The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 2

Chapter 2-The Beginning of Another Adventure

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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Meanwhile, within a far off region of the Polaris Galaxy known as the Breegus System, 2 unlikely companions were drifting through space. Qwark: "Space: it's huge! So huge, in fact, that if you lost your keys in it, they would be almost impossible to find."

Flying through space was Ratchet in his starship, the Aphelion. Believe it or not, Qwark actually was going along with our young hero at that time. Qwark: "Luckily for Ratchet, Captain Copernicus L. Qwark was on the case. His mission, rescue the Lombax's one and only friend."

Unsurprisingly, Ratchet was very annoyed to have Qwark with him. Who can really blame him? Qwark: "Yep, without Clank, Ratchet was alone in the Universe. Alone…alone…alone!" Ratchet: "You realize this ship has an ejector seat, right?" Qwark: "Sorry, I guess you could say I've been a little "antsy in my pantsy" at the thought of getting back into the hero business. Yes, these wild stallions have been in the stable too long." Ratchet: "Right. Look, just keep your eyes peeled. Talwyn says this place is crawling with mercenaries." Qwark: "Rest easy, my friend. My vigilance is both eternal and peripheral." Aphelion: "Warning. Warning. Unidentified anomaly detected."

Just then, an unusual shockwave was fast approaching them. Ratchet: "Hang on! Shifting to evasive maneuvers!"

They were struck by the shockwave before Ratchet even had the chance to react. The ship stopped working and hurtled towards a nearby planet. Qwark: "Oh, no! We're going to die! We're going to die! Good thing I'm wearing clean underwear!" Ratchet: "Will you shut up? We're not going to die! Aphelion, engage grav-o-metric stabilizers." Aphelion: "Negative. Stabilizers offline. Thrusters offline. Landing flaps offline." Ratchet: "Alright, so we're gonna die."

They both screamed as they fell from the sky. The ship broke apart bit by bit as they tumbled. They came up to an abyss and were about to fall into it.

For a short time, Ratchet had his eyes closed. He then opened them and looked around. Both he and Qwark looked out at everything around them. There were a number of things that were frozen in time within a mysterious blue aura. Ratchet: "Whoa…" Qwark: "I know. So much for clean underwear."

Ratchet had an awkward look on his face. Suddenly, the ship's air bags inflated and slammed both of their faces. Shortly afterwards, they heard a familiar voice. Kim: "Ratchet? Ratchet!"

Ratchet moved his air bag to the side and looked out. Ratchet: "Kim? Is that you?"

He looked out across the abyss and spotted Kim standing on the distance. She was sporting a special battle suit known as the Centurion Armor. The armor itself took on a few changes since the last time it was seen, such as omitting the headpiece, allowing her hair to flow freely. Ratchet: "Kim!"

Qwark also peered out from behind his air bag and spotted her as well. He waved to her. Qwark: "Uh…hey there…young lady…" Kim: "Captain Qwark?" Ratchet: "Uh, Kim? Think you can give us a hand?" Kim: "No problem."

She shot out tethers from both of her armor's gloves. Both Ratchet and Qwark grabbed on to them, they were pulled out of the ship. Ratchet was able to land directly beside her while Qwark was flung out much further and crashed into something. Kim then looked out towards the wreckage. Kim: "Whoa, Aphelion sure took a beating." Ratchet: "Yeah, I know, we were very lucky to have survived that crash." Kim: "Uh…yeah…to put it lightly…" Ratchet: "So, how have you been? I haven't seen you in a long time; in person at least." Kim: "Uh…well…there have been…a few…changes going on…other than that, I'm doing well." Ratchet: "Uh-huh…so what are you doing all the way out here? I thought you were still back on Earth." Kim: "Well, Wade has been picking up on a number of strange temporal anomalies, so I came all the way out here to check them out." Ratchet: "I see…uh, where's Ron? Isn't he with you?"

