The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution - Chapter 8

Chapter 8-Secrets and Deception

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They eventually arrived at the starport. There, they landed and got out. They soon spotted Qwark nearby. Kim: "Look! There's Qwark!" Ratchet: "Come on."

They rushed over towards him. At that moment, Qwark was having an awkward conversation with the monkey. Qwark: "I thought we agreed to put that jungle business behind us."

The monkey screeched at him again. Qwark: "It was mating season! How was I supposed to know she was your sister?"

He then turned towards the group who had very awkward looks on their faces. Qwark: "Err…heh heh…ah, how long have you been standing there?" Kim: "Uh…hopefully not too long." Qwark: "Well…stop lollygagging and let's get to work." Kim: "Yeah, you're one to talk." Qwark: "Now then, we'll use this shuttle to fly in and infiltrate the star cruiser undetected." Kim: "Um, yeah, we'll totally go undetected; it's not like your symbol is painted anywhere on that shuttle." Qwark: "Once on board, we find Nefarious and finish the job. You guys ready?" Kim: "Oh, I'm so ready!" Qwark: "Alright then. Let's go!"

Qwark walked into his shuttle, the monkey followed after him. Kim: "Did Qwark just say he used to mate with monkeys?" Ratchet: "It's…probably best not to try imagining it…" Ron: "Yeah…to see something like that would very likely be more terrifying than anything that I have experienced at Camp Wannaweep." Kim: "No…surprise there…" Ratchet: "Come on, guys. Let's…just get going."

They went into the shuttle and took off. They flew towards the cruiser. Clank: "Shotgun." Ron: "Aw, man!"

Qwark groaned. Ratchet: "Hey! What are you doing?" Qwark: "Move over. I'll drive." Ratchet: "Uh, no thanks. I'd rather get there in one piece." Qwark: "Stand down, soldier. This is your captain speaking." Ratchet: "Captain my…" Kim: "Ratchet!"

There was some roughhousing going on inside the shuttle. Ratchet: "Wait…! Don't sit on the flight stick!"

They were able to make it into the star cruiser.

They got out of the shuttle immediately after landing. Ron: "Well, that was a bit of a rough ride." Kim: "Yeah, I'd say I've been through better."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket, groaning in exhaustion. Ratchet: "Hm…it's too quiet in here. I don't like this one bit." Kim: "Hm, me neither." Qwark: "Once again, my brilliant plan has caught the enemy completely unawares." Kim: "Yeah, sure, you didn't draw out your "brilliant plan" in crayons this time, so we should be off to a good start. Although, I don't think it will be long before that completely falls apart." Ratchet: "Yeah, that would be a safe bet."

Clank's antenna was raised up. He then giggled as he brought it back down. Clank: "Message received." Ratchet: "What's that, Clank?" Clank: "Uh, nothing."

Kim and Ron looked at him suspiciously, but Ron seemed even more suspicious towards him than Kim. Qwark: "OK, let's split up and search the ship. Just remember; Nefarious is mine." Kim: "Uh, sure, we'll allow you to rough him up a bit before we take him down ourselves." Ratchet: "Heh! Come on, let's get some payback for what they did to Skidd." Ron: "Save me some room for an extra dose of that revenge. I also want to bring them down hard for Skidd." Ratchet: "Sure thing, Ron."

They went off, rushing further into the cruiser. There were guard bots everywhere, which was to be expected. However, something didn't seem right. There weren't as many as there should be. Even more so, it seemed as though they were holding back. The further they progressed, the easier it seemed. This worried the group even more.

They eventually reached the bridge of the ship. There, Lawrence stood before them. Lawrence: "Come on in, sirs and madam. We've been expecting you." Kim: "Of course. I thought the fight through here was too easy." Dr. Nefarious: "Ah, how very observant of you, Kim Possible."

A chair in front of them turned around. Sitting on it was Dr. Nefarious. Kim: "Dr. Nefarious, at last, we meet in person." Dr. Nefarious: "Same to you, young lady and I see you brought along your goofy sidekicks." Ratchet: "Hey!" Ron: "Not cool!" Dr. Nefarious: "And I haven't forgotten about you, Captain Qwark. You've seemed to have put on a bit of weight since last we met." Qwark: "Yeah? Well Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind…" Dr. Nefarious: "Qwaaarr…"

Just then he had another breakdown. From that, he was picking up on the radio broadcast of that same soap opera. Qwark and the group stared awkwardly at Nefarious as this was happening. Ron: "Uh…is he…OK?" Lawrence: "Oh, do not worry, he is fine."

