The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapter 6

Chapter 6-The Terachnos Moonbase

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Soon enough, they were approaching planet Terachnos. Aphelion: "Now approaching the Terachnos moon base. Warning. Warning. I'm detecting massive defenses from the moon base. We must proceed with caution."

Within very little time, many defense drones emerged from the moon base and flew towards Aphelion. Kim: "Whoa!" Clank: "Incoming drones." Kim: "Yeah, I can see that." Ratchet: "No doubt that we're not welcome here." Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. Are you there?" Ratchet: "Yeah, we're here. We just arrived at the moon base orbiting Terachnos." Kim: "It seems that Professor Dementor has just sent his drones after us. We'll need to fight them off to get inside." Talwyn: "Roger that. We'll be there to help you guys out as soon as we can." Ratchet: "Thanks, Tal. Guess we'll be doing some space combat. You guys think you can handle this?" Kim: "Of course." Clank: "We are ready as we will ever be." Ratchet: "Alright. Let's go."

They got on to fighting the defense drones. During the fight, the group remained in contact with Talwyn and her old robot cronies. Kim: "So, Talwyn, while we still have the time, perhaps we should brief you on what we know about Professor Dementor?" Talwyn: "That's OK, Kim, Wade told us everything we need to know. There really wasn't much to say about him, although he did mention that he is kind of a rival to your other arch-foe, Dr. Drakken." Ratchet: "Huh, how about that; Drakken has a rival in the villain's department. I take it Dementor thinks of himself as being more superior to Drakken." Talwyn: "From what I've heard, that's a given. Dementor doesn't even think of Drakken as someone who comes close to being his equal."

Kim and Ratchet started giggling. Ratchet: "Yeah, that doesn't come as a surprise to me at all." Talwyn: "Hm…this guy, even though he is someone that I find to be greatly detestable, he's actually…kind of impressive for a villain. He has better equipment at his disposal, his henchmen are well staffed and his finances are really good; he has a lot of great things under his belt. It's no wonder why he thinks of himself as a more superior evil mastermind." Kim: "Yeah, Professor Dementor has so much more under his belt, especially the fact that he's much more financed, as opposed to Drakken, who's constantly in debt." Ratchet: "These guys don't like each other very much, do they?" Kim: "No, they don't. They've always had like a bitter rivalry with one another. At one point, Drakken tricked me into stealing from Dementor."

Ratchet almost cracked up. Ratchet: "Hold on a sec! Drakken tried to steal from Dementor? And he actually used you to commit the theft? Geez, Drakken must seriously be lousy with building machinery to want to steal from his long hated rival." Kim: "Yeah…My encounters with Dementor have been…unpleasant ever since." Talwyn: "Wow, um, yeah, I agree with Ratchet on that. Dementor's an incredible engineer, so it's no surprise that Drakken wanted to steal from him." Clank: "Hm, Drakken is indeed quite an…um…unusual fellow." Ratchet: "Heh, no kidding, the guy can be a…a bit of an enigma." Cronk: "Hmph. You can say that again. From what that Wade feller told us, he has that Dementor guy's phone number on speed dial." Zephyr: "I know, right? He displays such resentment towards him, so why have his number on speed dial? Perhaps they don't hate each other so much, after all." Ratchet: "I don't know, guys. Drakken is hardly ever straight forward, so he can be difficult to understand. But…you know…you could be right that, Zeph. Maybe they don't hate each other so much. Hm…"

Soon enough, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr arrived in their ship. Kim: "Guys! You made it!" Talwyn: "Yeah, I was hoping that we weren't too late." Ratchet: "Not at all. Think you can help us out with the moon base defenses?" Talwyn: "Um, certainly. We were informed by Wade that it has an interior security function that locks out any unwanted guests. I'll need to hack the security in order to deactivate those locks." Kim: "Then that means we'll need to cover you guys while you get on with that." Talwyn: "You've got it." Ratchet: "No problem. Just leave that to us. You get on doing what you need to do." Talwyn: "OK, be careful, you guys." Kim: "Same to you."

The 2 ships went in different directions. Talwyn placed hers near the moon base and remained there. The Aphelion continued to fight off the drones. Several times, the drones went for Talwyn's ship. Thankfully, Ratchet, Kim and Clank were able to keep them off. This went on for an extended period of time.