Kim let out a dejected sigh. Kim: "No, he's been suffering from some unusual stomachaches for a few days now. He's back on the ISSF along with my parents, Wade and the tweebs." Ratchet: "Whoa! Hold on! The ISSF is here? In THIS galaxy? Along with your entire family? Plus Wade?" Kim: "Yeah, but they're a good distance away from here; it's too dangerous for them to be within this quadrant." Ratchet: "Yeah, that's true. So, I would guess that they're helping you with investigating these strange anomalies, right?" Kim: "Yes…that, but more so taking care of Ron. It's been…rough." Ratchet: "I see…so…you wouldn't mind if we stayed together, would you?" Kim: "Not at all. I was feeling kinda lonely out here plus I was hoping to run into you again." Ratchet: "Alright! Let's go. Come on, Qwark."

Kim and Ratchet walked off while Qwark rushed after them.

Soon enough, all 3 of them made their way through the harsh jungles, while at times, they would just stroll through a lot of the easier parts. Kim: "Um, I've been meaning to ask you, Ratchet, how's the search for Clank been going?" Ratchet: "Well, a while back, I found something that indicated Clank could be somewhere within this quadrant, so I came here in hopes of finding where he is exactly." Kim: "That's great. It sounds as though you're real close to finding him. I only hope that…you are able to." Ratchet: "So do I. Oh! By the way, I've been noticing that you're wearing a new suit." Kim: "Oh, this? This is the Centurion Armor. The scientists that built this offered me to give it a test run. They made a few modifications since the first time I wore it and it has helped me out quite a lot during this mission. So what do you think of it?"

She gave Ratchet a chance to take a look at the entire suit from front to back. He seemed mesmerized as she spun around at least once. Ratchet: "Well, you look amazing, uh! I mean! It looks good…on you, I mean, uh! It…looks…great…?"

He let out a nervous grin. Kim was left a little startled by his comments. Kim: "You…you really think I look good in this?" Ratchet: "Uh, yeah! Of course! Absolutely! If fact, you would look great in pretty much anything; you would look stylish even in a potato sack." Kim: "Aww, that's so sweet you. You always know the nicest things to say to me." Ratchet: "And I'm not even trying."

They both smiled at each other. At that moment, Qwark went up closer to them. Qwark: "Aww, you guys are having another one of your little moments together. Isn't that just adorable?"

Just then, something attacked him, he ran off screaming. Kim and Ratchet looked out towards him awkwardly. Kim: "Really? You had to bring him along? I know you miss Clank, but you can't be THAT desperate for a traveling companion." Ratchet: "What? No! Of course not! He begged me to bring him along. Besides, he could be a really good help for the mission…maybe."

Qwark was heard screaming again and then griping a little afterwards. Kim: "Uh…right." Ratchet: "Speaking of companions, how's Ron been doing since Rufus disappeared? I know losing the little guy's been tough for him." Kim: "Yeah, it has been difficult, he does feel lonely without him and he very often cries himself to sleep at night." Ratchet: "Do you have any ideas on where he could be?" Kim: "Well, he did vanish around the same time that Clank was taken by the Zoni, so I would think that he's with Clank, or at least…I hope…that he is." Ratchet: "So do I…"

They kept on trailing through the jungle, encountering many more of its dangers. Qwark was having a much tougher time handling them and would very often fumble or get involved in an embarrassing mishap, much to the dismay of Kim and Ratchet. At one point, they stopped in front of something very strange: it was another time anomaly, with debris, from a structure that was falling apart, frozen in time. Kim: "Whoa…" Ratchet: "I know, right? Something is seriously wrong with this planet." Qwark: "Uh…yeah…It's like time is all…not working." Kim: "Not exactly my choice of words, but I guess it's…something like that…" Ratchet: "What is going on here?"

Suddenly, Kim held her head in pain and fell to her knees. Ratchet took notice of this immediately. Ratchet: "Kim!"

He bent down and tended to her. Qwark also stood near her but really didn't do anything. Ratchet: "Kim! Are you OK?" Kim: "(groan) Sorry, Ratchet…I…I forgot to mention…I've been having a number of headaches and dizzy spells lately." Ratchet: "When did this start happening?" Kim: "Around the same time that Ron started having his stomachaches." Ratchet: "What? Both of your conditions started at around the same time? You shouldn't be out and about if you're like this, much less going on missions!" Kim: "N-no…! I-I'm fine, really…!"

She overcame her headache and stood right back up. Kim: "My headaches come and go but Ron's stomachaches are ongoing. I can't stop now. I need to help him. Besides, the Centurion Armor has been helping me out through my headaches."