He walked up to Nefarious. Lawrence: "This is the best part of my day."

He smacked Nefarious across the face, snapping him back to normal. Dr. Nefarious: "Wwwaaaarrkkk! I'll have the last laugh. I lured you here so that I could witness your demise. (laugh)"

He pushed a button on the right arm of the chair. Computer voice: "Auto-destruct sequence initiated. Prepare to die." Ron: "Oh, man, this is not good."

Dr. Nefarious laughed some more afterwards. Dr. Nefarious: "Teleport us out of here." Lawrence: "Of course, sir."

Lawrence warped out. Nefarious was left behind, he was very dumbfounded by this. Dr. Nefarious: "Lawrence! This isn't funny, Lawrence!"

He was then warped out. Ratchet: "We better get out of here!" Ron: "Nough said! At least Camp Wannaweep wasn't life threatening!"

The elevator lift descended, Qwark jumped off of it and back into the bridge. Kim: "Qwark, wait!" Ratchet: "What are you doing? The ship could explode any second!" Qwark: "I think I spotted something important! I can't leave without it! I'll meet you back at the shuttle!"

The group rushed back to the shuttle as fast as they could. The ship was trembling and exploding around them as they hurried back. They also ran into many of the robots and fought them off but try to do so quickly, as they didn't have a lot of time left.

They eventually arrived back at Qwark's shuttle and got back into it very quickly. They sat inside, waiting for Qwark to return. Ratchet: "C'mon, Qwark…hurry up!" Clank: "We must leave now!" Kim: "We can't! Not without Qwark!" Ron: "The guy may be a nutcase, but even he doesn't deserve to be ditched like this!" Ratchet: "I agree with Ron! And besides, he would have waited for us! I…think." Clank: "Good for him."

Clank pushed a button on the dashboard. Ron: "Clank! No!" Kim: "Clank!"

The shuttle launched out of the cruiser and flew away as the cruiser exploded and fell towards a nearby planet.

The group flew back to the Phoenix on Ratchet's ship. After the group returned, they reunited with Sasha, Helga and Al. Sasha seemed very relieved to see them again, even more so with Ratchet as she kissed him directly on the lips. Kim reacted in a somewhat conspicuous manner. Ron took notice of this. Sasha then pulled herself away from Ratchet. Sasha: "I…um…well…we're glad to see that all of you have made it back alive." Ron: "Yeah, we're also glad. That was brutal!" Rufus: "Oh…brutal…!" Ratchet: "Did you detect any other craft leaving the star cruiser?" Sasha: "No…" Ratchet: "An escape pod? Another shuttle, maybe?"

Al and Helga both looked sad as they shook their heads. Sasha: "No…" Kim: "So…there was…nothing else?" Sasha: "No…I'm sorry, guys. We heard the whole thing over the comlink." Ron: "No…this…this can't be…how…how could…how could this have happened? Why didn't we…we could have…we should have…" Sasha: "No, Ron. You guys didn't have a choice…Captain Qwark…died a hero…" Kim: "Whoa…never thought I would hear anything like that. I didn't care about the guy up until now. I…I'm actually sad…that he's gone…"

Later on, everyone set up a memorial service for Qwark. Helga, on the altar containing Qwark's face, was crying as she was doing her commemoration speech. Ratchet stood next to her, staring sort of awkwardly at her. Kim and Ron did the same. Kim: "Gee, I never knew Helga could be so emotional." Ron: "And here I thought she was always too obnoxious and uptight for that." Kim: "So did I."

Ratchet gently pushed her to the side as she continued to cry and stood on the altar. Ratchet: "Uh, Captain Qwark had so many…um…wonderful qualities, I just don't know where to begin." Kim: "Heh, gee, I wonder why." Clank: "Such as?" Ratchet: "Oh! Uh…OK. Ah…he was really…tall. And, ah…he had a unique fashion sense. And…he always…had a tendency to…make my friends laugh from a lot of the…stuff that he did…which…kept…them…in a…good mood through…our toughest times? I…guess…uh…well…that…that's all I can think of at the moment."

