The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapter 18

Chapter 18-The Fashionistas

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Overtime, they arrived back at Meridian City. They then reunited with their friends back at mission control. Talwyn: "Oh, you're back. So, how did it go?" Kim: "We were able to find and chase out DNAmy." Ratchet: "Yeah…and good thing we did! That woman was callous and sadistic without a reasonable doubt! She turned one area that she was occupying into a psychotic breeding ground for her…sick and twisted creations!" Talwyn: "Hm, Wade informed me about this human and what she does. It was…disturbing to say the least." Clank: "Indeed, her creations are similar to that of chimeras. It was…most frightening." Ratchet: "Yeah, and as if that wasn't bad enough, that location contained an abandoned Lombax research facility."

All of their friends were shocked to hear this. Talwyn, on the other hand, didn't seem too shocked. Talwyn: "Of course. I…I…figured as much…I had thought that planet sounded familiar." Zephyr: "Ah, yes, that was one of several planets that Miss Apogee's missing father was looking into." Cronk: "But of course; he had a list of several planets that were somehow connected to the elusive Lombax species." Ratchet: "I've never encountered something as unsettling as what DNAmy did to that place! I'm still shaken from it! It was disgusting; how she defiled something that was left behind by my own race! It was just awful! Can't believe that she…she…"

As Ratchet was getting more and more riled up, Kim moved up closer to him. She dug her fingers into the side of his head and scratched him behind his left ear. He paused from this and made a deeply mesmerized look on his face that was somewhat derpy but also quite adorable. Ratchet: "Oh…oh, yeah, that feels nice…uh, Kimberly? You wouldn't mind if you could…just little to the…?"

She moved her hand a little and continued scratching. Ratchet: "Oh…yeah, right there, that's the spot."

Everyone watched as this was taking place. Talwyn: "Hm, wow, his mood seemed to have changed awfully quick."

Clank let out another one of his signature giggles. Clank: "This is just a little thing that they like to do. He always loves it whenever she scratches him behind his left ear like that." Qwark: "Ohhhhhhh, so that's what they like to do behind closed doors? And here I thought that they were…uh…doing that…much more personal…and up close thing, if you know what I mean. Rroowr!"

Everyone around gave Qwark a tense look.

Just then, everyone in the room took notice of the holo-screen in the center of the room starting to react for some reason. After a few moments of staring at it, they watched as an image of the Fashionistas appeared on the screen. They looked at the group with conceited smiles on their faces. Kim: "You guys! I should have known that I would see you again." Hoodie: "Oh, the pleasure is all ours, Kim Possible." Ratchet: "Wait a minute. We saw you guys in Opal City a while back when we were still chasing after Camille. Are you guys here in Meridian City right now?" Espadrille: "Yep, thought we might stop by, see the sight. Oh, and we just so happen to have picked a lovely souvenir along the way."

They soon reveal that they were holding Monique captive. She was being restrained by some very stylish belts. Kim and Ratchet were immediately startled to see this. Kim: "Oh, no! Monique!" Monique: "I told them the belt thing was too much and I stick by that, but this is seriously over the top!"

Espadrille slammed Monique on the back of her head with her hand as she shouted at her. Espadrille: "Shut up!" Ratchet: "They must have come here and snatched her while we were taking down DNAmy." Kim: "I can't believe it…! What do you plan to do with her!?" Chino: "Oh, don't worry, we're not going to do anything to her, not if you can reach us before we depart from this city." Ratchet: "Where are you guys right now!?" Espadrille: "We're currently camped out within a lovely skyscraper somewhere within this city that may or may not be far from where you guys are right now. Think you can find us before we decide to leave? We'll give you 10 minutes; nothing more. Be here or we'll be gone."

The screen deactivated, Kim was left devastated. Ratchet, concerned for her, placed his hand on her shoulder. Ratchet: "Don't worry, Kimberly. We'll find her, I promise you that. I promise…"

Kim looked at him; her devastated demeanor seemed to have subsided a bit. Talwyn: "Alright, let's get moving, you guys; there isn't much time."

