The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapter 4

Chapter 4-The Bebes Strike Back

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As they flew through space, they contacted Talwyn. Ratchet: "Talwyn, you there?" Talwyn: "Yeah, I'm here. I take it you guys are going to tell us everything you know about the Bebes?" Ratchet: "Yes. We are." Talwyn: "OK, so who exactly are they?" Kim: "The Bebes are extremely dangerous androids." Ratchet: "Yeah and perhaps the most advanced form of robotics to ever be built by humans. Kimberly has struggled against them the few times that she encountered them." Kim: "But it did take some ingenuity as well as a few sneaky tricks to bring them down. They were really tough." Talwyn: "I see. So, who built these incredibly advanced and lethal androids?" Ratchet: "Believe it or not, it was Drakken who built them." Talwyn: "Drakken? You mean that nutcase human you defeated just recently?" Ratchet: "The very same." Clank: "Those female androids are indeed formidable fighters but they have shown to be easily vulnerable to alien weaponry." Ratchet: "Yeah, considering that they were built by a human." Talwyn: "I see. So, if they really are so easy to harm, then why are you guys in such a rush to get to them?" Ratchet: "Like I said, they are very likely the most advanced form of robotics to have ever been built by humans. They were built with AI, so they are capable of thinking, which is something that very few robots built by humans have. They're so advanced that not even Drakken could control them." Kim: "The Bebes believe themselves to be perfect or at least should be and if they believe that they aren't, then they would strive for perfection." Clank: "I believe that their defeat by our hands has threatened such perfection so I am to perceive that they would want to accommodate for such." Ratchet: "I was thinking the same thing and from what we've found out, the planet that they're on is colonized by Grummelnet for its resources." Kim: "I would imagine that they'd want to take those resources and use them on themselves." Talwyn: "Yes, that does make sense. Who knows what those androids could be capable of once that happens?" Ratchet: "Which is exactly what we need to get over there before it's too late." Talwyn: "Understood. No wonder you guys are in such a rush." Kim: "Exactly." Talwyn: "Well, be careful, you guys. I don't want anything to happen to any of you." Ratchet: "Yes…neither do we."

Soon enough, they were approaching the next planet. Aphelion: "We are now entering Proteus VII."

As soon as they arrived, they were landing the ship. Aphelion: "I'm picking up hostile androids within the surrounding area. My readings indicate that they are extremely dangerous. Please be careful." Kim: "Of course, we're very well aware of that."

They got out immediately after landing. Ratchet: "Come on, guys, let's go find those androids and stop them."

Kim and Clank nodded. Not too far from where the group was, they were being observed by the dangerous androids. Bebe 1: "Analysis: confirmed. Kim Possible has come." Bebe 2: "Also, alien life form recognized as affiliated with Kim Possible. Conclusion: indefinite enemy of Bebes." Bebe 3: "Also recognized is traitorous, squishie-loving robot." Bebe 1: "Objective: foil Bebes' plan to achieve perfection." Bebe 2: "Recognized as potential threat to Bebes' plans of achieving perfection." Bebe 3: "Must not allow threat to remain active." Bebes: "Conclusion: Bebes must eradicate threat."

At that time, Kim went on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, how's that infobot doing? Is she ready to return to the field?" Wade: "Yep, we just finished up with a lot of the maintenance work. I'll send her back to you guys now."

Wade's vendor reappeared, transported from it was the female bot. She made her way back to the group. Wade: "Dr. Possible and I have been working real hard on her to have her sent back to you guys. We'll need to have you return her as soon as you guys are finished on that planet." Kim: "OK, got it."

The infobot morphed back to her backpack form and reattached herself to Kim's back. Clank did the same with Ratchet. The group rushed off.

As they hurried through the entire area, they fought through many enemies. They spoke with their other friends via communicators along the way. Wade: "Kim, Ratchet, Clank, come in. Are you guys there?" Kim: "Yeah, Wade, we're here." Ratchet: "Do you have anything on the Bebes?" Wade: "Yeah, I'm picking up on their readings all over the place, but…there's something else about them that I've noticed…something…strange…" Talwyn: "I've noticed it, too, Wade. The readings seem to be a mix of…Earth technology and…Grummelnet equipment as well as equipment from several other worlds throughout Polaris." Clank: "Hm…it may seem that those lethal androids have already infused themselves with multiple advanced technology." Kim: "So, they've already began to remodify themselves." Ratchet: "That's not good." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, we must hurry, time is short."

They continued on through. Soon enough, they came across one of the Bebes. Ratchet: "Kimberly! Look!" Kim: "Yeah, I've noticed." Bebe: "Analysis: confirmed. Recognized as potential threat to Bebes' objective, such that was identified earlier by Bebes. Must neutralize threat."

The android began to attack them. Cronk: "So that must be one of them Bebe bots." Zephyr: "Yowza! That android sure is deadly!" Cronk: "Yeah, I have to admit, that is one fine lookin' bot." Zephyr: "Cronk! Don't go swoonin' over the enemy, ya durn fool!"