He hurried off the altar and back beside his friends. Kim: "Well, that could have been worse." Ratchet: "Sorry, guys, I really couldn't think of anything else on such short notice." Ron: "Don't worry about it. I couldn't have done any better. Besides, a lot of what you said was true." Kim: "Yeah, I would have to agree with you on that."

Just then, the president appeared on a portable monitor. President: "I just heard about what happened. I wanted to offer my condolences to the team. Qwark's loss was a true tragedy. The man was a hero; brave, honest, kind and humble to the core."

Kim and Ratchet whispered to each other. Kim: "Uh, he is talking about Qwark, right?" Ratchet: "Yeah, he is…if you can believe that."

She placed her hand on her forehead in annoyance. Ratchet: "Hey, at least he didn't say Qwark was exceedingly intelligent, otherwise…" President: "I could not be more honored to have known a man so noble and smart." Kim: "I think I'm getting a headache." President: "Captain Qwark may be gone, but his indomitable spirit of heroism lives on in each of you."

Kim and Ron had awkwardly frightened looks on their faces then looked at each other. President: "I know the Q-Force will make our fallen captain proud. Carry one, everyone."

The transmission turned off. Al handed over another vid-comic to the group as he cried. Al: "Here, guys. It's chapter 4 of the Qwark vid-comic series. He'd want you to have it." Kim: "I don't find that hard to believe." Ratchet: "Thanks, Al. You know, this could provide a clue about what Nefarious is going to do next. Let's go."

Ratchet walked out with the rest of the group.

They headed back for their quarters. Just then, Ron grabbed on to Kim. Ron: "KP, can I talk to you for a minute?" Kim: "Uh, sure, OK."

He pulled her to a secluded area. Kim: "Ron, are you OK? Is there something wrong?" Ron: "Kim, Clank told me that the only reason why you wanted to date me is because you were planning to hurt me badly by advancing towards Ratchet behind my back." Kim: "What? That's ridiculous! I would never…" Ron: "I know. I'm just saying Clank is seriously messed up. I'm sure he said that just to get me upset. Between that and what he did back on Qwark's shuttle, I'm absolutely certain that he really isn't the same Clank that we know and love so much." Kim: "You're right. What he just say to you, he wouldn't do anything like that, not even in a joking manner. And the way he pressed that button on the console without hesitating? He really hasn't been himself at all. In fact, he's been like this since he reunited with us back at Holostar Studios. Do you think Nefarious did something to him?" Ron: "I wouldn't doubt it one bit; either that or it could an evil look alike." Kim: "I don't think I would agree with the evil doppelganger thing but stranger things have happened. Even so, he will return to Nefarious. Hm…perhaps I can have Wade build us something so that we can set up a…nasty little surprise for our nefarious mad genius." Ron: "Oh, yeah, I'm all for that. I bet the look on his face will be priceless."

Kim sneered as she pulled out the Kimmunicator.

Later on, Kim and Ron met up with Ratchet and Clank in their quarters. Ratchet: "Hey, you guys. Uh, where have you been?" Kim: "We were just having a private conversation on another area of the Phoenix." Ratchet: "Uh, OK…come on, I'm about to play this next vid-comic."

Kim and Ron sat on the couch with Ratchet. They watched as he played the vid-comic to the very end. Kim: "Huh, I had no idea that Helga was associated with Qwark for so long." Ron: "Yeah, she's just as uptight and obnoxious as she was back then." Kim: "Well, that was very reassuring." Ratchet: "Metropolis!" Kim: "What is it, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Guys, Nefarious is planning on striking there next!" Kim: "You know what? From what we saw on that vid-comic, that actually makes perfect sense. He did try to destroy that city all those years ago." Ratchet: "Exactly! But Qwark stopped him. He swore to go back and finish the job someday." Ron: "So, now that he has that Biobliterator thing operational, then that must mean…Oh, man! He's going back!" Ratchet: "That's right, Ron. He's ready to make his move." Kim: "Then we need to hurry over there and stop him." Ratchet: "My thoughts exactly, Kim!" Kim: "Sasha, did you hear that?" Sasha: "Loud and clear, Kim. We'll set a course for Metropolis. Let's just hope we're not too late."

The group got themselves up, rushed for the ship and left for Metropolis.

They arrived at Metropolis. As soon as they landed into the city, they immediately noticed that the city was already under attack. Ron: "Whoa!" Ratchet: "It's already started!" Kim: "Looks as though Nefarious has struck here first, just like we suspected." Ratchet: "No kidding! He has to be around here somewhere!"