Ratchet stood up a little afterwards. Ratchet: "But…but why? Why are you so adamant about staying on this mission despite your condition?" Kim: "I…Wade and I will tell you everything once I contact him. Let's keep going."

After a brief moment, they continued on their way again.

As they went along the trek, Kim tapped a small device attached to the upper chest area of the Centurion Armor. It took on the image of her insignia. Projected from the device was an image of Wade. Ratchet was startled upon seeing this. Kim: "Wade? You there?" Wade: "Yeah, Kim. What's up?" Kim: "I came across another one of those time anomalies. It seems that what you're mentioned to me earlier was true; they're happening all over the place." Wade: "Hm, so it seems." Ratchet: "Whoa! You have a Kimmunicator built into that suit!?" Kim: "How's Ron doing? Is he still feeling very sick?" Wade: "Yeah and I'm afraid it hasn't gotten any better but at least it hasn't gotten worse, this time."

Ron was heard moaning in pain from elsewhere. Wade: "How about you? Have you been getting those headaches and dizzy spells again?" Kim: "Yeah, in fact, it happened just now, right after we discovered that other time anomaly just recently." Wade: "Huh, I thought as much."

Ratchet cut in immediately. Ratchet: "Whoa, hold on a sec! What exactly has been going on here?" Wade: "Ratchet? When did you get there?" Ratchet: "I came on a lead that brought me all the way out here and if what I found is accurate, then there's a good chance that I'll be able to find Clank. But let's forget about that for a minute. What are you guys going on about? And what do these anomalies have to do with Kim and Ron's conditions?" Wade: "You haven't told him yet, have you?" Kim: "I didn't tell him everything. I'd figure we would tell him together." Wade: "Alright, good idea. OK, Ratchet, here's what's been happening: a few days ago, Kim was getting headaches and Ron was having stomachaches." Ratchet: "Yeah, that much I know." Wade: "But around that time, I picked up on some unusual temporal anomalies happening everywhere. After I did a few analyses on these incidences, I began to pick up on some unusual readings that indicate that they were very much connected." Ratchet: "So you're saying that Kim and Ron's conditions could be caused by these anomalies?" Wade: "Well, at least it seems very likely to be true, but as to why this is happening? That's what we've been trying to find out." Ratchet: "Is that why you want to stay and continue with this mission, Kim?" Kim: "Yes, if I'm able to find out what's been causing all of this and why this is happening, then…maybe I could find a way to put a stop to my headaches and Ron's stomachaches." Ratchet: "Yeah…you do make a valid point, actually." Wade: "I'll continue to monitor you guys and see if both of your conditions get any worse. Just don't push yourself too hard, Kim, OK?" Ratchet: "Don't worry about that, Wade, I'll see to it she doesn't." Wade: "Of course, I know you will. It's good to see you again, Ratchet and…I hope you find Clank."

Wade's image vanished. Ratchet: "Wow, so that's what's been going on. I had no idea." Kim: "I'm worried about Ron. He hasn't eaten anything in days because of this. Thankfully, my mom's been taking care of him. She is very well adaptive in the medical field, so she knows how to deal with stuff like this." Ratchet: "Well, that seems to be a common trait amongst your family. I only hope that…he will make it through this."

Kim sulked a bit. Kim: "So do I, even though…um…"

She paused for a moment, Ratchet seemed concerned for her. Ratchet: "What…?" Kim: "Uh…no…ne-nevermind. That's not important right now…Let…let's just keep going."

She walked off. Ratchet seemed even more concerned for her but he continued on and followed after her.

As they made their way into another area, they arrived near some more ruins. Suddenly, a strange female alien, whose species is known as a Fongoid, came rushing out in a panic. Female: "Oh, help! Please help me! My children! They're in danger!" Qwark: "What seems to be the problem, citizen?" Female: "Zyphoids! We were fishing up the river when they attacked!" Kim: "Zyphoids? What do they look like?" Ratchet: "It doesn't matter. We have to help. Qwark, you stay here! Kim and I will go save the children." Kim: "Let's go."

They rushed out as fast as they could. As they were arriving to the aid of the children, they noticed that what the Fongoid woman mentioned to them was all too accurate. There were 3 children; all of them were seeking refuge from some nasty looking fungi-like creatures. Kim and Ratchet worked together to fight off these creatures and returned the children to their mother. They were able to handle the situation very well. However, there was one that was caught in the middle of another time anomaly. As soon as Kim got near it, she fell to her knees from another dizzy spell. Ratchet: "Kim!"

