The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 7

Chapter 7-Azimuth's Remorseful Past

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Meanwhile, Kim and Ratchet were still flying through space. Kim was still out cold. Ratchet: "Aphelion. Contact Wade." Aphelion: "Affirmative. Patching through to Wade."

Wade appeared on the screen. Wade: "What's up, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Did you find anything else on the Tempus Simia?" Wade: "Well…I did…find…something interesting about it." Ratchet: "Go, Wade, I'm listening." Wade: "OK, from what I have found out, the Tempus Simia is a mystical monkey relic. It is said to be capable of forming rifts in the fabric of space and time." Ratchet: "Hold on, are you saying the Tempus Simia is some sort of time traveling relic?" Wade: "Apparently so, but…it's just a myth. There really isn't such a thing as a mystical time traveling monkey relic."

Ratchet was in deep thought for a brief moment. Ratchet: "No…it wasn't a myth. Wade, I think Kim and Ron may have traveled through time at one point." Wade: "What? Are you sure about that? There are no records to confirm that." Ratchet: "Well, there's not much we understand about time travel; just theories." Wade: "Um…well, yeah, of course. There have been multiple theories on the possibilities and dangers of time travel, including the potential risks of causing massive damages to the time stream." Ratchet: "Yes, so maybe during the whole trip, something happened that caused the time stream to be restored, thereby erasing all events of them ever traveling through time." Wade: "Yeah…you could be right…I guess…" Ratchet: "Well, it does clarify a lot of what's been happening to Kim and Ron. Their conditions started around the same time that these anomalies did. Also, Kim's headaches are being caused by massive amounts of lost memories being restored. Perhaps they're memories of when she traveled through time. Why else did she blurt out "Tempus Simia" in the first place? You said so yourself that you've never heard of it." Wade: "Actually…that does make sense, but how come Ron's been receiving stomachaches? Shouldn't he be receiving headaches from recovering his lost memories as well?" Ratchet: "Hm…maybe Ron's just…having a different reaction from these anomalies than Kim. He's not exactly known for being incredibly bright." Wade: "Yeah, that's true. Hm…I wonder what sort of things have occurred when they were traveling through time."

Shortly afterwards, Kim began to moan. Ratchet looked towards her has she moved about slightly. After another brief moan, she spoke again. Kim: "Uh…did…did Drakken…did he really…? No…it was…Shego…she…(moan)" Ratchet: "Hm, so, Drakken and Shego were involved in this. I wonder what they…"

Suddenly, Ron was heard screaming in very loudly. Ratchet was startled by this as was Wade. Wade: "Uh, oh! Gotta go! Ron's condition has seriously intensified and it's a lot worse than it has ever been!"

The screen was shut off. Ratchet continued on his flight through. A little afterwards, he looked towards Kim, he was concerned for her. He placed his hand on the side of her face while his fingers went through her hair. Ratchet: "Kimberly…" Aphelion: "Now entering Korthos Sector. Warning. Warning. Hostile ships inbound." Ratchet: "Huh?"

Before long, he was faced with 3 enemy ships. They were the Valkyries, sent by Dr. Nefarious to finish off our young heroes. Cassiopeia: "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Carina: "Looks like this Lombax is lost." Libra: "What do you say, girls? Should we help him find his way?" Carina: "Cassie, we've picked up a signature 3000 kilo cubits north of Orrick Minor. It's a Lombax ship." Cassiopeia: "General Azimuth. The bounty's up to 2 million bolts on him. Libra, be a good girl and take care of our little friend, we'll kill the elder."

Cassiopeia and Carina departed while they left Libra to do away with Ratchet. Ratchet: "General, do you read me? We've got hostile ships inbound." Azimuth: "I see them. They're Valkyries, expert pilots who work for Nefarious. I'll lose them in the asteroid belt, you just head for Lumos."

At that moment, Kim finally came to but was somewhat groggy as she moaned. Kim: "What's…happening…?" Ratchet: "Kim! Good! You're awake! We've got a problem! Nefarious sent out some expert pilots known as Valkyries to kill us. I'll need your help with taking down this one. Think you're up for it?"