Clank, however, was looking towards the sky as though he was in some sort of trance. Ratchet took notice of this. Ratchet: "Uh…Clank? Are you…OK?"

Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator.

Meanwhile somewhere in Metropolis, the group was being monitored by what was revealed to be the point of view of Clank, or rather a Clank look alike. Dr. Nefarious had been holding the real Clank in a cage all this time. Dr. Nefarious: "How do you like my special creation, Clank? I call him Klunk! Your dopey friend seems to be quite fond of him. Say, maybe they'll change the name of your show to "Secret Agent Klunk". (laugh) Did you hear that, Lawrence? I made a funny!" Lawrence: "You put the "wit" in "twit", sir." Dr. Nefarious: "Yes, I do! Don't I? (laugh) Today you will witness the dawning of a new era! For years I plotted in secret, suffering endless disappointments, but soon, it will all be worthwhile." Clank: "You will never succeed. Ratchet, Miss Possible and Ron will put an end to your madness." Dr. Nefarious: "The only end in your squishy friends' futures will be the end of their lives. (laugh) And you will have a front row seat. (laugh)"

At that time, Ratchet was still examining Clank's look-alike, Klunk. Ratchet: "Uh, perhaps we'll have Al take a look at you once we're done here." Kim: "Oh, don't worry about him, Ratchet. I don't think that will be necessary. The little guy is…probably just exhausted, that's all."

Kim placed her hand on Klunk's back. Kim: "There, there, Clank. It'll be OK."

She appeared to be tending to him, but in actuality, she was attaching a small, barely noticeable device to his back. She looked at Ratchet and smiled. Ratchet: "Well…OK…if you…say so, Kim. Let's go, we have to find Nefarious."

He rushed off. Kim: "Yes we do."

She smiled at Ron, he chuckled a bit. Ron: "Nefarious will have no idea what little surprise we have in store for him." Kim: "No, he won't."

They went after Ratchet and caught up with him.

As they made their way through the city, they found themselves fighting through many more Tyhrranoids. They could tell that Nefarious was really raising the stakes as well as his forces. Despite that, it wasn't something that the group was really worried about. Knowing that Nefarious' weapon, the Biobliterator, was operational and ready to be used, they were expecting to see it sooner or later.

As they made it far enough into the city, they spotted the horrible weapon rise before them. With one zap, all of the nearby Tyhrranoids were transformed into robots. Ron: "Whoa! All of the Tyhrranoids were turned into robots!" Kim: "And I have a feeling that the city's entire organic populace will follow after them." Ratchet: "Come on, guys, Dr. Nefarious can't be too far off."

They continued their way through. This time, they were faced with the newly robotisized Tyhrranoids. They were shown to be a lot tougher than their organic former. The fight through the city seemed as though it lasted much longer. However, the group wouldn't give up so easily as they worked together through one brutal fight after another.

They were eventually able to find Nefarious. Ratchet: "Look, guys! It's Dr. Nefarious!" Ron: "Yeah and that butler guy!" Kim: "And there's Clank over there with them." Ratchet: "Wait! Clank's over there? Then who is…oh, boy, I should feel pretty stupid right now."

Soon enough, Klunk giggled in a sinister manner as his eyes glowed red. Ron: "Evil look-alike! I knew it!" Kim: "Huh, you were actually right about this, Ron. And here I thought Nefarious reprogrammed him to make him work with our enemy." Ratchet: "Hold on! You both knew he was an imposter? Why didn't you guys tell me?" Kim: "Um, in all honestly, we weren't really sure ourselves, but we've had our suspicions and now they have been confirmed."

Nefarious was laughing as Klunk walked over towards him. Dr. Nefarious: "I must admit, Ratchet, you and your friends have proven to be far more worthy adversaries than that imbecile Qwark."

Klunk then turned around to face the group as he stood next to Nefarious. Dr. Nefarious: "But alas, I have a galaxy to conquer so this is the end for you; and the same goes for Kim Possible and that…that…that…blonde boy." Ron: "Uh, Ron, Ron Stoppable. I mean, come on, is my name really that difficult to remember?" Ratchet: "I don't think it is."

Ron smiled at Ratchet. Dr. Nefarious: "Well, whatever, it won't matter, anyway. I shall leave you to face your demise while I exterminate every single organic life form in the galaxy." Kim: "Oh, don't think that you'll be leaving without a little parting gift that we made especially for you."

She pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Now, Wade!"

Just then, the small device that was attached to Klunk brought out a small claw. Dr. Nefarious took notice of this. Dr. Nefarious: "What the…?"

It then attached a small device to his rear end, emitting high amounts of electricity that shocked him repeatedly. Dr. Nefarious: "Gah! What is…gah! What have you…gah! What is this…gah! Strange device…gah! You've…gah! Placed on me!?"

At that moment, Wade's vendor appeared, displaying his image. Wade: "You could call it a device of my own special design." Ratchet: "Wade!" Dr. Nefarious: "What? Who are you?" Kim: "Dr. Nefarious, this is Wade. He's a super genius who works with us on all of our missions." Wade: "Kim and Ron found out about your Clank imposter, so Kim asked me to build something that would help out in their fight against you. It's a tracking device that also acts as a shock emitter to get on your nerves. Your Clank doppelganger was actually nice enough to deliver it to you for us. You might even call it a "shocking surprise coming from the rear". (laugh)"

Everyone else laughed along with Wade. Dr. Nefarious, however, was greatly infuriated, which really wasn't surprising. Lawrence: "That was…actually a good one." Dr. Nefarious: "You annoying brat! Ack! Get this thing off of me! Aagh!" Wade: "Sorry, no can do. That thing is built to last and stay on you for an extensive amount of time. I couldn't remove it even if I wanted to. You'll have to figure how to remove it yourself." Dr. Nefarious: "Why you…argh! Lawrence!" Lawrence: "Yes, yes, I know."

Nefarious and Lawrence warped out, Klunk transformed into a massive mech, much like an evil version of Giant Clank. Ratchet: "Oh, boy, this is going to be a tough fight."

The group went on to fight that massive Klunk. The giant robot was shown to be very tough as well as extremely merciless. It really did all it could to eradicate them, but they served a much better chance against it then the other way around. It was a long and enduring battle, but they were finally able to bring down the massive behemoth of a robot. Ron: "We did it! Take that, you Clank imposter! Nobody lies about my best friend, KP, and gets away with it!" Kim: "Come on, let's go get back the real Clank." Ratchet: "You don't have to tell me twice."

They rushed over to Clank and freed him from his cage. He walked back to the group, sad. Ron: "Clank! How's it going, buddy?" Kim: "You OK, Clank? What's the matter?" Clank: "I am sorry, guys, this is all my fault." Ratchet: "Knock it off, Clank. Nefarious did all of this and he is going to pay for what he did. For Metropolis and for what he did to Qwark and Skidd." Ron: "Skidd especially!" Kim: "Of course." Ron: "And besides, we're glad to have you back, even though…we had no idea you weren't with us…for the most part."

Clank looked up at his friends and smiled. Ratchet: "Come on, let's get out of this city before we end up dead or worse." Ron: "Robotisized?" Ratchet: "Exactly!"

They made their way back to the ship. Kim held out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Hey, Wade, how's the device we've attached to Nefarious working out?" Wade: "It's working like a charm. We will be able to track Nefarious wherever he goes so he won't be able to hide from us." Kim: "And the shock emitting feature?" Wade: "Still functional. It even has a built-in audio receiver so that we'll be able to hear Nefarious complain each time it goes off." Dr. Nefarious: "Gah! This confounded annoyance! Once I get it removed, I'll throw it back at the kid who built this thing! Gah!" Wade: "(laugh) Just hearing him gripe so much is just too funny." Kim: "Oh, I hear you, Wade; it's absolutely priceless."

She put the Kimmunicator away. Ratchet: "So, how long have you known about that imposter being with us?" Kim: "We've had our suspicions since back at Holostar Studios, but Ron managed to figure out that he wasn't really Clank when he lied to him about why we were really dating." Ron: "Yeah, he told me that Kim only dated me to back-stab me by going for you behind my back." Ratchet: "What? He said that!? Clank would never say that!" Clank: "No, I would not." Ron: "I know and I also knew that KP would not do something as horrible as that. So, that's when I realized that he was an imposter or he was reprogrammed by Nefarious to work for him. I told KP about this and she realized this, too." Ratchet: "But why didn't you tell me?" Kim: "If we did, you would have smashed him to bits. Besides, Wade wanted us to get close to Nefarious so that we could deliver that device for him." Ron: "And what better way to do that than to get that imposter to do it for us?" Ratchet: "Huh, not bad. You guys are devious, aren't you?" Kim: "Well, you do know the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer", right? Nefarious tried to do that to us so we decided to do the same to him." Ron: "Sorry we didn't tell you about this, Ratchet. We were planning to, but Wade wanted this plan to go as smoothly as possible." Kim: "And he was worried that telling you would be too risky." Ratchet: "Don't worry about it, guys. What you did to Nefarious back there was so worth being left in the dark. Besides, I understand what you guys were getting at." Kim: "We were hoping you would say that, because we think it was worth it, too."