She was holding her head as she felt groggy. Kim: "(groan) I…" Ratchet: "You stay here, I'll take care of this."

He rushed out towards the child's aid. From there, he utilized the bizarre repeating cycle of the ruins falling apart and reassembling themselves in order to reach the child. After a while, he rescued the child and they returned to the mother, with Ratchet helping out Kim along the way. Female: "Oh, thank you so much!" Kim: "It was no big, right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Uh, yeah, so not the drama, except for the last bit with that dizzy spell of yours." Female: "The Zyphoids will be back soon. Come, we have to get into the village!"

They ran off towards a large stone door. Kim: "So, what exactly are those vicious looking mushroom creatures?" Female: "They're not mushrooms; they're mutated viruses from the Korthos Sector. We haven't seen them on this planet in years. Something must have happened to the Zoni." Kim: "The…Zoni…?"

They stopped directly in front of the stone door. Female: "Alpheus! Open the door!"

The door opened; behind it was a male Fongoid. Alpheus: "Enessa? What are you doing here?" Enessa: "The Zyphoids are back. There must be something wrong with the timekeeper." Kim, Ratchet: "The timekeeper? (Without Ratchet) Jinx! You owe me a soda!" Ratchet: "Dang it!" Alpheus: "Not in front of the outsiders. Quickly, we must head into the village."

They ran through the doorway, it closed behind them. Kim: "Hm, if what you said about these Zyphoids is true, then we must be in serious trouble." Alpheus: "Unfortunately, these creatures are the least of our worries, young lady." Kim: "What? What do you mean?" Alpheus: "One of the elders spotted Lord Vorselon's warship over the falls." Enessa: "Lord Vorselon? What would he want with us?" Kim: "Uh, Lord Vorselon?" Alpheus: "Yes, it could mean that rebel is making trouble for us again. We have to move everyone into the village."

They continued rushing towards the village as fast as they could. They were eventually able to arrive. Alpheus: "By the way, I saw your starship crash on the other side of the ridge. I believe we may be of assistance." Kim: "And how will you be able to do that? It's in seriously bad shape." Ratchet: "Yeah, the ship's trashed; there's no way we can repair it." Alpheus: "Ah, but the Zoni can." Kim, Ratchet: "The Zoni? (Without Kim) What do they have to do with any of this?" Alpheus: "Come, follow me to the Temple of Zahn and I will tell you."

Alpheus rushed off towards the Temple of Zahn, Kim and Ratchet followed after him as did Qwark. They kept going until they were able to arrive inside the temple. Alpheus: "Your starship is not beyond repair, but fixing it will take powers beyond anything this Universe has ever seen, powers not to be taken lightly. Can you keep a secret?"

Kim and Ratchet exchanged looks with one another then looked back at Alpheus. Kim: "Well…we already made it this far so I guess we don't have a choice in the matter." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree." Alpheus: "Good. Now then, the Zoni are powerful creatures, capable of almost anything. But they are also hive-minds and must be kept together for their energy to work." Ratchet: "Um…OK? So…what exactly do we need to do?" Alpheus: "Inside this temple is a vessel which will allow you to rescue lost Zoni and harness their bio-energy. One of you will have to enter the passage beyond this door and retrieve the vessel within, but we will have to seal you in." Kim: "Huh? But why?" Alpheus: "Because you will not be able to reach the vessel unless the door is sealed."

Ratchet stepped forward. Ratchet: "I'll go." Kim: "What? But…Ratchet…" Ratchet: "I'm the only one who can get through it. You have to stay behind." Kim: "But…but…why…?" Ratchet: "If these time anomalies are causing your headaches, then you need to stay here where you'll be safe. I'll go. Link into my nav unit, we'll stay in radio contact." Qwark: "Copy that. Good luck in there."

As the door before them opened up, he made his way in. Kim: "Be careful…Ratchet."

