The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapter 19

Chapter 19-The Return of Gemini

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Author: KPRCFFWriter

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Soon enough, they arrived at the planet Tenebrus. They landed on the surface and got out of the ship. They had a chance to look around for a bit. Ratchet: "Hm, dark and gloomy; yeah, this looks like a perfect place to set up a new evil lair." Kim: "Is it too late to leave for Kerchu City and take on that delivery job?" Ratchet: "Most likely." Kim: "Of course; I thought as much. Oh, well, better to deal with this now than let it prolong and cause more problems later." Clank: "Well said, Miss Possible." Ratchet: "Come on, let's go find this Gemini human and kick him off of this planet."

Kim went back on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade? We were pulled off of the delivery mission and sent to another planet to deal with another one of my old foes. We were told by Talwyn that you've managed to track down another of my old foes." Wade: "Good thing I caught wind of this. I've been working on getting the infobot fixed up before you arrived on that planet. She's not completely renovated but she'll function. Hang on for a sec."

Wade's vendor appeared again. Transported from it was the infobot. She attached herself to Kim's back again; Clank did the same with Ratchet's harness. They rushed outward through the dark and gloomy surroundings at great speed.

Meanwhile from within the building, several men in uniforms watched as the duo approached. One of the men turned around and looked behind him. Agent: "Sir, Kim Possible and that alien boyfriend of hers are approaching our base. Shall we dispatch of them before they enter?"

Further back in the room was Gemini sitting on his master chair, stroking away at his beloved dog, Pepe. Gemini: "No, let them enter, just don't make it easy for them to arrive in this room. Remember: this is part of the master plan." Agent: "Yes, sir."

The duo approached the front door of the facility. Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade? You think you can hack this door?" Wade: "Let me give it a shot…"

Within a short amount of time, the door opened for them. Wade: "There, that should do it." Ratchet: "Way to go, Wade."

They entered the facility. Wade: "Hm…that was a little too easy. I don't like this, you guys." Kim: "Yeah, something just isn't right…I have a bad feeling about this." Ratchet: "So do I, Kimberly. Let's keep our guard up so that we don't fall into any…"

Just then, the alarm went off, startling them both. Ratchet: "Traps?"

They looked out in front of them and saw a whole hoard of robots before them. Ratchet: "Uh…I get the feeling that Gemini was...expecting us." Kim: "Yeah, that's a given." Ratchet: "No way we're letting that nutcase slow us down! Let's go!"

They rushed out towards the robots and began fighting them off. It was a long run through. With the entire place being massive and robots coming at them every step of the way, the fight through was extensive to say the least. As this was occurring, Gemini was watching from his master control room.

At one point during the long battle, Clank began to notice something. Clank: "Hm…how very peculiar." Kim: "What is it, Clank?" Clank: "My scanners have identified these robots to be very similar to the ones that we have fought against when we were taking down Drakken and Shego." Ratchet: "What? Are you serious, Clank?" Clank: "I am positive. I can also detect readings very similar to the robots we have fought in Opal City." Kim: "Back when we were chasing after Camille Leon?" Clank: "Precisely." Ratchet: "So, we've basically been fighting the same set of robots every single time we come across another of Kimberly's old foes." Clank: "Hm…more or less. They all consist of the same readings. Although, the designs and models are distinctively different; it took a while to find these common reading." Kim: "What could all of this mean?" Ratchet: "Hm…between this and the towers, it's apparent that we're dealing with an outside source that goes beyond anything from this galaxy and all of your old foes are involved in this." Kim: "Of course, as we perceived earlier. I can't believe this. Just what exactly is going on here?" Ratchet: "I don't know, but we're going to find out sooner or later. Something tells me that we'll get to the bottom of this once we thwart all of your old foes."

They continued in further, fighting off more and more robots. It was indeed a massive so they had to climb floor after floor. For each floor that they climbed up to, the amount of robots that they had to fight increased. It was very much a really tough battle through. This went on for a massive amount of time; it seemed almost as though there was no end in sight.