Talwyn rushed out with Cronk and Zephyr. Qwark rushed out a little afterwards. Kim, Ratchet and Clank stood by for a brief moment. Clank: "Ratchet…Miss Possible."

Kim was still distraught for a bit, but then a serious but calm look grew on her face. Kim: "Let's go."

She walked out. Ratchet and Clank stared at her for a bit before walking out with her.

The minute they stepped outside, they were immediately attacked by robots. Ratchet: "Dang it! We're already getting ambushed!" Kim: "Let's just get through! We don't have time to mess around!"

Kim rushed out, Ratchet and Clank stood by, they exchanged looks with Clank holding his hands up and shrugging his shoulders. He then attached himself to Ratchet's harness, Ratchet rushed off after Kim.

Kim fought viciously against the robots, carrying out several fighting moves and acrobatic feats more fiercely than ever before. This time, Ratchet was the one having a hard time keeping up. Ratchet: "Kimberly! Slow down! I can't…I can't keep up with you!" Kim: "Sorry, Ratchet! I can't; not when Monique is in danger! We have to get to her! We need to reach her before it's too late!" Ratchet: "Kimberly…"

Suddenly, the Kimmunicator went off, Kim answered it. Kim: "What is it, Wade!?" Wade: "Kim, Talwyn just briefed me on what just happened to Monique. I'm sending the infobot to help you guys out." Kim: "Oh…I forgot about that. Thank you, Wade."

Wade's vendor reappeared, transporting the infobot immediately afterwards. She latched herself to Kim's back. Kim: "Let's keep going!"

They continued on.

As they made their way through the city, there were robots coming at them continuously. They fought against the robots without hesitation. However, Kim fought against them with incredible ferocity, much more than Ratchet; making him look like he was holding back too much. She was darting through the city at an incredibly fast and diligent pace; she navigated through almost as though she didn't need any help from the infobot. Ratchet, on the other hand, was still having a very tough time trying to keep up. If he didn't have Clank, he probably never could considering that he was using him more than he usually does. Ratchet: "Kimberly! I know you want to get to Monique, but…I'm really having a very tough time just trying to keep up with you!"

She then grabbed on to his hand and rushed off with him. She continued through as she held on to his hand very tightly. Even with this, he was still a difficult effort to keep up and he seemed to have been slowing her down. Regardless, Kim didn't let go of him even once.

They both eventually found a steady pace for each other as they fought through some more. Soon enough, Talwyn contacted them. Talwyn: "Ratchet, Kim, come in. We were able to track where those terrible humans are. I'll mark the location on your nav-unit." Kim: "Thanks, Tal, we'll be heading over there now. Let's go, guys." Ratchet: "Yeah…sure thing, Kimberly…"

They kept going, fighting off more and more robots. They were making their way to the marked location the best that they possibly could. Soon enough, they arrived at the location in question. Ratchet keeled over, panting while Kim stood and stared up at the skyscraper with a serious look on her face. Kim: "We finally made it." Ratchet: "Thank goodness."

Just then, they heard a loud noise. They looked up and noticed a shuttle exit the skyscraper. They were able to peer into it and saw the Fashionistas along with Monique, still restrained. They were laughing in a conceited manner. Ratchet: "Hey! What gives!? We made it here in less than 10 minutes!" Hoodie: "Sorry, we got bored from waiting, so we decided to leave early." Espadrille: "Come and get us if you can."

They flew off, Kim stood by, clenching her fist; she was deeply enraged. Ratchet: "Something tells me that they were planning on leaving even if we didn't get here too late." Kim: "My thought exactly!" Ratchet: "Talwyn, come in, the Fashionistas are escaping with Monique! We have to stop them!" Talwyn: "Understood! We'll be right over." Ratchet: "Aphelion! We need you over here now! The Fashionistas are trying to get away with Kimberly's friend, Monique." Aphelion: "Affirmative. I'll be right there."