As he entered, the door behind him was sealed shut. He rushed through as fast as he could, avoiding the many perils that lie within. Kim: "I really hope this vessel is worth having to risk your tail for, Ratchet." Ratchet: "Don't worry, Kim. It will be." Qwark: "Well, according to the chief, it's one of a kind; brought to this dimension by Orvus and entrusted to the Fongoids." Ratchet: "And he's sure it'll fix Aphelion?" Qwark: "He said it'll do more than that. Zoni bio-energy is the most powerful resource in the Omniverse." Kim: "Uh…yeah…this stuff…sounds…kind of…interesting…wait! What was that again? Omniverse?"

He kept on going until he was able to reach the final chamber of the temple. There, he spotted the vessel. Ratchet: "Guys, I've found it. I'm retrieving it now."

He went up towards the vessel and grabbed it. Soon enough, 2 Zoni wandered into the chamber. Ratchet: "Hey! There are 2 Zoni in here." Qwark: "Aw, those poor lost little creatures. See if you can grab one and stuff it into the vessel." Kim: "Uh, way to not phrase that in such a half-hearted manner, Qwark."

Ratchet proceeded to obtain both Zoni and inserted them into the vessel. Ratchet: "Got 'em!" Qwark: "Good work, Ratchet!"

For a moment, there was a brief pause as well as a faint thud. Qwark: "Uh…Ratchet? You…might want to get back here now. That girl of yours…she…uh…she just passed out." Ratchet: "What? Oh, no! Kim! Hang tight, I'll be right there!"

He rushed back out towards the temple lobby as quickly as he could possibly could. As soon as the door in front of him opened, he immediately spotted Kim, lying unconscious on the floor. Ratchet: "Kim!"

Greatly distraught, he darted towards her and kneeled down as he grabbed her and held her up a little. Ratchet: "How did this happen?" Qwark: "I don't know! One second, she was just fine and the next, she collapsed on the floor."

She moaned and rolled her head a little. Ratchet was surprised as he observed this. Ratchet: "Kim?"

Under her breath, she blurted out something unusual. Kim: "T-tempus sssimia…" Ratchet: "Kim! Kim, wake up!"

Almost instantly, she came to. She looked up at Ratchet. Kim: "Ratchet…? What happened…?" Ratchet: "You collapsed while I was still sealed in the temple. Are you absolutely sure that you're OK?"

She got herself back up, she seemed a bit dizzy as she held her head. Ratchet held on to her as he stood up. Kim: "Y-yes…I'm fine, really. Although…I can't remember what happened when I collapsed. You were right to not let me enter the temple. If I had gone in there, I would have been in serious trouble." Ratchet: "Yeah, you would have. Good thing I was looking after you, like always."

Kim smiled at him. Alpheus: "Well done. The vessel is yours." Kim: "Great, so does this mean that we can finally repair Ratchet's ship?" Alpheus: "Not yet. There is 1 more Zoni you need to collect in order to repair your starship. We've placed it in the old armory for safekeeping. Our guards discovered it wandering around the water front." Kim: "Lead the way, Alpheus." Ratchet: "Kim, wait. I need to make sure that you're in good condition to continue going." Kim: "Ratchet, I already told you, I'm fine. Besides, I have to keep going…for Ron."

She walked out of the temple with Qwark and Alpheus. Ratchet stood by for a bit, perplexed by what Kim mentioned when she was still unconscious. Ratchet: "Hm…tempus simia…I wonder what that means. And…why did she blurt it out?"

He eventually walked out after the others.

As they exited the temple, they spotted a massive ship in the sky above them. Kim: "What is that!?" Alpheus: "Quick! Everyone inside the temple! Vorselon is coming!"

The Fongoids were seen running about. Kim: "So…that's Vorselon's ship?" Ratchet: "Alright, Qwark, you ready to let those stallions out of the stable?" Kim: "Uh…what?"

He was priming himself for battle. Qwark: "I was born ready."

Just then, a frightening looking alien appeared beside Qwark. This caused Qwark to jump up and land directly into Alpheus's arms. Kim: "You must be Lord Vorselon." Vorselon: "That is correct, little girl. And as for you, I believe Dr. Nefarious was clear as to the repercussions of leaving your hovel. The clock is ours." Kim: "What clock? And…did he just say "Dr. Nefarious"?" Ratchet: "Yeah, Kim, he did." Qwark: "Dr. Nefarious has no authority here. In fact, I'm not entirely convinced he's a real doctor."

