The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 9

Chapter 9-The Time for Heroic Feats

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They were able to land their ship near the Tombli Outpost and got themselves out. Kim: "Alright, let's find that time portal."

They rushed through the surrounding area, fighting off many hazards along the way. The entire surrounding area was a snowy and dismal place consisting of several towers. The place was indeed horrid looking and it kept looking worse as they advanced further. Soon enough, they arrived at the center of the outpost. There, they had a chance to look around at the horridness and atrocity of the entire place. Kim: "Yeah, this looks as though it's completely under Nefarious' control." Ratchet: "Well, that explains the barrier surrounding the planet."

The surrounding area was an abominable boot camp. There were structures that encased the inhabitants of the planet, which surprisingly were Fongoids, the alien race that they came across on Quantos. Kim: "Are those Fongoids? I thought they were only on Quantos!" Ratchet: "Yeah, I thought so, too. But look! They're being imprisoned here." Kim: "I know. That Dr. Nefarious! I get that he's evil and all, but it's still shocking to see the horrible things that he does." Ratchet: "I hear ya, Kim. Come on, let's go see if we can free them."

They ran up closer towards one of the energy fields. There, a Fongoid that stood nearby spotted them immediately. Fongoid: "Praise Orvus, a Lombax! Have you come to rescue us?" Kim: "That's what we're hoping we'll do." Ratchet: "What happened here?" Fongoid: "Dr. Nefarious tricked us into helping him build his outpost. Before we knew it, his troops were herding us into detainment camps." Kim: "What should we do to help you guys out?" Fongoid: "You must shut down that outpost's security functions. They are controlled by that guard tower up there." Kim: "Then that's where we need to go." Ratchet: "Come on."

They continued through the area, fighting off several of Nefarious' robot forces. As they fought through the robots and the area, they looked around at the devastation and sheer atrocity brought on to the area by Nefarious' terrible outpost. Kim: "Just look at this place. What has he done to this area?" Ratchet: "I know, Kim, I wouldn't think that the Fongoids chose to live in such a frozen wasteland. Something tells me it wasn't always like this." Kim: "I feel the same way. The cold isn't the only thing about this place that's been giving me chills."

They continued to hurry through the area, jumping and maneuvering themselves through, until they were able to reach the Tombli Security Station, however the security system of the…security station sealed the door shut, barring their way in. With this impasse that needed to be dealt with, Kim tapped on the device on her chest. Kim: "Wade, we need to get into this tower. Do you think you can override the security lock on the door?" Wade: "I'll give it a shot."

They waited for a brief moment. Eventually, the lock disengaged and the door was open. Computer voice: "Access granted." Wade: "There, that should do it." Ratchet: "Thanks, Wade. Let's go."

They ran into the tower. From there, they were faced with several more of Nefarious' robots. It did not take them long to fight through them or even plow through the interior for that matter as the interior, itself consisted of one very short hallway and a reachable chamber. Kim: "Wow, I didn't expect it to be this easy." Ratchet: "Let's deactivate the security functions of this place before something else goes wrong."

Ratchet did not hesitate for a second to switch off the security system. From that, the energy fields of the atrocious boot camp were deactivated. Computer voice: "Primary containment generator disabled."

The Fongoids were overjoyed to be free. While they rejoiced, Kim took notice of something almost immediately. Kim: "Ratchet! Look!"

Ratchet looked over along with Kim. Kim: "That must be the time portal that Clank told us about." Ratchet: "Yeah, that must be it. Come on, let's head over there now."

They rushed back over towards the time portal as fast as they could. Just as they had approached it, they heard what sounded like the Kimmunicator's chime. They then looked towards the device attached to Kim's chest as it flashed. Ratchet looked at Kim, astonished by this. Kim then tapped on the device. Kim: "What is it, Wade?" Wade: "Hey, guys, I just want to let you know that I'm picking up on a lot of interference coming from that portal. There's a good chance that we won't be able to contact each other once you have traveled to the past." Kim: "Thanks for letting us know, Wade. We'll try to keep that in mind." Ratchet: "Let's go."

They then went through the portal together.

They arrived 2 years in the past. Just then, Kim received another dizzy spell. She held her head as she dropped to her knees. Ratchet: "Kim!"

Ratchet got down with her and tended to her. Ratchet: "Kim, are you OK?" Kim: "I…I…think so…"

She stood right back up, she still felt a bit dizzy as she held her head and tried to maintain her balance. Ratchet grabbed on to her to keep her from falling. She then stabilized herself. Kim: "Guess that time portal must have triggered another dizzy spell…" Ratchet: "Yeah, that goes without saying." Kim: "It was strange, though. It felt…so…familiar when I passed through. For a moment there…I…caught a glimpse of my younger self; almost as though I was looking directly at her."

