they possibly could. They then left the Phoenix.

They arrived at the Planet Koros. As soon as they landed, they spotted the Biobliterator. Kim: "Look! There it is!" Ratchet: "Yeah, that's it, alright." Ron: "So…how are we going to bring down that evil machine?" Ratchet: "Good question, Ron. None of my weapons would even put a dent in that thing." Clank: "Hm…perhaps a much larger form of weaponry will get the job done." Ron: "And where are we going to find that?"

Clank looked around for a bit, he then spotted a massive Ion Cannon. Clank: "How about that?"

Ratchet, Kim and Ron looked over and spotted that cannon as well. Kim: "Uh…that'll do." Clank: "If you could get me inside the command center, I can override the targeting system and take control of that Ion Cannon." Kim: "Sounds like a plan." Ratchet: "Come on, let's hurry before that Biobliterator leaves for Veldin."

The entire group rushed off. They scurried through the entire area as fast as they could, fighting through one robot hoard after another. There was no doubt that the area was heavily guarded. The fight was intense, they knew that their enemies were really going all out, but so were they. There were always new surprises around every corner, they couldn't let their guard down, even for a second. They kept going until they were able to reach the massive cannon. There, Clank gained access to the cannon's controls. Directly next to him was a screen displaying Nefarious' transmission. Dr. Nefarious: "Agent Clank?"

Clank aimed for the Biobliterator. Dr. Nefarious: "What's going on here? What are you doing?" Ron: "Go for it, Clank!" Clank: "After all those Holo-films, there is one thing you should know by now: do not mess with Agent Clank."

And with that, Clank shot at the Biobliterator and blew it up completely. Nefarious shouted out in anger. Ron: "Alright, Clank!" Kim: "Way to go!" Ratchet: "That's the way to do it!" Clank: "Incoming call from the Phoenix."

Displayed on the monitor was Sasha. Sasha: "Nice shooting, Clank. There's no telling how many people you just saved." Kim: "All in a day's work." Sasha: "But it's still not over." Ron: "Aw, man! We're still not done yet?" Kim: "Of course, just when you think it's this easy, a much harder challenge comes around." Ron: "That entire run through was easy!?" Kim: "Obviously not, but blowing up the Biobliterator was." Ron: "Oh! Right, yeah, that was the easy part." Sasha: "Al just finished decoding the data disk. Nefarious secretly constructed a second Biobliterator, a new model that's even more dangerous than the one you just destroyed."

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Wade: "I'm afraid it gets even worse. After finding out about that Biobliterator, I was able to locate it and scan its power. From what I was able to find, it's very powerful, those devices that I built will have very little immunity to that massive machine." Ratchet: "Where is it, Wade?" Sasha: "Nefarious has a master control center on Planet Mylon. Wade was able to confirm it being there, guarded by an entire robot army." Kim: "And here I thought the stakes were raised to the max on this planet." Wade: "I have also confirmed that Nefarious is also there from the tracking device you guys had placed on him." Ratchet: "Then we had better get moving." Sasha: "Be careful, guys. This time, they know you're coming." Kim: "Doesn't matter; we're so ready for them."

They left the cannon and rushed back towards the ship as fast as they could then left for Mylon.

They arrived at the Planet Mylon. They landed and got out of the ship then looked out at the entire facility. Ratchet: "This is it, guy; the final confrontation. Are you ready?" Kim: "Oh, I know I am." Ron: "So am I." Clank: "Yes, let us put a stop to this once and for all." Ratchet: "OK, then, let's go."

They ran out towards the facility as fast as they could. Along the way, they ran into lots of robotic Tyhrranoids. They were indeed a lot tougher than their organic former and then some. A few times, they needed to use Wade's newly modified Holo-Tyhrranoid to get through.

It was a tough fight through and through which indeed lasted throughout the entire area, perhaps their toughest fight yet, which is to be expected. This time, they really needed to work together. It was truly a matter of deciding the fate of the Solona Galaxy and there really was no room for errors.

They were eventually able to reach Nefarious and the Biobliterator, but he warped out before they even had the chance to react. Ratchet: "(grunt) Dang it! We're too late!"

The Biobliterator flew off. Dr. Nefarious: "(laugh) Dah! Lawrence! Get this thing off of me!" Kim: "We have to go after him."

Just then, one of the drop ships arrived and opened up. Sasha transmitted to them. Kim: "Sasha!" Sasha: "Get in!"

The group ran into the drop ship, it flew off. It took them to a far off small group of islands. As they were arriving, the drop ship opened up. They spotted the Biobliterator below them. Al: "There it is! Nefarious already initiated the launch sequence. If that thing gets into space, Veldin won't stand a chance!" Ratchet: "That's not gonna happen!" Kim: "Not if we have anything to say about this!" Ron: "So…are we going to land or do we have to…"

Kim grabbed Ron by his shirt collar and jumped out of the drop ship along with Ratchet. They were free-falling all the way down, with Ron screaming all the way.

They managed to descend to where they stood before Nefarious. He took notice of them immediately. Dr. Nefarious: "What!? You guys again!?" Kim: "It's over, Nefarious, we're putting an end to your evil plans right here, right now!" Ratchet: "That's right!" Dr. Nefarious: "(growl) You miserable brats! You will pay for your insolence!"

Just then, Ratchet pulled out his wrench and tossed it at Nefarious, he dodged it and it struck a control console, destroying it. Ratchet: "Sorry, Nefarious, your flight's been canceled."

Nefarious screamed in anger and was shocked again by the shock emitter. He reached out from behind him, grabbed it and with great force, was able to remove it then tossed it at the group. They were able to dodge, except for Ron. It almost hit him but Rufus was able to catch it. Rufus: "Ta-da!" Kim: "That's fine. We don't need that thing anymore, anyway. We're bringing you down right here." Ratchet: "Although Wade did enjoy hearing you scream and gripe every single time the shock emitter went off."