Shortly afterwards, the moon base did something that the group didn't see coming. There were lasers and turrets firing at them. Both ships were hit. Kim: "Whoa! What was that!?" Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, I am picking up on the source of those direct attacks coming from the moon base." Ratchet: "So, Dementor has decided to attack us directly from within his domain, huh? Well, let's see how he likes a few countermeasures from…" Talwyn: "Ratchet! Wait!" Ratchet: "Huh? What is it, Tal?" Talwyn: "The weaponry and defenses from within the moon base are impenetrable; you'll never be able to shoot them down. Wade is already working on hacking the defenses and shutting them down from the inside." Ratchet: "OK, got it." Kim: "Let's hope he gets them shut down before we get blown to bits."

As the fight continued on, the turrets shot at Talwyn's ship. That kept going for a bit. Cronk: "Dang nabbit! These turrets have become a bit too overwhelming. Hang on, I'll take her around so that we'll be able to avoid them."

The ship began to move. Zephyr: "Cronk! Don't go too fast, ya durn fool! Ya know that Miss Apogee can't get a clear signal at that speed!" Cronk: "Ah! Keep quiet, ya annoying loudmouth! I know what I'm doing!"

Just then, they were attacked directly by one of the turrets. Zephyr: "Cronk! Pay attention! We're getting shot at!" Cronk: "I said keep quiet!" Talwyn: "Guys! Knock it off! You're constant fighting is making it difficult for me to focus!" Zephyr: "Now you've gone and done it! You're breaking her concentration!" Kim: "Uh, guys? You're not helping anyone when you're both like this."

They persisted on with the intense space fight. Ratchet, Kim and Clank fought off a lot of the oncoming defense drones while managing to defend Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. They were also dodging a lot of the lasers and turrets from the moon base. The fighting kept going on like this for an extensive amount of time. Eventually, the lasers and turrets stopped shooting. Wade: "Guys, I've managed to shut off the lasers and the turrets. Things should be easier for you now." Ratchet: "Thanks, Wade. Now all we need is for Talwyn to deactivate the security systems and then we'll be able to enter the moon base." Kim: "We're counting on you, Talwyn. Keep at it." Talwyn: "Alright, just leave it to me."

Ratchet, Kim and Clank continued to cover for Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr as Talwyn persisted with hacking the moon base. Talwyn: "Whoa, this is incredible!" Kim: "What is it, Talwyn?" Talwyn: "The technology of this base consists of a mixture of both human ingenuity and machinery built by the Terachnoids." Kim: "Well, that's to be expected." Ratchet: "Heh, of course, the base was built by the Terachnoids, after all and Dementor would want to build his own gadgets and devices into the system; ones that he most likely built by hand." Clank: "Yes, that much is true but a human could not be able to comprehend any advanced ingenuity without any aid from the alien race that constructed it." Kim: "You would be right about that, Clank. Even Wade needed some help with understanding a lot of this alien technology. Professor Dementor may be smarter than Dr. Drakken…" Ratchet: "Uh, try a lot smarter than Drakken." Kim: "Uh, yeah, that…even so, he still wouldn't be able to figure out how a lot of this machinery would work." Ratchet: "Hm, true, any ideas on what Terachnoid could be working with Dementor?" Clank: "Hm…oh! I am picking up on several cargo ships departing to and from the moon base."

Soon enough, Kim and Ratchet noticed this, too. Kim: "Hey, you're right. Any ideas on where they could be coming from or heading to from the moon base?" Clank: "Hang on, I will look into that."

Clank did that for a brief moment. Just then, he was startled by what he had found. Clank: "The readings indicate that the cargo is being shipped from…Pollyx Industries." Ratchet: "What!?" Kim: "You can't be serious, Clank!" Clank: "I am dead serious, Miss Possible. The readings do not lie. See for yourself."

Kim went to check on the readings. She was also startled by what she saw. Kim: "I don't believe it! He's right! There are all kinds of hi-tech equipment and other things delivered from Pollyx Industries!" Ratchet: "That's not good. This could only mean 1 thing; Kimberly, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Kim: "Yeah, I know exactly what this means: Pollyx is supplying Dementor with materials from his company, which means that he's involved with Dementor." Ratchet: "Great, just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse." Kim: "I know, once I get my hands on that 4-legged weasel, I'll have him crawling on the floor before he even gets the chance to beg for mercy." Ratchet: "Better save some for me, Kimberly. I have a few choice words that I would like to force feed him, the hard way!"

