The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapter 8

Chapter 8-Reconnecting with Old Friends

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Meanwhile, back on the Great Clock, Clank and Rufus were still lamenting from the recording of Orvus that Sigmund played. Suddenly, Kim, Ratchet and Azimuth appeared on the massive screen. Ratchet: "Clank!"

Clank looked up at the screen and noticed them immediately. Clank: "Ratchet! Miss Possible! How did you find me?" Ratchet: "You kidding me? You think we'd leave our pal out here all alone?" Kim: "It's good to see you again, Clank!" Clank: "Same here, Miss Possible." Rufus: "Hi!" Kim: "Rufus! I was hoping you were with Clank!" Ratchet: "Hey, Rufus! How are you doing, little guy? You know that Ron misses you, right? I assume that you miss him, too?"

Rufus sulked as he whimpered as he sulked, then nodded. Clank: "Who is that with you both? Is that another Lombax?" Rufus: "Wah-ho! Another Lombax!" Kim: "Uh, surprisingly, yes. Apparently, there's been another Lombax out here other than Ratchet. Can you believe it?" Ratchet: "This is General Azimuth. He's been helping us look for you. Just send us your coordinates and we'll come pick you up." Computer voice: "Signal integrity at 33%."

The Obsidian Eye began to shut down. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "The Obsidian Eye's signal is declining; it was already weak to begin with." Azimuth: "He's right about that." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, I need your help. Orvus is in trouble." Kim: "Huh? Orvus?" Clank: "You must get to Zanifar and confront Dr. Nefarious." Azimuth: "Zanifar? Dr. Nefarious hasn't set foot on that rock since his station was completed 2 years ago." Clank: "Then that is when you must confront him." Kim: "What? But…how can we do that?" Clank: "You must head for the Tombli Outpost. There, you need to look for a time portal. Ratchet, Miss Possible, please save my father." Kim: "Your…father?" Ratchet: "Clank, what is going on?"

At that moment, the image faded from the screen. Shortly afterwards, Clank and Rufus noticed Sigmund directly behind them. He as taken by surprise upon them noticing him. Clank: "You can not hide in the broom closet forever, Sigmund. Orvus needs our help."

Rufus climbed off of Clank and scampered towards Sigmund. As he stood in front of Sigmund, he glanced up at him without any distinctive facial expressions. Sigmund looked back at him. Clank: "Now then, can you synthesize a time portal on Zanifar?" Sigmund: "Um…I suppose…I could…use the oscilloscopic entanglement modulator to create a vacuum of negative energy, theoretically creating a traversable wormhole." Computer voice: "Time rift stabilized."

A small screen nearby displayed a time rift emerging at the Tombli Outpost. Sigmund: "Ta-da…" Rufus: "Yay!" Clank: "That will do."

Meanwhile, back at the temple, Kim, Ratchet and Azimuth stood idly in front of the Obsidian Eye. Kim: "So…now what?" Ratchet: "Well, we should make our way over to Zanifar." Kim: "Uh…right, so that we can find that time portal and see if we can rescue Orvus." Azimuth: "Sounds like a plan. I will meet you both on Zanifar."

Azimuth made his way out. Ratchet and Kim were about to do the same. Just then, Kim fell to her knees while holding her head in pain. Ratchet was alarmed by this and tended to her immediately. Ratchet: "Oh, no! Kim! It's happening again!"

Kim moaned and groaned as though she was trying to say something. Ratchet took notice of this as well. Ratchet: "Kim! What is it? Do you remember something?" Kim: "Ron…I…"

She groaned once more before she was able to finish what she was about to say. Ratchet: "Ron? You remember something about Ron?"

Her headache eventually subsided, she stood up. Ratchet continued holding on to her. She held her head down while slightly turning it towards her side, sulking as she held her right elbow. Kim: "Ron…I'm sorry…" Ratchet: "Kim? Are you OK?"

She looked at Ratchet, she still seemed very despondent. Kim: "Let's…go…"

They were eventually able to find a way back to their ship. They got back in and departed the planet.