Kim slapped herself on the forehead. Qwark: "So return my sidekick's pal before I bring the thunder." Kim: "Sidekick!?" Ratchet: "Just…ignore it."

Vorselon then shot a bubble out at Qwark and encased him in it. Qwark: "Curses! You win again, technology."

He was pulled towards Vorselon's ship. Kim and Ratchet watched as Qwark was pulled away. Kim then looked at Ratchet in an annoyed and discontent manner. Ratchet: "OK, OK, I admit it; I was that desperate for a traveling companion. Please come with me!" Kim: "Alright, I'll go with you, but mainly because I enjoy spending time with you."

Ratchet smiled happily at her. Ratchet: "I enjoy spending time with you, too, Kim."

And with that, they rushed out together, fighting off Vorselon's forces along the way. As the fight continued, the villagers were being encased in bubbles and pulled towards the ship, much like Qwark was. Kim: "The villagers are being taken!" Alpheus: "Quickly! This way!"

Alpheus led them to a metal door. Alpheus: "We have a secret passageway that will take you back to your ship, but we must hurry."

They followed him through the door and made their way towards a warp pad. Alpheus: "Here, this is the last shred of technology. I was meant to dismantle it, but now I'm glad that I didn't." Kim: "Wait! "Last shred of technology"? You mean your entire civilization has no technology?" Alpheus: "Yes! That is true. Now, you must hurry back to your ship." Ratchet: "Alright, let's go, Kim." Kim: "OK."

They utilized the warp pad and warped back to where the Aphelion was still suspended in mid-air. Alpheus: "Quickly! You must use the Zoni to repair your ship."

Ratchet released the Zoni from the vessel; they made their way towards his ship. Zoni: "We must fix the ship."

They pulled the ship back on the ledge and utilized their bio-energy on it. Within a blink of an eye, they managed to not only repair it, but greatly altered its appearance. Both Kim and Ratchet were indeed very astonished by this. Kim: "Wow…that was…amazing!" Ratchet: "Shall we get going, Kim?" Kim: "Sure, let's go."

They got into the ship and got ready to take off. Ratchet: "Come on, let's go after that warship." Kim: "Oh, I'm so there."

They took off and left the planet.

As they flew into space, they made their way towards Vorselon's ship. Ratchet: "Qwark, come in. Do you read me?" Qwark: "Ratchet? Oh, it's good to hear from you again. Did you bring along your little lady friend?" Kim: "Yeah, I'm here, what's the sitch?" Qwark: "They have us in these containment cells. They're quite empty and…they're coming with food. Oh, thank goodness, they're bringing us…tap water!? You animals!"

Kim and Ratchet exchanged annoyed looks with each other; they both then rolled their eyes and shook their heads. Ratchet: "Listen, we need you to activate the nav-beacon on your belt. Can you do that?"

They heard a vivid chime. Ratchet: "Good, now hang tight. We're on our way. Ratchet and Kim out."

Communications with Qwark were switched off. Kim: "He hasn't changed a bit."

They flew inward towards Vorselon's ship. As they got close to it, they were attacked by the ship's defenses. They were able to fight off the defenses as well as any other threats as they made strides to advance towards it. They were able to fight off all threats. They found a spot on the warship to land their ship and got out. They made their way towards finding an entrance to the massive ship. They contacted Qwark along the way. Kim: "Qwark, we've arrived on the ship. Where are you?" Qwark: "I don't know. All I can see is that it's a cell with some sort of containment field. And…"

He snorted once and let out a disgusted grunt. Qwark: "It smells like my high school gym locker!" Kim: "That would bring back a lot bad memories for Ron." Ratchet: "Alright, maintain radio silence. We'll contact you once we're inside." Kim: "Hm, sounds as though Qwark isn't doing very well." Ratchet: "Eh, he's been through worse." Kim: "Oh, I can believe that."

They continued on through the exterior of the ship. As their trek went on, they were faced with the exterior's defenses. Thankfully, they were able to fight through them, especially Kim, thanks to the extra assistance of the special features to her Centurion Armor. Soon enough, they were able to make their way inside. Computer voice: "Breach detected in star bullet airlock. Dispatching engineer."