Ratchet let go of her, she was able to stand on her own. Kim: "You guys were right. I have traveled through time before."

Kim seemed despondent, Ratchet worried about her, but he knew what needed to be done at that moment. He then went and touched her shoulder. Ratchet: "Come on, we have to keep moving."

Kim looked at him, still despondent, they then went on their way.

As they walked further into the new surroundings, they had a chance to take in everything around them. Kim: "Wow, just look at this place; it's so lush, vibrant and colorful." Ratchet: "I know, a huge difference compared to what it will look like."

However, not all seem wondrous. The surrounding area also consisted of a loud speaker saying all sorts of good things about Dr. Nefarious, most of which were clearly not true, as well as many of the Fongoids repeating everything that the loud speaker had mentioned. The way in which they were saying them sounded almost artificial. The sight of all of it was very disturbing. Kim: "Uh…this really creeps me out…" Ratchet: "I hear ya, Kim. Let's find Orvus and get out of here."

They went off, spending a good amount of time looking around. They searched the entire area for Orvus or where he could possibly be. After a while, they were able to find out that he was in the main building of the outpost, talking to Dr. Nefarious. This news greatly alarmed Kim and Ratchet for more reasons than one, prompting them to find a way inside. The way to get inside, however consisted of utilizing what was in the past as well as what was in the present. This indeed consisted of doing things in the past as well as going back to the present and taking care of things there.

After they were able to handle all of that, they managed to enter the tower and rushed in as fast as they could. Continuing through, they were faced with a good number of Nefarious' robot troops. They fought through all of them within the few chambers of the building. Within a short amount of time, they approached an elevator and went into it.

As soon as they arrived at the top chamber of the tower, they could already hear Nefarious shouting. Dr. Nefarious: "You twit! You said this would work!"

As they peered into the massive chamber, they spotted Dr. Nefarious. Standing near him was Pollyx. Pollyx: "I-I don't know what's happening. We should have found it by now." Kim: "What? Pollyx was here, too!?" Ratchet: "Figures."

Nefarious had Orvus contained within a tall glass tube. Kim: "Oh, no! Orvus!" Pollyx: "He must have erased his own memory." Orvus: "Time is a gift and not to be tampered with."

Kim and Ratchet dropped down a good distance behind Nefarious. Ratchet held out a bomb in his right hand. Dr. Nefarious: "This is your last chance, Orvus. How do I get into the chamber?" Orvus: "You are making a mistake. The clock is not a time machine. It never was and must never be used as such. Only a fool would think otherwise." Kim: "So the clock really isn't a time machine." Ratchet: "Given what I've talked about with Wade, I suspected as much." Kim: "But Azimuth and Nefarious are treating it like one." Ratchet: "I know…we may have a major problem on our hands."

Dr. Nefarious, furious by Orvus refusing to give him what his wants, signaled his infernal noise making machine, the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, to utilize a sonic blast on Orvus. He put up a barrier to block its attack, although he was struggling a lot against it. Orvus: "There is only one who will enter my chamber. And he is safe; far from you."

From within the blast, Orvus vanished. Kim and Ratchet both gasped. Dr. Nefarious: "Where is he!? Where did he go!?" Pollyx: "I don't know, sir. I'll pull up a residual image from his memory banks."

A screen appeared in front of them, on it was an image of Clank. Pollyx: "We scanned it before he…dissipated." Ratchet: "Clank!?"

Nefarious turned his head immediately after having heard Ratchet speaking out loud. Dr. Nefarious: "You!" Kim: "Cover blown! Let's bail!" Ratchet: "Nough said!"

Ratchet tossed the bomb towards Nefarious, hitting him in the face. The blast damaged his face. Dr. Nefarious: "Annihilate them, you fools!"

Kim and Ratchet crashed through a nearby window and escaped.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nefarious was having some intimate time with Cassiopeia. Within that moment, the image of Ratchet's bomb damaging his face appeared in his mind. From there, the actual damage that was done appeared on his face. Immensely infuriated by this change, he screeched Ratchet's name so incredibly loud it was almost as though it could be heard from directly outside his space station.

Much time later, Kim and Ratchet returned to the present. Ratchet didn't need a lot of time to reflect upon what they had experienced during their little trip to the past, especially with what they have heard from Orvus. Ratchet: "So…there is no way to bring back my parents…"

Ratchet did indeed seem disheartened, Kim was concerned for him. Kim: "Ratchet, are you…are you going to be OK?" Ratchet: "I told you before! I was willing to accept either outcome…!"