Ratchet smiled at them, as they did with him. Clank giggled.

They made their way back to the ship. Just then, Sasha transmitted to them. Sasha: "I can't believe it! The city's entire population has turned into robots, even the Tyhrranoids!" Kim: "The entire city!? Huh, that Biobliterator really is powerful." Sasha: "I need you guys to get back to the Phoenix so that we can come up with a plan to stop Nefarious before he uses that weapon again." Ratchet: "We'll be right there."

They transmission was shut off. Ron: "Oh! Uh, Clank? We just want to let you know that KP has been sitting in your seat during…your absence. It was so I could look after your imposter that I thought was you at the time. So, I hope you're cool with that." Clank: "It is alright, Ron. I understand. That was very smart of the 2 of you. Ms. Possible may continue to sit in the front with Ratchet."

Clank proceeded towards the back seats. Ratchet: "Are you sure about that, Clank? I mean she doesn't have to." Clank: "I am positive. She may have that seat." Ron: "Hm…you know what? I agree with Clank." Kim: "What? No, that's OK, I don't need to…" Ron: "KP, should sit in the front with Ratchet." Kim: "Ron…are you sure? I mean, you don't mind, right? Like seriously?" Ron: "Absolutely. I don't mind at all." Kim: "Uh…OK…"

She went on to the front, right next to Ratchet as he climbed on to his. They looked at each other in a concerned manner. Ron: "(whispering) I especially don't mind if you choose him over me. I know you want to be with him, KP; stop being so afraid."

Ron climbed on to the seat behind Kim, they took off and let the planet, making their way back to the Phoenix.

After returning, they headed back for the bridge, where they watched a news report of the Biobliterator attack. It was a very discouraging news feed indeed. Sasha: "Unbelievable! Everyone's acting as though Nefarious has already won." Kim: "I know, right? Your dad seems to be so aloof about the situation and is pretty much ready to give up. This is so idiotic." Ratchet: "I'm not so sure about that, Kim; although, we can't give up. We have to find and stop that Biobliterator soon or we're all going to be robots."

He then noticed Clank glance at him and the others. Ratchet: "Uh, not that there's anything wrong with that…" Kim: "It's not being a robot that's the problem; it's being forced into turning to one that's the real issue." Ron: "Yeah, I mean we like robots and all that stuff, but we just wouldn't be the same if we got turned into them. There are lots of great things about being organics as much as there are great things about robots. You wouldn't like us better if we weren't organic, would you? And let's face it, is Skidd any better the way he is now?" Clank: "You make a lot of valid points, Ron. And no, I would not like you better as robots. I like all of you just the way you are." Kim: "Thanks, Clank. Same to you; you wouldn't be the same if you weren't a robot, either."

He smiled at her. Sasha: "Wait a second, didn't Qwark say he was trying to find something back on that cruiser?" Kim: "Yeah, he did. He went back because he said that he found "something important". I wonder what it was that he went back for." Ratchet: "I wonder that, too. The cruiser fell towards Planet Zeldrin. Let's go check out that crash site. We may be able to find what Qwark was looking for." Kim: "OK."

The group left the bridge.

On their way back to the ship, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Kim: "Yeah, Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I've updated the holo-Tyhrranoid so that it'll take on a robotic form since all of the Tyhrranoids in the galaxy have been turned into robots." Kim: "All of them?" Ron: "Not just the ones in Metropolis?" Wade: "Yes. I've been wondering why Dr. Nefarious would recruit them into his army considering that he hates organic anything, but I guess he had been planning to turn them into robots from the very beginning." Kim: "Yeah…that would make perfect sense." Wade: "Another thing. I have been doing some analyzing of those crystals that you sent to me. You know, the crystals that were created by Lilo and Stitch's experiment?" Ratchet: "Oh, right, that! I almost forgot about that! That was actually a while back." Wade: "Well, I was able to find that they contain some unusual properties that somehow repel Dr. Nefarious' Biobliterator." Ratchet: "Huh, really? How about that?" Wade: "I've already built a device from them that will make anyone completely immune to the weapon. I'm already wearing one now. I've also build many more of them, Mr. and Mrs. Possible and the twins are already wearing a few of them. I'll send you guys a few of them right now."

