Ratchet and Clank: The galaxy travelers - Chapter 4

Ratchet and Clank's second adventure on Bogon Galaxy

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After finding out the next destination of the aliens, Ratchet and Clank are now heading towards planet Orxon. Upon arrival, Ratchet used his O2 mask to navigate safely in the poisonus, radioactive atmosphere of the planet. The heroes were constantly in touch with starship Phoenix.

Ratchet: Clank, let's get prepared. If we have to face the aliens, we'll kill them, for real this time.

Clank: Agreed. They will be... wasted.

Ratchet: Exactly. This landfill will become their next home!

Ratchet and Clank walked on the planet's surface and they finally found the aliens.

Ratchet: There they are! Let's see what they're looking for and if it's not something innocent, we'll kick some...

Clank: Transmission from the Phoenix.

Clank pulled out a radio receiver, used to keep in touch with the starship.

Sasha: I am tracking the ships of the rest of the aliens. They seem not to be interested in this galaxy anymore. They are leaving it.

Ratchet: Isn't it weird that they immediately lost interest in the president as well? They wanted to kill him at first. Does that mean they changed plans?

Sasha: Or it might have been a secondary mission. Whatever they do, they seem they don't want to give any information about what they actually want to do. This is very worrying. Meanwhile, Al is trying to analyse the species by appearance, that is what they actually are and where they come from. He needs a DNA sample to be sure, so please consider getting some from one of them.

Ratchet: Are you serious?? Every time we try to approach them, we end up unconscious!

Sasha: And this is why the ship you got provides a shield charger intended to protect you from the native wildlife. In this case there may not be wildlife, but there is danger to protect from.

Ratchet: Thanks! That's so much helpful.

Ratchet took the shield charger from the ship and he used it to quickly go near the aliens.

Ratchet: Let's change the plan. We won't wait to see what they want in order to attack them. We'll attack them anyway!

Clank: Oh dear...

Ratchet ran into the aliens and, while he was temporarily invincible from the barrier of the shield charger, he knocked them down with his powerful wrench attacks.


Alien: You... and everyone in these galaxies... will get a... taste of your own... medicine...

All the aliens died and not only Ratchet got no clue about their intentions, but also the death of the aliens triggered an alarm to backup troops to get to the planet and finish the initial purpose. Ratchet took a sample of the aliens blood.

Ratchet: Now, let's get back to the Phoenix. A shield can't protect us from all the hundreds of aliens that are coming right now. They are determined to fulfill their needs of radioactive chemicals. 

Clank: At least we got a sample of their genetic material.

Ratchet and Clank got back to the starship.

Sasha: Did you find out anything about their target?

Ratchet: No. One of the aliens just told me they are planing to make us get a taste of our own medicine... What does that mean anyway? Nobody from this and any galaxy did anything harmful to other creatures of other galaxies... did they?

Sasha: I can't think of anything about what that means. Anyway, did you get a sample of the aliens?

Ratchet: Yes, I got a blood sample from one soldier.

Sasha: Great. That will help us determine the species. I'll give it to Al.

Ratchet: Do you have any idea where are they going to?

Sasha: They are already out of this galaxy and our radars can't reach them, they're well out of range. We only know they are on Bogon Galaxy again. I'll give you my ship, it's got the latest radar technology so you can find them while in space.

Ratchet and Clank got inside Sasha's ship and flew to Bogon galaxy again. While on Bogon, they used the radar to determine the position of the fleet. The duo found out the fleet was heading towards planet Yeedil.

Ratchet: They're going directly to the MegaCorp factory! What are they planning to do there? We must stop them. It's so disappointing that we can do nothing to prevent them. Everytime we kill a group, all units are called and arrive at the scene!

Clank: Then we should use bigger guns.

Ratchet: Where are we going to find that kind of firepower?

Clank: We cannot stop them on the land. However the ship includes several weapons to stop them in space.

Ratchet: Let's begin from now.

They accelerated towards the alien fleet. They shot several powerful rockets, destroying 5 of 40 ships of the alien group.

Ratchet: Ha! Down you go!

Clank: Watch out! They're coming for us!

Ratchet: I got this!

Ratchet avoided the enemies' projectiles with a rotation maneuver with the ship. The aliens got more angry and they all shot simultaneously at their ship. The ship's fuel tank got damaged and now they had little time to drop the foreign villains down.

Ratchet: Oh no, we're out of lasers!

Clank: This ship has a self-rocket function. We should teleport to the nearest planet and lead the ship directly towards the group. It will then explode and deliver a tremendous amount of damage to them.

Ratchet: Ok then. Let's teleport on Yeedil and leave the ship do it's job. We should just don't tell Sasha about this!

Ratchet and Clank got teleported on Yeedil, while the ship exploded and destroyed all of the alien ships at once. The heroes now had to find a new ship to stop the aliens from going to their next destination.

Ratchet: Now we need to... borrow one of the MegaCorp employees' ships and go to the aliens again.

Clank: I've got a message from the Phoenix.

Clank showed the communication device used to communicate with the starship.

Al: Hey Ratchet and Clank. I finally found more information about this new species!

Ratchet: Tell us!!

Al: These aliens are a long cousin of the Blargs. Several hundreds of years ago, they used to thrive on a galaxy just 12 light years away from Bogon. However, they are now an endangered species, possibly caused from the lack of resources that large intergalactic companies like Gadgetron found and used for their own development.

Ratchet: This is what this alien said could mean! He meant that we, thriving organisms, used their resources to survive and grow, almost leading them to extinction. Which also means...

Clank:... That they are going to give us a taste of our own medicine... Extinction... This is so... heartless...

Ratchet: Hey look! A destroyed alien's ship is falling towards the surface! 

An alien's ship is falling like a meteorite on the planet. Ratchet and Clank are running into the ship to find a data file of the conversations they might have had.

Ratchet: Hey, I found something! It's a data disc. I wonder what it says.

Clank: We are going to need a new ship in order to escape this planet's gravitation field.

It seems the heroes are getting closer to solving the mystery of their intentions, but they still have to stop them. No news from Angela Cross yet. What is going to happen next? Stay tuned to find out!

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