Kim spent a few moments trying to overcome her grogginess from having passed out. Almost immediately afterwards, she was completely awake and very much alert. Kim: "Don't worry, I'm so all over this."

She managed to switch on the second controls and was able to fight along side Ratchet. They then began their epic battle against Libra. Libra: "It's just you and me, Lombax. Show me what you've got."

It was indeed an epic battle against the wicked Valkyrie, Libra. She piloted a much larger ship than all of the Valkyries that were under her command. Given that her ship was very bulky, it took a lot of time for Kim and Ratchet to chip her down. Sometimes, she would switch on her shield, making her invulnerable to their attacks. They would also need to deal with a lot of the smaller ships that were under her command. Despite having to deal with both annoyances, they have stood a match against the massive Valkyrie's even bulkier ship. The size of the ship could not and did not stand a chance against their persistence and with that, her ship and her were blown to bits. It was indeed quite brutal.

After that long and enduring battle, they made their way towards the planet Lumos.

As soon as they arrived on the planet, they landed inside a cavern. When they got out, they met with Azimuth again. Azimuth: "Ah, perfect timing, Ratchet and I can see that the girl managed to regain consciousness." Kim: "Like you care, Azimuth." Azimuth: "Huh, snarky as usual. Anyway, I've triangulated the Obsidian Eye somewhere in this cave. Come on, Ratchet, let's get going. You too, miss and try to keep up." Kim: "Heh, I was going to say the same thing to you, old timer." Azimuth: "And the little lady's mouth continues to run."

Ratchet let out a glum sigh. Ratchet: "General…"

As they made their way through the cavern, Azimuth told the duo a few stories of when he and Ratchet's father, Kaden, use to play in the cavern when they were kids. The memories for him were bittersweet.

They advanced forward a bit more, but then as they approached a nest of sorts, Azimuth stopped them. Azimuth: "Hold up. See that nest over there?"

From the nest, they saw hundreds of tiny and terrifying creatures emerge from it. Kim: "What are those things?" Azimuth: "Tetramites. Stay close and whatever you do, don't let them touch you." Ratchet: "What happens if they do?" Azimuth: "Let's just say they can digest anything. Perhaps the young miss wouldn't mind giving us a…brief demonstration of that." Kim: "Azimuth!"

Azimuth let out a brief chuckle. Azimuth: "I'm just pulling your leg, girlie." Ratchet: "Not funny, General!" Azimuth: "Don't worry, humans hardly live up to the same standards of Lombaxes, but I wouldn't want to see even one get killed. Anyway, one thing you must remember is that Tetramites hate water. If we can get to the other side of that creek, we'll be fine. Think you can handle something like that, miss?" Kim: "You kidding me? I can do anything."

She utilized her advanced acrobatic skill to maneuver herself towards the creek on the other side of the long pass, all without touching the ground even once. Ratchet was once again mesmerized by her athletic skills as he watched her cross over. Ratchet: "She's…spectacular."

Azimuth, however, was still very much displeased by his fixation towards her. Azimuth: "Really? What do you see in that girl, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "She's just amazing…I…I…" Azimuth: "I've heard enough out of you! Let's just…get going already." Ratchet: "Huh? Uh, right. Let's go."

He rushed off, Azimuth stood by for a bit as he folded his arms and shook his head, then let out a dissatisfied sigh. Azimuth: "What am I going to do with you, boy?"

He then rushed off afterwards. As they progressed through the cavern, Azimuth told more stories of when he and Kaden were younger. He was also able to see much of Kaden inside Ratchet, which was very nostalgic for him. Azimuth: "Hm, you're reminding me more of your father every minute." Ratchet: "General! Can we talk about what happened? To my father? The Lombaxes?" Azimuth: "Now is not the time, not when we're this close."

