Ratchet and Clank: The galaxy travelers - Chapter 5

Weapons of mass destruction

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Ratchet and Clank navigated planet Yeedil, looking for a ship to use and leave the planet.

Ratchet: Let's infiltrate the factory. Someone must have a ship.

Clank: The security level is very high. We are not supposed to be here.

Ratchet: Fortunately I still have the shield charger. We'll find a new ship in no time!

Ratchet and Clank got inside the MegaCorp HQ. There were tens of troopers inside, but they did no damage to them since the shield charger was active. After a while, they found a new ship.

Ratchet: Please tell me this needs a robotic ignition system...

Clank: It does. Every modern ship needs one.

Ratchet: Then power it up!

Ratchet and Clank left the planet at last. 

Ratchet: Wait, now that we're on Bogon, we can go back to Dobbo and check out what's missing from the Testing Facility.

Clank: Great idea. I'll set the coordinates to the automatic navigation system.

The heroes landed on planet Dobbo. The atmosphere was clear this time. However, the facility was defunct from the invasion, so was the security. No sentinels, turrets or troopers were there anymore.

Clank: Well, it seems these aliens cut the power grid. Now the facility is completely useless.

Ratchet: Can you find any computer that shows what happened inside the facility while we were in that prison?

Clank: Unfortunately, all computers need power. The power grid is completely destroyed and there is no way we can fix it.

Ratchet: There must be a list of the experiments here and a log of the actions that happened here.

Clank: Inside this computer there is a diskette with information about the experiments.

Ratchet: We are lucky once again! Let's take that and go back to the Phoenix.

The heroes got into the ship and blasted off to starship Phoenix. They had to decode a data disc and find out what device the aliens took from the facility.

They arrived at the Phoenix.

Ratchet: Hey Al, I need you to decode this recording from the alien's ship. It must contain information about what they were planning to get from planet Yeedil.

Al: Relax, we'll discover that in no time.

Al decoded the disc. It was a recording of the radio communication between the alien ships.

We're under attack. The two trouble makers are again trying to stop us. This time we have to do anything to get the duplication machine from the factory. I think we should temporarily abort the mission and turn all units against these two losers.

Ratchet: So... what were they going to do with that duplication machine?

Clank: This machine is used for making clones of living organisms. I believe they were planning to make more aliens and strengthen their fleet.

Ratchet: Or even modify it to make stronger aliens.

Al: ...or use it to spread their species on the planets they're going to clean up from other organic life forms...

Ratchet: Huh?

Ratchet, Clank and Sasha turn around on Al's computer to see the results from the decoding of the diskette. The data was saying a very powerful experimental interplanetary warhead launcher was stolen from the testing facility of Dobbo.

Clank: Even my circuitry cannot handle the disaster that is going to happen on every planet.

Ratchet: At least we now have the answer to the mystery of their plans. They stole as much metal from the planets as possible in order to fix the experimental machine, make the warheads, fill them with the radioactive poison from Orxon and use them to cremate all citizens of these galaxies...

Clank: And use the duplication machine to fill the planets with their own species.

Ratchet: At least the last one was the initial idea, right? Their first plan is to lead everyone to extinction. I think the spreading of their own species was actually an extra plan.

Sasha: The point is that they're going to kill everybody on this and every neighbor galaxy! 

Ratchet: Well, we still have time to stop them, the same amount of time they need to make the warheads, right?

Al: Ummm... I'm not sure about that. We have a new message.

Al is showing a message that just got sent to the computer.

Ratchet, Clank, President and the Phoenix crew, this is Angela Cross speaking. I was left unconscious from those aliens, but now I'm safe and sound. Anyway, I hope this message get's through to you, this is a life or death issue. If you still don't know what's going on with the aliens, I have to tell you that they are planning to kill everyone from every planet of this galaxy. I know that, because a dozen of ships are here carrying what looks like a large cannon with a glowing green rocket. [EXPLOSION] Which... has just been shot. Oh no..... what's that???........ AAAAAAA.................. [NO SIGNAL] [END OF MESSAGE]

Al: This was sent directly from planet Marcadia, from your house, President.

Ratchet: But... How???? Why did this happen so soon???

Clank: They were obviously stealing more metal, while at the same time making the warheads for the cannon for time saving. They also destroyed planet Marcadia to kill the President to prevent a counter attack from us.

Ratchet: Then we're wasting time here talking! Let's go!... But where?

Al: The twelve ships are going straight to planet Kerwan. They are planning to neutralise the Metropolis!

Ratchet: Let's go!

Sasha: Please constantly send us messages about your progress.

Ratchet and Clank immediately flew to planet Kerwan. They found the alien group and shot a rocket.

Alien #1: These trouble makers are again bothering us!

Alien #2: They shouldn't become a problem. We had enough metal to enhance the shields of the ships. Now the only thing that can stop us is a nuke!

Ratchet: Wha.... Why? Why can't they take a damage?

Clank: Their ships seem to be more secure. They can't take damage from as weak weapons as rockets. 

Ratchet: Tell me about it... They don't even bother to fight back!

Clank: We need something more powerful, such as...

Ratchet: Such as?

Clank: A nuclear bomb.

Ratchet: So... You're asking me to go and find a nuke, or find the materials to make one, from planets that don't even have a trace of uranium and metal in just 50 minutes? We're hosed...

Clank: It's the only thing that can stop it.

Ratchet: Okay, let's try to find one. But we can't let them kill the billions of citizens on this planet!

Clank: I am sorry Ratchet. We are not able to do anything at the moment.

Ratchet and Clank, unable to do anything decided to return back to the Phoenix. They sent a message that they're coming back to the base. Meanwhile, the cannon shot the second warhead, the one to Metropolis. Did the aliens just succeeded in killing the billions of citizens of this planet? What is going to stop them? Stay tuned to find out the answers!

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