A few moments went by and they were still fighting the defense drones. Soon enough, they caught a break. Talwyn: "Guys, I was able to shut down the interior locks of the moon base. We are clear to enter." Kim: "Thanks, Talwyn. Now let's get in there and take the fight to Dementor." Talwyn: "Sure thing, Kim. I've been itching to crack the skull of a bad human." Ratchet: "Alright, let's not wait another minute." Clank: "Yes, let us bring it hard on that horrid human."

They made their way into the moon base, landed their ships and got out of them. Kim: "Thanks again for helping us back there. We wouldn't have made it here without you." Talwyn: "It was my pleasure. Thanks for covering for us." Kim: "It was no trouble." Ratchet: "OK, let's hurry through this; I highly doubt that Dementor would let us pass through here so easily." Talwyn: "Obviously."

They rushed through the base as fast as they possibly could. There were many robots everywhere. They were a lot tougher than they looked as well as much tougher than the ones that they have faced off against earlier. The group fought through them the best to their abilities. It was a very tough fight through, perhaps the toughest that they have faced so far. Cronk: "Ah, this place brings back memories, like that one time when you crazy kids broke into our space station." Ratchet: "Oh, yeah, I remember that. You guys tried to kill us. Good times." Kim: "Um, I wouldn't exactly call nearly getting killed a "good time", Ratchet." Ratchet: "Why not? It was the first time that we met them." Zephyr: "Ah, yes, I remember that day like it was yesterday. You youngsters have shown to be quite tenacious and formidable. Good thing we never took you guys on ourselves, otherwise we would have been reduced to scrap metal within seconds." Cronk: "Well, maybe you would have fallen apart easily, Zeph, but I think I was built to be pretty sturdy."

Cronk was banging on his chest with his fist. Zephyr: "You? Sturdy? Ha! You hold together just as well as a vibrating blender without its nuts and bolt screwed on tight enough." Cronk: "What? Why don't ya come over here and say that to my face, bolt brain?" Zephyr: "Don't mind if I do! While I'm at it, I'll pop that loose head of your on and screw back on upside down." Talwyn: "Guys! That's enough! Can't you save your petty squabbles for after we're done here?" Cronk: "He started it!" Zephyr: "No! You did! But I'll gladly end it for ya with you dragging your own rear end out of here after we're done!" Kim: "Not again." Ratchet: "Uh, guys, we're supposed to be fighting the enemy, not each other."

As the group continued their way through, Dementor was overlooking everything from within a control room. He had a stern look on his face. Dementor: "Pollyx!"

Soon enough, Pollyx came rushing in. Pollyx: "You called, sir?" Dementor: "What is the status report on that last shipment that just arrived?"

Pollyx went to check on a small clipboard looking device that he was holding in his hand. Pollyx: "Um, well, let's see…I just found out that the last of my company had just come in on that final cargo ship. Everything has been accounted for just like you wanted." Dementor: "Excellent. With all of this advance technology that is far beyond anything that was seen or built by any human, I will be able to have the entire Earth under my control. It would indeed be a snap to take over the Earth." Pollyx: "Uh, pardon me, but why would you want to waste our highly technological equipment to dominate 1 primitive planet, not to mention one that is within another galaxy?" Dementor: "Might I remind you that the planet you are referring to is MY home planet!?" Pollyx: "Uh…yes! Of course! YOUR home planet! You have mentioned that to me and that you have always wanted to take over your own home planet! I'll just…leave you…to your…whatever it is that you were doing!"

Pollyx rushed off in a panic. Dementor brushed off his frustrations towards Pollyx and went on to relishing in his own rambling. Dementor: "I bet Drakken couldn't have made it this far. He may have been the first of us to have worked with alien technology, but I'm pretty sure that I can understand this stuff a lot better than he does. With the help of Pollyx and the rest of these Terachnoids, all of my plans for dominating the Earth will run smoothly."

Shortly afterwards, he heard a crash coming from directly behind him. He turned his head and looked behind him with a smug look on his face. Dementor: "Ah, Kim Possible. You have arrived at last."