Wade's vendor appeared again. Transporting from it were 3 small devices. Ratchet, Kim and Ron grabbed each one and attached them to themselves. Wade: "I've sent out Lilo and Stitch to deliver these devices to the few organic crew members. They should be arriving there shortly. I've also had them well as many of their other experiments sent out to deliver them all over the galaxy." Ratchet: "Huh, that's really nice of them. It's good to hear that they're really helping out with the cause." Ron: "Wow, way to go, Lilo and Stitch!" Kim: "All of this sounds great, but I wouldn't rely on this thing for too long." Wade: "Me, neither, they will protect the people from that weapon, but I know Dr. Nefarious will find out about this sooner or later and he will find a way to counteract them. If anything, this should at least buy you guys some time." Ratchet: "Any help from you will always be greatly appreciated, Wade. Don't ever think otherwise." Wade: "Well, for the moment, I've been working with Al to reverse the robotification process. We've obviously been having to use Skidd as a test subject to reverse the process since it's the only way to get him back to normal." Ratchet: "Let us know if you made any progress." Kim: "We're heading over to a planet where that star cruiser that blew up fell towards. If Qwark really did find anything important, we should find out what it is. It might be able to help us out a lot." Wade: "Gotcha. Let's keep each other posted on our current situations." Kim: "Sure thing, Wade."

She put the Kimmunicator away. Ratchet: "Hm, I was wondering how Lilo and Stitch were doing. We haven't seen them in a while. Glad to hear that they're doing OK." Kim: "So am I, Ratchet, so am I."

They reached the ship, got into it and flew off.

They arrived at the crash site. As soon as they landed and got out, they looked out at the wreckage. Ron: "Whoa…just look at this. I didn't think we would find anything like this." Kim: "I know, it's astonishing how well the cruiser held together…somewhat." Ratchet: "Come on, whatever Qwark went back for could still be here."

They rushed off towards the wreckage. They searched the entire place for anything that may look important or even out of place. They were met with a lot of robots that seem to have survived the crash, but they did not survive the group's assaults as they fought their way through.

They kept searching the entire area until they found something that seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. They went over towards it to check it out. Ratchet: "Hey, it's an escape pod! It must have come from the star cruiser." Ron: "It did? But didn't they say they didn't detect an escape pod as this cruiser fell to this planet?" Kim: "Hm…perhaps so…it could be that this thing came out of the cruiser after it fell through the atmosphere. That must be why they never picked up on this one." Ron: "Hm, that would make sense." Ratchet: "And look! Footprints! Someone else made it off this ship alive." Kim: "Hm…they look an awful lot like Qwark's." Clank: "We may have just missed whoever was in there."

Clank picked up a small device. Clank: "This pocket cra-che-tizer is still warm." Ratchet, Kim, Ron: "Ew!" Clank: "And a call was recently made using the pod's emergency communicator. There is a recording." Kim: "Let's see it, Clank."

On the recording was Qwark wearing a disturbing disguise, making a call to a cab driver. Ron: "That recording was…all kinds of disturbing for too many reasons." Ratchet: "I should have known." Kim: "So Qwark IS still alive. Hm, somehow, I'm not really surprised." Ron: "Oh, I'm plenty surprised for the both of us, KP, from watching that…recording." Clank: "But why did he not report back to the Phoenix?" Ratchet: "Because he wants us to think he's dead." Kim: "Yeah, that sounds a lot like him. Guess he's not so stupid, after all." Ratchet: "I don't like this, guys. Until we know what Qwark is up to, we should keep this quiet. If the Q-Force finds out that he ran out on us, they might lose hope." Kim: "No problem. I don't like talking about that guy, anyway. Huh? Hey, guys! Look! The monkey seemed to have found something!"

They looked over towards the monkey who was holding up a flat object. Ratchet: "Hey, you're right, Kim. What is that?" Clank: "Hm…it appears to be a data disk. Qwark must have taken it from the star cruiser." Ratchet: "That must be what he went back for!" Kim: " does look important. Let's take it back with us so we can have it decoded."