His immediate response startled her. His mood shifted back as he calmed down. Ratchet: "At least…I don't have to worry about you fading out of my life."

Kim seemed to be quite touched with hearing him say that. Kim: "Should we return to the ship?" Ratchet: "Did you even need to ask?"

They made their way back to the ship posthaste.

As soon as they got back in, Vorselon appeared on the screen. Vorselon: "Greetings, young Lombax. I believe I may have something that belongs to you and the little girl."

He showed both of them that he had Azimuth in a cage. Ratchet: "General!" Kim: "Azimuth!" Vorselon: "It is a dark day when one is tasked with destroying half of the galaxy's Lombax population." Kim: "You're despicable, Vorselon!" Vorselon: "Oh, I assure you I act only out of contractual obligation." Azimuth: "Ratchet! Don't listen to him! You and that girl need to find the clock!"

Vorselon zapped him, which understandably devastated both Ratchet and Kim as they watched this. Vorselon: "Only 1 Lombax need perish tonight. If you would be willing to take his place, I'd happily postpone the execution. I've upload the coordinates to your ship. Tick-tock. Better hurry!"

He abruptly and violently ended the transmission. Ratchet was enraged. Kim: "Ratchet! We have to do something!" Ratchet: "I agree with you on that! Hang on!"

He took off and flew off of the planet.

As they flew into space, they spotted Vorselon's ship in the distance. Kim: "Look! There's Vorselon's ship!" Ratchet: "Let's go!"

They flew towards the ship as fast as they possibly could. Just then, they received an unexpected transmission from someone they knew. Lilo: "Ratchet, are you there? Come in, Ratchet." Ratchet: "Lilo? Is that you?" Lilo: "Yep, I just want to let you know that Qwark guy left a while ago. He was talking to those Agorians about that evil dummy head, Dr. Nefarious." Ratchet: "Hm, "evil dummy head". I like that, it suits him perfectly." Kim: "Hah, agreed." Lilo: "They were telling him about a secret entrance to the dummy head's base. Thought you would be interested in hearing that." Ratchet: "Thanks, Lilo. Something tells me we'll be involved with that sooner or later." Kim: "Oh, no doubt about it." Ratchet: "But first thing's first, let's head over towards Vorselon's ship and bail the general out." Kim: "Oh, for sure."

They continued to rush off towards Vorselon's ship.

They managed to board his ship. As soon as they entered, they were bombarded constantly by his troops. The ongoing bombardment made advancing through very difficult. Regardless, they were both able to hold their own and I can't stress enough just how helpful Kim's Centurion Armor was. Although she was indeed quite tenacious and capable from her skills alone; this is something I know Ratchet would always consider very much to be true.

The 2 of them fought through and kept on going without hesitation regardless of the difficulties that they had to face. They eventually ran into Lord Vorselon. Vorselon: "You lasted much longer than I expected. Azimuth has taught you well." Kim: "Give us back Azimuth now!" Vorselon: "Let's not be so hasty, little girl." Ratchet: "Where is he, Vorselon?" Vorselon: "Hm…let's see, now where did I put him? The air lock, the torture chamber, the day spa." Kim: "Stop messing around and just tell us already!" Vorselon: "Now, now, you really should not be like that, tell you what: defeat me and maybe I'll reveal to you where he is. What say you to that?" Kim: "Oh, it is so on!"

They began another fight against Vorselon. He was much tougher than last time they faced him as his strength, weaponry and prowess have greatly increased. His attacks were indeed quite vicious and very much ruthless. He showed them no mercy what-so-ever. He fought them with every attack in his arsenal, but the tenacious duo had proven to be a match against the vicious cyborg. Soon enough, they were able to destroy another cybernetic body of his, leaving only his head as it jetted out. Vorselon: "Lord Vorselon can not be defeated!" Ratchet: "Come back here! Where's Azimuth!?" Kim: "Hm! Guess we'll have to find him, ourselves."

They rushed off and continued through the ship. They darted through the ship's dangerous hallway as well as many of its security features. They eventually arrived within a chamber. There, they were able to find Azimuth locked in a cage. Kim: "Azimuth!" Azimuth: "Ratchet! What are you and that girl doing here?" Ratchet: "Relax, rescue missions are kind of something we do a lot." Kim: "Now, how do we shut down that containment field and get you out of there?" Azimuth: "If you must know…these cables must lead to some sort of power supply. Follow them to the containment generators." Kim: "Got it! We'll see you soon."

Kim and Ratchet were about to rush off. Azimuth: "Wait! Forget about me! Just get out of here!"