Nefarious tried to call for Lawrence again but all he got was a voicemail. So he proceeded to fight the entire group himself. The fight was short and seemed a bit too easy. After the brief fight, Nefarious fell to his knees. Dr. Nefarious: "I am defeated! I have no choice but to throw myself of your mercy." Kim: "Wow, that was easy." Ratchet: "Huh, who knew? I mean, uh, that's right, Nefarious! Your reign of terror is finally…"

But then, Nefarious lifted himself off the ground and flew away. Dr. Nefarious: "Suckers!"

The group was caught off guard. Ratchet growled in anger. Kim: "Figures. It's hardly ever this easy."

Ron ran after Nefarious. Ron: "Get back here, Nefarious!" Rufus: "Nefarious!" Kim: "Ron!"

Kim ran off, Ratchet followed. Ratchet: "Save me some of the action, Ron!"

They chased Nefarious out into a massive field. They fought several more robots as they continued their fight against Nefarious. The mad robot shot out a devastating laser at them several times during the fight. They soon ran over a massive bridge towards another island as they continued to chase him down. They fought more robots as they ran across. Soon enough, the Galactic Rangers arrived to help out with the fight. The group seemed very pleased to see them, but they knew they had to keep going.

They were eventually able to catch up with Nefarious. He brought forth one devastating assault after another. He was seriously not going easy on him, but the group also put forth a really tough fight. Within a good amount of time, they were able to bring him down.

After being brought down by the group, he called for Lawrence again, who came this time. He ordered Lawrence to "begin the transformation" and with one click of a remote, the Biobliterator transformed into a massive mecha. The group stood by, surprised as this was occurring. Nefarious and Lawrence warped into the mech and began shooting at the group. Just then, Qwark came flying in on his shuttle, much to everyone's surprise. Kim: "Qwark?" Ron: "I don't believe it! Qwark actually came!" Ratchet: "We're not going to be able to defeat that thing on the ground. It's time to take to the skies." Kim: "You go ahead, Ron and I will handle the rest of these robots from here." Ron: "We are?" Ratchet: "OK. Kim? Be careful." Kim: "You, too, Ratchet. Return to us safely." Ratchet: "I will."

He got into a craft and took to the skies. He and Qwark worked together to take down the mech. It was indeed a very tough battle and the mech was very, very durable. It took them a while of shooting at the mech, but they were able to bring it down. Nefarious, grief-ridden from being defeated, had Lawrence warp him out before the Biobliterator exploded.

After the fight, Ratchet returned to the ground and reunited with Kim and Ron. They celebrated their victory together. Qwark watched them from above and then flew off. They looked up at Qwark and watched as he was flying away. Ron: "I can't believe Qwark came out of hiding and helped us to beat that thing." Kim: "I know. That's…very shocking." Ratchet: "Thanks, Qwark. You did more than I expected you to."

Later on, Ratchet, Clank and all of their friends attended a star-studded premiere of the latest Secret Agent Clank film. Kim and Ron, however, sat out of it because they refused to see another holo-film until Ratchet is to be placed on a better role. Instead, they sat together someplace nearby. Ron: "This has been some adventure, hasn't it, KP?" Kim: "I'll say it has. We get to go back into space, visit another galaxy, meet all kinds of strange, new aliens and most of all, see Ratchet again." Ron: "Yeah…so…KP…about you and Ratchet. I was wondering something." Kim: "What? What about me and Ratchet?" Ron: "Do you still…you know…like him?" Kim: "Of course I like him. He's a great guy. He's fearless, quick on his feet, an excellent pilot, a really good mechanic and a really great fighter. I've never met anyone like him before. He's…all around amazing." Ron: "Yes, all of that is true, but do you still…really like him, like as in really, really like him?" Kim: "Ron, what are you getting at? I don't know why…wait a minute, are you asking me if…I'm still in love with him? Like seriously? Ron, I already told you, we talked about this. We decided to not have a serious relationship with each other." Ron: "But why not? The both of you had a good thing going on. Why the sudden change? It is because you think it's wrong to be dating a space alien or someone who's a completely different species from you? Is that it?"

Kim sat by and hesitated for a bit, she then turned her head away and looked down. Kim: "It's just…it just…seems strange for me to be going out with someone who isn't a human being. Yes, I like him and we care about each other a lot but…I just don't want to be seen as a weirdo for dating a space alien." Ron: "So what? Why should you even care about people that see you as a weirdo for that? They don't know you and Ratchet for who you guys really are. You still have feelings for him! I know that! You can still be with him regardless of what either of you are. Don't let anyone stand in the way of that!"

Kim looked back at him for a few moments, then looked away again. Kim: "I…I'm just not sure…I can…besides…he…he's probably let go of his feelings for me…so…I should move on…"

Ron looked at her, sad.

Later afterwards, Ratchet and Clank had dinner with Kim, Ron, Wade and the Possibles in the ISSF to celebrate the victory against Dr. Nefarious. They ate, chatted, laughed and had an over all good time. The twins and Wade spent more time observing Clank. He seemed much less uncomfortable with them as he began to enjoy being with them. They were able to stop observing him as some amazing, alien robot that had intrigued them so much and start seeing him as a friend. Ratchet spent some time chatting with Kim and her parents for a good bit of time. They were then planning to return to Earth. Ratchet and Clank said their goodbyes before leaving to go back to the Phoenix. From the starship, Ratchet watched as the ISSF left the galaxy and returned to Earth. He had a huge smile on his face as he continued looking out the window. Ratchet: "See you again…Kimberly."

The End

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