They continued to fight over the Bebe bot a bit more. Soon enough, they were able to subdue it. It short-circuited a little. Bebe: "Error. Integration too insufficient. Threat still can not be neutralized. Bebes must become stronger."

It departed from the scene. Ratchet: "Geez! That android was tougher than the last time we fought against it." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, I am detecting small traces of Polaris integral apparatus integrated into that Earthly android." Ratchet: "How much was installed into that android?" Clank: "Approx. 23%." Kim: "Huh, that's hardly much." Clank: "Its fortitude and might has slightly increased from this modification. It is indeed insufficient but the improvement is already distinguishable." Ratchet: "Yeah, it was tough, but still far from unbeatable. Come on, let's make sure it stays that way."

They continued on further. As they rushed through, they fought off more enemies. Just then, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim answered it. Wade: "Guys, I'm analyzing the Bebes at the moment. I think I'm able to pick up on a slight weakness to their integration, but I'll need to look into the data a bit more just to be certain." Ratchet: "Keep at it, Wade. We're most likely going to need it to bring down the Bebes."

They ran and fought through some more. Nearby, another of the Bebes was observing them. Soon enough, it leapt up and landed directly near them. Ratchet: "Uh-oh! Another one!" Bebe: "Analysis: Confirmed. Threat still active. Threat still potential. Must annihilate immediately."

It began to fight against them. It seemed to be much tougher than the last one as well as faster and more vicious. Ratchet: "Whoa! This one's really going all out on us! And I thought the last one was brutal!" Clank: "I am picking up on more of the apparatus integrated into this one. Its modifications have been confirmed to be uploaded by 43%." Kim: "That's not a lot but it is much tougher than the last one. Even with the changes not stretching out so far, they're shown to be very effective."

This fight took longer than the previous but the robot was eventually subdued. It short-circuited a little. Bebe: "Error. Modification still too insufficient. Bebes must become even stronger. Bebes still must continue to achieve perfection."

It fled the scene. Ratchet: "That was a close one." Kim: "We have to keep going. The Bebes are becoming even more dangerous." Clank: "Yes, it will not be long before they become greatly overpowered. Time is of the essence."

They continued on some more. Along the way, they fought through the area. More and more enemies were spawning around them but they persisted through further. Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, how's the analysis coming along?" Wade: "I just got finished up with that. I've found a potential weakness from their modifications. I'm already working on something to exploit that weakness and completely thwart their remodification plan." Ratchet: "That's great! Get that finished up because we're really going to need it." Wade: "I know, guys. Just hang in there, OK?"

They progressed further through the area as fast as they could, fighting off more enemies. At that time, the Bebes gathered within another part of the area nearby. The first 2 were getting themselves remodified. Bebe 1: "Modifications with alien technology have made Bebes even stronger, but modifications are still insufficient to neutralize threat." Bebe 2: "Bebes still not strong enough. Bebes must become even more powerful, still." Bebe 3: "Threat has shown to be dwindling in strength, but threat can not be eradicated." Bebe 1: "Threat continues to be persisting." Bebe 2: "Threat will stop at nothing to hinder Bebes' attempt to become even stronger." Bebes: "This is a problem." Bebe 3: "Threat must be eradicated in order for Bebes to become stronger. I must eradicate threat. I will eradicate threat indefinitely.

The fight through progressed on. As they reached another area, a massive shockwave took them by surprise. Ratchet: "Whoa!" Kim: "What was that!?"

Emerging from the shockwave was another of the Bebes. Bebe: "Recognized as enemies of Bebes and indefinite threat. Threat perceived as persisting and an annoyance. Must terminate threat here…and now."

The robot began fighting. This time, it unleashed devastating attacks that the others didn't have, including the shockwave attack. Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, our situation has become dire. I am picking up a 78% integration of Polaris integral technology. Much of the equipment consists of that which the previous 2 Bebes did not have." Kim: "78%? That's a lot!" Ratchet: "Not to mention these other mods have made this one even more lethal! This really isn't good." Bebe: "Must eradicate threat. Threat must not be permitted to stand in the way of Bebes achieving perfection." Kim: "We can't let that happen." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree with you on that, Kimberly."

The battle lasted much longer than the one before. The android was coming down on them really hard with one vicious attack after another. After progressing very, very long, the android was subdued. It short-circuited a little. Bebe: "Error, error. Sufficiency levels of integration still absent. Still can not annihilate threat. Installation must reach maximum levels. Bebes will eradicate threat then. Bebes must eradicate threat. Threat will hinder Bebes' obtainment of absolute perfection."

The android rushed out. After the battle, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Wade: "Guys, I have some good news and some bad news." Kim: "Please tell us that the good news is reassuring!" Wade: "I just finished up on assembling a sonic emitter. It's built to exploit the weakness of those alien parts that I have picked up on and looked into. It should be able to cause a severe malfunction to those parts and greatly damage the Bebes." Ratchet: "In other words, the sonic emitter will use their own mods against them. Nice one, Wade." Wade: "But…here's where the bad news comes in. If their modification reaches 100% completion, then they'll become completely invulnerable. The sonic emitter will be ineffective." Clank: "Their modifications are already completed by a little more than ¾." Ratchet: "We don't have a lot of time left. We have to hurry and find those androids before they're completely remodified." Kim: "Let's go."