As they flew away from the planet, Azimuth was seen nearby. He contacted them. Azimuth: "Ratchet, there's…something that I haven't told you about the clock. If we succeed in turning back time and stopping Tachyon, the present as you know it, will never exist." Kim: "What?" Ratchet: "General, what do you mean?" Azimuth: "It means the friends you have made, Clank and that…girl, well, you will never have met them." Ratchet: "Are you…are you really serious about that? Kim and Clank…they would never be part of my life?" Azimuth: "Probably. The clock does grant temporal immunity to those who use it, but I can't make any guarantees." Ratchet: "If this is the only way to save my family, then…I have to take it." Kim: "Ratchet…" Azimuth: "Atta boy. Now then, don't be alarmed, but I've just picked up Vorselon's signature not far from here." Kim: "What!? Vorselon's nearby!?" Azimuth: "Yes, but don't you worry your pretty little head, miss. I'll distract him while you and Ratchet make you way to the outpost." Ratchet: "Got it! Be careful, General." Azimuth: "I will. And remember, if Orvus is alive, it's imperative that you get the clock's location from him. Good luck."

Azimuth flew off. Kim and Ratchet continued on their way. Kim: "Ratchet…are you…are you really going to use to clock to turn back time?"

Ratchet was in a state of uncertainty for that brief moment. Ratchet: "I…I don't know, Kim. I want to see my parents, but…I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm prepared to accept either outcome."

There was a brief moment of silence from both of them. Just then, Wade contacted them. Wade: "Kim, Ratchet, are you there?" Ratchet: "Yeah, Wade. We're here. What's the sitch?" Wade: "Just wanted to report to you guys on what's been happening here." Kim: "How's Ron been doing? Has anything changed with him?" Wade: "Uh…well…we had a bit of an epidemic here when his stomach pains got worse. He was throbbing uncontrollably so we had to restrain him. It eventually managed to subside." Ratchet: "Thank goodness, last time I spoke with you, he was screaming from the pain intensifying." Wade: "Yeah, he's feeling a lot better, right now, although, he's been throwing up a lot."

Kim and Ratchet were both alarmed to hear that last part. Ratchet: "Wait a second! Ron's been throwing up!? But didn't you mention that he hadn't eaten anything in days!?" Wade: "Yes, he hasn't! But he HAS been throwing up, a lot; like 2 weeks worth of food! It's so bizarre!" Kim: "How is that even possible?" Ratchet: "Hm…perhaps it has a lot to do with what we just talked about a while back." Wade: "Yeah, it would make sense actually. In fact, it's probably the only way that it would." Kim: "Wait, what did you and Wade talk about?" Ratchet: "Should we tell her?" Wade: "I think we should. She has to know about it." Ratchet: "I agree. Kim, there's a good chance that you and Ron have…"

Just then, he was interrupted by a transmission from Qwark. Qwark: "Ratchet? Come in. Are you out there?" Ratchet: "Oh, no, it's Qwark. Sorry, Wade, but I have to take this. Let's talk later." Wade: "OK, understood. I'll look into the, uh, bizarre mess that Ron just made."

Wade hung up, Ratchet switched the frequency on of his communicator. Ratchet: "Hey, Qwark, I'm here. How are things going with the Agorians?" Qwark: "Eh…not so good. Somehow, they got the idea that I'm some thrill-seeking warrior with a thirst for battle." Kim: "Hm, wonder how they did. You didn't say anything that gave them that impression, did you?" Qwark: "Uh…perhaps…I may have…probably…blurted out something…that could have…sounded…similar…to that? I was trying to make friends!"

Kim and Ratchet were both very annoyed. Qwark: "Listen, I'm in a lot of trouble. They've entered me in their tournament! You guys gotta get me out of here." Ratchet: "Alright, we'll be there as soon as we can, just find someplace to hide and stay put until we get there." Qwark: "Message received. Qwark out." Kim: "Not again." Ratchet: "I know, Kim. Come on, let's just…get this over with."

They set course for the Agorian Battleplex.

As soon as they arrived, they docked their ship within the docking bay and got out. They made their way into the lobby. As soon as they arrived, they, much to their surprise, encountered a pair of unique individuals, the likes of which they have not seen in a while. Kim: "Hey! Look who it is!" Ratchet: "No way! I don't believe it!"