From a doorway nearby stood Kim, along with Ratchet as well as Talwyn and her 2 robot companions Cronk and Zephyr. Dementor: "And I can see that you have brought along a few of your alien friends, including that feline that you have taken an extreme fondness to." Ratchet: "Professor Dementor, can't say that it's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard that you think of yourself as someone who is far too superior of an evil mastermind for Drakken to be compared to you."

Dementor smiled even more conceitedly as he turned around to face his foes. Dementor: "Ah, yes, that is true indeed. I am very well aware that you have met Drakken several years back; it is how you and Kim Possible were able to cross paths for the first time. I suppose I should give him some credit for spurring many of her adventures in space with you as well as her intimate relationship with you. I should also give him some credit for the start of sending humans into space, such as me, but I will once again prove just how much of a superior villain I am." Kim: "Superior or not, you know that we're here to put a stop to your evil plans." Ratchet: "That's right, so don't think for a second that you will succeed." Dementor: "Au contraire, my furry, alien foe, I have all around me alien technology that is light years beyond anything that could have ever been seen or built by anyone on Earth. With all of this at my disposal, taking over the Earth will be a snap."

At that moment, Pollyx came walking up to Dementor. Talwyn: "Pollyx!? You're selling your services and resources to criminals again?" Pollyx: "Oh, how could I possibly resist such an enriching offer? This human is sitting on a gold mine of cosmic proportions. All of the Earth currency that he carries will have us profiting off of a lot of bolts once we undergo the currency exchange." Ratchet: "Of course, it's always about making a little extra money on the side. I did hear that Dementor is well financed so it goes without saying." Kim: "Yeah, unfortunately, it does make sense." Pollyx: "However, I'm not just doing it for the money." Talwyn: "What do you mean?" Kim: "I think he means revenge. Isn't that right, Pollyx?" Pollyx: "Well, aren't you smart for a single-brain organism? That's right, I have a bone to pick with the 2 of you. You interfered with and foiled my previous plans." Ratchet: "You're referring to the Great Clock, aren't you?" Pollyx: "But of course. There were so many things that I wanted to do once we were able to gain control of that massive mechanical marvel, but then you 2 had to get involved and ruin everything! Never in my life have I been so full of ire! It burns me up so!"

Kim and Ratchet both stood by, they seemed very discontent from what they just heard. Kim: "Uh…you know, for a member of one of the most intelligent species in the Universe, you sure are a complete idiot. In case you didn't know, the clock was not a time machine and should never be used as one." Ratchet: "She's right. It was built to maintain temporal order in the Universe." Kim: "Misusing the clock even slightly would have ripped apart the entire Universe." Ratchet: "In other words, everyone would die and reality would have been completely eradicated." Kim: "If you really are as intelligent as you claim to be, then you would have been able to figure that out."

Kim and Ratchet's comments greatly intensified Pollyx even more. He was about to scream at them. Dementor: "Bah! Enough of this talk of time travel! That was then; this is now. And right now, I need you to finish up the last phase of my master plan, so get to it, Pollyx!" Pollyx: "Uh! Yes, sir! Of course! Right away!"

Pollyx ran off. Dementor was left facing the group. Dementor: "And as for you troublesome interlopers, I think I will leave you to "test out" my new, updated security system."

Dementor snapped his fingers, at that moment, many of the facility's robots and other security functions surrounded the group. Everyone readied themselves for the tough fights ahead. Kim: "Pollyx is so in for it once we're done with this." Ratchet: "Heh, no arguments there."

From there, they fought against all of the defenses that came at them. The fight itself was long and very persisting. The defense system itself did not let up even for a second. For each of the defenses that were destroyed, more of them spawned. It seemed almost as though there were an endless amount of robots and weaponry. This really did continue on for an extensive amount of time.

Throughout all of it, Dementor stood by and watched it take place. Pollyx stood beside Dementor as he was also watching this take place. Eventually, Dementor was heard laughing maniacally. Dementor: "You may claim that you can do anything, but even you can't fight off my endlessly spawning security functions, especially with the help of your little alien friends." Cronk: "Dang nabbit! All of this darn weaponry just keep coming! There's no end to them!" Zephyr: "Pay attention, ya durn fool! All of your complaining won't do any of us any good!" Cronk: "I AM paying attention! How else am I supposed to notice all of this endless respawnin'?" Talwyn: "Guys! Enough! All of your griping isn't helping our situation!" Zephyr: "Uh! Darn it all! Now that you mention it, Cronk, our situation has been looking awfully grim!" Cronk: "Eh! I sure hope that Wade feller has come up with a way of helping us out of this one!" Kim: "Let me check."

