Ratchet and Clank: The galaxy travelers - Chapter 2

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Ratchet and Clank finally woke up from the attack of the three aliens previously on the MegaCorp Testing Facility on planet Dobbo.

Ratchet: Where are we??

Clank: This place does not look familiar. We must be in some kind of prison.

Ratchet: I agree. However this doesn't look like a prison cell of Thugs4less prison at all. This room is just like an empty box.

Clank: I just looked everywhere and I am sure there is no means of escape. There is no ventilation shaft anywhere. I guess we will have to wait here.

Ratchet: What if this is the purpose of these bastards? To leave us die here from starvation?

Clank: Ahem...

Ratchet: ...or lack of fuel?

Clank: Have you got your weapons?

Ratchet: No. Everything is lost. They must have taken our weapons and gadgets while we were unconscious.

Clank: And the Revolverator?

Ratchet: Everything...

Clank: Using my highly sophisticated computation technology, I have calculated the number of Veldin days we would need in order to escape using our hands to dig through the floor.

Ratchet: Which is?

Clank: About 957 days.

Ratchet: We're doomed...

Clank: Then let's start digging from now.

Ratchet and Clank tried to puncture the floor, but it's made from a hard metal alloy.

Ratchet: It's no use. At least we will have vacation for real, this time for ever...

Suddenly, a whisper was heard from the wall. The person from the neighbor cell was a long time friend.

Person: Hey! Can you hear me? Over here!

Ratchet: Great! We've only been here for 30 minutes and I already hear people speaking...

Clank: Ratchet the person talking is real! I can capture the sound waves. They seem to come from familiar vocal chords...

Person: Ratchet? Clank? Is that you???

Ratchet: Wait... Angela?!

Person: Yes that's right.

Ratchet: Why are you here?

Person(Angela): The same reason as you, I guess. I heard about an invasion on my home planet. I captured some Y.E.T.I.s and trained them to guard my house, in case they came in. Fortunately, I had enough time to train them, since those scumbags were occupied stealing minerals from the mines. When they came back to the surface, they headed towards my house. The Y.E.T.I.s proved powerless in front of their R.Y.N.O. ...

Ratchet: Wait... RYNO?!! I thought they only had a Tesla Claw.

Angela: Yeah... I  guess they stole it from planet Barlow 3 days before that invasion. Anyway, they killed all of my Y.E.T.I.'s and got inside my house. They got everything, until I locked the door. I asked them politely what they wanted from us. They knocked me down unconscious and the next thing I remember is waking up in this freaking metal box!

Ratchet: Have you thought of any way to get out of this place?

Angela: No. There's nothing here...

Ratchet: Well, how did they get us in here in the first place?

Clank: Found it! There are one-way teleporters on the ceiling of this and possibly every cell! It looks like a green lamp.

Angela: There's one in here too!

Ratchet: It's one-way teleporter, meaning it only receives.

Clank: I think if I change the polarity of the lithium energizers, I can change them to transmitters as well.

Ratchet: Then let's hurry up!

Clank managed to change the polarity of the transporter using his antenna. The process didn't take long.

Clank: Almost got it...... Ok, now it's ready!

Clank  turned the portal on. Both Ratchet and Clank were teleported out of the prison cell and they were sent to what seemed like a control room.

Ratchet: Hey, what's that?

Clank: This is a location monitor. ... I am sure it is showing the location of the aliens at the moment and what is their next target.

Ratchet: It seems the aliens now are on Tabora. There are a lot of zirconium crystals in the desert. But... where is this arrow pointing to?

Clank: Umm... It seems their next target is out of this galaxy, particularly in the Solana galaxy. 

Ratchet: Which planet exactly?

Clank: This information is classified. The planet's name is encoded.

Ratchet: Ok. Let's go. Oh wait, I think we need to get Angela out of the cell.

Clank: I think she is in the cell number 23A. Let us teleport in there and change the polarity of the teleporter of the cell.

Ratchet and Clank used the portal to go inside Angela's cell. As soon as they got inside, they modified the one-way portal and all three characters got out of the prison successfully. They walked their way through the ship they were on in order to find a way to leave this planet.

Ratchet: Do you see any aliens here?

Angela: No, it's clear. Let's move!

They looked everywhere, but no escape pod was available.

Ratchet: We've looked everywhere! There's no kind of ship to use and get outta here! What if we just find a window and fall on the planet's surface using your helipack, Clank?

Clank: Hold on. There is a locked door on the next corridor. We need the Infiltrator to unlock it.

Angela: Found it!

Angela is showing an Infiltrator gadget.

Ratchet: Where did you get that??

Angela: I opened the drawer from the office of the previous room.

Ratchet: Great. Let's go through that door.

They unlocked the door. It lead to a large room with four shiny ships.

Ratchet: Do you think this one fits us all?

Angela: Why don't we get an extra one?

Ratchet: We'd better be together the whole time. There's no need to split up yet.

They barely fitted inside one of the ships. A large door in front of the ship opened, revealing the cloudy, stormy sky.

Ratchet: Hey... We were on planet Gorn this whole time! I'm so glad we didn't jump out to this grey hell down there! We would be toasted by the thunderbolts!

They blasted off with the ship. According to the monitor, the aliens have already left planet Tabora, heading to Solana galaxy and the secret planet. They decided to follow the fleet and find out about the mysterious planet.

Ratchet: We'd better hurry up or we'll miss them!

Clank: This ship has a gravimetric warp drive. We can use it to quickly reach them and follow them from behind!

Angela: In case we'll face them, shouldn't we get some weapons first?

Ratchet: We don't have time! Let's hope there will be a weapons vendor on that planet to buy some from there. We need money unfortunately and all bolts are missing...

Clank: Why not use Raritanium? It's more valuable than bolts and the aliens never stole any of it, since it's not metal.

Ratchet: Great idea.

They used the ship's lasers to smash space rocks and gather Raritanium. The Raritanium they collected was enough for three Minirocket Tubes.
They finally reached the planet. Ratchet and Clank got very surprised, since they already knew this planet.

Ratchet: What the...

Angela: What planet is this?

Clank: It's planet Marcadia. It includes one of the largest cities and the Galactic president lives here.

Angela: That doesn't sound good to me!

Ratchet: Then we'd better tell the President!

Ratchet, Clank and Angela landed on the planet. What the aliens are up to still remains a mystery. We'll soon find out more about their plans through the next chapters!

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