Clank grabbed that data disk from the monkey, they then headed back to the ship then left to return to the Phoenix.

They arrived back on the Phoenix. Immediately after landing, they rushed back to their quarters as fast as they could. There, they saw Al who was chatting with Wade while examining Skidd. Skidd was placed inside Qwark's "living area". Both Al and Wade were having a very complex conversation to say the least. Ratchet: "Uh…hey, Al. I…didn't expect to…see you chatting with Wade." Al: "Well, I am currently working with Wade to reverse the robotification process." Wade: "We seem to have come up with something that could work but Al and I…we're…still working on the details." Kim: "I can see you have Skidd placed in Qwark's…uh…previous…housing area…" Skidd: "Dude. Dude. Dude. What a trip." Ron: "Don't worry, Skidd, we'll have you back to your old self as soon as we can." Ratchet: "So, Al, we recovered a data disk from Nefarious' cruiser."

Ratchet tossed the disk towards Al. Kim: "Do you think you can decode it?" Al: "Ah, but of course, Miss Possible."

He placed the disc into a handheld device that he was using at that time, he spent a little bit of time looking at it. Al: "It's an omega-class asymmetric encryption. Finally, a challenge worthy of my skills! Oh, by the way, we found something interesting in Qwark's quarters." Kim: "You mean in there? Well, whatever it is, I'm not going to touch it." Al: "It's a Qwark vid-comic." Ron: "Another one?" Al: "Yes, specifically, it is episode 5 of the Dr. Nefarious series."

He tossed the vid-comic over to Ratchet. Al: "But, as far as everyone knows, only 4 issues were ever published. Not even my pals in the Qwark Cadets fan club have ever heard of this issue and they're real serious uberfans, if you know what I mean." Kim: "Yeah…that would be…putting it lightly." Ron: "Well, what are you waiting for, Ratchet? Turn that thing on and let's check it out." Ratchet: "I'm already on it, Ron."

Ratchet got on to playing the vid-comic. It turned out to be a secret chapter of the series. It revealed that Qwark was caught off guard and was nearly done in by Nefarious. After the incident, he hid himself away in a place known as the Thran Asteroid and was revealed to be afraid of Nefarious. Ratchet: "I should have known Qwark was full of it." Kim: "Yes, from what we have heard on that vid-comic, he never intended on facing off against Dr. Nefarious again." Clank: "But why would he lie to us?" Skidd: "Dude, Qwark is Bogus. Bogus. Bogus." Kim: "That may be the smartest thing I've heard from Skidd yet." Ratchet: "You can ask him yourself when we see him. According to the vid-comic, Qwark has a secret hideout on the Thran Asteroid Belt. I've got a hunch he's there right now." Kim: "Then that's where we need to go."

The monkey screeched a bit. Clank: "He says he wants to come with us." Ron: "Oh, no way! We're not dragging along that freakish…" Kim: "Wait a minute. Clank, you can understand what the monkey is saying?" Clank: "Oh, just enough to get by."

The monkey screeched a bit more. Clank: "He has especially spoken a lot about you, Ron. He thinks it's funny that you are afraid of monkeys."

The monkey screeched then laughed. Ron, however, was annoyed. Ron: "Hey, at least I've stuck with the team throughout this entire incident rather than cowering on the sidelines like his pal, or even worse, possibly working with our enemies such as Dr. Nefarious." Skidd: "Major Bogus." Kim: "Ron, you don't believe that, do you?" Ratchet: "Actually, I think Ron may be on to something. He teamed up with Drek, didn't he? And I know I don't have to remind you about the Protopet business." Kim: "Oh, it was the Protopet incident that really got to me."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and let out a raspberry. Rufus: "Protopet!" Kim: "Well, we can't be too sure just yet, but let's find out for ourselves."

They got themselves up and rushed to the ship, then flew out of the Phoenix.

They arrived at Qwark's Hideout. After they landed, they gave themselves a little bit a time to look out at the entire place. Kim: "Wow…this is…such a secluded place." Ron: "Yeah, this would seem like a good place to set up a secret hideout but did it have to be someplace so cold?" Kim: "That would make it even more difficult to seek him out." Ron: "Good point." Ratchet: "Come on, guys. Qwark has to be here somewhere."

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