The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 14

Chapter 14-The Final Confrontation Against Nefarious

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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Much time later, Ratchet and Clank returned to the space station via an Agorian star cruiser. They landed near the Aphelion and got out. Aphelion noticed them almost immediately. Aphelion: "Oh! Where did you both come from?" Ratchet: "Uh…yeah, long story short, Nefarious tossed us out on an asteroid, so after a number of unusual events…we managed to grab an Agorian star ship in order to get back here." Aphelion: "Oh! Uh…wow…you both have most certainly been through a lot." Clank: "That would be putting it lightly." Aphelion: "By the way, I'm picking up on massive energy readings emanating from the Centurion Project. The readings indicate that the user is in a highly agitated state, causing the mechanical armor to reach almost unsustainable levels." Ratchet: "Oh, no! Kim! We have to find her!" Clank: "I agree. We must locate Miss Possible before she sustains any serious harm to herself." Ratchet: "Aphelion, upload those readings to our nav-unit. Let's get going, Clank!"

They rushed off immediately. They scampered through the entire place frantically and ceaselessly, searching for Kim. They were soon able to find her. They noticed that her suit was glowing from the massive amounts of energy emanating off of her. Her headpiece had also been seen covering her head. Numerous weapons have emerged from the suit. She was ravaging through the place in an uncontrollable state of blind anger and emotional distress. Ratchet was very devastated to see her like this. Ratchet: "Oh, no…KIM!"

He kept calling to her until she looked directly towards him. She spotted him immediately. Kim: "Ratchet!"

Her suit powered down as she rushed towards him. Her headpiece retracted, allowing her hair to flow out freely. She rapidly approached him and the 2 embraced. Kim: "Oh, Ratchet! I thought you were…I'm so glad to see you again!" Ratchet: "Same here. I was worried about you."

Rufus emerged from a small compartment Kim's armor, he leapt towards Clank, overjoyed. Clank: "It is good to see you again, Rufus."

Kim and Ratchet pulled away from each other. She clasped her hand together as she hung her arms down in front of her. Kim: "Um…Ratchet? There…there's something that I have to tell you…" Ratchet: "Our feelings can wait, Kim. Right now, we have to stop Nefarious before he reaches the clock." Clank: "Yes, we must hurry, there is not much time." Rufus: "Yeah, let's go!"

Ratchet and Clank rushed off, Kim stood by for a bit, almost as though she was elated. Kim: "Ratchet…"

She then ran after them. They ran through the area together. They did not hesitate for a second as time was very much short. They decimated every robot in their way, showing no mercy against even one. They were fighting through quite viciously as they needed to get to and stop Nefarious before he reaches and misuses the clock. They progressed on without hesitating until they were able to reach Nefarious. They then rushed out to stop him on his tracks. Ratchet: "That's far enough, Nefarious! Step away from the transporter!"

Nefarious turned around and noticed them immediately. Dr. Nefarious: "You! How is this possible? You should be dead!" Ratchet: "Let's just say Kim Possible isn't the only one who can do anything!" Clank: "On behalf of galactic authorities, we hereby charge you with willful disruption of the space-time continuum."

Dr. Nefarious walked up to them. Kim: "This has gone off far too long. Shut down the transporter and surrender now or we will make you submit the hard way." Dr. Nefarious: "Ha! You and your friends can't make me do anything, girl! And you, Clank, look at you. Free for the first time in years, inches away from your destiny and what do you do? You run right back to playing backpack to a squishy. You're nothing but a pathetic sidekick."

Rufus growled at Nefarious. Lawrence: "We should hang out sometime." Ratchet: "That's it! No one talks to Clank like that. You've pushed us too far, Nefarious! You can say whatever horrible things you want about me, but don't ever call my best pal a pathetic sidekick!" Kim: "Whoa! Go, Ratchet!" Rufus: "Yay! Ratchet!" Ratchet: "When this is over, I'll back whatever decision you make, Clank." Kim: "Same here." Rufus: "Yay! Clank!" Ratchet: "But first, how about 1 last hoorah so we can kick this guy's butt?" Kim: "I know I'm all for that." Rufus: "Yeah!" Clank: "OK, let us go for it." Dr. Nefarious: "When I'm finished killing you, I think I'll rewind time so I can do it again. And again. And again!" Kim: "We will never let that happen!"

The epic battle began after Nefarious ordered Lawrence to send their flying saucer out of harm's way. The first part of the fight took place on one part of the circular platform that surrounded the entire space station. The uh…nefarious mastermind was really giving our young heroes his all, but so were they. Kim's Centurion Armor has once again proven to be able to go a great distance in the epic battle.

Another phase involved the entire circular platform when the villains had their Hypernova Defence Laser, which was just recently fixed, directed towards them. Ratchet and Kim utilized their hover boots to evade the laser as it gave chase. As the battle persisted on, the platform was being broken up bit by bit. This forced them to continue their fight on the saucer.

While the battle continued, Lawrence initiated the autopilot on the saucer, at Nefarious' orders. The battle became even more intense than it had been. Nefarious was on them harder than before. But they endured and persisted against him. They kept at this battle until they were able to subdue him.

As he was defeated, he fell and crashed his head on the saucer so hard that his system went haywire. It then picked up on multiple signals, as that took place, the saucer hurtled straight towards the space station. Kim: "Oh, crud! What'll we do!?"

Ratchet ran towards Nefarious, grabbed his head and held it in front of him. Ratchet: "Nefarious! How do we disengage the autopilot!?"

Nefarious was still picking up on multiple signals. Ratchet: "Come on! Snap out of it!"

He slapped Nefarious, causing him to move around as he picked up on another signal before he shut down completely and fell over. Kim: "Um, perhaps we should find Lawrence before he takes the…"

Just then, Lawrence, on board an escape pod, snagged Nefarious and flew off. Ratchet: "Escape pod?" Computer voice: "20 seconds until impact." Ratchet: "We're gonna die, aren't we?"

Suddenly, Azimuth flew in on his ship. Azimuth: "Ratchet!" Kim: "Not today!" Azimuth: "Come on! You're going to have to jump!"

Ratchet grabbed on to Kim's hand as they ran towards Azimuth's ship, Clank attached himself to Ratchet's back, they jumped and grabbed on to his ship as it flew away from the saucer. The saucer then crashed into the space station, causing it to blow up. The Aphelion and Azimuth's ship flew away from the space station.

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