They continued further. They rushed through the area, faster than they have before. They were really in a hurry this time as they had a good reason to. They fought through more and more enemies without hesitating for even a second. They kept going until they came across all 3 of the Bebes. Ratchet: "Alright, there they are." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible. This situation has become even more dire. I am picking up on a 97% completion rate of their modifications." Kim: "What!? They completed that much already!?!" Ratchet: "Oh, no, our time really has been cut short. That sonic emitter is our only hope of stopping these androids. It's now or never, guys!"

They stood before the Bebes as they were about to fight. Bebe 1: "Analysis: confirmed. Threat is on approach." Bebe 2: "Threat has proven to be difficult to eradicate. Bebes' modifications were insufficient." Bebe 3: "Bebes should be stronger now." Bebes: "Bebes must annihilate threat."

The fight had begun. The Bebes were shown to be even stronger and a lot more vicious than the last time they fought against them. They had a number of even more powerful attacks and many more weaponry that they didn't have before.

Within a short amount of time, Ratchet and Kim were having a very tough time staying on their feet. Ratchet: "Man, these robots really took on some massive changes! I can't even lay a scratch on them!" Kim: "I know. We may not stand a chance, not even with our advanced weaponry." Clank: "The Bebes have become mostly consistent of technology dissimilar to that built by humans. Such drastic changes have made them much more formidable and have greatly diminished their susceptibility to our weaponry." Bebe 1: "Analysis: Bebes have been easily susceptible to alien weaponry." Bebe 2: "Solution: Bebes must infuse themselves with alien technology in order to counteract that troublesome inconvenience." Bebe 3: "Bebes must be tougher, Bebes must be stronger, Bebes must be invulnerable." Bebes: "Bebes must be invincible, Bebes must be perfect." Ratchet: "These robots won't go down easily this time, guys." Kim: "Apparently."

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Wade: "Guys, I've managed to finish assembling the sonic emitter. It's good to go." Ratchet: "That's great, Wade. Some time before too late would be greatly appreciated." Wade: "Got it, I'll get right on that." Ratchet: "Please and thank you."

Wade switched on the sonic emitter. A massive, high-pitched sound was broadcasted from the Kimmunicator. The Bebes were immediately affected by it. Bebe 1: "Warning, w-w-w-warning. Sonic emitter d-d-d-detected." Bebe 2: "Tr-tr-tr-trace of sound wave must be c-c-c-confirmed." Bebe 3: "M-m-m-m-must seek o-o-o-out source o-o-o-o-of sonic e-e-e-emitter."

The fight continued. The Bebes viciously, but they were showing signs of being badly effected by the sonic emitter. They were short-circuiting and their attacks were also badly affected. They could not fight well or land any of their attacks more accurately. As the fight progressed on, they were getting worse. Their short-circuiting has also grown much worse. Bebe 1: "Danger. System mal-mal-mal-malfunctioning." Bebe 2: "Mo-mo-mo-modifications have been br-br-br-breached." Bebe 3: "Sy-sy-sy-system f-f-f-failure immi-mmi-immi-imminent."

Soon enough, explosions were set off all over the Bebes. From them, they were being badly damaged. They were brought down easily. Ratchet: "Well, so much for being invulnerable." Kim: "Great work, Wade. Everything worked out as smoothly as we hoped that it would." Ratchet: "And not a moment too soon. We barely made that in time." Clank: "I believe the Bebes and their modifications have been…compromised. We will not need to worry about them any longer." Ratchet: "Come on, let's get back to Aphelion."

They rushed back towards the ship.

Shortly afterwards, the damages done to the Bebes were miraculously repaired. The Bebes then stood back up. Bebe 1: "Sensors indicate modifications have been destroyed. This is unfortunate." Bebe 2: "However, master plan is still in affect. Bebes have played their roles admirably." Bebe 3: "Reestablishment of modifications is viable." Bebes: "We must return to base."

The Bebes launched themselves into the sky with the use of rockets built into their systems. The group immediately took notice of the Bebes flying off and leaving the planet. Ratchet: "What the…?"

Kim then turned the other way and spotted something that greatly startled her. Kim: "Guys! Look!"

Ratchet and Clank both turned towards that direction and spotted exactly what Kim saw. Ratchet: "Whoa! That's…"

Sure enough, they spotted another tower. It looked exactly like the one that they spotted a while ago. Ratchet: "It's another tower! It looks exactly like the one we saw on Praxis XII." Kim: "Hm…what are these…towers?" Ratchet: "Come on, we need to get back to Meridian City." Kim: "Uh…yeah, of course. We'll have Wade look into this on our way back."

They arrived back where the ship was landed. Kim had the infobot transported back with the use of Wade's vendor. They got back into the ship and from there, they off and left the planet.

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