The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 1

Chapter 1-Clank's Awakening

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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Before we get to that, there's another important story involved with this that needs to be told. It all started elsewhere, within a mysterious place. Clank was contained within a chamber of sorts, suspended in mid-air and very much asleep. At that moment, Dr. Nefarious, an old enemy of him and his friends, approached him. Along side him was his butler, Lawrence. Dr. Nefarious: "Ah, my arch-nemesis."

He pounded on Clank's head as he shouted at him. Dr. Nefarious: "Not so smart now, are you!?" Lawrence: "Sir, the Zoni are inquiring about our progress."

Dr. Nefarious was incredibly frustrated upon hearing this as he grunted out loud. Dr. Nefarious: "How much longer must we pretend to be friends with those twits?"

Just then, the Zoni appeared. Zoni: "Sire does not remember. You must fix." Dr. Nefarious : "Yes, I'm fixing, I'm fixing…"

He stood in front of Clank. Computer voice: "Standby for sister board scan."

A large holographic monitor appeared in front of Dr. Nefarious, he got to work on it immediately. Dr. Nefarious: "Alright, let's see…Favorite color is green, favorite number is 83,000,000,004.7…blah, blah, blah…" Computer voice: "Access denied. Neural safeguard activated."

The monitor turned red. Dr. Nefarious: "No! No! Locked out again! It's in here, Lawrence! Somewhere in this brain lies the key to the Orvus Chamber." Zoni: "No Orvus Chamber." Dr. Nefarious: "Your Zoniness, if we could take but a peek at the chamber…" Zoni: "No Orvus Chamber. Chamber is for sire only." Dr. Nefarious: "Very well. Then I think it's time our "partnership" came to an end."

Dr. Nefarious pulled out a small device and was about to toss it. Dr. Nefarious: "Say hello to…" Lawrence: "Not the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler." Dr. Nefarious: "The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler!"

He tossed the device towards the hallway, it expanded, activated and chased after the Zoni. Dr. Nefarious laughed maniacally as his machine chased the Zoni all over the place. It wreaked havoc on the entire room before chasing the Zoni out. Shortly afterwards, the lights went out. Dr. Nefarious: "What? What just happened?" Lawrence: "Apologies, sir, I should have mentioned that the equipment is especially susceptible to sonic weaponry." Computer voice: "Back up generator activated."

The lights came back on, however, Clank was missing. Dr. Nefarious was startled as he took notice of this. Dr. Nefarious: "What the…?"

He turned himself towards the hallways and immediately spotted Clank, who looked towards the villain before he was about to leave. Dr. Nefarious: "He's awake! Stop him!"

Clank then turned the other way and ran out. Dr. Nefarious was about to give chase. Lawrence: "Uh, pardon me, sir, but a bioscan has just picked up on something." Dr. Nefarious: "What? A bioscan? There's an organic life form here? Where is it?" Lawrence: "The readings are coming from directly inside Clank. They are of a species of mammal from the planet Earth known as Heterocephalus glaber or naked mole rat." Dr. Nefarious: "What? Naked mole rat? I've never heard of such a creature! And yet for some reason, it sounds vaguely familiar…hm…"

While Clank was ran through the hallways, Rufus emerged from inside him. He let out a big yawn as though he was just waking up. Clank took notice of him almost immediately. Clank: "Rufus? Where did you come from?"

Rufus shrugged his shoulders and made an "I don't know" murmur. Clank: "No matter, we must find a way out of here."

As he ran through the place, Dr. Nefarious spoke to him via the loud speakers and monitors that were placed everywhere. Also, the maniacal villain's infernal noise making machine continued chasing the Zoni and wreaking more havoc along the way. As he continued on, he spotted a holographic image of another robot. Robot: "Sir, sir! Listen carefully, I'm your only hope of defeating Dr. Nefarious." Clank: "Huh? Who are you and where are you?" Robot: "I'll explain everything as soon as you're safe. But right now, you have to keep going. Hurry, there's not much time."

As he kept going, the chaos caused by the noise making machine had gotten much worse. Soon enough, a much more unpredictable and unprecedented turn of events was about to take place. Computer voice: "Warning! Quantum stabilizers offline. Time systems vulnerable."

He ran through more and more, he then began to notice that some of the debris would fall apart in a way in which time itself was falling into a state of disarray. Some of the debris would seem as though they are frozen in time. At one point, the damages done to one particular area was caught in an endless loop, almost as though it was reversing itself repeatedly. Regardless, Clank kept going and did not look back.

He was eventually able to reach the robot that was contacting him, but the robot ended up locked in the room that he was hiding in. He told Clank to keep going and also mentioned something about not letting Dr. Nefarious near "the chamber". With that, he just kept going.

He kept running until he stopped in front of a ledge. Looking out beyond it, he could see a massive expanse, consisting of several floating platforms, which stretched out at a great distance. He turned back around and immediately spotted Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence approaching him. Dr. Nefarious: "Go ahead. Jump! (laugh)" Clank: "Dr. Nefarious. I should have known you were behind this. Where have you taken us?"

The maniacal villain walked up towards him. Dr. Nefarious: "You don't recognize it? This is your home! The Great Clock! A marvel of science and sorcery, engineered by the brightest Zoni in all of existence and constructed in the exact center of the Universe! Give or take 50 ft." Rufus: "(growl) Nefarious!" Clank: "What lie did you tell the Zoni to trick them into aiding you in your quest for vengeance?" Dr. Nefarious: "Vengeance? You think I went through all this trouble for mere vengeance? And they say I'm ego-maniacal. Let's just say it's all in the past. Lawrence!" Lawrence: "Right here, sir." Dr. Nefarious: "Ready the orb of gratuitous immobilization."

Lawrence pulled out a small device and sent it towards Clank. Clank placed Rufus on the floor. Clank: "Rufus, go! I will see you soon." Rufus: "OK!"

Rufus scampered off, the device approached Clank and shocked him, knocking him out. Lawrence: "Shall I prepare the mnemonic station again?" Dr. Nefarious: "No, I have a better idea."

He turned around and walked away. Lawrence: "But sir…" Dr. Nefarious: "Patience, Lawrence. We have all the time in the Universe."

Lawrence then let Dr. Nefarious out, leaving any events that would occur afterwards out of his hands.

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