The second they entered, the ship's interior defenses attempted to stop them in their tracks. They advanced further, impeding one obstruction after another. Suddenly, they heard Vorselon over the loud speakers. Vorselon: "Attention, troopers. We've just learned that the rebel Azimuth has escaped our troops once again. I have spoken to Dr. Nefarious and he has agreed to raise the bounty to 50,000 bolts, dead or alive." Kim: "Azimuth? Do we know anyone by that name?" Ratchet: "No, but from what I can tell, this Azimuth person has caused Vorselon and Nefarious a lot of problems." Kim: "I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing." Ratchet: "It depends on our situation."

They made their way through more and more, coming across one seemingly impassible obstruction after another. They knew how to handle these situations as they have specialized in such. Along the way, they contacted Qwark again. Kim: "Qwark, status update." Qwark: "This Vorselon guy means business. He said he'll kill us if we don't give up Alister Azimuth." Kim: "And just who is this Azimuth person?" Qwark: "I don't know! Some…rebel!" Kim: "Well, that's helpful…" Ratchet: "Doesn't matter. Let's just find out what we can. If he's an enemy to Nefarious, then he's a friend to us." Kim: "Oh, I'll agree to that."

They kept on fighting through. There were plenty more enemies as well as other hindrances in their way, but neither could impede their advances. They continued to fight through all of them until they were able to arrive at an elevator. Computer voice: "Select floor please." Ratchet: "Um…detention wing?"

The elevator descended. Kim: "Well…that was easy." Ratchet: "I know, right? I can't believe that worked." Computer voice: "What was that?" Ratchet: "Nothing!"

As soon as they arrived at their requested floor, they immediately spotted Vorselon interrogating a few of the Fongoids. Vorselon: "Insolent creature! Give me the location of the rebel Azimuth!" Fongoid: "We don't know! That wasn't Azimuth; it was just a young Lombax!" Vorselon: "You are foolish to protect him! Guards, throw them in the brig. If they haven't broken by the time we change sectors, eject them out the airlock." Fongoid: "Someone! Help us!"

The Fongoids were placed in the containment cell. Kim: "They're…they're talking about you, Ratchet. But…for some reason, he seems to think that you're this Azimuth person that he's been trying to hunt down." Ratchet: "Hm, you seem to be right about that, but…why does he think that I'm Azimuth?" Kim: "Hm…could Azimuth also be a…no…that…that can't be…" Ratchet: "Let's just hurry along."

And so, they did just that.

After a short distance, they managed to find where the other Fongoids and Qwark were being held. Fongoid: "It's the green one's sidekick! We're saved!"

Kim was easily annoyed by the sidekick bit, she even grunted. Kim: "Enough with this sidekick nonsense." Kid: "I knew you guys would come for us." Qwark: "It's good to see you and the young lady again, Ratchet." Kim: "Um, good to see the Fongoids are OK. Now let's bust out of here." Qwark: "Yes, let's, but, um, how will we do that? Ooh! I know! What's-your-name, the child, hurl yourself into this laser wall as hard as you can." Kim: "Qwark!" Kid: "Hey, how about that versa-fuse? If you pull it out, it might lower the field." Ratchet: "Uh, perhaps we should go with that idea." Kim: "Huh, even the kid is smarter than Qwark." Qwark: "Hey! Watch your mouth, missy!" Ratchet: "Heh, good one, Kim."

Ratchet and Kim got to pulling out the versa-fuse which shut down the laser fields. Qwark: "Thanks for letting us out of there, guys. Now, follow me, everyone, to freedom!" Ratchet: "Stay quiet. We don't want to set off the alarm."

Just then, the ship's alarms went off. Computer voice: "Alert! Alert! There is a code red in the detention wing." Kim: "So much for not setting off the alarms."

They rushed out as fast as they could. They fought through the entire route as they escorted the Fongoids out. It was a very tough fight through many of Vorselon's robotic forces. They had made many strides to derail their advances towards an escape shuttle. Regardless of the difficulty, Kim and Ratchet were able to hold their own and fight off the robots. Qwark helped out with the fight, but only a little.

They were able to reach the loading bay containing at least 1 escape shuttle as well as a few more of the Fongoids within another containment cell. They managed to free them from the cell. After that, all of the Fongoids got into the shuttle. Ratchet: "Qwark, I'll open the door, you get the Fongoids to safety."