Shortly afterwards, Aphelion arrived. The group got into the ship, with Kim holding the infobot in front of her and they flew off after the Fashionistas. They were joined by Talwyn and Qwark's ships. Ratchet: "Good to see you guys. Alright, remember that Monique is still inside that shuttle along with those vile humans. We need to subdue the shuttle, not destroy it." Talwyn: "Yes, we know." Qwark: "You got it. Let's shoot it out of the sky without obliterating it. Uh…how do we do that?" Ratchet: "Just follow my lead. And whatever you do, don't do anything reckless." Kim: "Yeah, that I would strongly advise against it; very strongly."

They fought against the shuttle, blasting away at it as to be careful to damage it without the risk of blowing it up. They did so by chipping down at its exterior. They would shoot out explosives near it, which helped out. They would use lasers, but kept them at a low level.

The Fashionistas and their hostage, Monique, would watch from directly inside. Espadrille: "Those freaks are really coming at us!" Chino: "Hm…I don't know about you, but they seem to be holding back." Hoodie: "Yeah, I heard that they were a lot more vicious than this." Chino: "It's obvious that they don't want to destroy us." Hoodie: "No kidding, considering that they don't want to run the risk of destroying our cargo."

Monique looked out; she was very concerned for her friends. Monique: "Guys…"

Back outside, the group made every attempt they could to stall the shuttle. Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, the shuttle has sustained heavy damage. We must cease fire if we are to prevent further risk of annihilating it." Ratchet: "We know, Clank, but…we have to make sure that they don't leave with Monique. We may not get a second chance if they do." Kim: "There must be something we can do."

Just then, Wade appeared on the screen on the dashboard. Wade: "Guys, I may have come up with something that will help you out." Ratchet: "I really hope that it does, Wade." Wade: "Well, it's now or never; I've spent a really long time constructing this. It's an EMP. I've built one of these a while back. I would have brought it up sooner, but I had to re-calibrate it to work on a space shuttle. I think I may have finalized it." Kim: "Well, bring it out now! We have to stop them at all costs!" Wade: "Alright, just let me upload the program into the infobot."

Soon enough, Wade got to work on doing just that. Within seconds, the infobot's antennas flashed. It then sent out a shock wave that greatly affected the shuttle. Ratchet: "It's working!" Clank: "But the shuttle's altitude is dropping at an alarming rate. It will crash!" Kim: "We can't let that happen!" Wade: "Not to worry, guys, I've prepared for this; another reason why I was taking so long. Talwyn?" Talwyn: "I'm on it."

A tractor beam was projected from Talwyn's ship. Then one came out of Qwark's and soon enough, Aphelion. The tractor beams latched on to the shuttle, stopping it from falling. They gently lowered it on to a nearby skyscraper. The different groups landed their ships, got out and rushed towards the wrecked shuttle. It began to fall apart as they were approaching it. Cronk and Zephyr blasted through the damaged interior, Qwark ripped through it and tossed aside any of the wrecked pieces he could get his hands on. The entire group was able to find Monique. She seemed somewhat annoyed but in tact. Kim: "Monique!"

She rushed over towards her along with Ratchet, Clank and Talwyn. They helped with removing the belts from her. She stood up afterwards. Kim: "Are you OK?" Monique: "This is NOT how I wanted to spend my visit in this city!" Ratchet: "Uh…sorry, Monique. If only things could have gone better for you…and us." Monique: "Eh, it can't be helped; at least I'm not dead. Thanks for bailing me out of that." Clank: "Anytime, Monique. It was…no…big."