As they reached the final floor, they were faced with the most fierce, tough and bulky robots that they had ever faced at the time. Despite all of that, they were able to fight through; however, it took them a very long time. In fact, it was a lot longer than the previous floors. It was without a doubt their most brutal fight yet and there were times when they couldn't fight through. After they demolished all of the robots, they progressed further without any more interruptions.

Eventually, they made it towards a massive metal door and stood before it. Ratchet: "So…this is where Gemini is." Kim: "I would think so." Ratchet: "I really hope he didn't get too comfortable, because we're going to chase him out." Kim: "Oh, yeah. Let's do this!"

They made their way through the door. Inside, they noticed Gemini as he sat on his master chair, with his beloved dog still in his hands.. Gemini: "Ah, Kim Possible. Welcome, you have arrived at last, and you must be Kim Possible's special alien friend." Ratchet: "Well, well, Gemini, we meet at last, or should I say…Sheldon?"

Gemini stood up from his seat almost instantaneously. Gemini: "What!? You have spoken to my sister, haven't you!?" Ratchet: "Uh, yeah, your sister Betty called up me and Clank, suspecting that you've escaped into space. She wants you to come home…now!" Gemini: "Grr! No way am I returning home! My dear sister had me thrown in prison after our last ordeal!" Ratchet: "Uh, right; you must be referring to the time when you stole "The Ron Factor" and attempted to use him for your evil empire."

Gemini then became even more enraged. Gemini: "How dare you mention that to me! Do you know how humiliating it is that I attempted to obtain and use a non-factor!? I never want to hear anything about "The Ron Factor" ever again!"

Clank let out another of his signature giggles. Clank: "You know, The Ron Factor may not have been any super special untapped force of the Universe, but it is special in its own unique way, none the less." Ratchet: "Yeah, you can say that again, pal. Although not exactly anything that's incredibly powerful, he still plays a very important role in all of our lives."

Kim grabbed placed her left elbow on to her right hand and placed her other hand on her face as she tilted her head and looked to her left. Kim: "Yeah…he does…" Ratchet: "But let's forget about that for a minute. It's like I mentioned before, Dr. Director gave us a very special request to keep an eye out for you and then force you to return to Earth so that they'll have your rear end hauled back to prison, where you belong!"

Kim dropped both of her hands and she looked directly towards Gemini. Kim: "Oh, for sure. Don't think for a second that we'll allow you to stay here any longer!" Gemini: "Oh, we'll see about that."

He snapped his fingers, which summoned many robots at once to attack the group. Ratchet: "Oh, boy, here we go again." Kim: "And so it begins."

They fought against the robots as they came at them. They were the same as the ones that they have fought just earlier only much tougher more vicious. This fight was indeed a lot tougher than the ones that they have faced throughout the entire way through; including the one they had faced just earlier. It seemed to have gone on for a very long time, but they eventually managed against them and brought all of them down.

Despite this defeat, Gemini was still had another trick up his sleeve. Gemini: "The time is now! Bring out the Evil Death-bot!" Kim: "The what?"

Soon enough, a massive metal door nearby opened up; emerging from behind it was a gigantic and very sturdy looking robot. Kim and Ratchet stood before it as it approached them. It was about to attack. Ratchet: "Well…uh…we're…going to be…in for one really tough fight." Kim: "Uh, no kidding."

They were just getting themselves ready for a very tough battle. Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible! The readings of that massive robot are very similar to that of the one we have faced off against back when we were still dealing with Monkey Fist." Ratchet: "Yeah, it's pretty much like that; except it's not a massive monkey robot!" Kim: "That doesn't make it any less lethal." Ratchet: "No…it doesn't."

The fought against the massive bot, chipping it down bit by bit continuously. It was without any doubt a really long fight; perhaps their longest one yet, as it was very, very bulky and extremely hard to bring down. Gemini continued watching as this fight was occurring. As the fight was coming near the end, he signaled his agents, then walked out with them.