Kim went on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, we're in a terrible bind here. Dementor and Pollyx have us fighting their defenses one after another. We need some way to shut them down." Wade: "I've tried doing that, but Dementor had Pollyx and his employees create and upload an extremely advanced holo-key and a very powerful hardware program. Their systems are beyond impenetrable." Ratchet: "Well, that's hardly good news." Wade: "However, I have been working on a way to bypass their advanced security software. I need some time to work out any potential flaws. Think you guys can hold out just a little longer?" Ratchet: "Um, well, let's see, we've been fighting for who knows how long, we're pretty much tired out with no hope in sight, so, yeah, we can give you all the time you need." Wade: "Just hand in there, you guys. I'm working as fast as I possibly can." Kim: "We'll hold out as long as we can, but please hurry." Ratchet: "We're counting on you, Wade; now more than ever."

The fight continued on. Things were looking grim for the group, but they held on for as long as they could. Talwyn: "This isn't looking good, you guys. We're not good to make it." Zephyr: "That this rate, that Wade is our only hope."

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Cronk: "Oh! Well, what do ya know? That's him right now!"

Kim answered it immediately. Wade: "Kim! Ratchet! I just finished the program." Ratchet: "Great! Not a moment too soon." Kim: "I figured that you found a way to bypass the system's security hardware?" Wade: "I have. I'm going to need to upload the program into each of your weapons. It can very easily pass through the security hardware and put a stop to the constant respawning." Zephyr: "Well, what are you waiting for? Upload the program into our weapons already!" Wade: "On it!"

With a few clicks on the keyboard, the group's weapons let out projectiles that, with several direct hits from the security functions, causing all of the different functions to discharge and shut down completely. Dementor and Pollyx were greatly startled from this. Dementor: "What!? No! How is this possible!?" Pollyx: "I don't know! Our program's security hardware is the most advanced in the entire galaxy. It's pretty much flawless." Kim: "Excellent work, Wade. Now let's bring down Dementor!" Dementor: "Oh, I wouldn't count on that, my foes. Pollyx!"

Pollyx went on to a small device that he was holding in his hand. Pollyx: "I'm on it!" Ratchet: "Oh, no you don't!"

Kim and Ratchet rushed over towards Pollyx and knocked the device out of his hand. Ratchet: "Sorry, but we're not going to allow you to take over the Earth." Kim: "Give it up, Pollyx. You already went too far when you were working for Nefarious." Pollyx: "Hmph! Try if you might, but you can't stop me." Talwyn: "I wouldn't be too sure of that. Kim, contact Wade. Tell him to call the Polaris Defense Force and have them be brought here immediately." Kim: "Oh, it will be my pleasure." Pollyx: "Wait! L-let's not bring the Polaris Defense Force into this. Please, they already have a rap sheet on me that's become much larger than my IQ." Kim: "Gee, I wonder why." Ratchet: "So, what's it going to be, Pollyx? Will you surrender quietly or are we going to have Wade call the Polaris Defense Force to have your sorry hide sent to Zordoom?"

Pollyx stood by, uncertain of what decision he needed to make. Soon enough, he let out a dejected sigh. Pollyx: "Fine, you win."

Kim, Ratchet and the rest of the group let out a conceited smile. Ratchet: "So good of you to give in to our demands."

Pollyx glared at him. Kim went on her Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "I've managed to hack the system, everything has been shut down. The Earth is safe from Dementor's world domination plan." Ratchet: "Good work, Wade. You pulled through for us once again." Wade: "The pleasure is all mine. I have to admit, that penetration program that I uploaded into your weapons worked a lot better than even I anticipated. It crippled the system so much that I was able to hack in so easily." Kim: "Hm, impressive." Ratchet: "I'll say." Dementor: "Hmph!"

They turned their heads and spotted Dementor at the doorway nearby. Dementor: "You may have foiled my world domination plan, but this was just a minor setback. You have not seen the last of me!"

Dementor ran out. Ratchet: "Minor setback!? All of this was just a minor setback!? What the heck is going on here!?" Wade: "Uh…guys? I just…found…something…shocking. There's a…well…just take a look for yourself."