Kim and Ratchet seemed awfully concerned about Azimuth. Kim: "Hm, he seems to be holding back on answering your questions, Ratchet." Ratchet: "I know, he…he's hiding something, something that involves what happened to my race. He knows something." Kim: "Yeah and it seems that he doesn't want to tell us. He's going to have to sooner or later. He can't hide it from us forever." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree."

They arrived near a rock ledge that ledge to a dark pit below. There, Azimuth, with the use of his hover boots, jetted himself towards the darkness below. Ratchet and Kim rushed after him. Within the lower level of the cavern, Azimuth lit up another one of his flares. Soon enough, Kim and Ratchet caught up with him. Ratchet: "General, will you just stop? I wanna know what happened." Kim: "So do I." Azimuth: "Questions, questions…you ask all of these questions…" Kim: "Uh, what are you talking about? He hasn't pestered you that much." Azimuth: "Pipe down, girlie! You have no idea what you're even saying!" Kim: "What? Yes I do!" Azimuth: "Oh, yeah? Well, ask yourselves this: how relevant is the past when it can be changed?" Kim: "Uh, you serious? Only one of us is the crazy one and it's not me." Ratchet: "She's right about that."

Azimuth became even more agitated. Azimuth: "You know what? Your father would say…" Ratchet: "But that's him! I'm not my father! And you haven't given us a straight answer! Why aren't you with the Lombaxes? Why did they leave you behind?" Azimuth: "Because I failed them!"

Kim and Ratchet were startled by his abrupt answer. Azimuth: "I failed them…"

Weighed down by his own recollection and remorse, he sat himself down on the ground and sulked. Azimuth: "I made…a mistake…"

He then went on to tell them both his terrible story. Years ago, he entrusted Lombax technology to someone who claimed to be a great inventor. That "inventor" was Tachyon and he used the Lombax's own technology to devastate and destroy them. The Lombaxes took refuge in the citadel, the Court of Azimuth. However, Kaden didn't and went to find his wife, only to find that she was killed. Azimuth felt responsible for everything that had happened to his friend as well as his kind. And as punishment, he was forbidden from joining the Lombaxes as they escaped into another dimension and was forced to live in exile.

After listening to his story, both Kim and Ratchet were taken aback. Kim: "That…that horrible, evil brat! Just when I thought he couldn't have been any worse. I…I can't believe he used you like that." Ratchet: "Hm, seems like it. No wonder why you didn't want to tell us." Azimuth: "Yes…but…I can make it right, all of it. I…we can fix it." Kim: "So, that's why you want to find the Great Clock: to go back in time and prevent that horrible catastrophe from ever taking place." Azimuth: "Yes! Exactly! With the clock under our control, it'll be as though it never happened."

Kim stood up, she seemed somewhat tense. Kim: "Uh, that sounds great and all, but to be able to use the ability to travel through time is too risky and very dangerous. Attempting to do so could cause more harm than good, regardless of using it for good intentions." Azimuth: "Oh, what do you humans know about time travel? Would you rather that Ratchet's parents stay dead?" Kim: "Believe me, I would love to have Ratchet reunite with his parents, it's just I don't think…" Azimuth: "I've heard just about enough out of you, young lady! I'm not going to allow you to hold me and Ratchet back anymore and if you intend to, then I don't want you to be anywhere near him!" Ratchet: "General!" Kim: "Alright, fine, then I won't hold you back. If there is a chance for Ratchet to reunite with his parents, then I will help you out however I can, but if it does turn out to be too dangerous or risky to attempt, then you have to accept that and never attempt it." Azimuth: "Fine! I'll hold you to that, but don't ever hold us up again! Now then, come, Ratchet. Stay with me and I promise, I'll get your family back."

Azimuth, with the use of the energy emanating from his Omniwrench, smashed through the rock wall, creating a doorway to the outside. Kim and Ratchet stood by and looked towards it, concerned. Kim, however, seemed to have been saddened. Kim: "Ratchet…I'm sorry…" Ratchet: "No…don't apologize. I agree with a lot of what you said. What he wants to do, it could be too dangerous to attempt. I was speaking with Wade back on the ship while you were still unconscious. We talked about the theories of time travel as well as the potential dangers of it. So, I already know that this is terrible idea from the get go."