They stopped and faced Azimuth again. Ratchet: "Uh, so not gonna happen, General. We're getting you out of there, whether you like it or not!"

They then proceeded to seek out the generators. Azimuth grunted as he watched them rush off. Azimuth: "You really have been spending too much time with that girl."

And with that, Kim and Ratchet scurried through the nearby chambers in search of all of the containment generators. There were 3 in total and deactivating them required some serious teamwork. It was indeed no small task as these 2 did not have an easy time finding them as well as being able to reach them. However, this really wasn't anything that they could not handle.

After a good chunk of time seeking out and dismantling the generators, they were able to return to where Azimuth was being contained. They had removed the containment field and were able to release him. As he exited the cage, Azimuth seemed much less than gratified by their heroic feat. Kim: "Azimuth, thank goodness you're OK, we were worried about you." Azimuth: "You fools! I told you to leave without me! You shouldn't have come back!"

He then darted towards Kim and stood directly in front of her as he stared her down. Azimuth: "You put him up to this, didn't you, you insolent human!?" Kim: "Hey! We both came to the same decision! I don't need to influence him to do anything!" Ratchet: "She's telling the truth. We made the decision together. And besides, we have done a lot before we got here! We traveled back in time, found out what happened to Orvus…" Azimuth: "What? You traveled back in time? When? How far?" Kim: "Not far enough, not that it really mattered…" Azimuth: "What do you mean it didn't matter!? Can't you see that we're the only ones who can fix the past!?" Kim: "Yeah, about that, there's something about the clock that you need to know."

Just then, the ship's alarm went off. Azimuth: "We'll worry about that later! Come on, we have to get out of here!"

He ran off. Kim: "But, Azimuth…!" Ratchet: "We'll tell him as soon as we're safe and sound. Let's go, Kim."

Ratchet rushed off after Azimuth. Kim hesitated for a bit before she left with them.

Making their way back towards their ships, they fought through more of Vorselon's robotic forces. The onslaught was more massive and difficult to face than the fight to get in. Shortly through the battle, they made their way towards an elevator and had a chance to catch their breaths. Azimuth: "They're not going to let us off this ship without a fight." Ratchet: "Don't worry, I can handle myself just fine." Kim: "Same here." Azimuth: "I sure hope you can handle this, young lady; wouldn't want you to hold us back." Kim: "What? Oh, so not! I thought I made it clear several times before that I CAN handle anything! This is no exception, I assure you, Azimuth!" Azimuth: "Heh, we'll see about that."

Kim placed her hands on her hips as she glanced at Azimuth, annoyed. Kim: "Hmph!"

Exiting the elevator, they faced off against more of the robots. Despite Azimuth's lack of faith towards Kim, she was, in fact, able to manage against the ongoing barrages just as well as Ratchet and Azimuth. Although, Azimuth displayed very little change in his mood towards her, much to her dismay.

It was a long fight through, but they were able to reach the hanger bay. However, the fight was far from over as the hanger bay doors were shut, closing them off from their ships. Kim: "They've locked the hanger bay doors!" Azimuth: "Well, what did you expect? You 2 cover me while I hack the terminal."

Kim and Ratchet went right on to fighting off the onslaughts. They were grueling but the duo was able to endure. Again, I can't stress enough how exceedingly helpful Kim's Centurion Armor was towards this vicious fight. Azimuth was half way done when he noticed something that excited him. Azimuth: "I don't believe it!" Ratchet: "What is it, General?" Azimuth: "Vorselon's entire flight log is on here! I'll download the data into my nav-unit." Kim: "Hm, sounds like something that could contain a lot of useful intel." Azimuth: "Of course it does! Now keep quiet while I work!"

They kept going through, both sides persisting without hesitating even once. Eventually, Azimuth was able to get the hanger bay doors open. All 3 of them rushed out towards their ships at great speed. Azimuth got into his ship and flew off. Azimuth: "I'll radio you both as soon as we're clear. Oh, and thanks for saving an old Lombax."

Kim and Ratchet got back into their ship and flew off.

As they flew away from Vorselon's ship, it departed from the sector. Azimuth contacted them shortly afterwards. Azimuth: "Ratchet, are you alright? Did you and that girl manage to clear Vorselon's ship?" Ratchet: "Yeah, we're clear, General. What's the sitch on Vorselon's flight data?" Azimuth: "They're encoded with a double hexagonal holo-key, but one of the files was unprotected. It looks like coordinates to the Bernilius Sector. I'll upload them to your nav-unit." Ratchet: "We'll meet you there, General. Let's go, Kim." Kim: "OK."

And so, they set a course for the next sector and left for it immediately.

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