Within much time, the robot was finally destroyed. The whole group stood before the wreckage for a bit. Kim: "Ugh! Finally! Thought we'd never bring it down!" Ratchet: "Yeah! Thank goodness! Now let's go after…"

They looked directly towards the back of the room and immediately noticed that Gemini was gone as well as his agents. Ratchet: "Huh? Where did he go?"

Kim let out an annoyed grunt. Kim: "Must have taken off and left while we were still fighting that robot." Ratchet: "Guess there's nothing left for us here. Come on, let's get back to Meridian City."

They rushed back to their ship, took off and left the planet. Soon enough, another of the mysterious towers appeared near the base.

At that time, Gemini was seen flying off aboard another ship. Gemini sat on another master chair with his dog on his lap; he had a sinister sneer on his face while pressing the tips of his fingers together. Gemini: "Yes, everything is falling into place perfectly. All we need is one more massive distraction for our meddlesome friends and then the final part of the Master Plan will be ready."

After another long flight, they arrived back in Meridian City. They soon reunited with their friends. Ratchet: "Hey, guys, we're back. So, how did…"

Soon enough, they spotted Ron and Yori within the room. They were very surprised to see them again. Ratchet: "Ron! Yori!"

They ran towards the two. Ron: "Hey! KP! Ratchet! Clank! How's it going?" Kim: "What are you guys doing here?" Yori: "We have come to check up on you both to see how you have been fairing. Stoppable-San and I have been most concerned for you ever since we last parted." Clank: "Well, that is awfully nice of you, Ron and Miss Yori, but we are doing very well, so there is no need to worry about us." Ron: "Oh, um, OK. Well, we thought we would stop by, anyway. We really wanted to see you guys again." Yori: "Indeed, we have missed you so much, so we have been anticipating another encounter with you; we have indeed been very eager to meet with you again." Kim: "Well, we have been looking forward to seeing you guys again, too." Ron: "And we also know how much Rufus has been missing Clank."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket. Rufus: "Clank!"

He jumped out of Ron's pocket and directly on to the palms of Clank's hands. Clank: "It is so good to see you again, Rufus." Rufus: "Yay, Clank!" Ron: "So, did you find and thwart more of our old foes since we last met?" Ratchet: "Sure did. We just got back from bringing down Gemini." Ron: "Gemini? Oh, not that guy again!" Kim: "Yeah, I feel the same way, so thank goodness that we were able to finish up with that, although…something very strange has been going on." Ratchet: "Yeah, we've noticed a few things that have connected all of these old foes of yours; almost as though…they're working together on something, but we don't exactly know what." Yori: "Hm, yes, from what Talwyn has been informing us, you guys have been encountering some unusual towers on each of these planets where you have faced off against your foes." Ron: "There was even one of those bizarre tower thingies on that other planet where we took down Monkey Fist. I'm not sure if you guys saw that one." Ratchet: "No, we didn't, but we already know that there is one there, Ron." Ron: "Oh, well, in that case, I hear that Wade has been looking into them. How much has he been able to find out?" Ratchet: "Uh…not much." Kim: "But we are able to find out that all of them consist of some very advanced technology beyond anything we have ever seen before." Ratchet: "Even the Terachnoids are puzzled by this and they're one of the most intelligent species in the galaxy." Yori: "Hm, all of these alien species are beyond what I could understand, but to hear about something like this very troubling." Clank: "Yes, indeed."

Just then, Wade appeared on the holo-screen within the center of the room. Wade: "Hey, guys." Ron: "Hey! Wade! How's it going, pal?" Wade: "Oh, hey, Ron. I heard that you and Yori were on a mission on Florana." Ron: "Yep, sure was." Wade: "I can't believe you were on Florana and all the way in the Solana Galaxy! That's incredible!" Yori: "Yes, it was truly an experience like none other. It was quite exciting." Kim: "So, Wade, did you find out anything else about those towers?" Wade: "Um…no…not me specifically. Pollyx wanted to share some things that he just recently found out."