They rushed towards those unique individuals. Those individuals were Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Lilo! Stitch!" Lilo: "Hey! Ratchet! Kim! Long time no see!" Stitch: "Ih! Jaba ramid nye hassin!" Lilo: "What are you guys doing all the way out here?" Ratchet: "Well, it's a really long story, but let's just say a lot has happened since the last time we met. So, how have the 2 of you been? Did you find all of Stitch's cousins, yet?" Lilo: "Yep, we've managed to find all of Stitch's cousins, and they have all found their one true place. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih! All cousins accounted for." Lilo: "By the way, where are Ron and Clank? Or Rufus for that matter?" Kim: "Ron's at my dad's space station dealing with an unusual stomachache and Clank is…uh, well…" Ratchet: "Clank is currently at a mysterious clock that might be a time machine…"

Both Lilo and Stitch stood by speechless. They were perplexed by everything that they were told. Stitch: "Um…Okie-taka? Achi-Kaba." Lilo: "Yeah, all of that did sound strange…then again, that does seem to happen quite a lot to us." Stitch: "Graazi." Kim: "So, what are you guys doing all the way out here?" Ratchet: "Even more bizarre than that, what are you doing on board the Agorian Battleplex?" Lilo: "Well, Stitch and several of his cousins were itching to try out a lot these alien battle arenas, so we have been going to several of them within a few galaxies. We went to the one at that resort in space, that one on that planet with that cliff resort, that annihilation place and that other one that was once hosted by that Qwark guy."

Kim and Ratchet seemed very stunned by hearing all of what had been going on. Kim: "Uh, wow, sounds like you've been, uh, really going places." Ratchet: "You've also seem to have been very busy. So…how have you guys been doing in these battle complexes?" Lilo: "Really good! Stitch and his cousins have been winning lots of battles; some of them have even become champions of each of them and are currently taking up residence in them. We have been raking in a lot of bolts." Stitch: "Ih! A lot of bolts." Ratchet: "Uh…that's…great. We would…love to…hear all about them." Lilo: "Certainly. We look forward to that, but right now, we need to get going. Stitch has a match coming up that he needs to get it." Stitch: "Ih! Aka-choota! Can't be late. Bye!"

Lilo and Stitch walked off, Kim and Ratchet waved goodbye to them. Ratchet: "Well, that was…an unexpected surprise." Kim: "I know, I never thought I would run into them again and in all places, too." Ratchet: "Now let's find Qwark and get him out of this mess." Kim: "Certainly…"

They rushed off through the lobby. Along the way, they saw that there were several Agorians, which really didn't surprise them. However, they have noticed that they were also Terachnoids about. They then walked up to a holographic image of a Terachnoid named Mac Mackeroy. He informed the duo that the Agorians hired the Terachnoids to handle a lot of the technical stuff. This was on account that the Agorians and their aggressive nature enabled them to lack much intelligence. Such news did not surprise the duo at all. Soon enough, they made their way towards the transporter to the battle arena and were teleported in.

As soon as they entered the battle arena, they were put through several tough challenges, each one more difficult then the previous one. The Agorians, themselves, hardly went easy on them. Regardless of the difficulties of the matches or how many of them there were, they were able to really handle themselves just fine. Kim's Centurion Armor played a huge role in making her formidable against the Agorians. Even more so than that, it helped to protect her against any dangerous hazards within the arena, aside from any attacks brought forth by the Agorians.

Within a massive amount of time of fighting, all of the battles were done, or so they thought. Kim: "Great, we fought through battle after battle on this death platform and there's still no sign of Qwark." Ratchet: "(sigh) Where could that guy be?" Announcer: "And now, it is time for a 4 way team co-op battle. Please welcome, all the way from the Solona Galaxy. Mister Copernicus Qwark."

Qwark arrived via a rising platform; he was in hand cuffs. Along side him was an Agorian handler. The handler removed his hand cuffs. Qwark: "That's Captain Qwark. I mean, geez, I didn't take a 3 week hero correspondence course to be called "Mister"." Announcer: "And please give a round of applause for our other challenger, the genetically modified, blue, fuzzy beast of destruction: Stitch!"

Stitch arrived in the arena in a very acrobatic style. He growled viciously Stitch: "Naga fuzzy! I'm fluffy!" Announcer: "Let the 4 way team co-op battle begin!"

