The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 15

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Later on, they arrived at the Great Clock. They were a great distance away from the Orvus Chamber. Kim: "So, there really isn't any way that we can talk you out if this." Clank: "That is right. We have been on many adventures but the clock needs someone to protect it. It is what I was built for." Ratchet: "Well then…I guess this is it." Clank: "Yes…it is…"

Both Ratchet and Clank embraced each other. Kim stood by as she observed this. Rufus whimpered. Rufus: "Clank…"

Clank then let go of Ratchet and went for Rufus. Clank: "I will miss you, too, Rufus. We have had our fair share of fun together."

Rufus then smiled. Rufus: "Yeah…" Azimuth: "Wait, so that's it? What about…what about the Lombaxes?" Kim: "Oh, give it a rest already, will ya? We can't use the clock to bring them back. You agreed to accept that if it's to be true, right?" Azimuth: "You insolent girl…!" Ratchet: "No, she's right. The Lombaxes aren't in danger. They just moved on. And we'll find them. But the past stays where it is. Come on, pal. We'll walk you in."

They made their way towards the chamber. Ratchet: "You were never a sidekick. You do know that, right?" Clank: "I always thought that you were the sidekick. (giggle)" Kim: "Clank…" Clank: "Now, now, Miss Possible. He will not need to worry considering you will still be with him." Kim: "Yeah, that reminds me. Ratchet? There's…something that I wanted to tell you." Ratchet: "Uh, actually, there's something that I wanted to say to you, too, the truth is that I…I…" Azimuth: "No…no…this…this can't be happening! No! NO! Where do you think you're going? Stop right there! I SAID STOP!"

He shot an energy projectile towards Ratchet. Kim noticed this. Kim: "Ratchet!"

She rushed towards him and attempted to save him but they were both struck hard. Kim collapsed on the floor, Ratchet held his chest while squinting in pain. He looked towards Kim. Ratchet: "Kimberly…"

He collapsed and fell off the ledge. Clank ran towards him. Clank: "Ratchet!"

Clank turned the other way and rushed towards Kim. As he examined her, he was shocked and devastated. Clank: "No…she is…they are both…"

He then looked up towards Azimuth, who was deeply angered. He made his way towards the chamber, Clank gave chase. Sigmund helped out by fighting off Azimuth, keeping him from advancing. They fought diligently as Clank rushed over towards the chamber as fast as he could. Sigmund was really giving his all against Azimuth as he was able to hold him back long enough for Clank to reach the chamber.

As he ran in, he slammed on a big, red button, shutting the door and locking Azimuth out. Azimuth screamed in rage from directly outside, demanding Clank to open the door. Clank then approached the lever. As he stood before it, the voices of Orvus, his friends and Sigmund echoed in his head. But then, the Plumber's voice came afterwards, telling him to "not risk more than 6 minutes". Clank: "6…minutes."

And with that, he jumped up and pulled the lever slightly to the left, reversing time to before Kim and Ratchet were both killed. From there, time stood still around him, Azimuth had just shot out his projectile towards Ratchet and Kim was about to rush towards him. Clank then ran towards Ratchet as he pushed Kim out of the way. Clank: "Miss Possible! Stay out of the way!"

Clank leapt towards Ratchet and pushed him down on his back, the blast just missed them but it destroyed the platforms to the chamber. As they got up, Ratchet looked towards Azimuth, shocked over the realization that Azimuth nearly killed him. Azimuth then rushed towards the chamber. Ratchet: "General! Wait!"

Suddenly, Kim suffered from another headache attack. Ratchet looked over towards her. Ratchet: "Kim!

He rushed towards her as she collapsed on the floor. Ratchet: "Kim!"

He tended to her as did Clank, but Clank seemed relieved as he examined her. Clank: "It is alright, she just lost consciousness."

Ratchet also seemed relieved, but was still saddened. Clank: "Ratchet, we much chase after him. He must not misuse the clock." Ratchet: "But…but what about Kim?" Clank: "Do not worry about her. We must make our way towards the Orvus Chamber. There is not much time." Ratchet: "But…" Clank: "She would be furious with you if you do not go after him." Ratchet: "You're right. She would want us to continue on even if we have to leave her behind. Let's get moving."

They rushed off, however, Ratchet stopped to look back towards Kim. Ratchet: "Don't worry, Kim, I'll come back for you. I promise."

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