Ratchet And Clank: A new galaxy

Fiction written by Seraphoid

After piloting in space, Ratchet & Clank go straight into an asteroid field. i was lazy with the image. ((my first fan fiction.))

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Ratchet managed to pilot the Aphelion into an Asteroid belt. Clank wearily questioned how this even happened but, he quickly figured out why. Ratchet fell asleep while piloting the Aphelion. The closest galaxy was the Routhen Qunon (or the Routhen galaxy.) "Ratchet, why are we in an asteroid belt?" Clank said in a panic. "I don't know! I was piloting!" Ratchet said quickly. Clank suspected something and went to check the Aphelion's cameras. Clank then saw what happened, Ratchet fell asleep whilst flying the Aphelion. "Ratchet, you fell asleep," Clank said calmly. "Ok, so I did. I'm sorry Clank." Ratchet said tiredly. An asteroid then quickly hit the Aphelion "We must fix the stabilizers, Ratchet!" Clank said worriedly. "We don't have any parts to fix it!", "We're going to have to land on that planet, Clank." Ratchet said as they slowly went down.


  1. Date: Planet Zyrus

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