Kim smiled, although, she didn't seem all too happy. Ratchet: "Come on, let's go."

They exited the cave and as soon as they were out, they found themselves in the middle of an assault on a Vullard settlement by the Agorians. One of the Vullards came to them, pleading for help. Vullard: "Outsiders! Please, you must help us! The Agorians have launched a full-scale assault on the settlement! Our kind barricaded themselves in their homes."

Azimuth was greatly agitated by this request as he grunted out loud. Azimuth: "We have no time for petty squabbles!" Kim: "Azimuth! How could you be so apathetic? We can't just let them suffer like this!" Azimuth: "I thought you said you would not hold us back, girlie!" Kim: "I'm not! It's just…" Azimuth: "We have to focus on the mission! We have to reach the Obsidian Eye!" Vullard: "The eye? It's in a temple. I can take you there, but you must help us! We are not an aggressive race. Fight off the Agorians and I will show you where it is." Kim: "Now what was that about me holding you back?"

Azimuth let out an irritable sigh as he rolled his eyes. Azimuth: "OK, fine, you were right this time, but don't think I'll have you pardoned for your previous actions."

Azimuth rushed off. Kim and Ratchet stood by, very discontent. Kim: "Geez, it just seems like he keeps getting worse the further we go." Ratchet: "Actually, I think he was always like this. I have a feeling that we've barely scratched the surface of how bad this really is."

They both then rushed off and began their battle against the Agorians. It was a tough battle to put it very lightly. The Agorians have shown to be very aggressive and merciless. The 3 of them fought the vicious alien race throughout the entire valley. The fight began with just battling the Agorians on the ground. They were brutal warriors all by themselves. Their fighting styles were shown to be quite savage. They rode on vicious beasts that were also quite ferocious. The group, however, have shown to very formidable against the Agorians and their beasts. Kim's Centurion Armor has helped her out with enduring the brutal fighting.

After the first wave of the fight was done, the second wave commenced, which consisted of monstrous machinery known as Hydra tanks. They were tanks with saucer-like bodies and 3 long heads equally spread out on the different sides of the saucer. The battles against them were a lot tougher as they were very durable, not to mention that they had shields that would activate every now and again. Thankfully for Ratchet and Kim, their persistence, skills and equipment helped them through the difficult fights. After a long period of time, they were able to vanquish the Hydra tanks.

The third and final wave involved large Agorian armadas flying in to decimate the land. Ratchet was called on by the Vullard to use their turrets while Azimuth fought them from the sky within his ship. Kim utilized the full use of the Centurion Armor's unique abilities, which consisted of a berserker mode. This brought forth a number of weaponry from within the armor. Also, within berserker mode, a headpiece covered the top of her head completely, tucking away her hair.

During the fight, multiple waves of Agorian ships flew in. They came in droves and made many attempts to destroy everything. However, the group brought down the force with everything they've got. They shot down many of the Agorian ships, but they just kept coming. After a long and persisting fight, they were able to shoot down enough ships to eventually cause the Agorians to retreat. As everything was calming down, all of the weaponry from Kim's armor retracted as did her headpiece, allowing her hair to flow out freely. Kim: "Geez, the Agorians sure were aggressive. It's pretty much safe to say that they love carnage." Ratchet: "No kidding. What was that all about?"

With the Agorians retreating, the Vullards were able to exit their homes. They rejoiced over the invasion finally ending. Vullard: "You did it, outsiders. You stopped the invasion. Now, I shall live up to my side of the bargain and show you where the temple is." Ratchet: "Please and thank you."

The Vullard led them to the entrance to the temple. They soon found themselves in front of a large metal door. Vullard: "An entire Agorian armada held off by a few outsiders! Incredible! The Vullards thank you." Kim: "Oh, it was nothing, really, so not the drama." Ratchet: "Uh, yeah, so not the drama indeed."