And so, the 4 way team battle commenced accordingly. Each of the 4 fighters battled against one onslaught after another. Even Qwark fought along aside them, if you could believe that, but only a little. Stitch, however, was really ferocious as he was bringing out his extra limbs and barely holding back. Kim and Ratchet indeed had a few helping hands within this fight, with Stitch providing a few more than Qwark in more ways than one.

After a while, the fights were done. Ratchet was exhausted but Stitch was still raring to continue fighting. Stitch: "Acha booka moopa? Stitch can do this all day!" Ratchet: "Please! (pant) No more! (pant) I can't…handle…another one!" Announcer: "And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!" Ratchet: "Aw, come on! Can't these people just cut me some slack!?" Stitch: "Feeboogoon!" Announcer: "It's time for the War Grok!"

The War Grok was brought up via a rising platform. It was a massive and vicious looking beast. It snapped off its own chain and tossed its handler a great distance. The group stood by, greatly stunned. Qwark ran off screaming again. Stitch: "Blitznak! Looks like trouble…" Kim: "You can say that again, Stitch."

Kim, Ratchet and Stitch fought against the War Grok while Qwark ran off, trying to avoid the massive beast by any means necessary. The beast itself was just as extremely vicious as it was massive and terrifying, but the trio persisted against it. Kim's Centurion Armor was really helping to protect her from the beast's might as well as assisted her in combat. They came at the beast with everything they've got. Stitch managed to fight the beast by ripping out any objects that he could get his claws on, all 4 of them and tossed them at the beast. After a long battle and nearly getting killed several times, they were able to subdue the beast.

The 3 of them stood before the beast as it lied on the ground, beaten. Announcer: "And now, Gladiators! You must kill the War Grok!" Stitch: "Gaba chitchu?" Kim: "Um…I'm not doing it." Qwark: "Nooooooo!"

Qwark then came running through. He stopped and did a heroic stance. Qwark: "Honorable lizard things, I understand your proud warrior ways."

As Qwark rambled on, the War Grok was able to get itself back up. It came after the trio as they ran from it. Qwark: "The Nabla tribe of Florana once referred to me as…"

He made a few strange noise as he made a few flapping gestures. Qwark: "Or "He With Mighty Pecks Who Hath Delivered Us Serenity". But we can not kill this creature." Announcer: "What do you think you're doing? You must kill the War Grok or die!" Ratchet: "Qwark! This thing's trying to eat me!" Stitch: "Ah-qa Jihad!" Kim: "This thing won't let up!" Stitch: "Batooga! Oh, no! Not good enough!" Qwark: "These kids are still young. They don't understand that being a hero is 45% strength, 60% bravery and 10% raw intelligence." Ratchet: "That's 115%!" Qwark: "You're welcome." Kim: "What an idiot." Stitch: "Crabba no pugy." Qwark: "Please take me, instead. All I ask is that you name something impressive in my honor. Perhaps a school or a food court."

The audience was silent for a brief moment. Suddenly, there was one applaud being heard, followed by a few more then it grew into several and then much more until the entire crowd was applauding. Stitch: "Aga paba taka?" Announcer: "By the blade of Argos, you have honored us. You are a true hero."

Ratchet was thrown a good distance. Kim and Stitch rushed over towards him and tended to him. Kim: "Are you OK?" Ratchet: "Yeah, just peachy."

He lifted himself off of the ground while being helped by Kim and Stitch. Ratchet: "Nearly eaten by that thing, but other than that, never better." Kim: "Well, at least it's over." Stitch: "Kadoonboon."

They looked over and noticed Qwark rubbing the War Grok's belly as though it was some sort of massive dog. He then proceeded to name it Snowball. Ridiculous, I know. Ratchet, despite being spared, seemed very much annoyed by this. Ratchet: "You've gotta be kidding me." Stitch: "Enjibida?"

Qwark, having got on the War Grok, or Snowball, as he named it, rode off on it like some massive stallion. Kim and Ratchet, although still seeing this as awkward, both smiled. Kim: "I…have to admit, I'm kind of impressed." Ratchet: "Yeah…so am I."

Later on, they met back with Lilo within the lobby. Lilo: "Ratchet! Kim! Stitch!" Ratchet: "Hey, Lilo. What's happening?" Lilo: "I just watched you guys fight in all of those matches. You were great!" Kim: "Well, it was no big. The Centurion Armor has really made me rock out harder out there." Ratchet: "Really? Because I was thinking that it was the other way around."

