Ratchet And Clank: A new galaxy - Chapter 1

Planet Zyrus

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Author: Seraphoid

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After losing the stabilizers, Ratchet and Clank landed on an unknown planet. "This does not match any planet I have ever seen," Clank said. Planet Zyrus looked more like a planet like Veldin, except, it looked cracked to the planet's core but, it was impossible to fit in there. The rocks looked out of place not one being similar to another. Clank found something on the ground also. It looked nearly like the technomite artifact found on pokitaru, except it was flat and looked like it fit in robots. Clank decided to scan it and... "Ratchet! We are in the Clazrodiun sector." Clank said. "What is the Clazrodiun sector?" Ratchet said curiously. "It's controlled by the Prieth Emprie, their species went extinct," Clank said. "We should scout around the place for any inhabitants that stayed around," Clank suggested. "I guess?" Ratchet answered. After about a while of searching, the duo managed to find an old repair shop. "Let's hope this has what we need." Ratchet said. They entered the shop and found more than just stabilizers... "This has technology that I have never seen, Prieth Emprie made some good technology I suppose," Clank said, finding stabilizers that would work very well. "Before we go, we should look around for any weapons," Clank said. "You're right." Ratchet said. So they decided to scour around for any weapons that were lost. They managed to find a greenhouse in the first 15 minutes of the search. "How could plants even grow here?!" Ratchet said surprised. The only weapon they found was an Acid Detonator. "Clank, we should go, it's starting to get dark." Ratchet said. And they repaired their ship and tried finding any other planet to explore in the Clazrodiun sector.

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