Azimuth grunted over their shared use of Kim's catchphrase. Azimuth: "Let's just get to the Obsidian Eye." Vullard: "Of course."

The Vullard opened the door for them. Vullard: "Naturally, I can't take you there, myself; far too treacherous for me." Kim: "No problem, we can handle the rest on our own. Of course, Azimuth is more than capable of fighting through all of this by himself. He wouldn't need our help."

Azimuth growled out loudly. Azimuth: "You're really starting to get under my skin, young lady!" Vullard: "I do have something that could help you through the cave."

The Vullard gave Ratchet a unique device known as the Omnisoaker. From there, they entered the massive cavern. The Vullard was about to close the door behind them. Vullard: "We closed off these caves years ago. Too many dangers, too many deaths." Kim: "Hm, that sounds like typical stuff to me." Ratchet: "Same here."

Soon enough, the door was sealed shut. Vullard: "You guys alright in there?" Kim: "Uh, yeah, we are. What's up?" Vullard: "The door rusted right off its tracks. I'll try to get it fixed but it might take a while. Try breathing real shallow-like." Azimuth: "Huh, guess the only way out is in. Think you can handle it, miss?" Kim: "Did you even need to ask?"

As they began to tread through the cave, Ratchet made use of the Omnisoaker. One such use was pulling in water and shooting it on plants to hydrate them, one such plant that helped them to advance through. Another involved a particular plant that Azimuth was familiar with. Azimuth: "Oh, look. Breegus Worm Root. It produces a sugary nectar the Tetramites can't stay away from."

Ratchet gave the Omnisoaker a try on the plant's nectar and shot it towards the ground near a Tetramite nest. From that, the Tetramites rushed towards the nectar, turning their attention away from the group. Azimuth: "What did I tell ya? They love it." Kim: "Uh…yeah, they're really…eating it up…literally…" Azimuth: "Heh, can't blame them really, that nectar makes some excellent tea." Kim: "Hm, good thing that Vullard gave the Omnisoaker to you, Ratchet, otherwise Azimuth would be shooting that nectar in my direction." Ratchet: "Wouldn't doubt it." Azimuth: "Hey, Ratchet, you wouldn't mind giving the girl some of that nectar, would you? She could use some sweetening up." Kim: "Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you. In fact, you may need some of that nectar a lot more than me."

Azimuth grunted once more at Kim's snarky comment.

They continued through, faced with a few more of the Tetramite nests. However, Azimuth was very much ahead of the 2 of them. Azimuth: "Come on, you 2. The Great Clock awaits!" Kim: "Alright! Hold on for a minute, will ya?" Azimuth: "I can't wait another minute, young lady! We are so close to the clock that I…I can almost…(sigh) let's just keep going!" Ratchet: "We'll be right there, General!" Azimuth: "Do you even realize that we are just hours away from reversing the greatest tragedy in the history of the Universe?" Kim: "Uh…it was great, alright, perhaps too great to even fix…" Azimuth: "Just think if it, Ratchet! You mother and father, right here, safe and sound!" Ratchet: "Uh…do you think the clock can save them?" Azimuth: "Of course! That's what the clock was built for!" Kim: "Somehow, I sincerely doubt that." Ratchet: "So do I."

They were eventually able to arrive at the temple within the cavern. Before them was the Obsidian Eye. They walked up to it and stood before it. Kim: "So…this is the most powerful telescope in the entire Universe? Doesn't look like any telescope I've ever seen." Azimuth: "Of course not. You humans are too primitive, so you couldn't possibly build anything this advanced." Kim: "Uh, you mind running that by me again!?" Ratchet: "Kim…" Azimuth: "Hm…Fulcrum Star's cracked. We may not be able to get a signal…"

Kim tapped on the device on her chest. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "Hm…I'm currently analyzing the telescope. The technology on this is incredible. I've never seen anything like it! Let me see if I can…" Computer voice: "Stand by for system uplink."

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