Qwark got into the shuttle with the Fongoids. Kim: "I'll cover you while you get the doors open, Ratchet."

She was able to do just that with the use of her Centurion Armor, Ratchet went on to opening the doors in order to have Qwark and the Fongoids escape. As soon as he got the doors open, the shuttle was just about to launch. Computer voice: "Loading bay doors open. Launching escape shuttle in 3, 2, 1."

The escape shuttle launched out. Ratchet: "We did it, Kim!" Kim: "Yes! Alright!" Vorselon: "No! Computer, perform a bioscan of the entire ship. I want to know who helped those creatures escaped!" Computer voice: "Bioscan indicates 2 life forms on board: 1-Lombax and another-unknown." Vorselon: "Azimuth! So, you have returned and you have brought a new companion with you. Computer, ready my nexo-suit, I'll handle this personally." Kim: "Hm, just as I thought: Azimuth IS a Lombax, but…how can this be? I thought there weren't any other Lombaxes in Polaris." Ratchet: "We'll worry about that later, right now, we need to focus on getting out of here." Kim: "Check." Ratchet: "Aphelion! They've blocked our escape route. Meet us at the lower deck landing bay." Aphelion: "Affirmative! ETA: 30 seconds."

They kept on going, fighting through more of Vorselon's forces along the way. This time, they really upped the ante as the robots forces were seriously pummeling them. Still, they were able to fight and persist on. They kept going and arrived into a large chamber where they ran into Lord Vorselon. Vorselon: "Pitiful creature. You've meddled in Dr. Nefarious' plans for the last time. Prepare to be killed by…wait for it…Lord Vorselon! (laugh)" Kim: "Are all bad guys this cheesy or just the ones we know?" Ratchet: "Most of the villains we've come across can't remember Ron's name, but this one has mistaken me for someone else." Vorselon: "Do not try to confuse Lord Vorselon! Lord Vorselon shall deliver to both of you a painful, violent end!" Kim: "Lord Vorselon is already getting on my nerves." Ratchet: "You and me both, Kim."

They fought relentlessly against Vorselon, as he did against them. Throughout the entire fight, Vorselon would rant all sorts of vicious and nasty things to them, some rants more irritating than others and the same goes for them being irrational. Regardless, they were able to endure his ranting as well as his onslaughts. The fight itself was indeed vicious and it seemed as though it was ongoing, but they were able to manage against him. They kept fighting until they were able to destroy his cybernetic body, reducing him to just a head, the only remaining part of his body, which was contained in a tank. Vorselon: "This isn't over, Lombax! I'll get you and your pretty little…um…uh…oh, forget it!"

He made his lackluster escape with the use of the jets built into the tank containing his head. Kim: "Finally, we can get out of here!" Ratchet: "Come on, let's get to the lower deck landing bay and get back to Aphelion."

They rushed out of the ship as fast as they could until they were able to find their ship. They got back into it and left Vorselon's ship.

As they flew away from Vorselon's warship, the large vessel had departed from the sector. Ratchet: "Aphelion. Can you contact Wade?" Aphelion: "Affirmative. Patching through to Wade."

Soon enough, Wade appeared on the screen on the dashboard. Wade: "Hey, guys, what's up?" Ratchet: "Kim and I just came face to face with some nutcase who kept mistaking me for someone named Alister Azimuth." Wade: "Huh. That's strange, how can anyone easily mistaken you for someone else? You're like one of a kind." Kim: "Well, here's the thing: we were able to find out that Alister Azimuth…is a Lombax." Wade: "What? Another Lombax? But I thought that Ratchet was the only one left!" Kim: "So did we, but it turns out there's another one and he lives somewhere within this quadrant." Ratchet: "Do you think you can locate where this Azimuth could be?" Wade: "I'll get right on it, you guys."

They waited a few moments as Wade did his analyzing. It didn't take him long to do so. Wade: "Done. I just did a wide spread scan of the entire quadrant and I was able to pick up on a reading of a Lombax other than Ratchet. I would think that's Azimuth." Kim: "Can you tell us where you were able to locate that reading?" Wade: "It seems to be coming from a distant planet called Torren IV within the Vela Sector. Sending coordinates to you now." Ratchet: "Let's go."

And so they made their way for the Vela Sector posthaste.

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