Clank let another of his signature giggle. A little afterwards, Qwark, along with Cronk and Zephyr, retrieved each of the Fashionistas form the wreckage. Qwark: "Vile villains. You won't be getting off scot-free for your heinous deeds." Zephyr: "You are all under arrest for abduction and forceful incarceration." Cronk: "Come quietly so that we won't need to resort to…uh…uh…using force! That's it!" Espadrille: "Ugh, like we're going anywhere with you freaks!" Kim: "Well, that's too bad. You really don't have a choice after what you did." Hoodie: "Hmph! We so wanted to get back at you!" Chino: "Yeah, especially after you brought down our lovely empire." Ratchet: "Oh, please, your "empire" consisted of stealing from other fashion companies and profiting off of those stolen goods. It's people like you that make all humans look bad. At least some of them are no where near as pathetic as you." Monique: "You tell 'em, Lombax!" Hoodie: "And we almost got away. Well, at least we were able to divert your attention long enough." Qwark: "And just what do you evildoers mean by that?" Espadrille: "We've played our roles just fine even though we could have done more, but whatever." Chino: "Everything is falling into place perfectly." Hoodie: "And with that, we don't need our hostage anymore, so we'll just take our leave and meet back with the others."

All 3 of them reached into their pockets and toggled some sort of device from within them. From that, each of them was encased in a pod and they blasted off. The group watched as the pods left the planet. Qwark: "Huh, they could have left anytime they wanted." Ratchet: "Yeah, that's true, this meant that they had an agenda to carry out, in which they needed to stay within this city."

Suddenly, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim answered it. Wade: "Kim! I just picked up on another tower; this time, it's in Meridian City." Kim: "What!?" Ratchet: "Gr! Figures!" Wade: "But…there's something…different about this one…" Pollyx: "Yes, I have noticed this, too, Wade. The technology of this one is more advanced than the others. This is so perplexing." Kim: "Any ideas on why this is?" Pollyx: "Well, silly girl, because the reason why it's so perplexing is obviously because it consists of different readings from the others for some reason. Don't you even use your…" Ratchet: "She meant why it's so different from the others." Pollyx: "Oh! Um…well…we're…not really sure, but we're looking into that. But don't you worry; we'll find the answers to this bewildering mystery, at least…I hope that we do." Kim: "That's not a good sign." Wade: "In the meantime, I'll need to have the infobot transported back. She needs some additional modifications." Kim: "Um, certainly, Wade."

Kim had the infobot transported back to Wade via his vendor. Talwyn: "Come on, let's get back to mission control."

They made their way back to mission control.Soon enough, they arrived back. Monique stood with Kim, Ratchet and Clank. Monique: "Um…thank you…again…for rescuing me…you guys." Clank: "But, of course, Monique. You are a very important person, to us as well as Miss Possible, so we are always happy to help out a friend in need." Ratchet: "Yeah, it's what Clank said; you are just as much our friend as you are Kimberly's. You stuck by us when so many people wouldn't. Humans like you are special. You see me…us…as more than just aliens and robots; you see us as actual people." Monique: "Well, duh, of course I do; that's exactly what you guys are. You're awesome, all of you. Plus…"

She then grabbed on to Ratchet and held him close again. Monique: "You are just so cute! I always want to be around you all the time! How could I possibly resist such an adorable alien cat person? You are just…just sooooo cute!" Ratchet: "Uh! Monique! I…" Kim: "OK, that's enough."

She pulled Ratchet away from Monique. Monique: "Oh! Sorry, Kim, but I mean just look at him! He's just sooo…" Kim: "Yeah, I know." Monique: "And you, too, Clank! Can I give a big hug to our favorite adorable little robot?" Clank: "Uh, that will not be necessary, Monique, but I thank you kindly for your offer." Monique: "Aw…well, let me know when you've changed your mind." Clank: "Will do." Talwyn: "Guys, we have another mission for you. We need you to head for Kerchu City right now. There's a delivery job that is in need of some help." Kim: "Hm, a nice, easy mission. We actually get a break for a change." Ratchet: "Yeah, it'll be like a brief vacation for us." Clank: "Ah, yes, let us get to it, shall we?" Kim: "Sure, let's go, boys."