Kim looked at Ratchet with a sweet and tender smile on her face. Lilo: "Well, either way, you guys were awesome." Kim: "Aw, thanks, Lilo. Although, I have to say that the last part with the War Grok was…quite an adventure to say the least." Stitch: "Ih! Battle was brutal, but last part was, uh, really bizarre." Ratchet: "You said it, Stitch." Kim: "Well, now that we've managed to finish that up, we need to get going." Ratchet: "Oh, right! We have to get to Zanifar and find that time portal." Lilo: "OK, then, you guys get going; Stitch and I will stay here and continue to browse through these fights. It was great seeing you guys again." Kim: "Same here. Let's meet again sometime." Ratchet: "Yeah and hopefully not too long after this time." Lilo: "Certainly. See ya." Stitch: "Bachooga."

Kim and Ratchet made their way back towards the landing bay, returned to their ship and left the Battleplex.

As they flew away from the Battleplex, Wade contacted them again. Wade: "Hey, guys. How did things go with Qwark?" Ratchet: "Very irritating, as always, but also somewhat bizarre." Wade: "Hm, you don't say." Kim: "But we did run into Lilo and Stitch again." Wade: "Really? We haven't seen them in years!" Ratchet: "I know. It was a pleasant surprise to see them again." Kim: "Yeah, I agree. Now then, what were we going to talk about before Qwark interrupted us?" Wade: "Oh, right. Uh, before we do that, there's someone who wants to say hi to you guys."

At that moment, Ron appeared on the screen. He was wearing a dark blue bath robe over his pajamas. He looked very much ill. He moaned a bit before speaking. Ron: "Hey…KP…Ratchet…" Kim: "Ron…!" Ratchet: "Geez, Ron, you don't look so good. I was told that you're sick, but you seem even worse than they say you are."

Ron moaned again. Ron: "How I look doesn't even come close to how I feel, but thanks for your consideration, Ratchet…(moan)" Kim: "Um…well, if it makes you feel any better, we have some good news: we found Rufus." Ron: "What? You did? No way!" Ratchet: "Yeah, we did! Turns out he was with Clank all this time, just like we hoped that he was." Ron: "Oh! Thank goodness! Now I know that Rufus is safe and sound! That makes me fell a little better…!"

Just then, he was about to heave. He rushed out of the screen and was heard throwing up. Ratchet and Kim both made horrified grimaces as they were hearing this take place. Ratchet: "Uh…so much for feeling better…" Mrs. P.: "Ron, are you OK? Oh, no, you're throwing up again, aren't you?" Dr. P.: "Dang nabbit! And just when we thought we've seen the end of that!" Mrs. P.: "Hey, Wade, who are you speaking to…?"

Soon enough, Mrs. Possible appeared on the screen. Mrs. P.: "Oh, my goodness! Kim!" Kim: "Mom?" Mrs. P.: "Honey, come over here! It's Kim and she's with Ratchet!"

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Possible appeared on the screen beside his wife. Dr. P.: "Hey, Kimmicub! You seem to be doing well. And Ratchet! Good to see you again, my boy!" Ratchet: "Uh…same here…Dr. Possible…" Dr. P.: "How are you doing? Did you manage to find Clank?" Ratchet: "Uh, yeah, I have, I just don't know how I'll be able to reach him." Dr. P.: "Cheer up, my boy. I'm sure that you'll find a way." Ratchet: "Yeah, I know, sir." Mrs. P.: "So, how have you 2 been? Did you both get back together?" Kim: "Sh! Mom!"

Ratchet had sulked a little. Mrs. P.: "Um…so…anyway, how have you been doing? Have you been getting any more of those headache attacks?" Kim: "Um…well…" Ratchet: "Yes, she has and she passed out a few times, but don't worry, I've been looking out for her." Dr. P.: "Well, good on you to do that for us, my boy. I know our Kimmicub is safe and sound as long as you're with her." Ratchet: "Hah, well…I…I do the best that I can." Mrs. P.: "Keep at it, sweetie, we're always counting on you." Ratchet: "Thanks, Mrs. Possible…" Wade: "Uh, guys? There are a few things that I need to talk about with Kim and Ratchet." Mrs. P.: "Oh, right, of course, we'll leave you kids alone." Dr. P.: "Take care, Ratchet and be sure to continue looking after our Kimmicub." Ratchet: "Of course, Dr. Possible. As always, I'll do my best."

