Ratchet and Clank: The galaxy travelers - Chapter 1

Ratchet and Clank's first trip to Bogon Galaxy

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Ratchet and Clank are flying on their ship to planet Boldan.

Ratchet: Clank, see if we can find any more news on the invasion.

Clank turned on the radio receiver of the ship.

This is Darla Gratch reporting live from Silver city. The invasion is finally over and the alien species has now left the planet. They have taken everything they could in just 8 hours, enough time to leave every organic citizen with only bolt bills and credit cards and no jewelry and electronics. We've managed to hide transmitters from this channel to send this message to every person of this galaxy. This species is up to no good and only time will tell their real intentions. Darla Gratch, channel 64 news.

Ratchet: We're too late!
Clank: What matters now is to find out about the evil aliens' destination. The lives of citizens of the next planet must be in danger. According to my calculations, there is 78% chance the population of the next planet are robots.
Ratchet: Then we'd better hurry up!

Ratchet was navigating the galaxy with his ship, while Clank was constantly changing the radio channels to find out more about the next invasion. He suddenly found something.


Clank: This is an emergency message sent to the intergalactic security station. It was sent from planet Endako.
Ratchet: We'll be there in no time.

They immediately reached the planet and landed near their old apartment. It had been invaded, as they soon realised, since the windows were broken and the Swingshot was missing. From the broken window, they finally found the alien species in action, robbing nearby buildings.

Ratchet: Look at them! They're hideous!
Clank: This is bad. They are grabbing anything they find in front of them with these metal detectors. They seem to be much too big to be repelled by the relatively weak people.
Ratchet: Well, people might be weak, but my Pulse rifle is not!

Ratchet took out his brand new Pulse Rifle. He aimed and shot every alien on nearby buildings, one by one. However, he realised something.

Ratchet: This is stupid... The city is much too large, there are aliens everywhere on the city and... I'm out of ammo! Now what?
Clank: I think we have approached the issue incorrectly. We probably cannot prevent aliens from stealing, but we can look for the source of their behaviour and stop them once and for all.
Ratchet: You're right. But from where should we start? We have no clues about what they really plan to do and where they come from.
Clank: We can follow them. Undercover!

The duo ran behind the aliens. They carefully walked behind one and wrench-attacked him, leaving him unconscious on the ground. They got inside his ship.

Ratchet: This ship's controls are so complex! Now we're doomed...
Clank: Wait... This ship needs a robotic ignition system. That means I am able to take control of it.
Ratchet: You're the best, Clank!

They finally flew behind the fleet. Their next destination wasn't surprising to them.

Clank: According to their route plan, they are heading towards planet Dobbo. The testing facility is full of metal.
Ratchet: ...And full of untested devices as well. I have a feeling that this is not good.

They arrived on planet Dobbo. The atmosphere was thick with humidity and they couldn't see very far in the fog.

Ratchet: Well I guess we should just carefully follow them and see what they are going to do in the testing facility. This fog is so distracting, so we must follow them closely, or...
Clank: There is a better way. I believe we can get inside this entrance and meet them on the other side of the facility.
Ratchet: Great idea. They won't even find us.

They took the teleporter to the entrance of the facility. This entrance is for authorised MegaCorp personnel and the level of the security is dangerously high. In front of the entrance, there are three sentinels, searching the floor with lights to detect any intruder.

Ratchet: I think it's time to use my man skills again!...
Clank: This... does not sound good to me...
Ratchet: You're thinking too much clank!

Ratchet carefully stepped away from the spotlight of the sentinels. However, in front of them there was a security turret, firing constantly parallel red-hot plasma beams running along the corridor.

Ratchet: Now THAT'S a fitness course!

Ratchet jumped the beams one by one, until he accidentally got detected under the spotlight of a sentinel. The spotlight turned red and the sentinel was aiming at Ratchet, shooting fire, burning orbs.

Ratchet: I think it's time to run now, Clank!
Clank: I got this!

Clank used his Thruster pack to rocket launch Ratchet away from the firing range of the sentinel bot. But the challenges never end. The alarm of the bot invited MegaCorp troopers with their plasma guns fully charged and ready to fire.

Clank: Ratchet, I think it is time to use the Plasma Coil.
Ratchet: Once again, you're thinking what I am thinking!

Ratchet pulled out his Plasma coil. He shot to the wall.

Trooper #1: Ha ha ha. You mi.....

The plasma projectile on the wall shocked all four troopers simultaneously. They were now broken.

They finally reached the end of the facility.

Ratchet: Alright, let's wait here and finally find out what they're up to do in this place.
Clank: Ummm... We do not need to wait. We already have company...
Ratchet: Where??
Clank: Behind you...

Ratchet turned around. Three aliens were looking at them. One of the aliens was larger, because it was the leader of this team.

Leader alien: You have three seconds to use that teleporter and leave this planet. One...
Ratchet: You have one second to avoid my Plasma...
Leader: Two...
Ratchet: That's it, you had this com...
Leader: One...
Ratchet: You're now dead...
Leader: Time's up.

The other two aliens used their Tesla claws to zap Ratchet and Clank, rendering them unconscious.
What is going to happen next? Did the alien species just win? Stay tuned, for more adventures!

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