They make their way back to their ship, took off and left the planet.

They were flying through space on their way to their next destination. They had another chance to chat with each other. Ratchet: "So, Monique has finally decided to quit her job at Club Banana, huh?" Clank: "Hm, I would imagine that you perceive this as good news, Ratchet." Ratchet: "You better believe it, pal! It's about time she walked out on Club Stupid!" Kim: "Yeah, we knew you would react that way." Ratchet: "Well, duh! I have told both you and Monique over and over again just how messed up that chain store is. There were a few times when Monique gave me that tense stare; almost as though she wanted to strangle me. I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that we're finally on the same page about those people." Clank: "Hm, I am sure that I can imagine, considering how frustrated you have been about that store in general since the day you first set foot into one, not to mention that you developed a deep revulsion and contempt towards banana stickers because of their logo." Ratchet: "Oh, for sure! I loathe banana stickers! But, hey, they really have done a lot to help improve my nearly impeccable marksmanship." Kim: "Well, of course; you use them for target practice, after all." Ratchet: "Yeah, that I do, Kimberly, that I do." Kim: "So, any ideas on what this delivery mission could be all about?" Ratchet: "Hm, not really sure. We'll probably hear more about it once we arrive in Kerchu City."

Just then, Talwyn appeared on the screen. Talwyn: "Guys!" Kim: "Huh? Talwyn?" Talwyn: "Change in plans! Cronk, Zephyr and I will handle the delivery mission. You guys need to head for another planet called Tenebrus. Wade just confirmed readings of another human on that planet: some whacko that goes by the alias Gemini."

Kim was immediately startled to hear this, but then a subtle tense look appeared on her face. Kim: "Let's go!" Ratchet: "Aphelion! Plot a course for Tenebrus!" Aphelion: "Affirmative. Changing course now."

The ship turned in another direction and flew off a great speed. Kim: "Before we arrive on Tenebrus, I'll need to brief you guys on Gemini." Ratchet: "We've already been told about this guy." Clank: "Yes, Dr. Director has informed us about her fraternal twin brother. We were requested by her to keep an eye out for him." Ratchet: "So, we already know about Sheldon aka Gemini as he was the leader of Worldwide Evil Empire, or WEE as he called it, but was shut down after you and Ron defeated him during a very unusual case."

Kim giggled under her breath a little. Kim: "Yeah, it was back when Global Justice was researching a key component of my successes to my missions known as "The Ron Factor"." Ratchet: "Oh, yeah! That's right! GJ believed that Ron had actually played a massive role in all of your successes. I remember hearing about that." Clank: "As do I, the whole thing sounded incredibly far-fetched and nonsensical." Ratchet: "You can say that again." Kim: "Gemini caught wind of this and attempted to entice Ron into joining his organization." Clank: "As well as to go so far as to threaten him." Ratchet: "But Gemini ended up thwarted and the rest was history." Kim: "Yeah, exactly." Ratchet: "Hm, as funny as it sounds, you actually saved Gemini from a global-scale humiliation." Clank: "But of course, considering that The Ron Factor was confirmed to be a non-factor." Kim: "Yeah, that does makes sense and I know that Gemini would be furious upon finding out." Clank: "But the project did not turn out to be in vain as Global Justice had found out about an untapped force that they had dubbed "The Rufus Factor"." Ratchet: "Heh, the little guy has shown to be very useful during a lot of your missions, Kimberly." Kim: "Yeah…he has…and so has Ron, to an extent." Ratchet: "Uh…strangely, I agree with you on that. So, any ideas on what Gemini could be doing on this planet?" Kim: "Most likely use it as a new base to reestablish his Worldwide Evil Empire." Ratchet: "You know what? I was thinking the same thing."

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