Both of Kim's parents walked out. Wade remained on the screen. Ron was eventually able to return to view and stood alongside Wade. Ratchet: "So, Ron, I hear that you've been throwing up a lot, despite the fact that you haven't eaten anything in days."

Ron started groaning once again. Ron: "It's been awful…I've thrown up all kinds of horrible things that I have never eaten before and yet for some reason, it all tasted so…familiar…Yurk!"

He began to heave again, he rushed out and was heard throwing up again. Ratchet: "And there he goes again."

Ron was heard moaning a little more afterwards. Kim: "Huh, this just keep getting stranger and stranger by the second." Wade: "And that's just the beginning, I've been curious with where all of this came from, so I did a scan of the…uh…bile and found that it contains traces of ingredients of a Norwegian dish known as meat cakes." Kim: "Meat cakes!? We've never eaten anything like that before!" Ratchet: "Uh…Kim? Wade and I have reason to believe that you and Ron, at one point, traveled through time."

Kim was greatly startled to hear this. Kim: "What? What makes you say that?" Ratchet: "When you passed out back on Quantos, you blurted out "Tempus Simia". Wade did a little research to look into what that is and found out that it's a mystical time traveling relic." Kim: "But…I don't remember anything like that." Wade: "We know. Ratchet and I have been talking about the complexity of time travel, so something like that is to be expected." Ratchet: "You also mentioned to me that your headaches and these time anomalies began around the same time. Wade was able to confirm that your headache attacks are being caused by massive amounts of lost memories returning to you." Wade: "And considering that they're happening because of these anomalies, it would have to involve time traveling. All the memories of when you and Ron traveled through time are rushing back into your mind."

Kim was still very much shocked to hear all of this but she seemed to have understood a lot of what was told to her. Kim: "Hm…as…as strange as all of that sounds, it…it actually does make sense, but I…I still don't remember…" Wade: "Your mind must be having a very tough time processing all of those memories; that must have been what was causing those headaches." Ratchet: "And the same goes for why you've been passing out a few times." Kim: "But…what about Ron and his…bizarre stomachaches?" Wade: "My best guess would be all the food that he's been eating during those episodes is filling up his stomach. Why else would he be throwing up when he hasn't eaten anything in days?" Kim: "Yeah, that would make sense…hold on a moment! I remember…something involving that. It was when Ron and I just finished our first day of Junior year. We felt some kind of bizarre shockwave. I remember hearing something about "the future" and then a little afterwards, Ron inexplicably shouted "I hate meat cakes". And now, Ron's throwing up what could be meat cakes." Ratchet: "And he did mention that all of what was coming out of him tasted familiar for some reason." Kim: "Yeah…they fit together all too well to just be a coincidence. Oh, my gosh! Ron and I…traveled through time before!?" Wade: "Apparently. As to why or what you were even doing? Hopefully, you'll be able to remember all of that."

Kim sat by, spellbound and shocked by everything she just heard and found out. Ratchet: "You're going to be OK, right, Kim?" Kim: "I…I…I don't know what to think. I can't believe that…this is what's been happening…" Ratchet: "Well, at least you found the answers you were looking for." Kim: "Yes…I have…but…I still need to help Ron…I owe him so much, especially since I used him to…"

Just then, a transmission from Azimuth interrupted her. Azimuth: "Ratchet, come in." Ratchet: "What is it, General?" Azimuth: "It's just as I suspected. Vorselon's making a sweep of the entire sector. I'll lead their scouts as far away as I can. You and that girl need to make your way to Zanifar as quickly as possible." Ratchet: "Copy that. We're on our way now. Sorry, Wade, but we need to cut this conversation short. We have things that need to be taken care of." Wade: "Understood. I'll talk you guys again later."

They severed communications with Wade and headed towards Zanifar at breakneck speed. A barrier surrounding the planet held back their approach but they were able to remove that obstacle or at least a portion of it and made their way towards it.

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