Displayed on the Kimmunicator was an image of another mysterious tower. It was located on the ocean near Axiom City. Ratchet: "What!? Another one of those towers!?" Pollyx: "What? What's this I hear about a tower?"

Kim held up the Kimmunicator in front of Pollyx. He got the chance to look at what was on the screen. Pollyx: "What the…!? What is this tower and what's it doing on my home planet!?" Kim: "You mean you didn't know about it?" Pollyx: "Eh! No! I didn't even look back towards my planet except for anything that involved my company. Dementor kept telling me to focus on my company and nothing else." Kim: "And you weren't even the least bit suspicious of that?" Pollyx: "Of course not. Our objective was all that I was concerned about. He made certain that I remained on our task."

Kim and Ratchet looked at each other. At first, they seemed concerned, then they smiled and looked back towards Pollyx. Ratchet: "Hm, sounds as though Dementor's been keeping you in the dark about what he was doing with Terachnos." Pollyx: "What!? Are you saying Dementor had something to do with this?" Ratchet: "Well, we have been noticing towers like this one each time we have faced off against Kimberly's arch-foes, so…I would believe he is." Kim: "And he did mention that foiling this plot was just a minor setback. I believe his true objective involves this tower." Pollyx: "I don't believe it! I've been outsmarted by a human! A primitive monkey! I've never been so humiliated in all my life!" Ratchet: "Heh! Serves you right, Pollyx." Kim: "But there's still the matter of what these towers are and what my arch-foes are planning to do with them." Ratchet: "Hm, good question. One thing I am certain of: we'll continue to see more of them as we seek out and face off against more of your old foes. Come on, let's get back to Meridian City so that we can figure out what these towers are exactly."

They were about to walk out. Pollyx: "Wait!"

They stopped to face Pollyx again. Kim: "What is it, Pollyx?" Pollyx: "Um, perhaps I could look into this matter for you." Kim: "Hah! You? Seriously? After what you've put us through? Why should we trust you?" Pollyx: "Well, I'm curious about these towers, myself. I am not familiar with the technology involved with them and I know for a fact that they weren't built by humans. And let's not forget that one of them is placed on Terachnos. MY home planet! Is that not reason enough to trust me with this?" Ratchet: "Um…well…he does make a valid point." Kim: "Yeah, he does." Pollyx: "And besides, Dementor used me and kept me in the dark about this. I have a bone to pick with him for tricking me and humiliating me like this." Kim: "Yeah, good point." Ratchet: "I guess since he has a few motives for helping us with this, we can trust him."

Kim and Ratchet turned their heads towards Talwyn. Ratchet: "Hey, Tal, you OK with this?" Talwyn: "Normally, I would object, but I can understand that he does have his reasons for wanting to do this. Still, I don't feel comfortable with this considering that he had been working for criminals several times." Kim: "I feel the same way." Pollyx: "Um, perhaps you guys would consider my cooperation as a means of making amends for my past…misdeeds?" Kim: "Heh, as if! You are far from making amends for everything you did with just this!" Talwyn: "She's right. It will take more than just helping us out to make up for what you did. But…I guess this could be a start. I'll talk with the Polaris Defense Force about coming up with a fair compensation for you." Pollyx: "If that would involve community service, then I will agree to that." Talwyn: "Fine, I'll see to it that we can make that possible, but don't push your luck; you're already on thin ice with us and the authorities." Pollyx: "U-understood." Ratchet: "Come on, let's get back to our ships."

The group walked out and made their way back towards their ships. Ratchet: "Well, glad that we got that over with." Kim: "Yeah, but there is still more to come." Ratchet: "Of course, that much is true. So, shall we head back to Meridian City and look into where your other enemies could be?"

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim answered it. Kim: "What is it, Wade?" Wade: "Guys, I'm picking up on a strange reading on a distant planet called Ringus Minor." Ratchet: "Is it similar to that from Earth?" Wade: "No, although I am picking up a slight reading that is human, it has nothing to do with this one. I'll need someone to head over there and check it out." Talwyn: "You guys go and do that, we'll head back to Meridian City." Ratchet: "OK, then, we'll meet you back there as soon as we're done on Ringus Minor. Let's go, Kimberly." Kim: "OK."

The group returned to where their ships were docked. Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr got back into their ships. Ratchet, Kim and Clank made at least one final arrangement before returning into the Aphelion. Both ships then flew out of the moon base and went their separate ways.

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