The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 10

Chapter 10-The Orvus Chamber

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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Meanwhile, back in the Great Clock, Clank and Sigmund were taking care of a few more things that needed to be done. Clank: "So, what is next on our temporal to-do list?" Sigmund: "Well, let's see…most of the planets are repaired, I ordered us a new quantum entanglement modulator and time cleaners are eating away the residual facility rift…Only 1 thing left to do: test mnemonic station Iota." Clank: "Mnemonic station Iota?" Sigmund: "Yep, as in "Iota test the mnemonic station"."

Rufus groaned at the lackluster joke. Sigmund: "Sorry, guys, Orvus' sense of humor rubs off on you after the first thousand years." Clank: "I see…"

Clank exchanged perplexed looks with Rufus. Sigmund: "Anyway, I have a few things to take care of in Sector 9. I'll meet you at the station." Computer voice: "Junior Caretaker to Sector 9." Sigmund: "I'm coming! I'm coming! Evil computer!"

Sigmund went off; Clank continued on his way towards the a fore mentioned station. As he persisted further, he made his way through several unique platforms as well as another temporal recording chamber. Soon enough, he and Rufus were able to reunite with Sigmund directly outside the mnemonic station. There, Sigmund was having another tiff with the facility's computer. Sigmund: "Error 47? That's ridiculous! Stupid machine! It falsifies at least once a week!" Computer voice: "Perhaps it's because you do not know how to fix it." Sigmund: "I'll fix YOU! Evil computer!"

He entered the chamber, Clank followed after him. Sigmund: "Oh! Hey, sir. You mind giving this station a whack with your ChronoScepter?" Clank: "Certainly not. I will get right on it."

He ran up to the station, which was very much broken. He whacked it with his scepter, fixing it almost instantaneously. Sigmund: "Perfect! Now we just need to test it, if you don't mind, sir." Clank: "Not at all."

Rufus climbed off of Clank and back on to Sigmund. Clank then entered the station and returned into his subconscious.

Within his subconscious, he noticed a guy that he had met before. Someone that he had known as the plumber, was clearing out a familiar looking green pipe of several objects. They were of those that Clank and his friends were already acquainted with. As they were conversing with each other about what Clank should do with his life, the plumber offered him with a few words of wisdom which involved choices that he should be making for himself. However, 1 very unusual piece of information he gave out to Clank was to "not risk any more than 6 minutes" before he shoved Clank into the pipe.

Clank woke up and exited the station. Rufus returned to his shoulder. Sigmund: "Well? Does it work? I thought I saw some strange neural activity there for a second." Clank: "The station is operational." Sigmund: "Great. Then on to the Orvus Chamber. Last one there's a rusted Zoni!"

Sigmund went off, Clank ran after him. Along the way, Clank conversed with Rufus. Clank: "Rufus, can you keep a secret?" Rufus: "Hm…OK!" Clank: "I have been thinking about my purpose in taking my father's place as the new caretaker of this entire facility, but I have also been thinking about my friends. You know, Ratchet, Miss Possible and Ron."

Rufus whimpered after hearing Ron's name. Clank: "I know you miss Ron, but listen, I can understand that I was created for this particular task but…I yearn to be with my friends again. What do you think should be the correct course of action for me, stay here and protect the clock or return to be with my friends?" Rufus: "Hm…"

He then let out a sigh and whimpered again. Clank: "Yes…I know how you feel, Rufus. Ron is very much important to you as Ratchet is to me. Hm…perhaps…I should choose…the one that…which is truly most important to me."

There were soon able to arrive in front of an odd-looking door. There, Sigmund was waiting for them. Sigmund: "The chamber's right this way, sir." Rufus: "Yay! Here we go!" Sigmund: "Well, this is it. Behind this door is the master switch for the entire facility. Are you ready?" Clank: "I am ready." Rufus: "Let's do this!" Sigmund: "Alright, then. Ahem. XJ-0461, on behalf of Orvus and in accordance with his wishes, I present to you the Orvus Chamber."

The door opened before them, they made their way inside. As they entered the chamber, they marveled at everything that they saw. Rufus: "Whooooaaaaaaa…!" Sigmund: "Here it is. You father went to great lengths to protect this room from those who would abuse it."

Sigmund then went towards one of the control panels and pressed a few keys on it. Computer voice: "Control terminal activated."

From the very center of the chamber, a shell emerged. It then opened up, revealing a lever. Sigmund: "He loved you very much, you know. He was all "XJ-0461" this and "XJ-0461" that." Rufus: "Aw...Orvus." Sigmund: "I'm supposed to play this for you. It's sort of an orientation message."

Sigmund clicked on a few more keys. From that, a holographic image of Orvus was projected from the lever. Orvus: "Hello, XJ-0461. Or should I say "Clank"?" Rufus: "Yay! Clank!" Orvus: "Here, in this very chamber, I watched over time. And now that you understand the power of this clock, I must ask that you protect it at all costs; for even the slightest misuse of its power can rip the very fabric of the existence." Rufus: "Oh, no…" Orvus: "The clock, much like time itself, is a gift and not to be tampered with. But like any father, my only wish is that my…"

Suddenly, the hologram mysteriously deactivated. Rufus: "Huh?" Lawrence: "I'm sorry. Were you in the middle of something?"

They spotted Lawrence near one of the control panels, holding a plug in his hand. Rufus gasped. Sigmund: "Intruder! Protect the chamber!"

Clank held Rufus in front of an opened latch on the front of his torso. Clank: "Rufus! Get inside! Quickly!"

Rufus scampered into Clank. Lawrence tossed another orb of gratuitous immobilization. You should know what happened next.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nefarious was doing…um…something else important, if you could call it that. Lawrence then called him up and reported to him that Clank had unwittingly led them directly to the Orvus Chamber, just as Dr. Nefarious had planned. Dr. Nefarious, overjoyed, gave out the order to initiate "Unnecessarily Evil Initiative Omega-91". After the order was made, Qwark arrived at the doctor's private quarters. He was wearing an excruciatingly obscene nurse disguise. It was ghastly in of itself. Dr. Nefarious seemed very astonished and not in a good way for obvious reasons.

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