Soon enough, an image of Pollyx appeared on the screen alongside Wade. Pollyx: "Greetings, everyone…plus, a few new faces." Wade: "Ron, Yori, this is Pollyx; he's a Terachnoid. He's been helping us out with analyzing these towers after we encountered him during one of our missions. Pollyx, that's Ron and Yori; they're good friend of Kim and Ratchet." Pollyx: "Ah, yes, hello. It is a pleasure to meet you, primitive monkeys." Talwyn: "Pollyx!"

Everyone in the room gave Pollyx a tense look. Wade: "Alright, go ahead and tell them what you just found out." Pollyx: "Yes, well, the towers themselves consist of a highly advanced and incredibly powerful electrostatic discharge, a type of EMP." Talwyn: "You mean an electromagnetic pulse?" Pollyx: "Correct." Ron: "That…doesn't sound good." Pollyx: "Yes, it is a very concentrated discharge that can affect all forms of technology that it comes in contact with. From what I have been able to find out from analyzing these towers, they also have the ability to control all forms of technology." Kim: "All form of technology!? Including Terachnoid machinery!?" Pollyx: "As infuriating as that is, yes." Wade: "With that kind of influence over all of these planets, there's no telling what could happen." Ratchet: "But these towers were placed on only several planets within the galaxy, not all of them. Correct?" Wade: "Yeah and these towers will only effect the planets that they're on." Kim: "But that doesn't explain why all of them need to be connected to one another." Ratchet: "Maybe they need to connect to each other in order to retrieve signals from the main receiver?" Wade: "I don't think so. They can receive those signals on their own just fine. Something tells me that there's another purpose behind this. I've looked into the data and found out that the towers need to connect to each other in order to carry out a specific purpose, but I still haven't found out that what that is, not yet." Talwyn: "But what of the planets that these towers are on? Is there any specific reason why they have each of them?" Wade: "I think so…but again, I haven't found that out, yet. Rest assured, I will." Ratchet: "Of course, we'll hold you to that, Wade." Pollyx: "And while he does that, I'll continue analyzing the towers so that I'll find a way to disable them." Talwyn: "No dirty tricks, Pollyx; don't forget that you're on thin ice!" Pollyx: "Uh, yes, of course; think nothing of it." Wade: "I did manage to look up all of the planets that these towers were placed on and I'm so close to finding out what they do. There's still 1 planet that you guys have yet to visit. It's named Yerek."

Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr immediately became surprised from hearing this. Talwyn: "Yerek!? But…that planet is within a forbidden sector!" Wade: "Yeah, I know, I did read about the rumors that the entire sector is under the control of an evil witch. There have been records of bizarre phenomena occurring within that sector as well as the planets within it. Inexplicable incidents of levitation, unusual earthquakes, unnatural weather, machines shutting down without any known cause; the list just goes on and on." Ron: "There's NO way I'm going anywhere near THAT spooky sector! All of that sounds really creepy!" Ratchet: "You don't have to go if you don't want to, Ron. I'll be going with Kimberly and Clank." Kim: "Yes, considering that we still have one more of our old enemies that we need to deal with." Ratchet: "So, who are we going up against this time, Wade?" Wade: "It's someone that we haven't seen in a very long time; someone that Ron took part in foiling when he wrote that article about her." Ron: "Oh! Yeah! I remember that!" Kim: "Hm, yeah, it has been a while since we've dealt with her. This will be one very interesting homecoming." Clank: "Uh, just who are you guys referring to?" Ratchet: "I think I have a good idea who they're talking about; the fake stunt woman, herself: Adrena Lynn." Kim: "Yes, exactly."

Clank thought for a moment. Clank: "Hm…" Ratchet: "Come on, pal, we'll tell you about it on the way there."

Ratchet walked off along with Kim. Clank stood by and continued thinking for a bit. Clank: "Hm…Adrena…Lynn. Adrena…Lynn. Adrena-Lynn? Oh! I get it now."

Clank let out another giggled, then rushed off after Kim and Ratchet. Clank: "Ratchet! Miss Possible! Wait up!"

They got back into their ship, took off and left for Yerek.

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